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Fat shaming

Some of the people certainly making the fun of overweight people and make them feel ashamed of their weight and eating habits.
People also try to force them to get lesser food and more exercise with this belief that they will look better.

It’s very shameful and disgust behaviour of our society that this society makes fun of them instead of appreciating which leads to some harmful effects. This includes depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders and negativity thinking. Thus, we all should appreciate them to be healthy and chubby instead of making fun and help to grow our society happy and healthy one.


Social media anxiety disorder

What is this : It is a sydrome which effect the mental and physical health of a well being individual because of social media anxiety.

What are the symptoms : There are a lot of changes in their behaviour such as :
✓ Avoid social gatherings

✓ Hasitate while interact with the people

✓ Ashamed on self

✓ Anxiousness, nervousness and discomfort in social situations (online)

✓ Intense fear, racing heart,
excessive sweatingIntense fear, racing heart, redness, excessive sweating

✓ spending most of the time on social media platforms.

Effects on health : There are a lot of adverse effects which might be not seem normally but it does exist:

✓ Introvert behaviour always seeking to please people

✓ Extreme loneliness, love to be alone.

✓ Transformer ownself for virtual world from real world

✓ Low self-esteem

How to overcome : There are varieties of behavioural therapies but a individual can easily come out from this disorder just by some simple steps.

✓ Understanding and being aware of the problem

✓ Love yourself the way you are.

✓ Practice and development of methods that become habitual and automatic

✓ Participation in a social anxiety group to relate with others who have similar issues.

✓ Improve yourself not for only virtual but for the real world

✓ Learn to seek inner peace.

Indian pharma well placed to develop.

Even before the break of Covid-19 outbreak,India was the largest producer of vaccines in the World.”Pharma vision 2020 ” took speed after the acceptance of Covid-19 by India.The goal is to become a World leader by end to end production of ‘Pharmaceutical’ products.The importance of Indian vaccine is that much that United State requested India to export ‘HydroxyChloroquine’ which is believed have some success in combatting Covid-19.This has shown the World that India has power and relevance in producing best medicines.Science ministry gave a statement that by August 15 would be releasing a novel corona virus vaccine.Six Indian companies are working day and night on Vividh -19 vaccine.Along with two Indian vaccines, Covaxin and ZyCov-D, world over 11 out of 140 vaccines candidates are in human trial said,the ministry.India a leading manufacturer of vaccines and generic medicines, is expected to play a key role in this race.Dozen of vaccines around the corner of the World are being in progress.

A family is a little world created with love.

Family is the people in one’s life who accept you as you are.The one’s who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.Family plays an integral part in one’s life.Family is build on meaningful connection, it is an unbreakable and incredible bond created by mothers,fathers,sisters,brothers etc.A family acts as a first school to a child where one learns about various things.The basic knowledge about one’s culture and identity comes from the family only.In other word one is identified with the family only.All the good habits and manners one has Incorporated are from their only.Families are essential as they help in our growth they develop as becoming a complete person with an individual identity.Family are the one who believes in you when the whole World doubt you.family acts a pillar in one’s life they are always there in ups and down.Family are source of inspiration, love and support.Its that warm and fuzzy feeling.

The bride herself is a dowry.

The dowry system in India is the worst system that exist here in this the bride family gives cash,goods or movable property to the bridegroom , his family as a condition of the marriage.This system was followed in India since ancient times but now as if it is leading to issues and problems in society.Now parents of bridegroom are looking a bride as a source of income which is totally disgusting.Poor parents who started hating their daughters because they don’t have money to give dowry and nobody is ready to get married to their daughters.They have to take ‘Marriage loans’ to get their daughters married.Dowry is becoming a nightmare for women.The cases of infanticide are increasing poor parents could not afford a girl child and hence they are killing infant girls.Gandhi ji said “Any young man,who makes dowry a condition to marriage,discredit his education and his country and dishonours womanhood”.So it very clear that dowry is creating violence in society it is a complete injustice with women and it creates negative impact in society.

Content is fire social media is gasoline.

Social media is a medium that is growing quite prevenlant nowadays because of its user freindly characteristics.It is a kind of platform through which we can connect to people sitting in any corner of the World at any time (24*7).Every year on 30 the June is celebrated as ‘Social Media Day’.Social media is a bliss to humanity as it makes interaction with people in a faster way, it makes globalisation a reality, it gives a chance to introvert to express themselves.It is way to build international relationships whether it is a business or social.Website such as ‘Facebook’ makes communication much easy task.Facebook allows people to share photos,post -comments, and view people personal information.The most notable feature of social media is its magnificent source of education.All the knowledge which one wants is a snap away.Furthermore it provides a live platform through which you can achieve lectures occuring in America while you seated in India.Most importantly Instagram, pinterest provides a way through which young aspiring artist can showcase their skills for free.Through LinkedIn,Instagram,Facebook people can get job now opportunities.Now even companies are using social media platforms to promote their buisness.It has converted a hub for promotion and proposes great shot for combing with the customers.

It’s better to fail in reality than TO SUCCEED in imitation.

In today’s World everybody want’s to be successful but what is success?The perspective of success various from person to person.”Hardwork is the key to success”. Success is simply the feeling of satisfaction and happiness one get’s from leading a particular way of life or carrying out a particular activity.We all know that we can’t achieve something without sacrificing something sucess require determination, passion, dedication in order to achieve one goal or aim in life.Nowadays people compare their performance to evaluate their success.The road to success is not a straight path.There is a curve called failure, a loop called confusion,speed bumps called Freinds, red light called enemies, caution lights called Family.You will have flats called Jobs.But if you have spare called determination,an engine called preseevence, Insurance called faith then you will definitely make it to a place called ‘Success’.There should be some purpose in every body’s life in order to succeed in order to determine the goals you need to have a plan to achieve your dream.

Darkness tries to Eclipse light but as long as there is love shadows REMAIN illusion.

An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when an astronomical object or spacecraft passess by the Sun or The Moon.An eclipse is either the result of an occulation (completely hidden) or a transit ( partially hidden).The term eclipse is most often used to describe either a ‘Solar Eclipse’ or ‘Moon Eclipse’.A Solar eclipse occurs when the portion of the Earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the Moon which fully or partially blocks the Sunlight. This occurs when the Sun , Moon and the Earth are aligned.Such alignment concides with a new Moon (Syzygy) which indicates that the Moon is closest to the ecilptic plane. In a total eclipse the dusk of the Sun is fully obsucred by the Moon.In partial and annular eclipses, only part of the Sun is obscured.On 21st June 2020 Solar eclipse marked one of only 5 such instances where a maximum Solar Eclipse was visible from India in a time frame of the next 100 years.The annualar part belt of the eclipse passed through cities like Joshimath, and Dehradun in Uttrakhand,Sirsa in Haryana and parts of Rajasthan it was almost visible from ever part of the country.India witnessed the magnificent “Ring of Fire” and saw the skies turn dark as the Moon overshadowed the mighty Sun.

Solar Eclipse myths busted: No harm in cooking and eating food

India set to witness an annular solar eclipse on Sunday, wherein the Sun will appear like a “ring of fire”. This is a rare celestial event when the moon comes in between the earth and the sun, leaving the sun’s visible outer edges to form a “ring of fire” or annulus around the moon.

Solar Eclipse myths busted: No harm in cooking and eating food

By- Martin

India set to witness an annular solar eclipse on Sunday, wherein the Sun will appear like a “ring of fire”. This is a rare celestial event when the moon comes in between the earth and the sun, leaving the sun’s visible outer edges to form a “ring of fire” or annulus around the moon

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People who are living along the path annular eclipse passing through Anupgarh, Suratgarh, Sirsa, Jakhal, Kurukshetra, Yamunanagar, Dehradun, Tapowan and Joshimath will be able to see the annular phase. However, people living in the rest of India can witness a partial eclipse.

But, mention of solar eclipse can’t be complete without a mention of the various myths associated with it. Some of which are associated with the food that we eat during the eclipse. However, cientists have busted the myths.


Professor M N Vahia, Dean School of Mathematical Sciences, NMIMS said there is no religious text that claims that eclipses are dangerous. They are mere superstitions created by people who are scared of the eclipses. “On the contrary we can even see how eclipses have been beautifully discussed in ancient literature”, he added.

“No scriptures recommend hiding away during its occurrence. One should have more faith and understanding about the working of the universes and not be carried away by superstitions”.

We are not that important.

Unlike the common belief, the sun does not send any special radiation during the eclipse. Even though we call it a Solar Eclipse, the sun is completely unaware of its occurrence. The sun is too big to be bothered about where the moon’s shadow falls.

“We are exaggerating our own sense of importance in the universe. Eclipse is a small drama and to the Universe it is an irrelevant phenomenon,” he said rejecting the false claims about impacts of eclipses on human life.

He also mentioned that we do not get to see many eclipses in our lifetime and hence one should not miss this rare opportunity that occurs every 18 years. We should not waste it by hiding in the house and staying hungry fearing myths being imposed on us.

“Eclipses are fantastic to see but it is not worth losing your eyes”, he cautioned about seeing the eclipse with naked eyes. The safest way of looking at the eclipse is through a pinhole cardboard by getting it projected it on the screen.


Eclipses have been a source of anxiety for people everywhere and have even scared them. It may be common to feel anxious when you first observe an eclipse tomorrow, to see the sun disappear and that too not because of clouds.

What did Eclipse mean to different cultures?

Most cultures viewed it as a period during which the sun or the moon is being attacked by an animal or a demon.

Vikings, Koreans, Vietnamese, Chinese and many others imagined an animal eating the sun and excreting the sun from the other end. They used to think that there is a great animal in the sky. To threaten the animal, people even pelted stones at animals on earth, made noises, used drums to scare the demons run away.

Eskimos turned their utensils upside down to prevent bad influences from falling into their cooking. West Africans gathered in open spaces to urge the shadow to leave the sun.

American Indians thought the sun lost some of its power and hence sent burning arrows in the direction of the sun to rekindle it.

In Egypt, the King, a representative of the Sun made rounds of the city to assure people. Babylonians, Greeks, Romans considered it an omen and the month of eclipse was considered important. Armenians thought the sun was invaded by a black planet.

Japanese lit fires and displayed shiny jewels to compensate for the dulling of the sun.

A few, like Maoris of Assam considered eclipse as a good omen, means an imminent victory over their enemies, while most people around the world believed it a bad omen.

There are also evidences that at around 585 BC, an eclipse predicted earlier, occurred during a war between the Medians and the Lydians. They called off the war and declared peace.

Indian myths:

In Mahabharata’s Kurukshetra war, there are references of two eclipses Solar and Lunar that occurred within a gap of 13 days between each other – solar followed by lunar. One may find it unique but the fact is not. There are evidences that such event occurs every 800 years i.e Solar and Lunar eclipse succeeding each other within days.

Kolam tribes of India consider solar eclipse is the time when debt collectors come to collect the debts from the sun. The debt collector insists the Sun to pay off the debts since too many sins have occurred on earth. If the sun is completely covered, they feel happy, because the total solar eclipse means the debts have been completely paid off. If the eclipse covers only the top part of the sun then it is a bad omen for humans and if it covers only bottom part of the sun then it is bad sign for animals because their part of debt is not paid for.

Korku Tribe in Central India also thinks the eclipse occurs when the human sins overflow. There is a unique practice where they take a shaft used for grinding food, and place it vertically in a plate with water. As long as the eclipse is on, the rod remains vertical on its own, they say.

Later, eclipses have been used by people to collect donations to help the gods to fight the demons. There are records of huge donations made by rich people in earlier days which are actually a blessing to track the occurrence of eclipses centuries ago. These have been carved in stones, temple pillars, etc as records.

The oldest record of eclipse comes in Rig Veda. It describes how great Sage Arti saved the Sun from the Svarbhanu who tried to destroy him.

The notable change in colour of the solar disc during the entire process of the eclipse has been beautifully described in a passage in the Pancavimsa-Brahmana. It explains as Arti repelled its darkness, first the sun became a black sheep, then a silvery sheep, then a reddish one and with the arrow with which he set free its original appearance that was a white sheep.

This is nothing but the notable feature is the change in colour of the eclipse. One will find this pattern while witnessing the eclipse – first black, and since our eyes get used to the dullness it will start appearing silvery and bright, and as our eyes get set it appears reddish and eventually it regains its original colour.

Conventional Indian Myths:

The occurrence of eclipse is mentioned in Samudra Manthan – the churning of ocean by the Gods and the asuras. It occurred when the Gods and the Asuras wanted to be immortal by consuming nectar that is available under the sea, the sea had to be churned. Since neither of them had the power they came together to churn the sea.

However, when the nectar finally comes out the gods cheat, by sending a beautiful woman Mohini to distract the Asuras. Mohini distributes the Amrit among the gods, but one Asura, Rahu realises the trickery joins the gods and drinks the nectar. But before he consumed it, the sun and the moon realised and cut his head. As it was not quick enough – the head and body of the Rahu survived. Now people believe that forever revengeful Rahu tries to eat them up but since he is disembodied it comes through the other end as he gulps them down on eclipses.

It was in 499 AD Aryabhata realised that eclipse is all shadow and that there are no demons involved. He reinvented the idea that Rahu and Ketu are just points in the sky and hence they are two dark planets that cause eclipse.

Varahamihira converted Rahu and Ketu from mere myths to celestial bodies thus making it dark points in the sky. They are no more Asuras and are being worshipped as Navagrahas.

Studies show that the Earth, which used to take 400 days to complete rotation, has been slowed down by eclipses. Ancient record of eclipse helps to know about the movement of the sun, rotation of the earth and how it is slowing down over years and its impact.

Eclipses have always fascinated people from an earlier period. It may be just the shadow of the moon on earth but it is a remarkable experience to witness it.

“Eclipses are one of the spectacular events you can witness in your life time and therefore don’t miss the opportunity due to superstitions”.


Lead people with what they want.

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