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A family is a little world created with love.

Family is the people in one’s life who accept you as you are.The one’s who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.Family plays an integral part in one’s life.Family is build on meaningful connection, it is an unbreakable and incredible bond created by mothers,fathers,sisters,brothers etc.A family acts as a first school to a child where one learns about various things.The basic knowledge about one’s culture and identity comes from the family only.In other word one is identified with the family only.All the good habits and manners one has Incorporated are from their only.Families are essential as they help in our growth they develop as becoming a complete person with an individual identity.Family are the one who believes in you when the whole World doubt you.family acts a pillar in one’s life they are always there in ups and down.Family are source of inspiration, love and support.Its that warm and fuzzy feeling.


You only live once, BUT if you do it right once is enough..

Life is just a four letter word that’s is complicated enough to decode it’s true meaning.Whether you are born into a wealthy family or a poor one your life will be full of up’s and down’s.So the goal should be to minimize the down’s and live a life which is full of happiness and inspiring to others.In life unexpected things happens which is beyond our imagination what we want what we think hardly happens but think if “Life was predictable,it would cease to be a life without flavor”.In order to attain happiness in life one should have control in his mind and body what other people say or think about them should never affect them.At time’s in life people misunderstood you, people whom you trust leave you but you have to go with the flow and live.Somebody rightly said that not all storms you get in life are disturb your life some surely comes with a positive way to clear the path.In order to be happy in life one should have the guts to say what you want to say and what you always love and wanted to do.If you are afraid of taking next steps you will never be able to reach the goals.We all have two lives the second one starts when we realize we have only once so it’s necessary for all to appreciate each and every moment of life and enjoy.Laslty the most important thing is to be happy it’s all the matters.

June 18 : Autistic Pride Day

Autistic Pride Day Originally an Aspies Freedom (AFF) Initiative, AFF is solidarity and campaigning group that aimed at raising public awareness of the autism movement

Autism Pride Flag

AFF provides support for the autistic community and protests attempt to cure autism. On June 18 every year AFF organizations around the world celebrate Autistic Pride Day,

The aim of AFF is to educate people around the world, to connect with one another through events and demonstrate to allistic people (those not on the autism spectrum). Autistic people are unique it shouldn’t be seen as a case for treatment. Autism is a neurological developmental disability that hampers normal brain development, affecting communication, social interacting, cognition, and behavior. People, who have an autistic spectrum condition that they can experience the world very differently to others, till now many people can’t understand what is autism? They just try to avoid an autistic person, autistic people have a problem to adjust in social life but sometimes they can’t do that as other people don’t accept them naturally. They just need help and time to adjust to a new place.

Celebrate the difference, make sure you bring a smile to an autistic individual’s face.

Over population: an everytime issue

The beginning of human civilization has marked a devastating change over this planet. Everything, in terms of land, natural resources, animals, water bodies were occupied by the humans at once without any apologies. The breeding and interbreeding resulted in the blast of human population over this earth. Although the spread of this deleterious wasn’t a great deal for our mother earth to handle until it became an obligation and started pulling out every single bit of it’s own resources.

The people of a country are it’s real wealth. It is they who make use of the country’s resources and decide its policies. But what could be done when the real wealth of the country becomes a real burden and starts exploiting it’s own resources?

According to researchers, the world population at the beginning of 21st century recorded the presence of over 6 billion people. But within a very few years it marked 7 billion, as compared to 1930s when it took 30 years to reach 3 billion mark.

Patterns of population distribution in the world –

There is a drastic difference in the way the world’s population is distributed on the land mass. Broadly,90 per cent of the world population lives in about 10 percent of its land area, which is in itself a big reason to worry. The 10 most populous countries of the world contribute about 60 percent of the world’s population. Namely –

  • China
  • India
  • USA
  • Indonesia
  • Brazil
  • Pakistan
  • CIS
  • Bangladesh
  • Japan
  • Nigeria

Density of population –

Each land has a limited capacity to hold a certain number of people living on it. Hence, it is necessary to understand the ratio between the number of people to the size of land.

The areas with more than 200 persons on every sq. Km. are densely populated areas (North -Eastern part of USA, North – Western part of Europe,South, South east and East Asia) as compared to those with 11-50 persons per sq. Km., these are the countries that are either developed or scarcely support human conditions, such as Western China, Southern India in Asia, Norway, Sweden. Other areas like those near North and South Poles, the hot and the cold deserts and high rainfall zones near the equator have very low density of population regions of the world with less than 01 person per sq. Km.

Though there is an availability of such a great land mass,the world’s population is congested in such a small portion of land, rather a great sign to think upon,since it not only grapples up the natural resources of a particular niche,but also creates a chaos in terms of the survival of every individual. Neglecting the fact that certain factors affect the distribution of population over the earth – geographical, economic, social and cultural – the trend in which population grows is also a large factor that has contribute towards the overburdening of the earth.

Trends in population growth –

Since the beginning of human civilization, the population change also have seen different patterns in it’s doubling time, there is a great variation among regions in doubling their population. While the population doubling time in the developed countries is more, whereas we see that the time taken by the developing countries to double their population is less, i. e. there is a negative correlation between the economic growth and population growth.

8,000 -12,000 years back the world population then was nearly 8 million. In first century A. D. it crossed over 300 million mark. Around 1750s , at the dawn of industrial revolution, the world population exploded to 550 million. It took more than a million years for the human civilization to attain 1 billion mark. But it took only 12 years for it to rise from 5 billion to 6 billion between the years 1987 and 1999.

Impact of population change –

A small increase in population is desirable in a growing economy.

However,surpassing the limits of population spurt can lead to severe problems –

  • Continuous depletion of resources
  • Increased hatred among people
  • Extinction in large number of flora and fauna
  • Increase in global warming and degradation of environment
  • Disturbed food chain

Apart from over population being an everytime issue,decline in the population is also a major headache for the developing human community. It’s never too late to hold on the dreadful explosion of human bombs and it could only be done with the ” Human” efforts so as to maintain a balance over the earth, otherwise the earth will take the revenge in it’s own way and would leave no stones unturned to destroy this human population from the earth.

Think and wonder,wonder and think..

Wonder is defined as a feeling of amazement and admiration caused by something beautiful, remarkable, unfamiliar. Someone has rightly quoted that “Mystery creates wonder and the wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand”.The campaign to search 7 World started in (2000 -2007) to select out of 200 existing monuments. In which “The Great Wall Of China” was selected it was built around 5th an 16 th Ce BC. It is a stone built wall to protect the borders of Chinese empire from invading Mongols. “Christ The Redeemer Statue”was also the part of 7 Wonders the statue has been looming over the Brazilians from over Corcovado mountains this statue is mesmerizing to see. “Machu Picchu (Peru) which exist in Incan city of sparkling granite precariously perched between 2 towering Andean peaks.The beautiful view of the site can be taken by reaching through foot,train, or helicopter.The “Chichen Itza” (Yucatan Peninsula , Mexico) is the great work of Mahan culture is the genius work of art.This was a powerful city, a trading centre for cloth ,slaves , honey and cloth.It was one of the largest cities.”The Roman Colosseum” which stands in Rome was built between AD 70 and 80.The elliptical structure was constructed in a way so that 50k people could gather and watch the traditional events. The most beautiful can be called heavenly beauty “The Taj Mahal” which is in India (Agra) was built by the Mughal Emperor ‘Shah Jahan” in the memory of his beloved wife ‘ Mumtaz Mahal’.The white marble structure represents number of architectural styles which includes Persian,Islamic, Turkish and Indian. The “Petra” ( Jordan) which was originally known as Raqmu it is a historical city in Jordan the city is carved with rose red standstone rock facades, tombs and temples it is the most visited tourist attractions in Jordan.


“If you want, You can talk with me……from yesterday all are giving status and send messages to their friends family that if you want to share something, express yourself. I feel so good that my friends and family care for me. I think we should be express our feelings with ourselves and of course with near ones. We all have different lifestyles, different kinds of problems in our life. It’s really a blessing you have someone who really listens to you. But I notice sometimes when I need people to talk, they are not there for some of their issues. I am not complaining about that every person has his or her own Life. So I just want to tell you that when you are feeling alone just spending time with your self, you can do the things you like, cooking, drawing, listening to music, exercise, a little walk, reading books. I really prefer drawing colors really make me happy, don’t be sad, cheer up yourself, tell your self YOU CAN DO

Make yourself happy, Do the Things you like

There is some situation came when we avoid people as we don’t want to, on that we really need to cheer up ourselves and should spend time with our friends and families as sometimes things are getting better just spending time with some special people in our life, life is for express. So don’t miss the opportunity to spend time with your old friends, families .

If you really feel depressed, you feel something wrong with yourself you feel uneasy, uncomfortable, wrong thoughts coming to your mind please get treatment contact with a psychiatrist, doesn’t avoid it, Mental health really an important thing.

Don’t take pressure too much, life is not only all about success and failure,

From the movie CHICHORE

The story of human beings

Homo – sapiens is the word used all over the world, scientifically for the modern human beings and has greatly evolved from the beginning of this human civilization. The story of human civilization marks it’s beginnings million years ago (23 million to 5.3 mya) to the development of tool-based and symbolically structured modern human culture.

Beginning of the human race-

It was 5.6 mya when historians first trace the existence of a creature which resembled the features of present day human beings. A large number of species emerged on this earth and got extinct, it was nearly 160,000 years ago human beings resembling us originated over the earth’s surface. And gradually evolved into what we see as present day human beings, sometimes learning how to make tools, or obtaining food, hunting animals and discovering the use of wheel and fire.

The story of human evolution is enormously long, and somewhat complicated. There are many unanswered questions, and new data always come up which ultimately leads to a modification of earlier understandings of the human history.

The story of evolution –

The story of evolution of humans started back between 36 mya (million years ago)to 24 mya when primates a category of mammals emerged in Asia and Africa. It was by 24 mya when a subgroup of these wild primates emerged, namely, Hominoids, who were primarily Apes.

Again these hominoids evolved into a more advanced category which famously came to be known as Hominids (5.6 mya). Now, these primates or “modified primates”, so to say started to make and use tools at the same time. These had a larger brain size as compared to the former and walked upright unlike the hominoids. While hominids included all forms of human beings, they can also be subdivided into branches-

  1. Australopithecus (southern ape)
  2. Homo (man)

2.5 mya, the period when the species of Australopithecus depleted, leaving behind the Homos. It was due to the major climate changes (glaciation) that the former failed to adapt itself, leading to their gradual extinction.

  • The Homos –

Homo is Latin word, meaning man, although there were women as well! The specie further evolved itself into more modernised being and four types of fossils were found which were then regarded as –

  1. Homo habilis ( discovered at Omo in Ethiopia)
  2. Homo erectus (discovered both in Asia and Africa)
  3. Homo Heidelberg (discovered at Heidelberg in Germany)
  4. Homo Neanderthal (discovered at Neander valley)

All of the above existed between 1 mya -40, 000 years ago.

The story of modernization –

The real step towards modernization started between some 195 mya to 16 mya,when the archaic Homo Sapiens in different regions gradually evolved at different rates into modern humans.

  • The race towards being modern-

The tools and techniques that we see today is the evolution of the simplest methods that were used by early humans, a large part of our lives is prompted through the use of such substantial art of living that was used million of years ago, be it hunting, cloth making, discovering fire, or finding the way of living.

Talking about the food they collected for themselves, evidences prove that hunting started about 5 mya when hominids were in existence. And this eventually made them use fire in order to grapple the thick meat of animals.

When the earliest humans watched for the need of a fine and peaceful shelter for themselves, they sorted to move from open air or trees to a more safer place, i.e. caves. It is evident from the finds that date between 7 mya to 5 mya. It is possible that places with abundance of food resources were repeatedly chosen to live.

Tool making is again a useful technique which has contributed massively towards human growth. The earliest evidence for the making and use of stone tool makers comes from Australopithecus. About 35,000 years ago, improvements in the techniques were evident along with the language development. It were the Hominids whose language involved hand gestures; spoken language was evolved only by vocal but non -verbal communication, such as singing;human speech probably began with calls like the ones that have been observed among primates.

An overall observation of the evolution of Homo Sapiens makes us come to a conclusion that, it is not merely a thousand years of work and scientific developments that we have reached such a stage when “human is the cruelest animal”, but million of years have been passed to achieve such a degree of unhackeneyed society.