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Online Learning Resources in pandemic| Education and Training

Online learning resources are gaining more attention and importance every turning day, and this is major because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are still struggling to find the most helpful plus reliable resources for online learning, education, and training, read this post.

In this post, we will tell you about the best digital resources that can help both teachers and students fill the void created because of the lockdown situation.

There are hundreds of tools and applications that can contribute to online learning, but we cannot discuss them in one post; this is why we have only listed the top-rated and helpful options for everyone.

Best Online Learning Resources for virtual education!

In this section, we have gathered the top learning resources:

1.    3P learning

This is a learning tool that can help students polish their mathematics and literacy. If you find mathematics and literature boring, just like every other student, you have to make sure to try this tool. You are going to enjoy the creative and interesting lessons of this tool cum app.

2.    Bloomz

This is another online tool that can help teachers a lot in this online learning system. This tool is specifically designed for teachers who want to efficiently communicate with parents and their students from a single platform. This app cum tool is very easy to use, and even a fresh user can learn how to utilize it in less than minutes.

3.    Deck toys

This is another online tool for teachers. The online learning system can be boring as you don’t have the feel of the traditional classrooms. This platform is going to assist teachers in making their digital classrooms interesting. A teacher can easily create and share lessons with their students by using easy tools. There are many features of this tool, but you should know to utilize and enjoy all these features, students and teachers must have an account on MS word.

4.    Trello

Trello is an online application cum website tool that can help students in managing their work. The pandemic situation has ruined our daily routine and has made our life confusing. If you want to get back on the fast lane and complete your assignments and other homework well in time, you can use Trello. This work management app is best for teachers as well as students of all levels. Teachers can assign and check the progress of work by connecting with their students. This can make distance learning more effective.

5.    Google classroom

The day-to-day communication tools and apps cannot cater to online learning and classrooms. So Google classroom is a viable option in this regard. There are many features and options that you can find in Google classroom, so we would suggest teachers and students try this digital platform. The tool is very easy to understand and use. Even a new user can use it like a pro. You can also use other relevant tools with Google classrooms; these include Google slides, Google meet, and many others.

6.    Kahoot

This is another important resource that you should have in your digital pocket. This tool is specially designed for teachers to make online learning interesting. The main purpose of this tool is to turn the education platform into an interesting playground. Teachers can create multiple games that can help students in not just killing time but also learning new stuff. Teachers from all across the globe create more than forty million existing games.

7.    Plagiarism checker by

The plagiarism checker by is a well-known platform for finding plagiarism issues in content. This online plagiarism checker is known best for students only because it is free to use and is extremely reliable and accurate in its work. Students can use this free plagiarism checker to scan assignments before submitting them to their teachers. Teachers can use the plagiarism checker tool in the same way to check the work submitted by their students. This duplication checker is free to use, and there is no need for any registrations and signups. This plagiarism checker can be used on all sorts of devices.

8.    Adventure academy

The adventure academy is another unique platform for students of young age. Online education has created problems mainly for students in junior grades, so this online tool will focus on helping them. This tool offers more than thousands of engaging activities that are both fun and safe for students. A student can enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay without any hassle. This gameplay would not only be fun but would also be productive for learning. Adventure academy focuses on building critical knowledge for language arts, math, social sciences, and social studies.

You can use these online resources to get help in managing your online education system. These are best for not only learning but also for training!

Importance of Training and Internship

Internships are a great way to apply the knowledge from the classroom to real-world experience. Learning is one thing, but taking those skills into the workforce and applying them is a great way to explore different career paths and specializations that suit individual interests. Having an internship gives you experience in the career field you want to pursue. Not only does this give individuals an edge over other candidates when applying for jobs, it also prepares them for what to expect in their field and increases confidence in their work. Having an internship benefits you in the working environment, and it also builds your professional network. There is a 1 in 16 chance of securing a job by connecting with people, so networking is critical. Internships provide a great environment to meet professionals in the career field you want to pursue, as well as other interns who have similar interests.

According to a 2016 National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) survey, more than 56 percent of graduating seniors reported taking part in at least one internship. Of those respondents, 56 percent were paid, while 44 percent were unpaid. Seventy-two percent of those unpaid internships were credit-bearing.
Professionalism. Internships can provide students with the soft skills needed in the workplace and in leadership positions. In a LinkedIn Skills Report (2018), 57% of people rated soft skills as being more important than technical skills. Skills, such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork can all be learned through an internship and utilized beyond that experience. Depending on your major, you may read about how organizations thrive and function in textbooks, hear from guest speakers who talk about organizational structures, or dive into case studies about workplace culture, but nothing compares to living the actual experience. Internships help students learn all about workplace culture, employee relations, and leadership structure, which should help them onboard in their first professional job with more ease than if they haven’t had professional experience.
Most organizations and jobs that you apply to following graduation want employees to have some sort of professional experience, even for entry-level jobs. In the event that you are a finalist for a position and haven’t had an internship experience but the other finalist has, you may lose out on a job opportunity, so make sure you at least have one internship on your resume before leaving college to give you a leg up on the competition. Not only will you be helping out the organization you intern with, but they’ll help you out too. While professors and teachers will prepare you for the theoretical side of your field and hands-on projects, internships provide opportunities for receiving feedback from someone who works in your desired field on a daily basis. This might seem common sense – you’re interning to learn skills, after all – but don’t forget to purposefully observe others in their job role to learn the ins and outs of different positions. Consider asking your supervisor if you can shadow them for a day, along with other people in your department. Ask to sit in on departmentwide meetings as well. Act like a sponge and soak up all the information you can during your internship – it will benefit you in the long run. While everyone probably wants to walk away from an internship feeling excited and passionate about the experience, there’s a silver-lining to be found if you didn’t enjoy the job: you’ll know what you don’t like. According to an article from, “figuring out what type of job you don’t want while you’re interning can help prevent you from accepting an ill-fitting job when you graduate.”

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What is White Glove Delivery?

If you have ever looked into or needed logistics services in the past you may have come across the terms White Glove Delivery, Final Mile Delivery or Last Mile delivery, if you have then you are likely in a market sector of business that requires a special level of service when it comes to transportation and logistics of highly valuable or highly delicate goods. In this article you should find all of the information you need to explain what these terms mean in terms of service levels.

Call the specialists.

The growth of technology has been truly amazing over the years enabling us to perform duties that at one time would have been seen as nothing short of a miracle, take the medical industry as an example. The machines and equipment of today have enabled the diagnosis and supply medical care to people who may not have had the same chances of living a healthy life, the same can be said for all types of medical care, be it in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dental practices, animal care services, the list goes on.

The equipment used is highly expensive and delicate but logistically, how did it get to where it is? That is where services like Rhenus High Tech last mile delivery have ensured machines and valuable experiment have reached where they need to be with no issues along the way. When hearing the terms White Glove Delivery, Final Mile or Last Mile Delivery Services, they all pretty much cover the same level of service and here is what you could expect to receive should you need anything delicate or highly valuable transported or stored.

 The benefits

  • Transporting customer products to or from site on our specialist transportation vehicles
  • Moving the equipment through the customer site using floor protection and specialist handling equipment
  • Unpacking the equipment
  • Positioning the equipment into the final resting place
  • Performing value added services such as system setup and end user training
  • Removing the packaging from site ready for recycling
  • Removal of old equipment to be refurbished or disposed of in accordance with WEEE regulations

Certified logistics

When dealing with specialist equipment you want to be sure that the company you deal with collaborates with you and has the experience and expertise to carry out the task as promised. On the subject of collaboration, this blog on brainstorming collaboration in the workplace is well worth a read. There is also added peace of mind that the team you are dealing with actually care about your needs.

  • Project management procedures
  • The correct questions to ask to understand customer site specifics
  • The bespoke characteristics and capabilities of our specialist transportation vehicles (including FORS transport regulations)
  • The operation of manual handling techniques using specialist handling equipment, floor protection, tilting equipment and stair climbing equipment

Specialist warehouses

Some equipment is highly sensitive and will need checking or looking after in a particular manner, here are some of the features that could expect at the storage facilities. Here is some further information about temporary storage legislation.

  • Short- & long-term storage
  • Pre staging / system configuration area
  • Pre delivery preparation area
  • Equipment repair and test centres
  • X-ray room test facilities
  • Equipment cleaning
  • In-transit merge and consolidation
  • Unpacking and package disposal
  • Parts management including pick, pack and despatch
  • Overhead gantry system
  • Clean room environment
  • Data wiping

Final delivery thoughts?

Hopefully there is enough information here to paint a clearer picture of the terms discussed mean, one thing is for sure, if you want the best of care then you have made the right choice.

Digital Business Translation Solutions

We are certainly living in a digital world and despite the globalisation there is still the issue of languages when doing business with foreign companies, which can really limit you regarding new markets to enter. Fortunately, there are professional business translators who make up a global network of on-demand translation and once you register with this company, you have full access to more than 500 language pairs, with translation in a wide range of formats.

Specialised Industries

Certain industries require on-demand translation, such as:

  • Legal
  • Scientific
  • Technical
  • Finance 
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Media

The leading provider of specialist business translation is a company called Global Citizens Translation and they can easily be found with a Google search. Once on their website, you can take a look at the many on-demand services they offer, along with the various formats, such as:

  • Video conferencing
  • Subtitles
  • Seminar and webinar translation
  • Face to face business meetings

Language Pairs

There are more than 500 language pairs that are supported by this provider and booking a translation job is very easy using the website. You enter in the details of the languages to translate, along with the format of the translation, a time and date, plus any relevant information that the provider might require. Here are a few great collaboration techniquesthat might be useful at some time in your life.

Translation Services

The services offered include the following:

  • Localised Translation – When you want to advertise your product in a foreign country, it is very important to have accurate translation that is culturally appropriate. Setting up a business in a foreign land involves website translation, brochure printing and other promotional materials, all of which need to be accurately translated.
  • Multi-Lingual Transcription Services – You might need audio or text added to promotional videos, which is something the team can handle with ease. When certain dialects are involved, it is essential to find professional translation that is certified.
  • Desktop Publishing – There are many occasions when you need impact with your visual content and you don’t want to lose anything in the language, which is why you should leave this to the professionals.
  • Proofreading – Once you have prepared a document in another language, it needs to be proofed to ensure there are no errors and if you would like a quote for a proofreading assignment, simply click on the link on the provider’s website.

Impressive Client List

If you are looking for a global business translation service, choose one with an impressive list of well-known names, as this is a good indication of their quality. People like Google and Microsoft, for example, are major players and they only work with efficient contractors and this is like a seal of approval.

Of course, your business might be small, but that’s OK because the global translation service caters for businesses big and small and if you would like a quote for a specific translation service, Google will help you to find the leading provider.


Flutter is a rapidly advancing but relatively new app developmental framework and this makes it hard to find developers who have the required experience and expertise in using the framework. Many companies hire Flutter developers as there is a high demand for this framework that allows cross-platform app development and a feature-rich application with exceptional user experience capabilities. You can build apps from scratch or add to existing ones either for mobile, or web.  As a startup, it is integral to your success that you hire the right flutter developers for the development of mobile applications so in this article we will discuss factors to consider including skills and expertise the flutter developers for hire need to have.

Why to hire Flutter developers?

You need to consider why you want to hire flutter developers and not developers in other app development frameworks. Whether it is to save costs, scalability, or other features, you need to make sure flutter is the preferred option to achieve your business goals.

Hire Freelancers or A Software Development Company

When you’ve decided how flutter fits into achieving your business goals as a startup, you need to decide where you want your talent pool of developers to come from. You can either hire freelancers, build an in-house team or outsource your software development. As a startup having an in-house team is more difficult so usually, startups choose between freelancers and outsourcing to a software development company. Both choices have their merits and downsides with freelancers being flexible and relatively cheaper, while software development companies tend to produce high-quality expertise and experience with good continued support and maintenance of your project. You outsource to companies within and outside the country with countries like Ukraine, India, and others being preferred options for outsourcing mobile app development.

It is also important to note that if you’re hiring a freelancer, or outsourcing a software development company, it is important to confirm their expertise by checking reviews and previous projects to be sure they have the necessary skills in developing mobile applications. 

Knowledge of programming languages and frameworks

Any flutter developer(s) you hire must be very knowledgeable in the development of native apps in Android and iOS.The framework has been around for less than 5 years so it is difficult to find those experienced for many years but being possessing existing Android development skills, knowledge of MVC architecture, Java or Kotlin, React Native, Xamarin, JavaScript, AngularJS and ReactJS will help adapt to flutter seamlessly. These are industry standard frameworks and fundamental skills which means knowledge and working experience in them is important. A flutter developer must be skilled in cross-platform application development so that you can reach a larger base.

App Design

User experience and user interface design are critical elements of any mobile application development. When hiring Flutter app developers, it is important to choose a team of developers that can make the front-end and back-end operations work seamlessly while following the correct guidelines. They’ll also be able to make maintenance of the application smoother by integrating automation processes for maintenance. The developers must create an app that appeals to the users in appearance while delivering a seamless user experience.


You have to consider the costs of developing the app. Before hiring a developer, you need to know the developer’s cost and how it fits into your budget. However, price should not make you settle for developers with no expertise as it will be a bad investment when your app lacks the quality to bring in a good return on investment. So, understand your budget, the industry average and hire expert developers that will get the job done within your range. 

Post-development Support and Maintenance

This is one of the advantages of hiring a software development company. There are several ways to hire Flutter developers as there are many talented freelancers and companies that provide these developers. services. You will be able to include post-development maintenance of the application in your contract which is important as the developers have more knowledge of your application and what works well with it. Activities such as testing, fixing of bugs, and general support will be available to you after the development and release of the app on different platforms

4 Best Kids Beginner Coding Languages

Like we communicate using different languages worldwide, computers also use languages to communicate with us, thanks to advanced technology. Coding programs allow us to convey instructions to robots and computers to communicate with us effectively. When you want your kid to learn how to code, you should ensure that they start at an early age. This will help them grasp the concepts involved while developing other essential life skills like problem-solving

How do we communicate with computers – the answer is coding!

Computers use coded language to receive, execute and communicate with humans. To understand and help the computers to interface with us, we write instructions that they obey and act upon. These instructions are called programming languages. 

When your kids learn how to use programming language from professional learning platforms like YaizY, they gain a lot of knowledge while sharpening other meaningful human skills. The company also provides STEM, innovation, entrepreneurship and design courses for kids too, so be sure to check their website out!

However, back to coding! Some of the best coding languages that can offer your kid the best programming foundation are:- Scratch, Java, Python, and Lua. But how do you choose which coding language to start off your kid in programming? Every language coding has its operating system, style, and the intended use, so it’s essential to choose wisely to help your child more effectively.

Here are the best coding languages for kids

1. Scratch

Scratch is an excellent foundational program language because it helps kids to understand most programming concepts. These concepts include variables, loops, functions, conditionals, and lists. The concepts provide the kids with an understanding of when and how to create a code for their algorithms.

2. Python

Python has a kid-friendly user interface and a unique, text-based coding language. It is easy to learn because it’s more readable and intuitive. This makes it a perfect tool that is suited for 6-year-olds and above. It’s a seamless resource that follows up more visual, block-based coding programs geared toward pre-reading audiences. Python is so popular because it impacts real skills for the future.

3. Java

Though it comes with a more complex-to-learn interface, it is one of the best foundational programming languages for kids. Once kids have learned how to code using Java, all the other programming languages will be more accessible for them to learn. Java coding system is also reliable since some of the best platforms hosting millions of users worldwide were programmed using Java.

Good examples of these platforms are Gmail, which was created by Google and Twitter, respectively.

4. Lua

Lua is a text-based language that is perfect for introducing kids to text-based coding. It’s easy to learn, use, and embed into applications. Some of the most popular games, like the Angry Birds game, are based on Lua. Additionally, Roblox Studio, which is another favorite kids’ coding platform, uses Lua.


Though there are countless programming languages that you can choose from when you want your kid to learn to program, the above four languages can significantly place your kids on a journey to success in computer programming. They have a kid-friendly interface that makes it easy to learn since they incorporate fun while learning.

Rajnath Singh to release first batch of Anti COVID drug 2DG today

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will release the first batch of Anti Covid drug 2DG through video conferencing this morning. The drug has been developed by DRDO’s Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) in collaboration with Dr Reddy’s Laboratories. AIR correspondent reports that clinical trial results have shown that this molecule helps in faster recovery of hospitalised patients and reduces supplemental oxygen dependence. Higher proportion of patients treated with 2-DG showed RT-PCR negative conversion in COVID patients. The drug will be of immense benefit to the people suffering from COVID-19.
Pursuing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for preparedness against the pandemic, DRDO took the initiative of developing anti-COVID therapeutic application of 2-DG. Being a generic molecule and analogue of glucose, it can be easily produced and made available in plenty in the country.
The drug comes in powder form in sachet, which is taken orally by dissolving it in water. It accumulates in the virus infected cells and prevents virus growth by stopping viral synthesis and energy production. Its selective accumulation in virally infected cells makes this drug unique. The drug is expected to save precious lives due to the mechanism of operation of the drug in infected cells. It also reduces the hospital stay of COVID-19 patients. 

Centre issues guidelines to contain spread of COVID-19 in rural areas

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan along with Member (Health), NITI Aayog Dr VK Paul chaired a high-level video conference meeting yesterday with all the States and Union Territories. The focus of the meet was on COVID-19 Containment and Management in Peri-urban, Rural and Tribal areas along with the Effective Clinical Management of COVID, including the black Mucor-mycosis fungi which is being recorded in growing number of states. The meeting assumes importance in the context of the rural hinterland of the country recording a very high number of cases with increasing fatality and positivity rate, combined with low reported levels of testing.
Both urged states to ensure community-based and primary health centre services to manage the situation and stressed on sensitisation of ground workers particularly medical officers and block level nodal officers on containment, surveillance and use of Rapid Antigen Test RAT for screening, use of RT-PCR and tele-consultation.
The state health secretaries were asked to hold daily regular review meetings starting today with medical officers and block levels nodal officers to ensure that the SOPs and the advisories percolate to the grassroots level.
States were urged to organise a series of meetings or interactions for sensitization of the ASHAs, ANMs, Panchayati Raj Institutions along with the Community Health Officers. States were advised to train them to identify the early signs of SARI/ILI and COVID symptoms. States were also advised to use the services of village-level health and sanitation committee and gram sabha as first responders.
Mechanism for surveillance, screening, isolation and referral of cases from such areas, monitoring of home isolation cases and providing them with information pamphlets, ramping up of facilities in all the three subsequent levels of COVID-19 Healthcare, COVID Care Centres, Dedicated COVID Health Centres and Dedicated COVID Hospitals was discussed at length.
The states were exhorted to share their best practices and leverage their existing capacity in tele-consultation. The need to ensure continuity of non-COVID essential healthcare delivery systems, communications and behavioural change, and renewed parallel focus on mental health support were also highlighted.
Secretary urged the states to break the myth that CoWIN platform is biased to those abled by technology and requested them to make good use of facilitated cohort registration.
DG ICMR Dr. Balram Bhargava, Director, AIIMS Dr Randeep Guleria, MD of NHM Vandana Gurnani,  Director of NCDC Dr Sujeet K. Singh,  were present along with Principal Secretary (Health), Mission Director (NHM), and State Surveillance Officer of the states.

Very severe cyclonic storm ‘Tauktae’ to further intensify during next 24 hours

Very severe cyclonic storm ‘Tauktae’ is likely to intensify further during the next 24 hours and cross Gujarat coast between Porbandar and Mahuva during wee hours tomorrow. India Meteorological Department DG Mrutyunjay Mohapatra said, at the time of landfall, winds speed is expected to be 155-165 kmph. With the Cyclone Tauktae moving northwards towards Gujarat, state government has evacuated 1.5 lakh people from low-lying coastal areas in the state. IMD has predicted heavy to very heavy rainfall in coastal areas of Gujarat today and tomorrow.
Met department has also predicted heavy to very heavy rain at isolated places in Maharashtra’s north Konkan region, Mumbai, Thane, and Palghar and extremely heavy rainfall in Raigad today.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah yesterday chaired a meeting with the Chief Ministers of Gujarat and Maharashtra, and the Administrator of Daman and Diu and Dadra Nagar Haveli to review their preparedness to tackle the situation.
NDRF has deployed more than 50 teams in Gujarat ahead of the landfall. Indian Air Force has stationed 16 transport aircraft and 18 helicopters on standby.
Indian Coast Guard Disaster Relief Teams with inflatable boats and lifejackets are on standby all along the western coast for undertaking disaster response operations. Coast Guard has also kept its medical teams and ambulances in stand-by for swift mobilization.
Vaccination drives against Covid-19 will remain suspended across Gujarat and parts of Maharashtra today in view of Tauktae. 

In Kerala, the water level in many dams increased after heavy rainfall in some areas. 
Power supply in many areas of Goa was disrupted as hundreds of electric poles were uprooted due to the high-speed winds.

AIR correspondent reports that Additional Chief Secretary of State Revenue department Pankaj Kumar said that the state administration is fully prepared to minimize the impact of Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Tauktae. He said that more than 1 lakh 50 thousand people have been shifted to the safer places with Covid protocols.
44 teams of National Disaster Relief Force have been allotted to Gujarat and deployed in coastal districts likely to be hit by the very severe cyclonic storm. 6 teams of the state disaster relief force have also been deployed for rescue and relief works. Fishermen have been asked not to venture the sea for the next five days. Marine Police and Coast Guard are helping fishermen stuck in the sea for their safe return to the coast. Special arrangements have been made for the safety of Covid patients in all government and private Covid hospitals.
In Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts of Maharashtra, people living near the coastline have been shifted to safer places. The disaster management authority said that in Ratnagiri more than 3800 people, Sindhudurg around 144 people and in Raigad 2500 people have been shifted to safer locations.
In Palghar, the impact of very severe cyclonic storm Tauktae is being felt. According to the Palghar district collector an urgent meeting of the disaster management was convened late last night. Due to the strong winds, there was no power supply in the region since early morning. In Ratnagiri too, the impact of very severe cyclonic storm Tauktae was felt in Rajapur and nearby villages along the coastline of Ratnagiri taluka. Incidences of tree felling, disruption in power supply due to snapping of electric wires are also being reported. However, there are no reports of any loss of life in any of these places.

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