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Starting from a company’s inception, a strong content ensures a very strong growth. From being easily found on the web to developing as a brand, it is the content that holds your hand. But why is it the content and not anything else?

A company as a whole does not have a human face. Since the shift of media to digital platforms you have to communicate with your audience virtually, and well -structured write-up is the only icebreaker.

That being said, a write up needs to engage the reader and leave a scrumptious taste on their mind. A bland write-up shall not surprise you with little or no response.

There are many reasons why a strong content is very important throughout a brand’s journey. Here are some—

  • Makes an impression and builds trust

A good content equates to a good personality. You need to be cautious about what you delivered to your readers.

The kind of write-up you present to your audience leaves a similar mark of impression on their mind. 

A well organised and errorless 

presentation of words is a boldface impression of your company on which the audience decides to trust you or not. 

  • Ensures your position

You can create content that is not professionally skilled, but it shall limit your stint in the market sooner or later.

Quality content can never take a backseat or the company’s drive is not likely to be very smooth. 

  • Fulfills a company’s commitments

A brand has a vision and seeks to deliver it through words on its website and thus it is the responsibility of the content to fulfill the company’s commitment to the audience.     

  • A major driving force in marketing and growth

A well-written article or blog includes keywords that put you up on the rung of SERPs.

Once you are good with the SEO and SERPs,  you do not need to pay for being found on the web through advertisements. The audience comes naturally through their web searches.      

When you are serving something, you need to ensure that it is good. The same goes for content. The internet algorithm makes it one of the prime factors that decide your growth in the market. So yeah, it’s the content that makes you or breaks you.

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COVID-19 pandemic is a Humongous problem for companies everywhere, and it’s practically impossible to ignore the issue – it has changed the way business is executed everywhere.

Many owners and work managers are failing to shift the regular marketing strategies to a digital marketing (The new normal)

They are overlooking the situation because perhaps they have hope that some sudden turn of events towards normalcy will occur in the times of chaos. 

 Whatever may be the cause but this inability to adapt will cause grave concerns to the economic survival of the company.

Whereas, many organizations that have shown great adaptability by appointing digital marketing.

·       The impact – COVID: 19 on Businesses

There is no business which lies unaffected by the pandemic, worst sufferers are startups that do not have the capital or reserves to keep the struggle on and companies that relied completely on physical interactions, like salons, clothing stores, and yoga studios.

Accustomed to growth incitation by customer referrals and their awesome service reputations, they have experienced a very high revenue loss that their impulse reaction has been to cut marketing costs rather than exploring new and more effective options.

In turn, this unaccustomed reaction has had a detrimental ‘trickle’ effect on larger B2B companies work as providers to these smaller businesses.

Every business, be it your neighborhood departmental store or an enormous multinational firm, can benefit from digital marketing. Customers still need the products and services as much as ever—what these companies need to do is change the way they reach their target audiences. Even if a small enterprise doesn’t have an online page or portal (one in four do not have), it’s not very late to join in the businesses that are thriving online.

  1. Coming to – HOW TO?

It’s time for the affected businesses to make the transition from a fortress store to a digital provider by contacting their customers, reviving unused online assets like websites and social media profiles, and pedaling full speed ahead.


Contacting customers

The first step is to commence a dialogue between business and customers and carrying it forward. For companies that never collected email addresses, created a database, or engaged on a regular basis to their followers, it’s time now to do so.

Announce COVID-19 changes in an existing newsletter. 

Companies with an existing newsletter can convey to its subscribers about any corona virus-related changes in the next edition. Send out a newsletter to let your customers know how your business is reacting to the pandemic 

Boosting the company website Sorting businesses with SEO marketing

Coronavirus is changing the way that consumers shop. Approximately 47% of shoppers have stated that they are avoiding malls and shopping centers.

On the contrary note, SEO is undergoing a strong rise, with many brands reporting a significant hike in their organic search visibility from January to March 2020. 

It is evident it’s time to invest in, not to cut back on, SEO. It is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies, it’s also delivering results.


Shifting daily operations online

There are very few organizations that cannot make the transition of their daily operations. Credit to video conferencing applications like Zoom, Skype, and many other executives and managers can communicate and impart instructions to staff and hold client meetings from anywhere. 

· Sales teams can take orders and reservations and provide services to customers via email, chat, or video. They no longer have to commute; they can even start work early leaving customers with longer support hours.

· Services that were previously delivered in person are surprisingly amenable to video presentations. Clients can pay online and receive a video link to live sessions.

Staff education also plays an important role in a successful transition—and this is time to enhance your team’s skills?

Online courses are highly cost-efficient, and teams can learn new skills that enable them to support each other whenever one department is down or facing issues. Courses on digital marketing are available on how it works and how to make the most out of all the opportunities.

·       The biggest question-What are my business benefits?

Many businesses are cutting costs on their marketing efforts due to COVID-19, but what they should really be doing is grabbing advantage of the new opportunities that are rising.

This emphasis on digital marketing is not something that they’ll want to slow down on once the lockdown ends. Online shopping is going to stop no-time soon, and most companies will find those web-based interactions to be convenient than in-person meetings.

Stores will reopen but alongside newly adopted ways of selling and engaging with customers.

While digital marketing may be regarded right now as an emergency plan, but by the time this is over, everyone will likely realize that it’s more than a temporary measure rather than a sustainable one. So GO DIGITAL AND BE FUTURE READY