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Philosophical meaning of “LOVE”

Love is the most powerful emotion a human being can experience. The strange thing is, almost nobody knows what love is. Why is it so difficult to find love? That is easy to understand, if you know that the word “love” is not the same as one’s feeling of love.

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard,but must be felt with the heart” – Hellen Keller

What great Philosophers say about Love?

Aristotle : Of the classic ideas on love, for Aristotle , none of this love and friendship is attainable without first achieving self-love. The good person must be a self-lover, for he himself will profit from doing fine things, and he will benefit the others.

Sadhguru :
When you talk about love, it has to be unconditional. There is really no such thing as conditional love and unconditional love. It is just that there are conditions and there is love. The moment there is a condition, it just amounts to a transaction. Maybe a convenient transaction, maybe a good arrangement – maybe many people made excellent arrangements in life – but that will not fulfill you; that will not transport you to another dimension. It is just convenient.
When you say “love,” it need not necessarily be convenient; most of the time it is not. It takes life. Love is not a great thing to do, because it eats you up. If you have to be in love, you should not be. You as a person must be willing to fall, only then it can happen. If your personality is kept strong in the process, it is just a convenient situation, that’s all. We need to recognize what is a transaction and what is truly a love affair. A love affair need not be with any particular person; you could be having a great love affair, not with anybody in particular, but with life.

Simpne de Beauvoir : “The reciprocal recognition of two freedoms” Beauvoir’s thought on love is between authentic and inauthentic love. For her, loving inauthentically is an existential threat. When we believe that love will complete us, or when we lose ourselves in our beloved, we erase ourselves as independent beings. This is what de Beauvoir called loving in bad faith. In her society, men were encouraged much more than women to have interests and ambitions outside of their relationships, with the result that women were especially vulnerable to the dangers of inauthentic love.
Authentic love, on the other hand, involves partnerships in which both parties recognize each others’ independence, and pursue aims and interests outside of their relationship. Authentic love must be based on “reciprocal recognition of two freedoms”. This means that neither partner is subordinate to the other, nor takes all of their meaning from their love for that partner. Instead, each is an independent whole who freely chooses the other anew with every day without trying to possess them entirely.

Bell Hooks :
In All About Love: New Visions (2000) , she argues that our modern definition of love is too watered down by overuse of the word. Working from the idea that love is a verb, she then suggests ways to improve our modern concept of love and prevent what hinders it. She notes with a fervor that power discrepancies and the differences in how men and women are expected to approach love are a particular problem.

“The fear of being alone, or of being unloved, had caused women of all races to passively accept sexism and sexist oppression.” — Ain’t I a Woman? (1981)

Jean – Paul Sartre :
Sartre and Simone De Beauvoir had, quite possibly, the most famous open relationship of all time. Sartre first proposed the idea in a letter: “What we have is an essential love; but it is a good idea for us also to experience contingent love affairs.”
Sartre wrote extensively on love, especially in terms of the tension between freedom and objectivity, and seemed to struggle with the idea throughout his entire relationship. True love, Sartre felt, can come to fruition when both partners have a deep, mutual respect for the other’s freedom and resist the desire to “possess” each other as objects. For him, if all romantic relationships centered on the idea of ownership, there would be little room for introspection. Wrapped up in the pursuit of love is the idea that we are not only seeking a partner, but deeper insight into ourselves. Put more plainly: We’re looking for the “other half,” the “being” to our “nothingness.” Either way, Sartre got a whole lot of insight, especially for a guy with an oddly shaped head and a lazy eye.

Love asks me no questions, and gives me endless support – William Shakespeare


E-wallet is more safe and secure THAN having money in the pocket…

On November 2016 Prime Minister Narendra Modi urge for the digitalization and India to be a cashless economy.But the cashless economy was not the original goal but due to ‘demonization’ which leads to the shortage of notes gave a fillip to “E-Wallets” or “Digital-wallets”.E-wallet is a online payment account where one can store money and it used for making transaction through a computer or smart phones”. An E-wallet needs to be linked with bank account to make payments.The E-wallet segment broadly consists of services related to banking transactions, transfer of money as well as value added services like bill payments, shopping, ticketing,electricity bills, DTH and transport bills and they also are useful in making payments to mom and pop stores who are rajistered with these digital platform.Digital wallet provides more convenient transactions.The experience of purchasing items become quicker and easier which lead to a great sense of satisfaction.it’s a safer method you don’t need to carry cash when you are travelling alone or going abroad.Some kind of E-wallets are Paytm,Google pay,Bhim app,Phone pay etc.

Beautiful moments while falling in love

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it” – Nicholas Sparks

Love is one of the most beautiful emotions we experience as humans. Though we can invite it into our lives, we do not have the control over the how, when and where love starts to express itself. The act of caring and giving to someone else having someone’s best interest and well-being as a priority in your life. Love is commitment and unconditional moment of one’s life. Being in love is the beautiful feeling in the world. Love is something, defined as give and take of emotions and care. It’s natural to wonder about the one thing that millions of people can’t stop thinking about. Songs are written about it, art is done around it, so each and everyone is in love with some one another.

Sleeplessness, racing heart, feeling free, feeling special are some inner thoughts which surrounds a person’s mind in love. A person in love considers light of the life.

Love is not the easiest emotion that can be explained, it needs words, connection to the lover to express. There are various signs or symptoms that show a person in love. Have a look to it-

  • Daydreaming the beloved- When you’re in love, you begin to think your beloved in every aspect of life. The person tries to fill every moment of life with him/her . He/she wants to experience every joy, pain with the other. One thinks about future aspects with his/her beloved.
  • Thinking this one is special- A person in love begin to think his love is unique and special. He thinks that she is the one who can fill his world with happiness.One wants to spend more and more time.
  • They become priority- The person in love takes his beloved at priority. He tries to fulfil all what he wants.
  • Everything feels new and exciting- The one who falls in love, experiences his surrounding world to be new and full of joy.Suddenly everything seems to be wonderful.
  • Catch yourself smiling- Thought of lover leads to smile on a face of the lover. He/she catches himself smiling for no reason many times.
  • Focusing on the positive side- Being a lover, tend to focus on the positive qualities of their beloved, while overlooking his or her negative traits.
  • Aligning interests- Being in love, person starts taking interest in the likes of his partner. Falling in love is marked by a tendency to reorder your daily priorities and change your clothing, mannerisms, habits or values so that they better align with those of their beloved. person in love tries to learn new things to impress his love. If you find yourself drawn to more new ideas and experiences than you’ve ever been interested in before, chances are, you’re in love.
  • Feeling insecure- Feeling of insecurity increases with love. One secures insecure of their activities which you will not be able to digest. A little bit jealousy is natural. It’s understandable because you want your partner to be only exclusive to you.
  • Feeling affectionate towards the person- The one in love get attracted towards his love day by day more and more. Often a lover is curious to know that his lover ever thinks about him or not. He wants mental satisfaction of being loved or not.
  • Feeling empathy- Feeling empathy towards your love makes you want to make tiny sacrifices for them which creates happiness.
  • Experiences butterflies in heart- At the sight of lover, person in love feels butterflies in heart. His presence gives sweet feeling in his heart.Everything seems to be lovely.
  • World revolves around them- It seems to the person in love that his world revolves around his love. Everyone seems to be his love and him. He is not able to focus on work.
  • Emotional instability- As usual, falling in love often leads to emotional and physiological instability. Mood swings, accelerated heartbeat is commonly observed. People in love regularly exhibit signs of emotional dependency including possessiveness, jealousy, fear of rejection, and separation anxiety. 
  • Memorizes past events- A person in love often thinks about the time spent with the person he loves.He feels happy inside his heart thinking about beautiful moments of love.
  • Starts planning for the future- When you truly love someone, you know that you don’t have plans to let them go any time soon, if ever.He plans for future life with the lover.

Every moment that they make you fall in love all over again is why being in love is so unbelievably incredible because, life is just a string of happy and unhappy moments, and love just composes many of the happy ones.

Often times, in the beginning, great love just happens. Sometimes, great love is easy and it is mutual. Love does not have to be complicated. Love does not have to be challenging. Sometimes, love is just right. Sometimes, loving another human being is so very natural. Keep Loving Keep Expressing….!!!!!

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”- Aristotle

You only live once, BUT if you do it right once is enough..

Life is just a four letter word that’s is complicated enough to decode it’s true meaning.Whether you are born into a wealthy family or a poor one your life will be full of up’s and down’s.So the goal should be to minimize the down’s and live a life which is full of happiness and inspiring to others.In life unexpected things happens which is beyond our imagination what we want what we think hardly happens but think if “Life was predictable,it would cease to be a life without flavor”.In order to attain happiness in life one should have control in his mind and body what other people say or think about them should never affect them.At time’s in life people misunderstood you, people whom you trust leave you but you have to go with the flow and live.Somebody rightly said that not all storms you get in life are disturb your life some surely comes with a positive way to clear the path.In order to be happy in life one should have the guts to say what you want to say and what you always love and wanted to do.If you are afraid of taking next steps you will never be able to reach the goals.We all have two lives the second one starts when we realize we have only once so it’s necessary for all to appreciate each and every moment of life and enjoy.Laslty the most important thing is to be happy it’s all the matters.

The earth is what all we have in common…

Environment is the surrounding or conditions in which a person, plant lives or operates.The natural World is a whole geographical area.Mens and Environment are are closely interlinked with each other to maintain a balance or equilibrium in nature.Hence environment may be defined as the sum of all social,cultural, economical, biological, physical and chemical factors surrounding the man to give necessary protection.Two types of environmental found are natural and man made.Natural environment comprises of air,water,solid wastes,noise radiation, soil timber,wild life and living space.The second is the man made environment that deals with housing, technology, transportation, settlement, urbanization etc .The environment keeps a close check on the environment and it’s functioning.It regulates the vital system that are essential for the ecosystem.It maintains the culture and social.Our mother Earth is currently facing a lot of environmental concerns such as global warming,acid rain,air pollution,waste disposal,ozone layer depletion water pollution, climate change and many more.Environment protection act was passed in 1986 it was inacted to provide the protection of environment.Our Planet alarm is going off, and it’s time to wakeup and take action.

Adventure is a worth while in itself..

Adventure is the experience of some exciting activities.It is the unusual experience which comes from the activities full of courage, excitement and joy.Somebody has rightly quoted that adventure is either daring or nothing. The most dangerous yet the most exiting is the ‘Sky Driving’ in Australia is one of the most reputable sky driving in the World. Driving into the deep blue sea to witness the Great Barrier Relief, jumping out of the helicopter to experience the great beauty of the great ocean road is mesmerizing and sizzling.One of the most speculated Cliff driving is at the Red Bull it dives into natural deep pools swimming down rivers slipping and sliding through this amazing activity. It really drives people crazy and is amazingly awsome.Water grappling is a adventure where you come down a huge rock pack along with the cascading waterfall.The fast beating heart shouts like a truck horn.As you reach down, you just can’t urge shouting.Well somebody has rightly said that you had the best experience of life.Talking about Water rafting is one the most thrilling experience one can get in life the Futalefu river in China is one of the best places for rafting the experience will let you explore huge waves, the amazing cliff and thunder.So those who can take risk can possibly go far and enjoy the life.

Words with Dear Coffee

Ah coffee! As soon as I let this word out of my mouth, what is left behind is that rich aroma and the bittersweet flavour of it, still lingering on my taste buds.
Such a bliss right.

Some of you may agree while the others might not. For some of us, coffee is like our essential, we need it everyday at a particular time else we can’t function normally. And that’s perfectly normal too cause coffee is believed to be therapeutic for both mind and body. But when we talk of the other lot of people, they keep switching between the two main beverages; tea and coffee and evidently so aren’t obsessed with the either. And the last category includes those for whom further reading of this article is not advised (pun intended).

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Ever tried having your spesh flavoured coffee right in the morning in a tranquil setting, maybe your balcony or backyard or garden and as you take the first sip and allow yourself to be drown into the flavours, try and feel the calmness within. Immerse yourself fully into the surroundings, pay attention to the soft chirping of the birds and the slight flutter of the cool morning breeze as the first rays of sunshine emerge and hit your face.
‎ Oh thenyou can hear yourself talking to your beloved coffee, subconsciously, having mindful coversations with it, exchanging words with your “Dear Coffee” as people often do under the salutation “Dear Diary” while journalling down. You’ll find yourself reminiscing sweetly about the last vacation or the details of the next impending assignment with a furrowing brow or fantasising about having xyz in your breakfast or maybe even sharing your sorrows over the last argument that you had with your close one.
You will soon hit upon the realisation that coffee often becomes a medium of exchange of words in the form of thoughts but only when you truly savour it. I have spent kaa-fi time over having words with my coffee. Have you?
My coffee helps me survive through the weekdays and yet joins me in on the weekends when I have nothing to do but just relax. Thanks to our coffees that we have been acting like binge-watching maniacs to survive this prolonged monotonous lockdown.

Speaking from personal experience, I feel the best kind of conversations take place and quite organically over a cup of coffee. In the above paragraphs, I laid emphasis on having words with coffee alone in the comfortable silence with just yourself but here let’s have an insight into how coffee helps strengthen bonds with our close ones. Coffee quite naturally becomes the conduit of conversations, let’s understand how.
We don’t really just crave the bitter, sweet taste of coffee but also of the hearts while taking in the experience of the precious people we sit with, whenever we have coffee with them. Cause in the innermost deeper levels, all of us crave good company and meaningful conversations. To just sit down with another person and talk for hours is much more fulfilling than anything else given that the person is someone who understands us and I think coffee just simplifies this soothing process to a great deal.
When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your loved one?! Think and ponder. Also recall that the first meeting between a couple-to-be, the first signs of the fresh brewing romance, those first few words of getting to know each other even as great pals are all discussed with coffee at a coffee shop date. Ever wondered why so? Because you never know exchanging WORDS WITH COFFEE might actually seal the deal? Give it a thought. And I’m pretty convinced that after reading this article you would never underestimate the magic, the transformative power; a coffee beholds within itself rather you’d prefer to open yourself to this blissful feeling of having words of love with coffee.