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Science and God

“Science” and “God”, the two words which are often seen as separate entities. These words seem conflicting to most of us and are often a topic of debate. Science seems to question the existence of God and believers of God often question why we are unable to explain the entire universe completely by science till date, a question on the success of science. We can often come across debates on televisions, radio, magazines, etc where people try to prove one as superior over the other. But, are they really two different things? Are they conflicting terms? Or are they same?

A deeper thought over it can clear our confusion. If we deep dig, we find that indeed both are connected. We really don’t need to choose between them. Science and God, are superior powers. The differences arise when we start associating God with some particular religion and Science with the only education. In reality, science is the process of thinking God’s thought after him. “An equation is really nothing unless it expresses a thought of God”, according to Ramanujan. They both actually merge at the spiritual level.

When we talk of science, it is the theories, the fundamental laws that very well explains the nature around us. It offers an explanation of all the natural phenomena in a very beautiful way and at a very basic level. It helped us understand how to converse in the language of nature, i.e in mathematics. It gives human power. The more we as humans understand science, the more powerful we become. Visit the days when humans started to understand science to get to know about the secrets of nature, the things they imagined then are now a reality. The gadgets they considered as their dreams are now in our hands. The technology we imagine today will also become a reality pretty soon. Science gave a power to humans to achieve the impossible.

God, on the other hand, is another superiority. There has been no proper evidence of someone seeing a God. We have not seen God, but we all believe in a “power” that is superior to all of us and many refer to this superior power as “God”. God gives humans the strength and power by making us understand the language of love and humanity. Spirituality is the heart of a human being and through God, we reach here. God helps us understand our potential and make us believe in our strengths. It changes our perception and makes the world a very beautiful and peaceful place for us. The world is incomplete without God.

We can thus conclude,  that both Science and God are a source of immense power to human beings and both are tied together. Both speak the same language. The more faith we develop in God, the more we get close to science, the more we understand science, our belief in the existence of God becomes stronger. Louis Pasteur rightly said that “a bit of science can distance us from God, but more of it nears one to him”, and that is for sure. Diving deep into them will give us immense power and peace.


Communism and Revolution

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.”
― Karl Marx, Eleven Theses on Feuerbach

February 1848 saw the publishing of ‘The Communist Manifesto’ that would go on to become one of the major revolutionary writings propounding an ideology available to people in search of liberation. It called for a revolt by the working class against oppressive capitalism. Its maxim being, “Workers of the world, unite!” quickly became a rallying cry.Communism as an ideology has always called for a classless society, where everything is shared equally. A revolutionary German philosopher, Karl Marx, has been claimed to be the father of Communism. Marx proposed a new ideology that promoted a society where everyone would be treated equally. Richard Pipes in his book “Communism: A History” explains that the emergence of Communism can be traced back to Ancient Greece. One of the main criticisms of the ideology has emerged from the prevailing private property ownership, and such criticism can be easily found even during the period of enlightenment. The upheaval during French Revolution pushed Communism into the political sphere. Since then, communism has come to be associated with a revolution of a kind that had the power of overturning the prevalent economic structure that has been promoting inequality amongst men.

Lenin’s October Revolution in 1917, with the establishment of the first communist government, and its further spread to China with Mao Zedong’s rise to power marked the beginning of the political journey of communism. Taking inspiration from the Russian Revolution, the Communist Party of China was formed. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of ‘free market’ capitalism backed this ideology to a corner and it saw a gradual decline all over the world.The following years see the collapse of communist regimes around the globe, for instance, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Benin, Mozambique, Nicaragua and Yemen.In 1991, the Soviet Union is dissolved with the rise of a new Russian President Boris Yeltsinwho banned the Communist Party. Communism soon ended in countries like Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Congo, Kenya, and other nations. North Korea remained nominally communist, although the North Korean government identified its ideology as ‘Juche’ (self-reliant).

The ”great experiment” had failed miserably. The Communist Parties that retained power after the war did not now constitute a threat to the ”hegemony of the global capitalist system”. Moreover, the majority of the nations decided to organize their economy in the lines of capitalism, thereby suggesting that the economic order of the world was majorly capitalistic. The Communist parties that maintained their authority were, however, compelled to cave into the establishment of the ‘the market’ by imitating various features of contemporary capitalist societies. Other than this, the sphere of International Relations is also portrayed in a very skewed and unfamiliar manner in the initial writings of communism. When compared to realism and liberalism, the latter put forward a world political scenario that resonates with those presented in the newspapers and magazines, thereby making it easier to comprehend, but communist thoughts aim at something “deeper, underlying-indeed hidden-truth”. It explains that world politics is all about wars, treaties, aid operations and all these occur within the global capitalist structure. Moreover, these structures have an enormous influence over such events and hence, while studying the global world structure a broader understanding of capitalism is necessary. Communism also argues that the capitalistic structure ensures that the powerful and the wealthy continue to prosper at the expense of the poor and the powerless.

The inception of communism has been attributed to the writings of Karl Marx who was also the founder of the Communist movement. Marx’s thoughts originated against a backdrop of great industrial change.Moreover, he explained the bourgeoisie (the property-owning class) and the proletariat (the industrial working class) while looking at history as a story that talked about the struggle of the oppressed against the oppressor. It is also imperative to mention that Marx while writing about the class struggle, talked about ‘mode of production’. The mode of production as mentioned is a combination of the ‘productive forces’ along with the ‘relations of production’. According to the philosopher, a new stage emerges when the productive forces and the relations of production are in a direct clash. For instance, we have the emergence of the primitive communism which was not a society that experienced clashes amongst classes as there was none, but the emergence of private property institutions led to its decline. This was followed by the slave society, the feudal society, and ultimately capitalism. Each stage experienced its struggle amongst the owning class and the ones who worked for that class.“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles,” Marx famously wrote. The modal quality of these relations in capitalism is in constant confrontation with each other believed Marx and hence, capitalism had in itself the seeds of destruction.  

While putting forward the role of the Bourgeoisie, he explained that they mercilessly exploited the Proletariat. The work of the Proletariat, argued Marx, created great wealth for the capitalist thereby giving impetus to expectation. For instance, a factory worker might be paid $2 by the owner to produce a yard of cloth. After which the owner then sells the cloth for $5. In this way, the owner/capitalist, controlling the process of production, makes a profit for himself. The worker, however, does not benefit in any way from this added value and also, fails to benefit from the fruits of his/her labour. This thought further gave rise to another theory of Marx claiming that ‘Alienation’ was intrinsic to capitalism. This unjust situation had been contented to give rise to feelings of resentment amongst the proletariat which would lead to the ‘overthrow’ of the capitalist system and would eventually lead to a revolution against the Bourgeoisie. Marx wrote that “Modern bourgeois society with its relations of production, of exchange, and of property, a society that has conjured up such gigantic means of production and exchange, is like the sorcerer, who is no longer able to control the powers of the nether world whom he has called up by his spells.”

Karl Marx and his writings have shown the world that they can influence people unlike any other. The thoughts of this philosopher have changed and developed over time. Marx’s idea which maintains that communism would give rise to a classless society has appealed to many as a result. The emancipatory nature of these thoughts has often led people to associate communism with a revolution which would lead to a complete overturn of the prevailing modes of production thereby ushering in a society which would free all men, and not only those owning the modes. Moreover, a vast number of Communist revolutions, most often a proletarian revolution, to free themselves from their oppressors has linked Communism with Revolution. Followers of Marx all over the world believe that the workers need to unite and free themselves from the shackles of the capitalists once and for all. This would be to create a world that would treat everyone equally. Thus, the proletarian revolution needs to happen in nations all over. This thought is reiterated time and again which has led to the usage of communism almost synonymously with revolution. In addition to this, with a vast majority of the world population having to face a certain degree of injustice which can be directly linked to an outcome of capitalism, there has been an inclination towards communism. The communists agree that oppression of the minorities is a problem that this society needs to deal with but they have also brought to light the fact that these things are not a result of the bad morals existing in humans, but are directly connected with the mode of production. —vehemently, in fact—but they do not see people’s bad morals as the origin of this, but rather is due to the mode of production.

Currently, the system that is manipulating the mode of production is capitalism. So, if people can do away with the current economic situation, they will see the emergence of a society that will treat everyone as they deserve to be treated. Also,there has been a gradual emergence of several schools of thoughts claiming a direct inspiration was taken from Marx and developing theories that are in line with the current situation of the world. The commitment to the cause of emancipation that would abolish a society based on injustice drew attention from scholars across the globe, and along with the mass that has begun realizing that they are working tirelessly for capitalism with little to no return. The idea that the social world has to be studied in totality widened the base of Marxism regarding the influence the thought held after the end of the Cold War. A well-known theory in the field of International Relations, the World Systems Theory by Immanuel Wallerstein is believed to have been inspired by the works of another communist, Vladimir Lenin. This theory has played a key role in the climate talks and explained the role of the ‘core’ countries (industrialized) and the ‘semi-periphery’ countries (industrializing), and the ‘periphery’ countries (relatively less industrialized when compared to semi-periphery countries). Communism has always talked about a revolution that would bring down Capitalism. This action would be a conscious revolutionary act by the working class. It has talked about revolutionary socialism that would with time achieve a stateless communist order. Although a change in the perception of people has led to the association of communism with revolution, the writings say enough about the ideology to relate it to revolution and a revolutionary change in the society. With a little reading of communism, it becomes clear as day that what the writings truly talk about is a ‘Proletarian Revolution’. Now, how that is reached may vary, but the various group claiming to be followers of communism have this particular thing in common were they see capitalism as the oppressive system and layout means with the help of which it can be handled. A fundamental change is what binds all these schools together leading the mass or scholars to identify communism with revolution. However, it should be mentioned that Karl Marx saw the capitalist stage as a progressive one and claimed that the development of humankind would be promoted by Capitalism. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, Capitalism is a stage that would move into a state of stagnation due to internal conflicts thereby giving rise to favourable conditions for a revolution.

Medicines can cure diseases but only doctors can cure patients.

One of the most noble and respected profession on this Earth is of being a ‘Doctor’.A doctor is the only person who are given the stature next to God.A doctor dedicates his life to the service of the patients they provides relives to the service of man-kind.He cures the patients from disease and illness so that they could live a better and healthier life.In addition they are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and devices that enables them to diagnose and treat their patient with correct procedures.On 1st July every year in order to pay tribute to the doctors all around the World “International Doctors Day” is celebrated.A doctors life is very hard often they have to visit the patient at off hours foregoing his rest, sleep and even food.Even in this pandemic situation of “Castorphic Corona Outbreak” the doctors are working day and night so that they could stop the prevent of epidemic.Every now and then dangerous disease grab the humanity it’s the Doctor who finds the cure.It is because of Doctor a damaged organ can be transplanted in today’s medically advanced World.A doctor always treats his patient with smile and cheer they motivate and encourage sick person they act as a ray of hope in patients life.A Doctor pledges his life in alleviating the suffering of the patients.


Mawlynnong God’s own garden ,The cleanest village in Asia . It’s a small village in East Khasi Hills district Meghalaya state in North east India .In 2003 It was awarded the title ” cleanest village In Asia” by Discover India. a mysterious paradise, a place far from city life’s pollution .cleaniless really a great achievememt when whole country is struggle for “swachata” along with this the village has approx hundred percent literacy rate and highly progressive scenario for women.

Mawlynnong is located 90km from Shilong , along the India Bangladesh Border. Agriculture is the chief occupation of the local population. Here weather is pleasant all throughout the year, still the best time to visit is Moonsoon. During rainy season village and it’s surroundings become lush green .

each and every house of this village has functional toilets and the whole locality is provided with baboo dustbins,every waste product even dry leaves go into dustbin . Plastic and smoking strictly prohibited here. The Khasi tribe is the biggest attraction of this small village. This is a famous tribe and is well ahead of the patriarchal notions. In this tribe, children inherit their mother’s surnames and property is also passed through the matrilineal lines. Mawlynnong with all these features, proves that women empowerment is completely possible if people are convinced enough.

Living roots bridges,This natural wonder has been declared as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The living route bridges are a phenomenon in itself. The bridges connect the aerial roots of one giant rubber tree and make a bridge hanging above the river. These bridges take years to self construct and can accommodate fifty to seventy people at a time.

Khasis in Mawlynnong are devout Christians. Surrounded by orange and palm trees, stands a 100-year-old church in the village called ‘Church of the Epiphany’. Narrow stone paths with plants bearing orange flowers reach out to the Church, which is a black and white structure exuding an old-world charm. There are no houses that rise above the Church spire.

natural beauty , simle people ,culture, local dishes , a strange blissful peace and” cleaniness” makes MAWLYNNONG a destination of relief .

It’s better to fail in reality than TO SUCCEED in imitation.

In today’s World everybody want’s to be successful but what is success?The perspective of success various from person to person.”Hardwork is the key to success”. Success is simply the feeling of satisfaction and happiness one get’s from leading a particular way of life or carrying out a particular activity.We all know that we can’t achieve something without sacrificing something sucess require determination, passion, dedication in order to achieve one goal or aim in life.Nowadays people compare their performance to evaluate their success.The road to success is not a straight path.There is a curve called failure, a loop called confusion,speed bumps called Freinds, red light called enemies, caution lights called Family.You will have flats called Jobs.But if you have spare called determination,an engine called preseevence, Insurance called faith then you will definitely make it to a place called ‘Success’.There should be some purpose in every body’s life in order to succeed in order to determine the goals you need to have a plan to achieve your dream.

Dealing with jealousy

Oh well! So that’s quite a juicy topic and a very interesting one which is I feel is more of a hush-hush topic, for people know that it exists but they don’t want to admit it publicly, considering it might cause them some sort of an embarrassment or is going to tease their ego a bit and that’s the reason why they are busy silently combating with this one but here I am going to talk about it in a more umm, deeper manner or whatever you may call it.

I am pretty sure that all of us must have experienced jealousy at one stage or the other no matter how much we try to get away with it but I think walking through jealousy is only going to be a successful conquest if, we firstly accept and acknowledge that we have been at points, jealous in our life post which almost 70% of the job is already done. It’s absolutely normal, just a part of human mindset but is deeply rooted in fear and in lack and know that, the feeling of lack is rooted in ego.

Sometimes it is important for us to deeply analyse our emotions and go an extra mile to try and heal them cause unless we heal them, they are going to keep causing troubles for us, leading to absence of mental peace. So why not go into deeper insights and try and figure out how jealousy looks like. It is the general idea that can be taken from the help of sentences that people generally use;  I hate that she has those things, Why does she have them? I wish I had them. Why is he with her? I think I look much better than that girl. Look at me, my Life. I don’t have all these things. I don’t have this money. I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t have xyz and the list would go on and on unless we choose to accept it and embrace ourselves and practice more and more self love and compassion. Might sound difficult at first, but is not impossible.

If somebody has something, we need to regard it as a blessing bestowed upon them. For the enormous amounts of hard work that they must have been upto all those years of their life, somewhat like the quote “Work hard in Silence and let your success make the noise”. We don’t know, we aren’t aware how incredibly hard circusmstances they would have endured, how many failures they had to overcome and when the time has come for them to enjoy the reward, the fruit of long years of toiling hard and struggles, what are we doing to them? Are we really being compassionate here? Are we really wishing them luck and positivity. Are we really being good human beings here?No, by being jealous and envious, we arez on top of it, trying to tarnish their success by throwing away negativity and jealousy is a negative vibe. Let’s accept it.

So try and make a smooth transition from jealousy to being inspired by that someone, to that extent, where you also want to work hard to earn that fruit and for that, know that, you would also have to put in the equal amount of hardwork, absorb in the pressure and only then you will be rewarded because if you want to chill in an air conditioned room, you would first have to know the experience of being burnt under the sun. Because, my dear, nothing in this world is ever free of cost. You have to endure some amount of “pain” in order to get some “gain” and notice that when you channelize your entire energy towards this process of trying to gain something, trying to work work hard and fulfill your dreams & desire post setting up goals and following your passion, you would find yourself engulfed in a bubble of positivity and there would just be no room for negativity and even if there are some other things which make you feel low and jealous and if the self doubt tends to creep in, don’t worry. Just soothe your inner child, comfort it and with a tranquil state of mind, affirm and say that I have been working hard and I am sure if I don’t give up right now, I will also get what I truly deserve. Also, be mindful enough to not say that “I will also get to match up with that someone”. That’s where comparison comes into play and this is what leads to jealousy. So remember, that as long as you hold love and compassion in your heart, nothing negative can impact you. I hope it helped.

Think and wonder,wonder and think..

Wonder is defined as a feeling of amazement and admiration caused by something beautiful, remarkable, unfamiliar. Someone has rightly quoted that “Mystery creates wonder and the wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand”.The campaign to search 7 World started in (2000 -2007) to select out of 200 existing monuments. In which “The Great Wall Of China” was selected it was built around 5th an 16 th Ce BC. It is a stone built wall to protect the borders of Chinese empire from invading Mongols. “Christ The Redeemer Statue”was also the part of 7 Wonders the statue has been looming over the Brazilians from over Corcovado mountains this statue is mesmerizing to see. “Machu Picchu (Peru) which exist in Incan city of sparkling granite precariously perched between 2 towering Andean peaks.The beautiful view of the site can be taken by reaching through foot,train, or helicopter.The “Chichen Itza” (Yucatan Peninsula , Mexico) is the great work of Mahan culture is the genius work of art.This was a powerful city, a trading centre for cloth ,slaves , honey and cloth.It was one of the largest cities.”The Roman Colosseum” which stands in Rome was built between AD 70 and 80.The elliptical structure was constructed in a way so that 50k people could gather and watch the traditional events. The most beautiful can be called heavenly beauty “The Taj Mahal” which is in India (Agra) was built by the Mughal Emperor ‘Shah Jahan” in the memory of his beloved wife ‘ Mumtaz Mahal’.The white marble structure represents number of architectural styles which includes Persian,Islamic, Turkish and Indian. The “Petra” ( Jordan) which was originally known as Raqmu it is a historical city in Jordan the city is carved with rose red standstone rock facades, tombs and temples it is the most visited tourist attractions in Jordan.

🌸Towards being vocal about Mental Health🌸

I am sure we are all shocked, deeply gutted and extremely upset by the news. It’s so difficult to register and almost feels like a personal loss.

A person who looks so content, oozing happiness and vitality in every media gathering attended, amongst each and every small interaction he had and yet somehow we couldn’t figure out what is going on inside the mind of that person. Does it signify our inability to interpret emotions?. I guess, partly it does, but the underlying truth is that people have become so good at pretending and concealing their true innermost thoughts. I think this is where the root of the suffering lies.
Why can’t we be honest? Why can’t we be transparent?.
If we are vulnerable, let us not shy away from the insecurities. Instead we should talk and communicate and just vent out our feelings. Afterall, we have always got so many people around. They may be our friends, colleagues, parents and even if you feel that you are the unluckiest soul on the planet that you don’t have any confidante.
‎Don’t get disheartened dear. Just go and immerse yourself in the divine and you’ll find peace there but you need to acknowledge the fact that you are not alone first. It’s about these initial, little steps towards attaining peace.

Life is so fickle. Practice gratitude daily🙏🏻 you never know what the next moment has in store for you.

Depression and anxiety comes from a set of fluctuating thoughts centered at negativity and that is also quite normal, happens with everyone but varies in terms of intensity and emotional support received. I think it’s really important to to SHARE so that it doesn’t even reach that stage (of suicide) and you never know you can save a lot many lives and maybe your even your own. Let usall be just be nice and kind to everybody around. Even if the person doesn’t seem to be in need, let us always try and radiate positivity and benignity, through our words, to every person that we encounter with cause we never know if that person really needed to hear those words. We might save a life by just being kind so that there’s no room for any regrets.

Sushant starred in the movie Chhichhore and he himself delivered many dialogues regarding how to combat the suicidal thoughts but somehow when you get trapped in the bubble of negativity, you just can’t find a way out. But what we fail to understand is that light is always present, we just need to make an effort to step out of that room of darkness and that cannot be done alone. You need some amount of strength, encouragement and support and that is what your family members are for.

‎It’s time that we learn to be as vocal as possible about mental health and if you feel you cannot afford professional help, then it’s completely okay. There are even numerous pages on Instagram who are there to hear what you want to say without even mentioning about your name. The trick is that when you just let it out of your heart it then just vanishes and you feel so light, so relieved. I am sure you must have experienced this. All I want to say is that life is so precious. It is a gift to us by the almighty and we simply don’t have any right to end what is not created by us. We are the manifestation of the Supreme itself. Feel it, let the power fill the void within. Let us all remember that there’s always a sunrise following the sunset.

My loveliest hugs to all the mental health survivors out there who are fighting a constant battle with themselves and emerging out stronger than ever. You guys are the real heroes and inspiration to so many, trust me. I hope Sushant’s soul rests in the peaceful bliss which we couldn’t give him or he himself couldn’t find in this world.

And THIS🙏🏻

Sharing another heartfelt *string of thoughts* by not a star TV actress or winner of Bigg Boss 12, but a fan of the passed soul!

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Words with Dear Coffee

Ah coffee! As soon as I let this word out of my mouth, what is left behind is that rich aroma and the bittersweet flavour of it, still lingering on my taste buds.
Such a bliss right.

Some of you may agree while the others might not. For some of us, coffee is like our essential, we need it everyday at a particular time else we can’t function normally. And that’s perfectly normal too cause coffee is believed to be therapeutic for both mind and body. But when we talk of the other lot of people, they keep switching between the two main beverages; tea and coffee and evidently so aren’t obsessed with the either. And the last category includes those for whom further reading of this article is not advised (pun intended).

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Ever tried having your spesh flavoured coffee right in the morning in a tranquil setting, maybe your balcony or backyard or garden and as you take the first sip and allow yourself to be drown into the flavours, try and feel the calmness within. Immerse yourself fully into the surroundings, pay attention to the soft chirping of the birds and the slight flutter of the cool morning breeze as the first rays of sunshine emerge and hit your face.
‎ Oh thenyou can hear yourself talking to your beloved coffee, subconsciously, having mindful coversations with it, exchanging words with your “Dear Coffee” as people often do under the salutation “Dear Diary” while journalling down. You’ll find yourself reminiscing sweetly about the last vacation or the details of the next impending assignment with a furrowing brow or fantasising about having xyz in your breakfast or maybe even sharing your sorrows over the last argument that you had with your close one.
You will soon hit upon the realisation that coffee often becomes a medium of exchange of words in the form of thoughts but only when you truly savour it. I have spent kaa-fi time over having words with my coffee. Have you?
My coffee helps me survive through the weekdays and yet joins me in on the weekends when I have nothing to do but just relax. Thanks to our coffees that we have been acting like binge-watching maniacs to survive this prolonged monotonous lockdown.

Speaking from personal experience, I feel the best kind of conversations take place and quite organically over a cup of coffee. In the above paragraphs, I laid emphasis on having words with coffee alone in the comfortable silence with just yourself but here let’s have an insight into how coffee helps strengthen bonds with our close ones. Coffee quite naturally becomes the conduit of conversations, let’s understand how.
We don’t really just crave the bitter, sweet taste of coffee but also of the hearts while taking in the experience of the precious people we sit with, whenever we have coffee with them. Cause in the innermost deeper levels, all of us crave good company and meaningful conversations. To just sit down with another person and talk for hours is much more fulfilling than anything else given that the person is someone who understands us and I think coffee just simplifies this soothing process to a great deal.
When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your loved one?! Think and ponder. Also recall that the first meeting between a couple-to-be, the first signs of the fresh brewing romance, those first few words of getting to know each other even as great pals are all discussed with coffee at a coffee shop date. Ever wondered why so? Because you never know exchanging WORDS WITH COFFEE might actually seal the deal? Give it a thought. And I’m pretty convinced that after reading this article you would never underestimate the magic, the transformative power; a coffee beholds within itself rather you’d prefer to open yourself to this blissful feeling of having words of love with coffee.