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World population day 2020

World population day is celebrated every year across the world. This annual festival celebrates with specific theme every year. For this year “How to safeguard the health and rights of women and girls now.” theme decided.

Let’s Empower people, develop nations, control population and celebrate this #WorldPopulationDay!#WorldPopulationDay2020 pic.twitter.com/WplsGXXQls

— Praful Patel (@praful_patel) July 11, 2020

According to research of UNFPA, there will be a lot of changes occurs in the lives of women after  this pandemic situation. Recent UNFPA research highlighted that if the lockdown continues for 6 months with major disruptions to health services, then 47 million women in low- and middle-income countries may not be able to access modern contraceptives resulting in 7 million unintended pregnancies.

India holds 2nd biggest share of the population in the world. This means we have to be more careful towards resources, environment and sustainable development.#WorldPopulationDay pic.twitter.com/wGUO6n1nJo

— Sadananda Gowda (@DVSadanandGowda) July 11, 2020

31 million additional cases of gender-based violence can also be expected. The disruption of UNFPA’s programmes on the ground could result in 2 million cases of female genital mutilation and 13 million child marriages between 2020 and 2030 that could have been averted.



COVID-19 took the entire world by tremors. Countries are put under lockdown, economic activities are abandoned, measures are taken as if it’s a war of worlds. People were completely alien to such a health hazard. Every industry faced its consequences. Seventy percent of the Indian population lives in Rural backgrounds, lockdown had a severe impact on this 70% population. People in Rural Areas have completely thrived for Amenities and services and this caused a major disruption in the common working of Agricultural as well as Non-Agricultural livelihoods.
India is a Nation with a big chunk of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) belonging to the Agricultural Sector. Rural areas especially are mostly dependent on Agricultural or related activities.
A complete lockdown was announced by Central Government on 25 March which is the end of the Rabi crop season. The season when farmers expect to get gains for their hard toil of one complete cropping season. The timings of lockdown disallowed many to sell their crops at profitable prices, lack of cold storage facilities and transportation resulted in crop failure impacting many. The other major sources of income for people based in the Agriculture sector are dairy and horticulture they were hit the hardest.
Dairy-based livelihoods:-
People who were employed in Dairy product-based services we’re majorly affected by lack of transportation and a big dip in product demand. Dairy products except Ghee do not last long, the need immediate dispersal of products to consumers but lockdown made large voids in the transportation chains resulting in losses to Dairies.
Horticulture-based livelihood:-
India is the second-largest fruit producer in the world, Horticulture output in total is about 313.9 million metric tons. Not every fruit and vegetable grow everywhere, these are extremely area-specific. The closure of the wholesale markets resulted in differences between demand and supply chain. The horticulture sector is majorly dependent on intermediaries, the closing of their shutters lead to a devastating outcome.
Fisheries & Poultries
The same reasons cited above affected fisheries and poultries too. A narrative due to rumored speculation of virus transfer from these products too caused a dent on this sector.
Agricultural based livelihood certainly got disturbed by Lockdown but the points that most of these were placed under essential services, and favoring government policies proved out to be a breather.
Non- Agricultural Sector got more severely affected. I need not remind you that most of the Indian population resides in Rural surroundings and majorly contributes to Nations Growth. The non-Agricultural sector comprises about 47% of the Indian Economy. The big portion of Indian workforce hails from Rural backgrounds .We need not look at all of it as number but as real-life individuals and groups who face massive losses. Non-Agricultural Sector majorly comprises of two types.

I. Manufacturing Sector:- This sector faced impacts of closure of international borders as all the imports-exports got affected, closure of domestic markets deepened this wound, all employees were made to rest at home. A high number of individuals we’re terminated from their jobs and it all impacted regular rural and urban households.
II. Services Sector:- All Services except essential, emergency and healthcare services were put to close. This too impacted a humongous number of households. Gyms, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Entertainment parks, Theatres, Transportation all these are yet to get the green signal from authorities. Like every other sector, this sector too will take lots of effort to recover.
Logically speaking it is impossible to talk about India excluding rural India. Indian economy took a deep dig, GDP slipped to straight 9% and it will take time and great efforts to recover, and we as Indians are ready to get it back on track.
Among other negatives of this pandemic, one positive for India that shone brightly is self-sufficiency and each capability of each unit to function by itself. Rural India hence sets an example to the world of Indian potential.
By:- Shubham Yadav

Kejriwal Government’s Decision“ A direct opposition of the Constitution”

In 1992, the Hon’ble supreme court made, listed under article 21 categorical:- The State of India is legally bound to ensure access to health as it is an integral part of RIGHT TO LIFE because if any citizen is denied, their life is in jeopardy and so are all other rights.
But Delhi government on 7th June announced to restrict access to health care only to residents of Delhi. Though this move has been blocked by Lt. Governor but let us get into whys and how’s of the decision.
There was a very high rise in the number of cases in the national capital, this caught the authorities napping. The failures in preparedness were put in the public domain. Moves and tricks we’re formulated to divert public attention from the original issue.
• Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal amid huge controversy over the number of dedicated COVID beds, quoted “In the cabinet meeting today, a decision has taken regarding healthcare facilities. There are 10,000 beds in hospitals of the Delhi government and the same number of beds are available in those hospitals run by Centre. We are opening borders from tomorrow. Delhi hospitals will be available for the people of Delhi only, while hospitals run by the Central government will remain open for all.”

“Anyone can get treatment in hospitals run by the Central government. Private hospitals in Delhi will also be reserved for the people of Delhi. But there are some hospitals which offer surgeries/treatment like neurosurgery which is not available in other parts of the country. Those hospitals will remain open for everyone. I think this is a fine balance to protect the interest of people of Delhi and people from outside Delhi,”
To explain this move a few reasons we’re cited:- Delhi has an International Airport and two of the busiest railway station and all 15 special trains were routed to and fro from Delhi.
Being national capital Delhi has most of the head offices and departmental headquarters. This all contributed to the strict incline of pressure on Delhi healthcare facilities.
Article 21 states that “no person shall be deprived of his life”. This Article is not even “citizen-centric” it is “person-centric” let alone area-specific.
• In 1989, the Hon’ble Supreme Court after referring to the Code of Medical Ethics has termed that “there can be no second opinion that preservation of human life is of paramount importance. That is so on account of the fact that once life is lost, the status quo ante cannot be restored as resurrection is beyond the capacity of man. The patient, whether he be an innocent person or be a criminal liable to punishment under the laws of the society, it is the obligation of those who are in-charge of the health of the community to preserve life so that the innocent may be protected and the guilty may be punished….”.
• In its judgment Supreme Court hold that “Article 21 of the Constitution casts the obligation on the State to preserve life……A doctor at the Government hospital positioned to meet this State obligation is, therefore, duty-bound to extend medical assistance for preserving life. Every doctor whether at a Government hospital or otherwise has the professional obligation to extend his services with due expertise for protecting life. No law or State action can intervene to avoid/delay the discharge of the paramount obligation cast upon members of the medical profession. The obligation being total, absolute and paramount, laws of procedure whether in statutes or otherwise which would interfere with the discharge of this obligation cannot be sustained and must, therefore, give way.”
After being aware of these judgments and constitution this move fail to hold on the moral and legal accounts. Politicians, as always have played their game of dirt and swamp but the poor citizens fell prey to this game. This move dented the integrity of Indians and any such moves must be condemned.

Medicines can cure diseases but only doctors can cure patients.

One of the most noble and respected profession on this Earth is of being a ‘Doctor’.A doctor is the only person who are given the stature next to God.A doctor dedicates his life to the service of the patients they provides relives to the service of man-kind.He cures the patients from disease and illness so that they could live a better and healthier life.In addition they are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and devices that enables them to diagnose and treat their patient with correct procedures.On 1st July every year in order to pay tribute to the doctors all around the World “International Doctors Day” is celebrated.A doctors life is very hard often they have to visit the patient at off hours foregoing his rest, sleep and even food.Even in this pandemic situation of “Castorphic Corona Outbreak” the doctors are working day and night so that they could stop the prevent of epidemic.Every now and then dangerous disease grab the humanity it’s the Doctor who finds the cure.It is because of Doctor a damaged organ can be transplanted in today’s medically advanced World.A doctor always treats his patient with smile and cheer they motivate and encourage sick person they act as a ray of hope in patients life.A Doctor pledges his life in alleviating the suffering of the patients.

Tri-service contingent of Indian Military Participates In Victory Day Parade In Russia

75-member Tri-service contingent of the Indian Armed Forces participated in the 75th anniversary of the Victory Day Parade at the iconic Red Square in Moscow on June 24. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh was one of the high profile guests at the event In Russia. 24 June 2020 Russia celebrated 75th anniversary of the victory of Soviet people in great patriotic second world war 1941-45.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh At Red square Moscow 24 June with other Guests

“I am proud that a Tri-Service contingent of the Indian Armed Forces is also participating in this parade,”he tweeted.

” impressive turnout of the Tri-Service contingent of the Indian Armed Forces at the Victory Day Parade in Moscow is indeed an extremely proud and happy moment for me,”Mr. Singh said in another tweet.

Indian Military Marched down at the wide road of the Red Square Moscow June 24 2020

The Tri-Service contingent of the Indian Armed Forces comprised 75 all ranks and marched along with contingents of Russian Armed Forces and 17 other countries, according to an official statement. The parade was reviewed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, war veterans, and guests, including Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.This year, 14,000 troops and several hundred military machines took part in the parade, including 30 historic T-34 tanks. President Putin congratulated the military and guests, saying this victory determined the future of the planet.

Russia postponed its military parade traditionally held on Moscow’s Red Square on May 9 for a later date due to the corona virus pandemic.On May 26, President Putin announced that the Victory Parade would be held on Moscow’s Red Square on June 2.He explained that this was chosen because, on June 24, 1945, the legendary historic parade of victors took place, when soldiers, who fought for Moscow and defended Leningrad, who stood their ground for Stalingrad, liberated Europe and stormed Berlin, marched on Red Square.


Digital Learning Vs Classroom Learning andits functioning in the times of Corona.

Traditional Classroom Learning, of course can not be replaced but  Digital Learning, I feel, has proved out to be a boon in disguise especially in these times of Covid 19. If the concept of Digital Education had not been introduced long before then there would have been a complete hault in the process of shaping the intellect of students through academics.
Moreover,  I reckon that Digital Education is a much better version of Classroom Education since students, especially in the younger grades, often mistake studies to be a burden since they are not exposed ,that seriously, to the idea of career-building yet. Hence, they deliberately lag behind when it comes to adopting a serious attitude in the higher grades. On the other hand if Digital Education is introduced early on in their lives, then they get fantasized with the illustrations, cartoon-voices, colourful theme etc which only draws them more towards studies and seems far more interesting than a black and white themed Classroom Education. Also, things when depicted through visuals tend to stick by much longer in the human brain than bookish texts.

Now talking about the senior lot, Digital Education has helped the students massively. The vast courses available online permit students to go for self-paced i.e flexible learning. They can understand the dimensions of a particular topic as per their own speed of grasping and can repeat a particular lecture multiple times. It also makes students acclimated to the idea of using technology the right way towards their best interest.
It is also a major boost for widening the scopes of teachers as they could never use technology in these complex yet  enhancing ways during their years but now they are all also becoming used to and not only learning but also appreciating it. This accentuates that learning never stops and so doesn’t the advancement of technology.
However, just like a coin has two sides, Digital Learning also comes with its own sets of pros and cons. The pros have already been discussed so now let’s take a deeper insight into the cons i.e the demerits, I personally observed in the present scenario of the pandemic.
Online lectures, these days, are conducted through apps like Zoom in most schools, including my college. 

Apps like Zoom which are of Chinese origin allow students to close the application without actually exiting from the ongoing lecture  so their teachers  kind of mistake them to be still attending the lecture while they are actually surfing through social media platforms or busy playing games like PUBG. Students can also watch their lectures while keeping the microphones muted. Now does that make any sense? What is the use of watching the lecture when you just can’t even hear the teacher and you’re watching some movie in the meantime.
So, I don’t think digital learning has been able to generate a fruitful result as far as the academics and portion completion in lockdown is concerned for students of higher grades, since they are very smart. Schools and officials need to reconsider the thought of spreading education through this means and should consider other better options like Google meet in which you can’t press the back button and exit the lecture just like that.

What Will Kill First?

Businesses have been suffering and reeling under the impact of the lockdown enforced due to the Corona Pandemic. Although the Indian Government has announced a 20 lakh crore stimulus package for the Indian economy, the small businesses and the daily wage earners continue to struggle. The majority are left questioning as to what will kill them first, the Coronavirus or hunger?

People are being laid off jobs continually. Businesses are closing down. The underprivileged without savings have been left relying on the substandard government rations and subsidies. The middle class continue to suffer a lot as they are neither eligible for the rations yet they continue to be laid off their jobs. People who are testing positive for corona and recovering are being treated as a social outcast and are being asked to stay away from the office. The economy is stuttering with a record low growth. People in the private sector are being to asked to do the usual job at a fraction of their earlier salary to help the company to recover the losses the company has suffered. Even though the markets are slowly opening up, the customers are staying away from the fear of contracting the deadly virus. The popular markets and malls are recording the lowest footfall they have ever seen.

People are dying and some are traumatised having to stay put in their house month after month. Depression and anxiety are becoming alarmingly common in society. People are only buying essential commodities and luxury items are being shunned. With low and uncertain streams of income, people have stuck to only buying daily essential commodities. The stock market has gone for a toss with record low Sensex and the share price of companies plummeting. The tour and travel industry have been suffocating and will continue to suffer for the years to come. It will take all the industries a lot of time to return back to normalcy.

The educational institutions have been rendered moot with all of them shut with no classes in their institutions possible. The exams are being cancelled and the students and their guardians are finding it extremely difficult to pay off the monthly fees. Some institutions like Don Bosco Liluah, St.John school based in Howrah, a city in West Bengal have made relaxation in the fees structure to assist the parents in this time of financial crisis.  However, the schools are suffering from a paucity of funds. The corona crisis has led to a financial emergency in almost all of the sectors in the country.

No one knows how long it will take for the world economy to recover even if a vaccine for Covid-19 is made available. The devastating impact of Corona has led to the loss of lives, daily livelihood and scarred the 21st-century human civilization for life. The daily wage earners and the migrant labourers are suffering a lot. Some have already lost their lives due to hunger and some have lost their lives in the process of having to travel back to their villages.

Everyone is hoping for the nightmare to end soon and for the world economy to get back on its feet and keep moving ahead. Some people keep stressing on the fact that they would rather die from the virus than die of hunger. Thus they continue to risk their lives of travelling for their jobs to earn their daily bread. The pitiable condition of India is only
deteriorating daily with India climbing to the 4th position in the list of Covid-19 positive cases. As Rahul Gandhi rightly pointed out, India is on its way to winning the “wrong race”.


1) The Nonchalant Sleepyheads

They have no clue about what day or month is it. However they still remember that it is 2020 and they don’t fail to criticize the year for all the bad happenings. They keep  swinging between Netflix, Hotstar and Prime and rest for as long as their mothers don’t lose temper. They are happy that they get to sleep at any time, they’re having good food to eat and don’t have to do any kind of work besides binge watching and they are completely carefree with the current situation.

2)  The Ones In Heebie-Jeebies

They have kept themselves confined to a much stricter set of rules involving the coronavirus prevention. They are  always extra careful in washing their hands fifty times each day, rubbing even the nutrients away by over soaking the vegetables brought from a local vendor. They’d go on to  the lengths of scrubbing the air around them mercilessly, in the event that they, oh if by mistake, inhale the virus. Suspicion & Doubt is their new closest companion.

3) The Productivity Masters

Once the lockdown would be over, I bet they would come out with well defined six-pack abs or a flat belly (if they are she). And not to forget to mention, they even managed to gain expertise in baking different types of cake, donuts, cookies, pastries and the list goes on.
They are done with reading at least 15-20 books already and would have even finished stitching a mask by the time you will finish reading this article.

4) The back-to-normal Anticipators

Nobody craves for normalcy as much as they do for they just can’t wait for the day this Corona thing disappears and life gets back to as it was before. Because their mind  refuses to function only and they are profoundly scared of being able to make it in the Corona world post listening to daily dose of news, further panicking themselves. Okay, the problem doesn’t end right there, they even have to prevent the mask from sliding off their sweat-soaked nose.

5) The every-cloud-has-a-silver-lining Crowd
They are the ones who have vowed to stay optimistic under any circumstances. They have accepted the fact and are preaching people, through their posts on social media, regarding how the nature is cleansing itself and other xyz methods to learn to coexist with nature. They believe the glass is always half full and are sanguine about the situation being better again, but at the right time. These people don’t want to act as obstacles in the nature’s processes of regeneration and restoration. They are going to wait patiently till the time everything is sorted.

Hey guys! Hope you liked this slightly satirical article written with no offence to anybody. And what do you think  which category best suits you? Do let me know in the comment section below. If you ask me, I think I am a mix of all of them excluding the 2nd one.😛