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The Best Place to See All Cryptocurrency Price

Cryptocurrency and blockchain entered our life in 2009, and since then, they are gradually entering probably every field, whether it is logistics, education, finances, etc. Investments in crypto assets are a popular way to generate income due to the high volatility of digital assets. The fact is that cryptocurrency prices do not depend on central banks since they are not issued by banks. In the crypto market, the following rules prevail:

  • The ratio of demand and supply, competition.
  • The number of issued coins or tokens: limited or not.
  • The global economy: inflation level, crisis, etc.
  • The benefits a crypto project brings and its technology.
  • The overall crypto market trend.

Important to note that this is not the entire list of factors affecting cryptocurrency live prices. Analysis of these and other factors helps investors understand if it is worth entering the market now or better to wait.

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Where to Get the Current Cryptocurrency Price?

Many traders use the Coinmarketcap resource to see crypto price fluctuations. Another option to get up-to-date prices is to use one of the largest crypto exchanges. For example, you can use the WhiteBIT platform for that purpose. WhiteBIT provides current rates for all crypto assets supported by the exchange, and there are over 400 pairs. They are growing in number along with the exchange in making new partnerships, welcoming more promising crypto projects to its family.

To see the cryptocurrency live rate, you may enter the “Trade” block and pick the crypto asset you are interested in; the platform will offer you the current rate right away. 

WhiteBIT provides crypto charts where you can see how the asset’s price changed during different periods of time by changing timeframes.

On WhiteBIT, you can take advantage of its native token, WBT and receive a discount on trading fees and additionally access to other interesting and profitable products on the platform. 

The WhiteBIT exchange is a legal service that complies with all regulations and rules in the crypto field.


Things to Avoid When Buying a House

Is the excitement of buying a house taking a toll on your progress? Buying a home is fulfilling, but the process can be a nightmare, and you could also acquire a property that only adds more stress to your life. It requires the right approach, especially in the modern online-oriented world. With the available online listings and resourceful information pools like, you can easily browse and navigate the market. As you hit the market, you need to be wary, ensuring you don’t fall into the common pitfalls that could frustrate your quests. Here are the things to avoid when buying a house, ensuring you find and invest in the best property.

Skimping on the research

The online listings make browsing the available properties for sale; this gives you valuable information, but don’t skimp on the research. Even with virtual tours, nothing beats the experience. Check out as many open houses as you can, do thorough research, and get a feel of the real estate market’s landscape.

A significant part of real estate deals is location, and physically visiting the available houses gives you more than you can get from the online experience. You’ll get the vibe the neighborhood exudes, and the feel varying houses hold, making it easier to narrow down the options.

Not doing the math

How much house can you afford? You’ve been saving up, but have you considered your credit rating? Mortgage preapproval is an excellent step as you hit the market. You’ll have a clear picture of how much you can spend on a house. Nonetheless, that’s not the only math you should do. Consider the long-term financial implication.

How will you manage the mortgage payments and expenses of running the house? Buying the dream house is one thing, and keeping it in top shape is different. You need to manage repairs and maintenance, consider concerns such as home insurance, and following its location, property taxes. All such costs should be in your math, ensuring you buy a house you can afford in the long run.

Falling for the flashy aspects

House sellers strive to capture as many potential buyers as possible. The staging includes fancy aspects highlighting the property’s gems. Don’t focus on them, but pay more attention to the bones and structure. External factors aren’t as important as a solid foundation and a house in good shape. Those flashy appliances won’t hold as much value as a roof in good condition, emphasizing the need to ensure you don’t fall for the vivid aspects while ignoring the structural integrity.

Being in haste or too relaxed

If you are in haste, you’ll cut corners even without noticing it, such as skimping on inspections or overlooking flaws that can turn out to be a costly mistake. Start early, understand the market, potential loopholes to consider, and thoroughly inspect a house before making a firm and final offer.

Being too relaxed doesn’t pay off either. You are likely to pass on a great house, expecting to find a better one. The more you skip houses, the less likely it’ll be to capture a great deal, especially as your lowball offers could see great houses slipping off your fingers. Take your time, but don’t be too relaxed. This way, you’ll have enough time to check more details, make an informed pick, and invest in a house you’ll treasure for long.

Going at it alone

Sure, the modern real estate market makes the processes more manageable. You can search properties on sale online, make an offer, negotiate, and even conclude the deal with fewer in-person interactions. However, unless you are experienced in real estate dynamics, going at it alone can be a costly mistake.

Hiring a real estate agent helps in many ways. Apart from capturing great deals with their reach and negotiation skills, the agent can help you deal with the extensive paperwork and processes. You can fast-track the process and avoid common mistakes that could see you losing an edge after finding that dream house. Apart from agents, you can also enlist professionals such as lawyers, ensuring that you understand the contract’s fine print.

Not thinking about selling

While buying a house, you may not think about selling soon. Nonetheless, it is crucial, considering that you may have to relocate or want an upgrade. Will the property and its features be attractive in the next five years, or will it require considerable remodels to keep up with the evolving real estate landscape? How about the location, significantly since you can’t change it? The resale value consideration makes it easier to pick the right house.

Ready finances, knowing what you can afford, shopping around, enlisting professional services; you need the right strategy to start house hunting. Avoiding the common pitfalls is easier with a solid plan, helping you find and buy the right house matching your immediate and future needs.

Reasons to play at online casinos

The pandemic is a harsh period for any industry and gambling isn’t an exception. Many casinos were closed because of the restrictions and players lost the possibility to play their favorite games. Online gambling helped many gamblers by providing the possibility to wager online. Here we have reasons for playing at casinos online.

Non-time consuming

The first benefit became a rescue for many casino fans during the pandemic. Since land-based facilities were locked down, gamblers started looking for online casino platforms to play on. Eventually, such websites appeared to be even better than ordinary casinos. Now, if you want to place some stakes, you don’t need to go anywhere where this activity is legal and look for places that aren’t closed. You may just visit a website of a reliable provider and start gambling. That saves plenty of time you would spend on traveling to special places. Remember, time is money, so wasting it isn’t relevant for you in the present-day conditions.

Bonus programs

With online platforms, you may always count on attractive bonuses. Usually, any client of a gambling site may claim a welcome bonus that will help to save some money at the beginning. Moreover, some bonuses are triggered inside the games. This can make your gambling much more rewarding since many bonuses, such as multipliers, don’t require wagering – you’re rewarded with what you trigger.

One of the best casino bonuses is the welcome bonus. The best offers for players can be found here –

Wide range of choices

When you come across the first gambling platform, there’s no guarantee you will like it and the services and games it offers. But that’s not a problem when you go online. If you were searching for land-based casinos that would not only take time but could also spoil your first impression of casinos because of inappropriate services in one of the facilities. Such problems are excluded in the online gambling world. You can explore a variety of platforms and choose the one you like. You can switch between them whenever you like.

Updates and innovations

Playing the same games with the same conditions may get boring over time. However, when you play on an online platform, you won’t get bored because online casino operators always try to introduce something new to their clients. They offer new conditions and bonus programs. They are constantly updating the list of available online slot machines. Besides, game developers try to keep up with current tendencies and use available technological advances to make their titles more innovative and engaging.


Many people are afraid of online gambling because they are concerned it might not be safe. Well, the risk that your personal data will leak isn’t excluded if you play on unreliable platforms. However, if you play with trusted online casinos, there is no chance to be scammed. Online casinos users are even more secure than ones who visit land-based facilities. If gambling is illegal in your country, the quality provider will take all the necessary measures to secure your privacy, whereas land-based casinos cannot guarantee this. Cutting-edge technologies for securing one’s privacy are simply unavailable for ordinary casinos.

Benefits of Jewelry Appraisal

It is always a good idea to have your jewelry appraised especially if it’s an expensive piece and the sooner you do it the better. This is however different if the jewelry came with its own appraisal. Jewelry appraisal is an unbiased professional assessment of your jewelry’s value. The appraiser will come up with a specific figure depending on the condition, material used, the setting, gemstones if any and their characteristics. Benefits of having an appraisal are numerous, they include;

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If you have a high value jewelry, you definitely need to take an insurance policy for it. This will protect you in case it gets lost or stolen. Your insurance company will need an appraisal from a reliable appraiser so as to get its value and premiums. The insurance company will also require you to have an updated appraisal from time to time depending on their policy.

Detailed information

When an appraisal is done, a detailed description of the jewelry is usually done. You will be given the written document that contains all the intricate information pertaining to your piece. The appraisal will also describe how the process of valuation was arrived at. This will come in handy in identifying your piece should it get lost and found.

Knowledge is power

You don’t need to have your jewelry appraised only when selling it. It can be done just so you have knowledge on what exactly you have. This information is important for you and you will better understand its value, origin and unique characteristics.

Better deal

A genuine appraisal is important when you decide to sell your piece of jewelry that you probably don’t wear anymore. You will need to have an unbiased valuation in order to get the correct and current value for your piece. With this information, you are in a position to cut the best deal since you know the value of your jewelry. The valuation of pieces with rare stones or gems like diamond will be higher than the common ones. 

Peace of mind

After purchasing that shiny ring with a huge stone on it, it is normal to want a second opinion on its quality and market price. You will be at peace knowing you were not duped and its value is close to what you paid for it.

Updated assessment

Over time, your jewelry with prolonged use may suffer some form of damage. The stones and clasps may become loose without your knowledge. By getting them appraised, such damages will be brought to your attention hence mitigating further damages and appropriate repairs done. An updated assessment will also provide you with an estimation of the current market valuation of your jewelry. This should be done every five years to keep up with the roller-coaster value on different gemstones, gold and diamond. 

Now that you are aware of the importance of having your jewelry appraised, you can have it done but with by a jeweler that you trust. They should have the necessary credentials and certified by a recognized authority. You can also your jewelry appraised at the store that you bought it from. Be sure to ask if they offer such services and if not then you can have it done elsewhere. Bottom line is, having your jewelry appraised is recommended and you will be glad you did it.