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Words with Dear Coffee

Ah coffee! As soon as I let this word out of my mouth, what is left behind is that rich aroma and the bittersweet flavour of it, still lingering on my taste buds.
Such a bliss right.

Some of you may agree while the others might not. For some of us, coffee is like our essential, we need it everyday at a particular time else we can’t function normally. And that’s perfectly normal too cause coffee is believed to be therapeutic for both mind and body. But when we talk of the other lot of people, they keep switching between the two main beverages; tea and coffee and evidently so aren’t obsessed with the either. And the last category includes those for whom further reading of this article is not advised (pun intended).

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Ever tried having your spesh flavoured coffee right in the morning in a tranquil setting, maybe your balcony or backyard or garden and as you take the first sip and allow yourself to be drown into the flavours, try and feel the calmness within. Immerse yourself fully into the surroundings, pay attention to the soft chirping of the birds and the slight flutter of the cool morning breeze as the first rays of sunshine emerge and hit your face.
‎ Oh thenyou can hear yourself talking to your beloved coffee, subconsciously, having mindful coversations with it, exchanging words with your “Dear Coffee” as people often do under the salutation “Dear Diary” while journalling down. You’ll find yourself reminiscing sweetly about the last vacation or the details of the next impending assignment with a furrowing brow or fantasising about having xyz in your breakfast or maybe even sharing your sorrows over the last argument that you had with your close one.
You will soon hit upon the realisation that coffee often becomes a medium of exchange of words in the form of thoughts but only when you truly savour it. I have spent kaa-fi time over having words with my coffee. Have you?
My coffee helps me survive through the weekdays and yet joins me in on the weekends when I have nothing to do but just relax. Thanks to our coffees that we have been acting like binge-watching maniacs to survive this prolonged monotonous lockdown.

Speaking from personal experience, I feel the best kind of conversations take place and quite organically over a cup of coffee. In the above paragraphs, I laid emphasis on having words with coffee alone in the comfortable silence with just yourself but here let’s have an insight into how coffee helps strengthen bonds with our close ones. Coffee quite naturally becomes the conduit of conversations, let’s understand how.
We don’t really just crave the bitter, sweet taste of coffee but also of the hearts while taking in the experience of the precious people we sit with, whenever we have coffee with them. Cause in the innermost deeper levels, all of us crave good company and meaningful conversations. To just sit down with another person and talk for hours is much more fulfilling than anything else given that the person is someone who understands us and I think coffee just simplifies this soothing process to a great deal.
When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your loved one?! Think and ponder. Also recall that the first meeting between a couple-to-be, the first signs of the fresh brewing romance, those first few words of getting to know each other even as great pals are all discussed with coffee at a coffee shop date. Ever wondered why so? Because you never know exchanging WORDS WITH COFFEE might actually seal the deal? Give it a thought. And I’m pretty convinced that after reading this article you would never underestimate the magic, the transformative power; a coffee beholds within itself rather you’d prefer to open yourself to this blissful feeling of having words of love with coffee.