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Youth is the worst hit prey of the panademic

in the devloping country like india the condition of the employment was not good the youth of the country was already struggling to his career and livlihood but this situation become worst when the world was hit by the panademic named covid 19 virus on december,31 in 2019. the world health organisation is continuously monitoring and respondinding to the pandemic.

as per the report published in the India times

India leads the world in teen age depression

in 4 youth one is depressed the percentage of depression is 25% .the depression destroying the creativity and efficiency of the youth how we can run our country with depressed engine it is a big problem but in the present senerio in our household we do not consider it as a big peroblem parents must take care the mental health of their young children the increasing sucidal cases is the outcome of the depression. the level of depression will increase exponenentially in the coming years because in this era of panademic students are not able to go colleges and eventually not learning the practical knoweledge this will decrease the productivity of the youth and would not be able to secure their dream jobs. we are not techniacally too advanced during online classe there is always problem of audio and video and the students gets incomplete knoweledge and with this incomplete knoweldege a sense of lack of confidence is developing and with lack of confidence a major section of youth is sunking in the depresssion youth is the main asset of our nation we must to take care of our youth

students to cope with this depression should do meditation and always try to get busy in new skills learning it is a difficult time it would definitely pass and the world become normal



On International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, we should be more serious about this hazard, that destroys the lives of millions including youngsters.the theme for this year’s anti-drug abuse day Is “Better Knowledge for Better Care”. The main idea behind this theme is to stress upon the need of improving the understanding of the world drug problem.

The day is also marked as an expression of its determination to strengthen action as well as cooperation and achieve the society which is free of drug abuse.Around 35.6 million people across the world are victims of drug abuse, according to the World Drug Report 2020 published by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. Young adults and teenagers account for the largest share of those using drugs and most of them suffer from HIV, Hepatitis C and other related diseases. Only one out of eight people who need treatment and rehabilitation are able to get it, according to the report.

So many people want to quit but they can’t due to lack of awareness and social stigma. We need to take a step to secure our life and future, this is our responsibility being a citizen of a country .

🌸Towards being vocal about Mental Health🌸

I am sure we are all shocked, deeply gutted and extremely upset by the news. It’s so difficult to register and almost feels like a personal loss.

A person who looks so content, oozing happiness and vitality in every media gathering attended, amongst each and every small interaction he had and yet somehow we couldn’t figure out what is going on inside the mind of that person. Does it signify our inability to interpret emotions?. I guess, partly it does, but the underlying truth is that people have become so good at pretending and concealing their true innermost thoughts. I think this is where the root of the suffering lies.
Why can’t we be honest? Why can’t we be transparent?.
If we are vulnerable, let us not shy away from the insecurities. Instead we should talk and communicate and just vent out our feelings. Afterall, we have always got so many people around. They may be our friends, colleagues, parents and even if you feel that you are the unluckiest soul on the planet that you don’t have any confidante.
‎Don’t get disheartened dear. Just go and immerse yourself in the divine and you’ll find peace there but you need to acknowledge the fact that you are not alone first. It’s about these initial, little steps towards attaining peace.

Life is so fickle. Practice gratitude daily🙏🏻 you never know what the next moment has in store for you.

Depression and anxiety comes from a set of fluctuating thoughts centered at negativity and that is also quite normal, happens with everyone but varies in terms of intensity and emotional support received. I think it’s really important to to SHARE so that it doesn’t even reach that stage (of suicide) and you never know you can save a lot many lives and maybe your even your own. Let usall be just be nice and kind to everybody around. Even if the person doesn’t seem to be in need, let us always try and radiate positivity and benignity, through our words, to every person that we encounter with cause we never know if that person really needed to hear those words. We might save a life by just being kind so that there’s no room for any regrets.

Sushant starred in the movie Chhichhore and he himself delivered many dialogues regarding how to combat the suicidal thoughts but somehow when you get trapped in the bubble of negativity, you just can’t find a way out. But what we fail to understand is that light is always present, we just need to make an effort to step out of that room of darkness and that cannot be done alone. You need some amount of strength, encouragement and support and that is what your family members are for.

‎It’s time that we learn to be as vocal as possible about mental health and if you feel you cannot afford professional help, then it’s completely okay. There are even numerous pages on Instagram who are there to hear what you want to say without even mentioning about your name. The trick is that when you just let it out of your heart it then just vanishes and you feel so light, so relieved. I am sure you must have experienced this. All I want to say is that life is so precious. It is a gift to us by the almighty and we simply don’t have any right to end what is not created by us. We are the manifestation of the Supreme itself. Feel it, let the power fill the void within. Let us all remember that there’s always a sunrise following the sunset.

My loveliest hugs to all the mental health survivors out there who are fighting a constant battle with themselves and emerging out stronger than ever. You guys are the real heroes and inspiration to so many, trust me. I hope Sushant’s soul rests in the peaceful bliss which we couldn’t give him or he himself couldn’t find in this world.

And THIS🙏🏻

Sharing another heartfelt *string of thoughts* by not a star TV actress or winner of Bigg Boss 12, but a fan of the passed soul!

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Let’s Talk About It

The silent killer, the grave murderer often unspoken of while it rages wild and uncaged amongst the generation of today. Depression severely affects the mental health and well being of a person. It sprouts from umpteen reasons and some sadly succumb to it. Ranging from young children to senior citizens, this deathly killer affects all.

Depression doesn’t discriminate between the rich and the poor or the gender of a person or their sexual orientation. It affects all. Some manage to escape from free-falling into the hollow abyss of their mind whilst some are compelled into submission. Recently we have seen a spike in the number of suicides taking place around the globe. Some ask for help and are unheard while some fail to reach out for help.

Schools have recognised the need to have counsellors to guide students at the grassroots level with exclusive one on one private sessions. This is an initiative toward helping students manage the syllabus pressure and to help them overcome any personal issue which may be bothering them silently. It is noticed that students often fail to open up to their family members and thus counsellors readily available in schools help the students weed out any trouble which might later spring into a major issue.

Getting bullied, scoring poor marks, low self-esteem, being scolded and mistreated are just a few of the innumerable reasons as to why children suffer from depression from a tender age. Often such issues are not addressed and they lie dormant and appear again in bouts in adulthood when they encounter or are subjected to similar distressing situations.

Depression affects people of all ages. Popular celebrities like Chester Bennington, Tim Bergling took their own lives not long ago. An incredible fan following and riches beyond anyone’s imagination couldn’t stop them from taking their lives. What most people should realise is that money and material wealth cannot feed the mind. One can be surrounded by a lot of people and still feel that he or she is all alone. Depression is a battle of the mind and there are several symptoms which should be recognised as warning signs.

1) Wanting to stay aloof from everyone and not wanting companionship.
2) Drastic increase or loss of appetite.
3) Disturbed sleep.
4) Suicidal thoughts.
These are a few of the warning signs of depression.

There are several helplines available in each country where people assist the one’s seeking help. Universities and Colleges across India have set up a students helpline during this lockdown period where students can interact and discuss their problems with professionals. Being cooped up in their home for months is starting to take a toll on everyone with domestic issues/abuse being reported at various helplines. People are frustrated and are taking it out on their family members. The uncertain future and unemployment have led to increased people seeking guidance at the various helplines.
According to a paper published by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), one in every seven people suffers from a mental disorder. People should be encouraged to open up and seek help when required to do so. Depression is a silent killer that snakes up, messing up one’s lifestyle and sometimes even ending it.