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Inspired Morning Work

For elementary schools there is no right way to do morning work. Teachers across classrooms and grade levels have all found ways that morning work fits their teaching style and their classroom. However, there is definitely a wrong way to do morning work; skipping it entirely. Teachers that skip morning work are missing out on creating a consistent start to their day and are missing out on an easy way to help their students.

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For most teachers the absence of morning work isn’t something that they do out of lack of care for their students. Most believe that their time and energy is better spent elsewhere. Others may simply be overwhelmed with what to do for morning work. Below are some great examples of what can become part of a great morning work routine. 

Journals and Writing Prompts

Journaling and writing prompts are a popular form of morning work for many teachers for a number of reasons.  

  • They are low prep. All that is needed is a pen and a notebook.
  • They create a great way to know your students
  • Prompts can focus on supplementing student’s learning goals in other subjects
  • Prompts can be used as a knowledge pre-test

Journaling can also be incredibly beneficial because it will help you to build a rapport with your students quickly. It also earns bonus points as a way to engage children who may be a little more introverted and not like to share with teachers or classmates as much. 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Activities

Social emotional learning and it’s support has come to the forefront of education with both parents and teachers. The Covid pandemic has created a generation of students who have stresses and anxieties that no other group before them has had to deal with. SEL lessons can help educators check in with their students in a number of ways including:

  • Emotion or Mental Health Checks
  • Positive coping methods
  • Sharing circles 
  • Mindful minutes

Warm Up Time

Children, just like adults, enjoy quiet time to themselves at the start of the work day to drink their morning coffee or energy drink. Now I’m not saying to let a group of kids crack a soda or energy drink before class starts, I’m sure we all know that’s  a bad idea. Instead give them activities that will let them ease into the day and warm up their bodies and minds for the learning ahead. These activities include classics such as:

  • Puzzles 
  • Mazes
  • Guided drawings
  • Guided sculptures with clay or playdough 
  • Building with Legos
  • Yoga or stretching

Job Time

Teachers that like to have a well regimented classroom often find ways to help students feel like they are young adults and contributing to the classroom. These teachers can often be found implementing “classroom jobs” that students do in the morning. When put on a rotating schedule this can not only keep your classroom organized but teach teamwork and responsibility. Tasks included can be:

  • Attendance check offs
  • Taking lunch orders
  • Picking up homework
  • Returning or delivering books from the classroom library
  • Checking cubbies or backpack spaces
  • Organizing and delivering supplies for the day

Next Steps for Morning Work Ideas

Chances are that the above ideas inspired you to start thinking about a way to include morning work into your classroom routine. The great thing about morning work is the ability for it to be adapted to every classroom and every teaching style. If you aren’t sure where to start though try checking out some morning work for third graders that has already been created. As teachers the easiest thing to do is use resources that are already created by someone else and then over time tweak them to your style!

how to hone your writing skills

There are a lot of necessary skills one requires to be a functioning member of society. One of the most underrated ones is writing. Writing, in any language, is the perfect way to express your views on the topics you want to address your listeners on. Writing goes beyond just school purposes. It can improve your communication skills and increases your knowledge and creativity. It can also help you get a job later in life. Poor or weak writing skills can adversely affect you, as it can result in lost ideas or poor communication. Having good writing skills can prove beneficial. A few ways one can do this are:

  1. Brush up on the basics

A great piece of writing is engaging and well written. It has good grammar and proper punctuation. One needs to know the basics of grammar and good spelling skills before they can write a good piece of writing. So brush up on your grammar skills by practising daily. Getting a grammar manual can prove beneficial. There are also many resources online which offer grammar games and exercises which can improve your grammar skills.

2. Be clear on the topic you’re writing about 

Having a good topic for your writing is important. But something more important is having clarity on the topic you’re writing about. Often, one chooses to write on a topic without doing proper research on it, and then the write up turns out to be messy or boring. Ask yourself why you want to write on that specific topic, do proper research on it and try explaining it to someone. Have a clear purpose and stick to it.

3. Keep your sentences simple

How many times has it happened that you sat down to read a book or an essay, but after seeing the excessive descriptions and complicated words you just put it down? Not everyone has the writing skills of Shakespeare, and neither do they need it. Long, pretentious paragraphs are no fun to read. Keep your sentences simple and less complicated. Go easy on the descriptions so that you can better connect with the reader. 

4. Read more

A good writer is an avid reader. Reading on a regular basis is an easy way to develop your writing skills. It can help you avoid any potential grammar mistakes, improve your vocabulary and enhance your creativity. It can also help you in realising what kind of writing you prefer to read, and who your favourite authors are, so you can draw inspiration from them and integrate it into your work. Diversify your reading material; don’t just limit yourself to blog posts or articles. The more you read, the more likely you are to realise what makes a piece of writing genuinely interesting to read. 

5. Practice 

Writing is like any other art, it takes time. Regular practising can help improve your writing skills. When you write regularly, you become familiar with your style of writing and the mistakes you are most likely to make. Write blog posts, newspaper articles, social media posts, whatever interests you, just don’t stop practising and believing in yourself.

Do My Paper Services: Do Modern Students Really Need Them?

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Write Paper for Me Service: Points You Should Be Aware Of

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Things to Do before Sending Do My Paper for Me Request

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