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Quality & Affordable Help

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Write My Essay for Me! Hire a Pro 

If you are thinking “who can do my essay online?”, you should hire expert writers to help you. Where can you find them? A simple answer is you need to turn to a professional essay writing service.

This is a company that provides assistance from professional essay writers. These companies have been around for a few years and have evolved to provide a wide range of services.

A leading essay writing service can help students by providing them with quality content to use in their essays. A skilled essay writer can take the burden of your urgent papers away from you. 

If you are struggling to find time for writing and research, it is wise to hire a professional writer. They can help you with your assignments and make sure that you are not missing deadlines.

There are many reasons why you should hire a pro paper writer. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. You don’t have to worry about your deadline. Your assignment will be done fast.
  2. You can have peace of mind about your privacy if you use a legit and confidential service. All your info will remain private. 
  3. You can order custom papers of any type (even a dissertation or a term paper) from experts.
  4. You don’t need to worry about plagiarism if you pay a pro helper to do your homework.
  5. You can enjoy free customer support that is there for you 24/7. They work non stop. 
  6. You can purchase papers on sale on various topics. 
  7. You can save a lot thanks to cheap prices on paid essay services. 

As you can see, there are many benefits that you can get if you buy papers from expert writers.

How Can a Paper Writing Service Help Me Write My Essay? 

There are a lot of essay writing services out there. It can be difficult to find the right website that can help you with your paper. You might find yourself having to go through a lot of trial and error before finding the best choice for you.

“Who can do my essay for me? Who can help me with citations or bibliographies?”.

The paper writing service will be able to provide you with the necessary information that can help you write your research paper efficiently.

Paper writing services have been around for quite a while and they are becoming more popular as more people are looking for help with their papers.

Such services offer a variety of benefits to customers. The most important benefit is that these services offer professional writers who can write any paper with ease. They also provide an affordable price and a quick turnaround time.

How to Find Top Essay Writing Websites That Can Write My Essays? 

Essay writing websites have emerged as an easy and affordable alternative to professional assignment writing services.

These websites offer well-written essays at a fraction of the cost. They are also great for students who need help with their college papers.

Essay writing is one of the most popular types of academic writing because it requires a lot of creativity and skill. Many students struggle with this type of writing, which is why they often turn to essay websites for assistance.

Who can do my essays? There are many essay writing services that students can use to write a paper on any topic. However, it is important to know how to find the best essay writing service for you.

  • First, you need to do some research and ask around about the quality of work that these companies can provide. 
  • Secondly, you should read reviews of these services as well as their customer service. 
  • Thirdly, if possible, you should try out their work before hiring them for your project. 
  • Lastly, make sure that they have a customer satisfaction policy in place and offer refunds if necessary.

The key is knowing how to find the right essay writing service for your needs and what they offer.

There are two things to look for in a custom essay writing website: quality and price. One way to do this is by doing research on the internet. Look for reviews from other people who have used the site before you sign up. Look for testimonials from people who have used the service before you decide whether or not it is worth your time and money.

The other thing to look for is pricing. What does it cost? What does the company offer? Will they provide discounts if you pay in advance? These things will help you decide whether or not the company is worth your time and money. 

Thus, essay writing can be a difficult task for some students. No wonder you can often find yourself struggling to meet deadlines and getting frustrated with your assignments. 

For more info on the topic, feel free to read the article from a top rated college essay author on “How I do my essayfast”. 

Paper Writer Service: Get Better Grades with Less Hassle 

It is not a secret that students are often stressed about grades. The pressure to succeed can be overwhelming, especially if you are struggling to keep up with the workload. If you are looking for ways to get good grades with less hassle, hiring a professional paper writer service may be the answer.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to hire a professional paper writer. Perhaps you are struggling to find the time to write your own papers. Maybe you are not confident in your writing skills and fear that you will not be able to produce a high-quality paper. Alternatively, you may simply be too busy to write your own papers. 

I recommend you read Essaypro reviews on the web if you want to know more about this. You can find Essaypro reviews left by other students on Trustpilot. 

A professional paper writer will be able to produce a high-quality paper in a fraction of the time it would take you to write it yourself. They will also be able to edit and proofread your paper to ensure that it is free from errors and plagiarism. They will use a checker and a typer. This means that you can submit your paper with confidence, knowing that it is of the highest standards.

Another advantage of hiring the best essay writing service is that they will be able to help you with the research process. They will be able to find relevant sources of information and compile them into a coherent paper. This can save you a lot of time and effort. That’s easy. Just buy a paper or pay for cheap essay help. And they will assist you in the blink of an eye. 

Amazing Benefits of Essay Writing Services

There are many benefits of professional essay writing services. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you will receive a well-written essay. The essay will be free of grammatical errors, and it will flow well. It will be well-organized and well-researched. In addition, the essay will be tailored to your specific instructions.

Another benefit of expert essay writing sites is that you can save time. If you are a busy student or working professional, you may not have the time to write an essay on your own. Hiring a professional essay writer can free up your time so that you can focus on other important tasks.

In addition, a pro essay writing service like can help you improve your writing skills. If you hire the best paper writing service, you can receive feedback on your essay. This feedback can help you learn from your mistakes and improve your writing skills.

EssayPro Review Is It the Cheapest Service? 

If you are a student, you have probably come across EssayPro while looking for an online essay writing service. This is one of the most popular essay writing websites on the internet, and it is not hard to find essay writing service online. 

With a large team of professional writers, a user-friendly website, and reasonable prices, it is a great choice for students who need help with their essays. 

I have also used myself, and I can attest to the fact that it is a great legit, and top rated service with amazing customer support. The writers are all very professional, and they were able to help me with my essays in a very short amount of time. 

I would definitely recommend to any student who needs help with their dissertation, custom essay, or another assignment.

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

The conclusion of a research paper is the section that ties everything together in a logical manner. It provides a concise description of your research’s findings while emphasizing the importance of your work. There are many different types of research topics, such as argumentative, analytical, etc. and you must choose the appropriate tone for your research paper. 

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The primary observations should be demonstrated in the conclusion based on the significance of your results and ideas. You can get aid from a research paper writing service and gain vital knowledge. The conclusion gives your readers a broader view of your research helping them to see the subject of your study from a new perspective. 

Stepwise Guide on How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

Below is the stepwise guide to help you devise an effective conclusion for your research paper:

1.    Restate Your Research Question/Thesis

You will not be able to write a meaningful conclusion until you explicitly state your research’s major topic. You must reiterate your key question in one sentence and explain its significance. If the reader did not pay close attention to what was delivered throughout the work, the ending section can provide him with a quick overview. 

It enhances the worth of your research work by providing a summary of your entire concept and findings. It’s critical to pick a topic that you can successfully explain and back up with evidence to prove your claim. Begin your conclusion by stating the major topic to ensure that it satisfies the aim.

2.    Summarize the Most Important Points

You must remind the reader of the points you have proposed in the paper. Your essential points should be conveyed briefly to capture the substance of the entire text. This can be accomplished by rereading the topic sentence of each key paragraph or section in the body of your work. 

Avoid repeating extraneous information or supporting details and instead focus on stating the important points. You should avoid providing new content in your conclusion in most cases. You make the reader understand the importance of the study you conducted to write a research paper by summarizing the important points.

3.    State the Findings and Outcomes

After you have presented the key arguments, you should elaborate on the significance of these ideas. It will assist your reader in analyzing how your topic’s consequences may influence the specified outcome. You can even include facts from other findings to further emphasize your point.

Your findings will not be accepted unless they are backed up by solid research and a well-thought-out strategy. When writing a research paper conclusion, include all of your actions in the body to show what study you have conducted. Your findings must point to a practical solution rather than a hypothetical or speculative one.

4.    Address the Limitations

You must investigate the flaws in your research so that if someone conducts a critical analysis of your work, he does not come across anything irrelevant or out of context. You should double-check that all of the claims you made in your research are true and supported by facts and evidence.

It enables you to thoroughly examine your document from many angles. If there are any flaws, you can fix them before submitting them for publication or any other action.

5.    Use CTAs When Suitable

CTA (Call-to-Action) is not the requirement of every research paper as different topics have different demands. It is used to persuade the reader to take any action and is usually a single line written in a convincing style. 

Research papers on topics that address the public or raise concern on any important issue must have a CTA in the concluding paragraph. It gives a sense of direction to the reader and helps him analyze what contribution can be made from his side. 

6.    Pose a Question

You can explain the broader context of an issue in the conclusion by including “so what” questions that show how your research can help in resolving the issue. You can also ask questions from the reader to grab his attention and motivate him to do further analysis on the topic. 

It enhances the curiosity and interest of the reader and connects him with your research more effectively. Do not stuff it with too many questions but make sure to include some essential ones to add value to your research work. 

7.    Conclude Your Thoughts Comprehensively

You can make your conclusion more interesting by answering the questions that were not much described in the body portion of your essay. In this way, you get an opportunity to show your grasp of the topic and extensive analysis. 

Your whole theme and discussion must be concluded properly in a brief manner that makes your main idea clear. It creates a great impression on the reader’s mind and makes your paper worth the read. 


To compose the concluding portion of the research paper, one must keep in mind the points stated above to enhance the value of the paper. Whatever technique you choose, make sure your research paper’s consistency and tone remain intact. It should convey your message and make the desired impression on the readers.

Best Practices for Using a Histogram

A histogram is a graphical representation of the distribution of data. It is a graph that shows how often data occurs within certain intervals. Histograms are used to help identify the shape of a distribution and to estimate the probability of observing a value in a particular interval. 

Histograms are an important part of data analysis, and there are a few best practices for using a histogram that you should always keep in mind:

Always use histograms to visualise your data.


Histograms are a powerful way to visualise your data. They allow you to see the distribution of your data, and can help you to identify any outliers or anomalies. Your histogram will show you the distribution of your data. You can see the number of data points that fall into each category.

Make sure that your histogram is properly scaled.

Histograms are a graphical representation of the distribution of data. They are used to show the number of data points that fall within a certain range. Histograms can be used to measure the central tendency, variability and shape of a distribution. A histogram should be used when you have a large amount of data. The data should be evenly distributed and there should be no outliers. If the data is not evenly distributed, you can use a box plot.

Always use bins that are of the same size.

When creating histograms, it is important to use bins of the same size. This will ensure that the histogram is accurate and provides an accurate representation of the data. If bins of different sizes are used, the histogram will be inaccurate and may not show the true distribution of the data.

Make sure that your data is evenly distributed across all of the bins.


One of the most important tasks when working with histograms is to make sure that your data is evenly distributed across all of the histogram bins. This will ensure that you are getting an accurate representation of your data. If your data is not evenly distributed, you may not be able to make accurate inferences from your histogram. There are a few ways to ensure that your data is evenly distributed. One way is to randomly sample your data. This will help to ensure that each bin has an equal number of data points. Another way to ensure even distribution is to use the histogram’s bin width to calculate the number of data points that should be in each bin. This will help to ensure that each bin has the same size.

Use a good, reliable algorithm to calculate the bin boundaries.

To calculate the bin boundaries for your histogram, you first need to determine the input range. This is the range of numbers that you will be using. Then, you need to determine the number of bins you want to use. This is the number of divisions you want the input range to be divided into. Finally, you need to determine the size of each bin. This is the size of each division in the input range. Once you have these three values, you can calculate the bin boundaries for your histogram. First, divide the input range into the number of bins you want to use. This will give you the number of divisions in the input range. Then, for each division in the input range, calculate the size of the bin and the number of data points that fall into that bin. Finally, add up all of the values to get the total number of data points in the histogram.

Histograms are an important part of data analysis, and, by keeping these best practices in mind when using them, you can make the most of their data visualization and insights.

6 Reasons To Attend an MS Excel Training Course

6 Reasons To Attend an MS Excel Training Course

Excel Program

There are many different programs that you can use to organize data for your home, school, or business. Excel is one of the programs that many people use to do this, a program that is one of the easier ones to use. Excel allows you to not only to organize your data, but also allows you to calculate the data, and evaluate that data. You can also make charts, tables, and graphs to better show the data and how it affects the company with which you are working. 

Ways to Learn

            There are many ways to learn to use Excel, so that you can use it to the best of your ability. You can learn it on your own, watch videos on the internet such as this one here, or take classes to learn the program. All these methods are good in their own way but depending on what you are using the program for you might want to learn in a unique way. 

 One way is to just sit and play with the program, learning as you go. You can learn this way in your own time and learn only what you need to learn for your particular project. This is an effective way to learn if you are using the program for personal reasons. This might be to do your monthly budget or to plan for a trip or other big expense. 

            By working on your own and learning the program, you can save yourself some money, but this way usually takes longer than other methods. If you need to use Excel for business, this might not be the way to learn the program. However, this is an effective way to learn if you are using it for personal reasons such as making monthly budgets and trip planning. 

            Another way to learn Excel is to access the internet and learn through videos and websites. Learn more about Excel at this site: This method will take a while, and you must decide which website or video to trust to give you the correct information. There are people that really know what they are doing and share their information with others. On the other hand, there are people who pretend to know what they are doing and share what they think they know. You might learn something this way, or you may get everything wrong, taking longer to complete your project. 

The Best Way to Learn

            Probably the best way to learn how to use Excel is to learn from an excel training course from experts. Learning in this way will ensure that you learn all the tips and tricks to allow you to have the best project possible. Experts can show you step-by-step how to use each aspect of the program. Learning this way will help you to make more professional projects getting better results. It also allows you to receive a certificate showing that you learned from a professional. 

Six Good Reasons

            There are six good reasons to attend an MS Excel training course so that you can get the best results from the program. You can earn Excel Certification that will set you apart from your colleagues and to show employers that you have the skills needed to do your job. This training can make you more efficient in your job allowing you to do better and be more competent. Learning Excel from a training course will give you more credibility than learning on your own or using videos from the internet. You can be more prepared to work in financial positions with professional training. 

            It has been around for many years and Excel will probably be around for many years to come. This means that this is a skill that will always be pertinent to the business world and other jobs, as well. 


            Setting yourself apart from your colleagues is important if you want to move up in the company. By using this program, you can create spreadsheets that will show your employer the finances of the company and allows you to create graphs and charts to track where the money in the company goes. You can create schedules for staff and manage inventory.


            You can become more efficient in your job by learning this program. You can learn to format cells in the program based on a certain criterion and apply it to other cells quickly. By using the charts and tables option, you can use the information in the cells to clearly show trends in the market without having to use a separate program to make them. 


            By learning how to use this program from a reputable company, you will gain credibility with your employer and your colleagues. If you try to do this on your own, you will not get the certificate that shows that you know the program inside out. You can use this certificate to show that you are willing to learn new aspects of your job and are not afraid to try new things. 


            Having a certificate to show that you have put the time and effort in to truly learn the program. If you have paid attention in the class, you can use your skills to improve in your career. 


            You can be better prepared to do the financial aspects of the company you work with. You can show the information with graphs, tables, and charts. 


            Excel has been around since 1985, making it a standard in the computer world. By learning this program instead of another one, you can be assured that you are on top of the business world. Since it has been around for decades, you can rest assured that the things that you learn will be around for many years to come. 


            There are many ways to learn Excel depending on your needs for the program. If you want to be the best in your business world, it is best that you learn from a professional expert in the field. Excel can help you to get ahead in your employment by giving you ways to show your company how they are doing financially. You can show your employer that you are willing to learn new skills to improve yourself. 

Social Media Automation — Everything You Need to Know

Integrating effective social media automation into your business’s processes will result in more engaging content — and in today’s world, that could spell the difference between failure and success.

To put it simply, social media automation should be a crucial part of any business plan.

In this article, we will discuss how using social media automation tools can help create and schedule more engaging content.

What is social media automation?

Social media automation helps businesses organize their social media presence. Through the use of tools, you can create, schedule, and share content with audiences, usually for marketing purposes.

As a result, businesses can increase profit margins and dedicate more time to their team members and other tasks. Below are a few key points exploring why your company should use social media automation tools.

What are the benefits of social media automation?

Social media automation ensures your business doesn’t miss out on connecting with its customers. The number of social media users in the world today is 4.62 billion, which is more than half the global population.

Automating your social media with, for example, scheduled posts and chatbots to respond to comments, is a great way to reach those users. In fact, 80% of businesses that use social media automation reported improved lead generation and an 77% increase in conversions.

If this statistic alone doesn’t pique your interest, have a read below through some of the key benefits of social media automation.

It will make your content consistent, boosting your online presence

Maintaining a consistent stream of engaging, quality content is paramount to building your online presence. It is what separates you from the crowd.

Consistency can be achieved with social media automation tools like Buffer and Hootsuite that enable you to accurately schedule your content for historically peak times across multiple platforms.

Maintaining consistency in the voice and timing of your content is key to a successful marketing strategy. Consistency will help your business create a brand-specific voice and style.

Automation will free up time to use elsewhere

Integrating social media automation tools into your business can save you and your team hours of hard work. Devoting manual time to post content across multiple social media platforms once your business starts to pick up speed will limit your progress.

Familiarize your team with suitable tools that can help them strive toward your business objectives. Run your content through a grammar checker to ensure it’s free of errors. Enlist the help of friendly chatbots. Schedule posts meticulously with easy-to-use planners.

Automation improves engagement

Monitoring activity across all of your social media platforms in one place will make it easier to achieve higher user engagement.

Being privy to consumer consensus, brand mentions, messages from the community, and statistics on each post are all pieces of valuable data that can be leveraged to help drive engagement.

Maintaining a level of organization through social media automation applications will also ensure you are responding to your community in a prompt manner, making you more aware of your community’s needs.

Content marketing that is engaging and powerful will be what makes a difference to your company’s bottom line. One well-written advertisement or clever call to action can be worth countless poorly thought out pieces of content.

Scheduling posts ahead of time will mean you or a team member won’t have to stop what they’re doing numerous times a day to post or tweet. Since you won’t be rushed, you can make your content the best it can be. And you can spend your time on pressing tasks while automation takes care of social media.

Get to know your community

Social media automation tools can also be great ways to listen to what your community wants.

Social listening is when you use tools that gather data and then automatically piece together the conversation people are having about your brand or industry in the online realm.

This is highly valuable information, and if used wisely it will help you create even more engaging content in the future.

It can help you understand things like:

  • The best time to post future content.
  • Growing trends or needs that the community wants to be fulfilled.
  • The best or worst aspects of your competitors’ content.
  • How your content is better than your competitors’.
  • Ways your content is being beaten by your competitors.

This information is pivotal and should be at the forefront of future content design.

5 best social media automation tools

1. Postfity

Postfity Dashboard: create, automate, and analyze social media content

Easily schedule posts across multiple social media platforms to ensure you maximize audience engagement. Postfity’s seamless UI design helps you keep organized and on top of your social media content.

When you are posting on three or four platforms daily, it can sometimes get overwhelming.

With excellent functionalities across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and many others, social media automation is an attractive prospect on Postfity.

Use the platform’s sleek calendar dashboard to gain insight into the upcoming days and weeks of your social media content, and give desired group members secure access to simultaneously work on the same profile.

Postfity also recommends trending and new post ideas generated by AI that have analyzed search engine results, which can help inspire your team’s future content.

2. Sendible

Sendible Dashboard, Facebook activity overview

The all-in-one dashboard of Sendible makes social media automation easy.

Designed for use by larger agencies, Sendible is perfect for anyone who is on multiple platforms with several accounts on each. 

With an intuitive workflow and the ability to link multiple members to one account, Sendible will help you organize even the largest of content libraries.

Sendible posts are queued in bulk and then scheduled to be posted at a time when your community is most active. This drives engagement. 

Social Inbox is a feature that compiles all comments and activities of your community in one place. This makes it even easier to stay actively engaged with them.

Add streams from different social media platforms and prioritize new community comments and activity. Once you have responded to the messages from your community, simply archive them and keep your inbox tidy.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social Dashboard: publishing calendar

A great alternative to Postfity and Sendible is Sprout Social.

Sprout Social’s holistic approach to community engagement has made them an attractive social media automation application for many budding businesses.   

Similar to Postfity, Sprout Social offers a structured calendar dashboard that helps you stay on top of your future content.

The platform provides social listening analytics to help you gain excellent consumer insight, meaning you can adjust which content you are producing to more authentically engage with your audience.

Manage all your campaigns, development, and analysis from inside the application. Sprout Social is a one-stop-shop for efficient social media automation.

4. TweetDeck

TweetDeck Dashboard: organize and analyze tweets in one place

This one is helpful if you want to improve your presence on Twitter.

With over 330 million active users, marketing through this platform successfully can reap dividends.

The short lifespan of content on Twitter, as well as content length restrictions, makes creating engaging content difficult.

That’s why TweetDeck offers marketers the options to monitor unlimited “keyphrase” tweets, which are laid out in columns on your dashboard.

This helps you watch what is happening in the demographics which interest your team in real time.

Having several columns to monitor at a time can be strenuous.

This is why the platform built an excellent filtration system, helping you be exposed only to content that you plan to learn from and market with.

With this tool, it’s easy to create tweets ahead of time and schedule them to be posted on multiple accounts days in advance.

5. Tailwind

Tailwind Landing Page: Pinterest creation and scheduling

If you aren’t taking advantage of Pinterest’s platform as a way to market to your community, you should consider doing so.

If you use Chrome, the Tailwind extension is extremely user-friendly and can be integrated instantly.

Drag and drop to your editorial calendar and get a huge leg up on organizing your social media content.

The smart loop feature allows you to repin high-performing content and informs you which boards to republish to. This makes scheduling content to relevant times of the year even easier.

Comprehensive analytics track pins’ performance, enabling you to monitor and learn from past and current campaigns.

The innovative “Tribes” feature encourages collaborative community marketing. Gain access to group boards by creating meaningful Pinterest content and contributing to the tribe, which can have viewerships that can range into the millions.

Automate your success

There is no denying that social media automation is here to stay.

These tools will open up doors for your business. Staying active and informed in this space will allow you to remain ahead of the pack.

Your content can always improve, and your processes can always be more streamlined. Even if your social media marketing is already showing positive results, don’t be afraid of changing a winning strategy.

You’re likely to see even greater success with social media automation, and the hours you free up will be a precious resource as your business grows.

Inspired Morning Work

For elementary schools there is no right way to do morning work. Teachers across classrooms and grade levels have all found ways that morning work fits their teaching style and their classroom. However, there is definitely a wrong way to do morning work; skipping it entirely. Teachers that skip morning work are missing out on creating a consistent start to their day and are missing out on an easy way to help their students.

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For most teachers the absence of morning work isn’t something that they do out of lack of care for their students. Most believe that their time and energy is better spent elsewhere. Others may simply be overwhelmed with what to do for morning work. Below are some great examples of what can become part of a great morning work routine. 

Journals and Writing Prompts

Journaling and writing prompts are a popular form of morning work for many teachers for a number of reasons.  

  • They are low prep. All that is needed is a pen and a notebook.
  • They create a great way to know your students
  • Prompts can focus on supplementing student’s learning goals in other subjects
  • Prompts can be used as a knowledge pre-test

Journaling can also be incredibly beneficial because it will help you to build a rapport with your students quickly. It also earns bonus points as a way to engage children who may be a little more introverted and not like to share with teachers or classmates as much. 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Activities

Social emotional learning and it’s support has come to the forefront of education with both parents and teachers. The Covid pandemic has created a generation of students who have stresses and anxieties that no other group before them has had to deal with. SEL lessons can help educators check in with their students in a number of ways including:

  • Emotion or Mental Health Checks
  • Positive coping methods
  • Sharing circles 
  • Mindful minutes

Warm Up Time

Children, just like adults, enjoy quiet time to themselves at the start of the work day to drink their morning coffee or energy drink. Now I’m not saying to let a group of kids crack a soda or energy drink before class starts, I’m sure we all know that’s  a bad idea. Instead give them activities that will let them ease into the day and warm up their bodies and minds for the learning ahead. These activities include classics such as:

  • Puzzles 
  • Mazes
  • Guided drawings
  • Guided sculptures with clay or playdough 
  • Building with Legos
  • Yoga or stretching

Job Time

Teachers that like to have a well regimented classroom often find ways to help students feel like they are young adults and contributing to the classroom. These teachers can often be found implementing “classroom jobs” that students do in the morning. When put on a rotating schedule this can not only keep your classroom organized but teach teamwork and responsibility. Tasks included can be:

  • Attendance check offs
  • Taking lunch orders
  • Picking up homework
  • Returning or delivering books from the classroom library
  • Checking cubbies or backpack spaces
  • Organizing and delivering supplies for the day

Next Steps for Morning Work Ideas

Chances are that the above ideas inspired you to start thinking about a way to include morning work into your classroom routine. The great thing about morning work is the ability for it to be adapted to every classroom and every teaching style. If you aren’t sure where to start though try checking out some morning work for third graders that has already been created. As teachers the easiest thing to do is use resources that are already created by someone else and then over time tweak them to your style!