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Possibilities of energy extraction from the black hole

Do you remember Katie Bouman, a 30-year-old scientist who came up with CHIRP (Continuous High-resolution Image Reconstruction using Patch priors) algorithm? She contributed to generate the first image of a black hole of the M87 galaxy from five petabyte data of the Event Horizon Telescope.

Katie Bouman’s reaction on the creation of first black hole image.

After this significant success, we come across another success where theory turns into reality after it gets verified by an experiment. In 1916, German physicist Karl Schwarzschild theorized the black hole existence. A black hole can be so powerful that it can possess the energy to drags surrounding time and space. In 1969, the Penrose process originated given by Roger Penrose.

The ergosphere is the region beyond the rotating black hole of the outer event horizon. So, a practical approach made by using a rotating metal cylinder introduced by Yakov Zel’dovich, a Russian physicist. When a beam of light passed due to the rotational Doppler effect, the light reflects with extra energy. In short, for amplification, angular momentum is a must. It may sound simple, but there are factors linked to it, like the frequency of the rotating cylinder needs to be similar or higher compared to the wave. The negative rate will help to gain energy rather than amplifying it.

The experiment setup

But the theory has a drawback. You know that the speed of light is 300 million meters per second, so the object should also rotate at a very high rate at around a billion rotations per second. Therefore, it is impractical to demonstrate. But wait, the physicists at the University of Glasgow had a better alternative. They used sound as a medium to test the phenomena. Using a ring of speakers, foam disc, motor, and a microphone, they got the results. At lower frequency, the audio was inaudible, but as soon as the rate of rotation increased, the sound became louder up to 30 percent.

This experiment may feel just like a part of basic science. We also observe this phenomenon in real life, like the loud siren of an ambulance, follows the same principle. If you believe in extra-terrestrial activities, it can be possible that the aliens might use the same ideology, although it has no valid proof. This ideology can be possible for an advanced civilization, which still requires much more researches to go for the next 50 years.

The first image of the black hole.

The possibility could be of a black hole bomb formation. It may sound like science fiction, but it can be done by completely wrapping the sides of a black hole with a mirror reflecting the light infinitely times. But there are no dimensions for such an object, even though it is an entirely debatable topic considering it can a one dimensional or two dimensional or even five dimensions as the universe compares itself as a four-dimensional object. But we don’t know whether it is true or not. There might be some other science fiction movies which may show that black hole may engulf all the elements across it, but still, we’re surviving, and right now, you’re reading this post till here.