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Will facebook Rival Instagram give tough competition to Tiktok after the launch of feature “Reels” in India

After the banning of Tiktok and 58 other Chinese apps in India, the demand for short video apps is increasing. This is the best time to grab this opportunity for the existing app companies as well well as to launch the new apps which provide a short video creation feature.

Though after the government banned TikTok in India other homegrown apps like ShareChat, Roposo, Chingari are also being used by the people of the country more, Instagram also takes the advantage of this situation and launches a feature of short video creation named “Reels”.

In Brazil, Germany and France are the countries where this feature is successfully tested. India is the next one.

This feature will be rolling out in India after 7:30 IST today. Just like IGTV, users will also have a Reels section on their profile page, where all their content can be viewed at once.

The feature Reels lets users create a video of 15 seconds or less. Users can also use creative filters on it, can share it beyond his/her followers. Similar to TikTok, Reels provide options like audio from Instagram Music library, speed, effects, and timer.

Shah says the product comes from the realization that 45 percent of videos on Instagram are 15 seconds or less. “We also realized that stories are not the only place where they wanted to share these videos as they wanted them to stick on for longer and be distributed beyond their followers,” he said in the video call.

The new feature lets users shoot video, add filters and music from Instagram’s catalog and share it beyond the platform. Users will be able to share Reels in Explore, and also on Feed with followers. There will be no monetization avenues for now.

To create Instagram Reels, a user would need to open the camera option in the app. After clicking on Reels from the bottom of the screen, the app throws up several easy-to-use tools to record and edit a 15-second video.

Creators can choose to use the in-app music tracks, or even use custom audio for their videos. There are also options to speed up or slow down parts of the video. There’s an Align option that helps creators maintain their position in front of the camera while recording multiple cuts in a single video. It also has an array of augmented reality effects that can be used to make videos more fun.

According to Facebook India Vice President and Managing Director Ajit Mohan, videos make up a third of all Instagram posts in India. Out of that, around 45 percent of the videos posted are of 15 seconds or less.

Calling Reels as the “future of entertainment,” Facebook’s Vice President of Product Vishal Shah said that the superior goal of Reels was to push Indian content creators and help them become potential “global stars.”

Instagram says that it has been working with popular content creators and public figures to populate Reels content. When the test starts rolling out, users can check out content posted by the likes of Ammy Virk (3.3 million fans on TikTok), Gippy Grewal (1.7 million), Arjun Kanungo (1.5 million), Radhika Bangia (5.4 million), RJ Abhinav (1.6 million) and Indrani Biswas aka Wonder Munna (630K subscribers on YouTube).

As of now, Instagram plans to learn more from the testing phase and from creators themselves. Monetization options are also expected to be introduced once Reels takes off in India. No official public rollout date has been announced yet.


One-person on the frontline may have different names. When the entire universe bows down and love that person from the bottom of the heart, even if someone criticizes or tries to create rumors, still the word “mother” won’t fade away. The only person who loves without expecting anything in return, there’s nothing; comparatively, it’s priceless and cannot be quantified. She is the person who survives the aftermath of sequences of struggles in her entire life, beginning from discarded as a female child from birth itself.

A newborn in the caring hands of a mother.

Let us talk about the reality of a patriarchal society. Where the voices get suppressed, but now it’s reflected in the reports. According to the World Population 2020 Report released by UNPFA (United Nations Population Fund) conveys that in India, almost one-third of the total missing females in the world accounts for an estimated figure of 45.8 million people. The children below the age of 5 years, where one out of nine females foresees death due to early gender detection.

A girl child with this mother in a rural village in India.

This pandemic may heal nature, but not the people surviving in the nation, an increase in violence and discrimination is likely to be seen as a consequence of no income source. The practice of child marriage may have vanished, but there are still traces of such incidents where they tried to flout the laws. The technology may have been a boon, but when undauntedly used by the culprits to gender bias by ultrasound, it has crashed their compassion and dreams before it ignites.

A proud mother with her three daughters.

The developing countries are already trying to fight problems like reducing poverty, boosting literacy rate, abandoning illegal trade. Additionally, other matter of concern arises like child trafficking and drug abuse are acting as barriers to the roadmap to success. An abundant investment in terms of money as well as time from renowned leaders, influencers can save the lives of the hapless fate of being such a victim of unfortunate events.

One inspirational story I can share is about a small family where a baby girl enters their life. This incident may sound as a non-fictitious story, but in Mumbai, India, where after three years of marriage, god showers happiness as a unique member enters their life. A 32-year old father was happy to see his baby after ten days free of the contamination. The mother was a patient in the COVID ward in Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital. They are safe now and returned thanking the efforts taken by the hospital. These doctors and parents who abide by the guidelines do deserve appreciation rather than criticizing uselessly on the health system. The slow curve can take steady growth any day when we won’t be able to see each other, and the day isn’t too far.

Two mothers in a single frame. Such a beauty.

Even a mother can fall into depression; after all, she is a person like all of us. On a positive note, motherhood is seen over drugs while parenting their children. After testing it on rats, contributes the information in the research related to the infralimbic cortex, which is responsible for emotions, preferred the acceptance towards maternal behavior over other addictions. This action shows immense love for their offspring. We as a part of the nourishing society, we can pledge that we will never let their name die, and forever keeping her head upraised in pride.

Goa: The smallest state with magnificent surprises

Did you ever plan out for a vacation? If you’re in India, the first thought in your mind appears with yourself enjoying the beaches of Goa. But now, the lockdown restrictions are removed as of 2nd July 2020. If you can’t visit, don’t worry, being a Goan, I’ll take you on a virtual tour to the paradises in the state of Goa. Are you ready for the journey? Let’s go.

The foothills of Western Ghats in Goa

Imagine you are on the Hop On Hop Off Bus, a tourist double-decker bus initiative taken up by the Tourism Department of the state. I tell you the story about what is so unique here. Situated on the South-West of India with a beautiful coastline and people around 1.8 million are present in the area of 3702 Being the smallest state of India, don’t go by numbers, it has surprises for you to fascinate with the flora, fauna and its natural biodiversity. Well, with two districts, Panaji is the capital where you will find the paintings of Mario Miranda on the walls of the Municipal Market.

A panoramic view of a beach in Goa

Okay, moving on further, don’t consider language as a barrier to communicate because English is also well-spoken with the national language Hindi. Still, the local languages most widely spoken are Konkani and Marathi. You may also find Portuguese influence in the monuments as well as in the cuisine. I’m sure you’ll be tasting out the mouth-watering food virtually too. The first thing in my mind is rice with fish curry made with love out of the Goan fishes freshly cooked, which are caught during the dawn.

Harvalem Waterfall, Sanquelim, Goa. Also, there are many natural springs present in the state.

Along with this, the famous Ross Omelet, which you will find at every street outlet and restaurant which is somewhat similar to Xacuti, but it’s a pork dish. Still, here it’s usually replaced with chicken or other vegetarian alternatives with local bread known as Pao. Other famous dishes here in Goa are Sorpotel, Vindaloo, along with some Feni, made from cashews or coconut, which may make you feel dizzy. After all, everyone usually comes here to enjoy the alcoholic drinks, but may put you in trouble if you drink them on the beaches. No problem if you’re a teetotaler; there are other alternatives.

The cruise boats with the construction of Atal Setu bridge in the background

We’re also flourished with one of the famous world heritage sites declared by UNESCO, Basilica of Bom Jesus. Also, there are other famous places like Fort Aguada, Se Catherdral, and even ancient temples like Sri Mahadeva Temple in Tambdi Surla and other religions like Jain do have their establishments. Nonetheless, to mention, the beaches of Calangute, Baga, Anjuna are some of them. Also, you can go trekking at Dudhsagar Falls. The nightlife, casinos, and cruises are to be enjoyed if you fall into that category. The lavished exotic hotels are ready to welcome you always; even the people of Goa are amicable.

A glimpse of Church of St. Cajetan, Goa Velha

Let me give you an example, Dr. Edwin Gomes, the head of the medicine department of the famous Goa Medical College (GMC). He has done an incredible job recently by showing his gratitude by hugging more than 190 patients in the hospital after they were treated and found negative for COVID-19. The tour has come to an end, and I hope you visit the state and enjoy the moments.

Musk’s reply when he was dared to wear short shorts to a meeting

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk

Tesla’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk has promised on Thursday by tweeting that he will release “Tesla short shorts”, which he did. But the thing which amused was another tweet by the 49- year-old entrepreneur that he had bought a pair of shorts himself. In reply to his tweet, one of the tweeter users dared him to wear the same shorts to a shareholders meeting. Replying to this he said “that would be next level” and didn’t take it otherwise.

“Tesla will make fabulous short shorts in radiant red satin with gold trim,” “Tesla will make fabulous short shorts in radiant red satin with gold trim”, “Will send some to the Shortseller Enrichment Commission to comfort them through these difficult times.”

Mr Musk tweeted on Thursday – mocking short-sellers who borrow and then sell stock, hoping for a decline in price so they can buy it back at a cheaper rate and make a profit.

He kept his promise and put up shorts on Tesla’s website Sunday. The “Short Shorts” on the Tesla shop website.

The shorts have “S3XY” on the back, which is a reference to Tesla’s Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y vehicles.

Elon Musk has announced the release of red satin shorts available at $69.420 (5000 RS) at the tesla store by tweeting… “Limited edition short shorts now available at”. The Price of the shorts was listed at Tesla’s website.

According to Tesla, the shorts will provide “exceptional comfort from the closing bell.”

Musk has spoken against the short-sellers, who bet the price of Tesla stocks will drop, for long.

In 2018, he had sent a box of shorts of hedge fund owner and Tesla short-seller David Einhorn. Developing on the idea, he brought the red satin shorts for mass sale in 2020.

At July 6, when the shorts were sold he tweeted that he has bought a pair of red satin short shorts for himself. He wrote, “I bought a pair of XL”.

Everyone was amused by this tweet and a tweeter user gave him a funny dare to wear the same shorts at shareholder meeting.
Tweeting, “Double- dare you to wear them at shareholder meeting”.

Despite interruptions from the coronavirus pandemic — including stay-at-home orders which Musk referred to as “fascist” — Tesla last week delivered 90,650 cars to customers down 5% from a year ago, but far less than the drops of 30% or more reported by other automakers. Tesla’s second-quarter sales were also up a bit from the 88,400 cars it delivered in the first quarter.

All the workers of local police station are under our scope of investigation, Kanpur IG on Vikas Dubey case

Gangster Vikas Dubey

One of the abettors of Vikas Dubey revealed that the gangster had the information about the raid and the suspect was possibly from the police station. Kanpur IG said on Monday that the Chaubepur police station is under the scope of the investigation.

“All the workers of the local police station are under our scope of investigation on how Vikas Dubey got information about police movement,” Kanpur IG Mohit Agarwal said on Sunday.

“Services of cops in league with him will be terminated and they will face a criminal trial,” he added. Another official said that the staff of the entire Chaubeypur police station was suspect.

“Several examples are available now that show the not only the mid level officer, constabulary and senior police officers remained soft due to the caste factor. He survived all these years because of his activities on the caste-lines. It involved not only the cops but politicians, businessmen and so on,” said an official who did not want to be named.

3o policemen are under investigation after UP Special Task Force (STF) and investigators found that the policemen were in contact with the gangster.

Despite he was involved in 60 known criminal cases, Dubey did not figure in the top 10 criminals of the city because he used to get the information from the policeman.

What has startled the investigators is the enormity of support the gangster had on caste-lines from the police. Two senior police officers of Deputy SP rank, several sub-inspectors and constables have been questioned.

One of the deputy SPs was asked why he did not follow the routine procedure of invoking gangster act, registering his gang at district level after the 2019 shootout, which Dubey’s men carried out in Kalyanpur and a case of attempt to murder was registered.

The questioning was in context of murderous assault mounted on the gangster’s brother Anurag Dubey in Kalyanpur. Anurag’s wife Rita had lodged an FIR naming Vikas, his closest aides Pawan Tiwari, Aman Tiwari and two others on April 18, 2018.

“The officer kept mum; he chose not to answer to the question on why did he go soft on him. The reaction of other was no different,” said an official involved with the investigation. The sub-inspectors and constables were bit more forthcoming on this issue and said Dubey used to take good care of men from a particular caste.

“Otherwise he was abusive to all the policemen he used to speak to over the phone or in person. Wo seedhe gaali dekar baat karta tha (he used to abuse cops right from the start),” the cops told, adding that they were afraid of him and preferred not to be at odds with him.

 IG Kanpur range Mohit Agarwal said, “The suspended station officer (SO) of the Chaubepur police station, Vinay Tiwari was manhandled by Vikas Dubey, a day before the cops conducted a raid at his residence in which eight cops were killed.”

“However, the SO didn’t inform the senior officials about the incident otherwise, our team would have prepared accordingly before the raid. He has been suspended and a probe has been ordered,” he said, adding that Vikas Dubey knew about the raid at his residence.

IG Mohit Agarwal said, “It is very clear Vikas Dubey knew about our movement. He was fully armed along with other criminals at his residence and opened fire on the police team. All the cops of Chaubepur police station are under the scope of the investigation.”

“If any policeman is found guilty of helping Vikas Dubey and other criminals, he will be booked under charges of murder and sent to jail. We will also terminate him from service,” he said.

The force of nostalgia is strong with the remakes

It seems that video game companies are giving us more reasons to stay indoors and stay safe by rebooting/remastering or even completely remaking our favorite video games. Remember the times, when you used to live out your gangster fantasies in Mafia or Saints Row, or run from the Nemesis of Resident Evil 3? Well, get ready to that all over again in your sweet new 4k monitors.

Resident Evil 2 review – genre-defining horror, loaded with dread ...
Resident Evil 2 Remake

The trend of remakes took off in 2019 with the Resident Evil 2 remake, which was a complete overhaul of the 1998 version and the entire game was redone in a new engine from scratch. It received positive reviews from both fans and critics and became one the bestselling games of 2019. Continuing the trend, 2020 has turned out to be the year of video game remakes. Games like Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy VII are re-made on completely new engines and been given a full makeover. While resident evil 3 received mostly positive reviews, Final Fantasy VII broke sales record. Activision followed suit with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 remaster.

2K and Activision also announced the release of Mafia trilogy with Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven getting a complete makeover and Mafia II getting an HD remaster. People are now eagerly waiting for the remade Mafia (2002), one of the best video games in history. Not only that, Saints Row 3 remaster was released by Deep Silver games on 22th May and has been received well. Fans of Tony Hawk Pro skater can also rejoice as the games being remade with better graphics and a complete new look. The gameplay demo looked amazing and looks like we’re are getting another record braking remake.

2K formally unveils Mafia 1 remake, details Mafia: Trilogy bundle ...
Mafia Remaster

In a year of big AAA releases like Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, Ghost of Tsushima etc it feels amazing to find out that people are still excited to play these older classics. Apart from that it reintroduces these games to an entire new generation of gamers. Of Course, the video game companies are quite happy to cash in on the nostalgia factor associated with these classic games. Why take the risk of creating something new when they can milk money out of older IP’s. Old is literally gold for them.

‘SheshNaag’, Indian Railway’s 2.8 KM Long train

Indian Railways has created another record by operating the longest freight train. It has been named “SheshNaag”. It is a 2.8 km long train amalgmating 4 empty BOXN rakes powered by 4 sets of electric locomotives. The rake had a total of 251 wagons which were pulled by four electric locomotives which were fitted in between. This target is achieved in the South East Central Railway Zone of the Indian Railways. The train had empty BOXN rakes.

Indian Railways are now moving to priortise toward freight trains network as the passenger trains are not running in full utilisation due to the spread of Coronavirus pandemic. They are trying to move multiple freight rakes together as it helps in saving the transportation time and also help in the decongestion of the rail route.

Jio Platform Launches New Videoconferencing APP ‘jio Meet’

Jio Platforms, a subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani controlled Reliance Industries Ltd has launched a videoconferencing app, JIOMEET. It is a ‘Made in India’ free videoconferencing app. It can be used for one on one video calls and hosting meetings with up to 100 users with enterprise – grade host controls, Jio Platforms said on its website. It is available on App store and Google Play Store.

The app was commercially available since July 2. The company had on April 30 announced the launch of its nationwide video calling service. By March end the app already had over 100,000 installs on Play Store.

The app is launched when there is rising clamour for adoption of Make in India products as a result of ban of 59 Chinese apps. It is a great initiative by Reliance Industries in support of Make in India campaign and work from home culture during the pandemic.


What is Covaxin?

It has been developed by the company Bharat Biotech India (BBIL) in collaboration with ICMR’s National Institute of Virology (NIV). It is an “inactivated” vaccine — one made by using particles of the Covid-19 virus that were killed, making them unable to infect or replicate. Injecting particular doses of these particles serves to build immunity by helping the body create antibodies against the dead virus, according to BBIL.

News about Covaxin

Earlier this week, Bharat Biotech announced that it had developed a vaccine against the novel coronavirus, named Covaxin, together with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune. The company had also received permission from the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) to begin human trials, expected to commence in August.

Bharat Biotech is a reputed drug manufacturer that delivers four billion doses around the world for infections like rotavirus, hepatitis, Zika, Japanese encephalitis and others. However, its claim that Covaxin is indigenous – advanced, among others, by managing director Krishna Ella – raises some doubts.

According to Bharat Biotech, Covaxin is an inactivated vaccine developed from an Indian strain of the novel coronavirus isolated by NIV. No further information has been provided, especially about the nature of the vaccine or how it was developed. There have been no prior announcements either about when the process of developing such a vaccine was begun.

ICMR transferred the strain NIV had isolated to Biotech Bharat on May 9. The company published its press release on June 29. So there were only 50 days in between, during which time the company should have developed the inactivated vaccine, conducted preclinical animal trials (with mice and hamsters, according to the company), and sent its reports to be evaluated and approved by DCGI. Although ICMR had promised to expedite the process, animal trials with mice typically take at least three months to conclude.

A related issue is that animal trials for COVID-19 can only be conducted with hACE2 transgenic mice, as ‘normal’ mice can’t get infected with the novel coronavirus. These mice need to be shipped from the US, Europe or China.

These issues therefore raise concerns about whether Bharat Biotech could really have proceeded to the human-trials phase of vaccine development within only 50 days of receiving the inactivated virus from NIV.

Collaboration with US company

Bharat Biotech has currently invested in two other vaccines: CoroFlu in collaboration with FluGen Inc. and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an inactivated rabies vaccine vehicle for coronavirus proteins developed along with Matthis Schnell, director of the Jefferson Vaccine Centre (JVC), Pennsylvania. The latter is of interest.

On May 20, Bharat Biotech announced its collaboration with JVC as well as the license it had received to conduct clinical trials, and to produce and deliver vaccines in 80 countries excluding the US, Europe and Japan. On April 7, JVC announced a promising vaccine candidate named Coravax.

Coravax uses an inactivated rabies vaccine to carry the spike protein of the novel coronavirus. The spike protein attaches to a host cell and causes an infection, so experts expected this vaccine to trigger a good immune response on the body’s part. Schnell corroborated this response following preliminary tests with animals. Schnell added that JVC would need one more month to complete follow-up studies.

Bharat Biotech hasn’t shared any technical details of Covaxin. But based on what we already know, there appears to be room for the possibility that Covaxin is Coravax by another name – and by another viral strain. And even if the vaccine is wholly indigenous, the timelines for the animal trials don’t line up.

When does ICMR plan to launch it?

Aiming to make it available for public use by August 15, Bhargava wrote to the 12 trial sites to ensure “all” clinical trials were conducted by then. While BBIL’s application with the Clinical Trials Registry of India (CTRI) shows it plans to complete enrolment of trial participants by July 13, Bhargava has directed the sites to complete enrolment by July 7.

Is this even achievable?

A vaccine usually goes through three phases of human trials. The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization has given approvals for phase I and II trials so far. According to details from CTRI, BBIL in its application estimated phase I and II trials to take a year and three months, including at least a month for phase I alone.

Experts have questioned how all three phases can be concluded within a month and a half. “I would find it very surprising if it is done. Even the most ambitious companies in the world that are in more advanced stages of development for their Covid-19 vaccines have a longer time-frame. Even having all the trial results, with safety and efficacy data, by August 15 is difficult. This raises several questions,” said Dr Anant Bhan, Researcher, Global Health, Bioethics and Health Policy.

While vaccine trials can be fast-tracked, it still takes over a year to launch the product, experts said. In a pandemic, emergency-use approval can be given if data from the first two trial phases is compelling enough, said an expert on condition of anonymity. This would allow the launch without the third phase being conducted, but this approval would likely be given with riders to submit additional data and adverse event reports.


ICSE Syllabus Reduction

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations CISCE, popularly called ICSE Board has announced a reduction of up to 25 per cent in the syllabus for classes 10th and 12th. This reduction would be applicable for ICSE, ISC board exams to be conducted in 2021.

The board has decided this on account of learning disruption that students faced as the schools were closed during the nation-wide lockdown. The ICSE, ISC board has directed all its schools to ensure that the subject teachers go by the syllabus strictly as per the sequence of topics listed in the syllabus. This would make it easier to facilitate a further reduction in syllabus. ICSE Board Exams remaining papers for the year 2020 have recently been cancelled and the new assessment scheme for the students is expected soon on 

CICSE Chief Executive and Secretary Gerry Arathoon said, “Schools across the country have been shut for the past three months due to the lockdown. While a number of CISCE-affiliated schools have tried to adapt to this changed scenario and have tried to keep alive the teaching-learning process through online classes, there has been a significant shortening of the academic year and loss of the instructional hours.”

He informed that the currently used syllabi would be reduced by 25 per cent which is subject to the condition that prevails in the next few months. He asserted that in case the conditions do not improve the syllabus might be reduced even more.

“To make up for the loss in instructional hours during the current session, the CISCE has worked with its subject experts, to reduce the syllabus for all major subjects at the ICSE, Class 10 and ISC, Class 12 levels. Syllabus reduction has been done, keeping in mind the linear progression across classes while ensuring that the core concepts related to the subject are retained,” he informed while talking to the media.

The Chief Executive officer and Secretary informed that there might be a fifty per cent reduction in syllabus too if the conditions did not improve in the coming months. He added, “Given the academic loss till July, which is around 45 days we have reduced the syllabus for the students appearing for Class 10 and 12 Boards up to 25 percent. However, that is subject to further review as from July first week our schools are only able to resume online classes. This could have further adverse effects. We may even have to reduce the syllabi further and may even have to go up to 50 per cent reduction.”

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has worked with its subject experts to reduce the syllabi for all major subjects of the ICSE and ISC.

“Syllabus reduction has been done keeping in mind the linear progression across classes while ensuring that the core concepts related to the subject are retained,” said Gerry Arathoon Chief Executive and Secretary of the Council in the circular dated July 3.

The reduced syllabi for the current academic year 2020-21 have been made available on the CISCE website. Student may see ICSE reduced syllabus for class 9 and 10 and ISC reduced syllabus for classes 11 and 12 on the website.

CBSE Syllabus Reduction

Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE is expected to share a reduced syllabus with the various schools for Classes 9 to 12 soon. The new syllabus, officials have shared, are almost ready and would be shared with the respective schools soon. Furthermore, it is expected that the syllabus may be reduced by 33% for 10th 12h Board Exams 2021. Paper pattern is also expected to be revised.

CBSE has been in conversation with various stakeholders and also NCERT to rationalize the existing syllabus for secondary and higher secondary classes in view of the prevalent conditions. It has taken cognizance of the slowed speed of online learning, existing situations and also the fact that the schools may not open soon enough for many regions in the country. Taking all the factors into consideration, the board would be releasing a revised curriculum for Classes 9 to 12. For classes 1 to 8, the board has already notified schools to accordingly make the changed. 

Though the exact extent of the changes has not been shared as yet, Mr. Anurag Tripathi, in a webinar with various school Principals from across the country shared the board’s readiness. Heads of schools have shared the broad outline as shared by the secretary of the board, highlighting that the new syllabus and paper pattern is going to be more ‘student centric’.

The board has also pointed out the simple reduction of syllabus is not enough. With COVID-19 and closure of schools, education has been impacted to a large extent. Though online classes have started, there are considerable differences in classroom coaching and online classes. With this in mind, the board is expected to also make the following changes in the class 10, 12 exams, including revised paper patter, evaluation and assessment strategy.

Inclusion of online assessment in terms is small tests, project based and inter-group activities are being considered. Schools have also been advised to consider ‘Digital Labs’ and changing ‘practical’ to make it at home. No change in weightage of practical or internal marks was suggested. Guidelines for summative assessment are also expected to be shared by the board along with revised syllabus structure.

In another unconfirmed report, it was suggested that CBSE may increase the MCQ part of the paper pattern further. In previous years plans shared by the board, CBSE had already suggested an increase in the MCQ section to cover about 20%. This was further reminded by the board to the schools in a circular released in April. The board is likely to further increase the weight of MCQs. Some even suggested that the same may be increased to about 50% of the paper – this, however, was not suggested by the secretary in the meeting mentioned above.