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On 7 July, the HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal announced a major 30% reduction in the CBSE syllabus. A slight reduction in the syllabus was done in April 2020 too, but as the lockdown is extend and the Covid-19 pandemic is getting worse, the studies are getting affected and now a bigger reduction is finalized. CBSE states that “although the syllabus has been reduced, but care has been taken so that the learning outcomes remains the same”. CBSE also stated in its notification ,” though 30% syllabus has been reduced from the new academic year, teachers should ensure that the students understand these topics so that they can use the information in connection with other topics”. There’s no doubt the reduction of syllabus is a welcome move, but the actual thing here is that whether the chapters which have been eliminated by CBSE were really not that important? I personally think some of the chapters which CBSE eliminated were of great worth and shouldn’t have been eliminated.The list of some of those chapters and their importance are listed below:

DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS(9th Std.) – This particular chapter talks about all the Democratic and Fundamental rights of an Indian Citizen. It explains how a democratic government has to be periodically elected by the people in free and fair manner. These Fundamentals and Democratic rights should be know by every citizen so that it can be utilized when required. The students could had learned about the basic rights , such as Right to Freedom, Right to Equality, Right against exploitation and many more along with their significance.

CONSTITUTIONAL DESIGN(9th Std.) – India is a democratic country and there are certain rules and regulations which the citizen and the government must follow, all these rules are together called Constitution. This chapter is about this only. This chapter discusses the need to have a constitution, the making of the Indian Constitution and the guiding values of the Indian Constitution. Every Indian should know how our country’s constitution is being made and what all it consists.

DEMOCRACY AND DIVERSITY(10th Std.) – India being a democratic and diversified country itself makes this chapter more powerful.This chapter teaches that the existence of social diversity does not threaten democracy. The political expression of social differences is possible and sometimes quite desirable in a democratic system.

GENDER, RELIGION AND CASTE(10th Std.) – India is a secular country where every citizen has the freedom to choose their religion. No one can be discriminated on the basis of their caste and religion. This chapter talks about the religion differences , caste inequalities, communalisim, women’s political representation etc. I personally think this chapter is very important, as children are the future of our country and we would definitely not want if someone will suffer due to their caste or religion in the future.

MONEY AND BANKING (12th Std.)– This chapter of economics talks about the money operations which are operated by the RBI and the central government. Children learn about the functioning of Cash Reserve Ratio(CRR), Statutory Liquidity Ratio(SLR), Repo and Reverse repo rate and the control of credit through bank rate. According to me this particular chapter is very beneficial to know more about how our cash related operations are handled by the RBI and government.


Medicines can cure diseases but only doctors can cure patients.

One of the most noble and respected profession on this Earth is of being a ‘Doctor’.A doctor is the only person who are given the stature next to God.A doctor dedicates his life to the service of the patients they provides relives to the service of man-kind.He cures the patients from disease and illness so that they could live a better and healthier life.In addition they are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and devices that enables them to diagnose and treat their patient with correct procedures.On 1st July every year in order to pay tribute to the doctors all around the World “International Doctors Day” is celebrated.A doctors life is very hard often they have to visit the patient at off hours foregoing his rest, sleep and even food.Even in this pandemic situation of “Castorphic Corona Outbreak” the doctors are working day and night so that they could stop the prevent of epidemic.Every now and then dangerous disease grab the humanity it’s the Doctor who finds the cure.It is because of Doctor a damaged organ can be transplanted in today’s medically advanced World.A doctor always treats his patient with smile and cheer they motivate and encourage sick person they act as a ray of hope in patients life.A Doctor pledges his life in alleviating the suffering of the patients.


Until recently, people at Lido Learning, a new educational startup company, would often be cut short by potential customers as soon as they heard “online tuitions.” Of the parents who did not hang up, only a quarter of the rest or one out of three would end up buying a subscription. By March, Lido Learning, whose educators gave math, science and English lessons on the internet to students from grade IV-IX in real time, had sold to students from grade IV-IX.

The organization increased its subscription revenue over the following three months.  Students are currently spending 90 minutes on an average on the network each day, which can be seen as a substantial increase as compared to max. an hour earlier. A  distribution team comprising of only 200 odd personnel  has made marketing much more efficient and smoother. Rather than illustrating the idea of online schooling to customers, what the organization wants to do now is show them how “we ‘re better than others,” said Sahil Sheth, CEO of Lido Education.

The company, Vedantu, the industry pioneer in K-12 live classes (kindergarten through grade XII), was hit by the influx of new students in early April, causing an unprecedented shortage of teaching assistants. The company’s teachers were now instructing 1,000 students instead of 300-400 students in each class. 1 million students attended live classes on Vedantu in May, up from 200,000 in usual times. Only a small fraction of these were paid users, but monthly revenues still jumped by more than three times from January, CEO Vamsi Krishna said. “What was happening in a year’s time in terms of growth happened in three months’ time,” he said.

The pandemic-driven growth of online education has been so broad that it’s tough to locate an educational company that hasn’t taken a parallel route. From industry giants to smaller companies, investors are quite optimistic this is the sector’s defining moment.

In India, education has always had a quasi-religious significance, as a degree is seen as the only means of prosperity. With schools and colleges shut down, disarray entrance exam schedules, inaccessible offline classes, parents and students are even more concerned about the future than usual, prompting them to try online tuitions like never before.

“Usually, when a new category is being created, companies have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising over 8-10 years to get customers to shift from offline to online. In the case of edtech, this is happening super-fast because of the lockdown and because all the schools have gone online,” Lido Learning’s Sheth said.

The online education industry continues to be split into two categories by founders and investors: K-12 and post K-12. Both divisions, which in effect have several different verticals, had evolved rapidly anyway. The growth has been massively exacerbated by the pandemic. By 2022, the K-12 industry would grow by six times to approximately $ 1.7 billion, while the post K-12 sector would rise by nearly four times to $1.8 billion, RedSeer Consultancy predicts.

On the other side, funds are lined up to obtain shares in start-ups in healthcare. Byju’s, Unacademy and Vedantu, three prominent startups in education, are all raising large amounts of capital at soaring valuations. Over a dozen smaller startups, including Lido Learning and WhiteHat Jr, are in talks to raise between $5-50 million to anywhere.


“A son’s first hero,a daughters first love”

There is one relationship in this mortal life which effortlessly scores above all others known relationship on this Earth and which is a child and father relationship.It is truly priceless in terms of his dedication, countless love and devotion towards his family. Someone has rightly said “A father is one of the most unsung song,unpraised,unnoticed,and yet the most valuable assets in the family”.Father day is celebrated on the ‘3rd sunday of June’ all around the World.Father is the one special person in millions who is always been with a child in thick and thin.He is the one who puts every ounce of his energy in order to make his child happy.He is someone who is full of profound reflection and that is with regards of his children and family.He is just like a backbone and acts like a oxygen for the survival of lives.To the man who wakes up every day to fulfill his child wishes.To the man who makes millions of sacrifices for the child.To the man who never get appreciated enough. He is just a pride,a warrior, everyday,every single second.”A superhero for his child”. Happy father’s days!!

Learning is more effective when it is active rather than passive process.

E-learning also known as ‘Electronic learning’ has changed the pattern of studying.It is also referred to as online learning which can be obtained through internet using an electronic device.This is the era in which e-learning has gain it’s importance someone has rightly quoted that “Online learning is not the next best thing, it is now the best thing”.E -learning has vast amount of uses across all sectors of society and the available examples are being used effectively.It plays a crucial role for adults as they are busy in their work so it probably flexibility to them to study at any point of time. it is useful for corporative World where company uses E-learning platform to enhance the skills , learning, knowledge and overall productivity of their employees.Another is that many accredated online colleges offer online degree programs and more of them will start to do so incoming years.Online learning has numerous advantages such as the possibility to do self- study.A part from that it is cost effective and cost efficient as it removes geographical restrictions often associated with traditional classroom education.The future of online learning is very bright it will continue to expand as more corporation’s and online learners would recognise the importance of e-learning.

Sustainable buisness management practices.

Someone has rightly quoted that “Being a good human is being a good business” taking into consideration this fact a business should perform.The 3 most important P’s in today’s era are ‘People’, ‘Profit and the ‘Planet’ which every buisness person should keep in mind before launching a buisness. These 3 P’s are connected with each other. Suistanbility in a buisness can be regarded as the s uccess of the company in both short term and long term. Suistanbility encompass social,financaial, environmental opportunities and threats that are in business facet.When buisness incorporate healthy, social, and economic strategies they are likely to face any challenge in present or in future.Now the company has adopted a way to engage with people living around the community one of the widely used strategy is ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR).It can be defined as acheiving commercial success in methods that are ethical and protect the environment.So the best way to create future is to predict it.

There is a no limit to what we as a woman can achieve!![Women empowerment]

Wo-men a big word in itself through which a men came into existence so talking about today’s era where women are playing crucial role in every aspect of life. From the vicious grisp of social, economical, political, business or entrepreneur everywhere women has proven themselves and cset an example for the whole World. As the times evolved women, realised their power since that time the revolution came. A latest trending news New-Zealand prime minister ‘Jacinda Ardin’ has proven herself that women can handle and trackle any situation which is really mesmerizing. Talking about Mother Teresa who work for the social cost and dedicated her life for the welfare of the humanity truly a gem to be remembered. So it’s the time to talk about the F-World in 2020 it’s no about the scarlet letter it’s a time to brand yourself as a feminist. A girl with strong views and will power ‘Malala Yosuafgai became the youngest to win the noble prize laureate now is education advocate.GD Anderson an Australian activist and writer who was a member of American osteopathic association.So to all the girls who are reading this never doubt that you are valuable and powerful you are capable of pursuing every dreams.