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Lockdown and Mental Health

In March 2020, when the WHO declared the pneumonia-like virus as a pandemic, it overwhelmed countries all around the world. Educational institutions, workplaces, malls and airports were shut down, and we were all forced into a mandatory lockdown. This lockdown was tough for all of us, but we adopted some coping mechanisms to deal with the anxiety we felt. Slowly we adjusted to this new way of life. Now, about 5 months later, as countries ease their restrictions and we all step out of lockdown, we feel the same sort of anxieties we felt back then. 

We have to accept that the end of lockdown might be just as difficult as its start, and this transition can negatively impact our mental health. As workplaces and schools reopen, people fear being infected or passing on the virus to their loved ones. These fears are completely reasonable as the times are tough, and the virus is extremely contagious. However, we must find ways to cope with this fear and reduce our anxieties. This isn’t simple, but necessary. A few ways to make this transition easy on your mental health are:-

  1. Focus on the present 

The major fear most of us have is being infected with the virus. However, overthinking will do you no good, and only make you feel anxious. We have to stop thinking about the future, as it will only add to our suffering. Instead, one should try to live in the present and not let their imagination run amok. Realise the fact that the future is uncertain and no one can control it. Focus on what you have and do your best with it.

2. Limit your news consumption 

Although the news is extremely helpful and keeps us informed, sometimes news outlets tend to over exaggerate and dramatise the situation and portray it as much worse than it is. Nowadays, news fatigue has become very common. Absorbing all this negative content will do you no good. Limit the number of times you check the news and make sure your sources are trustworthy and evidence-based.

3. Talk it out

Bottling up one’s fears never does anyone any good. Talking to those you trust is helpful. The best thing you can do is consult a therapist, as it helps clear your mind and reduce your burden. Talking to your friends or family is also a good option, as familiarity can be a source of comfort. You can even try writing it down to ease the stress.

4. Go at your own pace

 Recognising that you need to go at the right pace for you is important. Don’t let others pressure you to change your pace or do something you don’t want to. At the same time, don’t let this be an excuse to not work hard. It can be difficult to see the world move on while you’re still stuck in the past, but don’t let this get you down and reassure yourself that one day and things will get back to normal for you too. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe and follow the proper guidelines for your country. Wear a mask, practise social distancing and wash your hands whenever you come back home. The times might be tough, but the human spirit remains undaunted.


Social media anxiety disorder

What is this : It is a sydrome which effect the mental and physical health of a well being individual because of social media anxiety.

What are the symptoms : There are a lot of changes in their behaviour such as :
✓ Avoid social gatherings

✓ Hasitate while interact with the people

✓ Ashamed on self

✓ Anxiousness, nervousness and discomfort in social situations (online)

✓ Intense fear, racing heart,
excessive sweatingIntense fear, racing heart, redness, excessive sweating

✓ spending most of the time on social media platforms.

Effects on health : There are a lot of adverse effects which might be not seem normally but it does exist:

✓ Introvert behaviour always seeking to please people

✓ Extreme loneliness, love to be alone.

✓ Transformer ownself for virtual world from real world

✓ Low self-esteem

How to overcome : There are varieties of behavioural therapies but a individual can easily come out from this disorder just by some simple steps.

✓ Understanding and being aware of the problem

✓ Love yourself the way you are.

✓ Practice and development of methods that become habitual and automatic

✓ Participation in a social anxiety group to relate with others who have similar issues.

✓ Improve yourself not for only virtual but for the real world

✓ Learn to seek inner peace.

Let’s Stop Worrying

Live in “day-tight compartments”

 Thomas Carlyle said, “Our main business is not to see dimly at a distance but to do what lies clearly at hand.”

The main cause of worrying is that we thought a lot about our decision made in past and the result of that decision in future. From the above quote, Thomas Carlyle tried to say that we have to try to live in present rather than thinking about the past and uncertain future.

Christ’s prayer: “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Remember that prayer asks only for today’s bread. It doesn’t complain about the stale bread of yesterday that we had to eat; and it doesn’t say: “Oh God, it has been pretty dry out in the wheat belt lately we may have another drought and then how will I get bread to eat next autumn. Or suppose I lost my job, then how could I get bread ?”

Accomplish one job at the time

“Every day is a new life for a wise man.”

From this line, a person can live only one day at a time. If you are trying to live past, present and future all a time. Then you can fail to live anyone of them. As we know we can’t sail on two boats at a time, if we try then we can sink into the river.

I want you to think of your life as an hourglass. You know there are thousands of grains of sand in the top of the hourglass. And they all pass slowly and evenly through the narrow neck in the middle. Nothing you or I could do would make more than one grain of sand pass through this narrow neck without impairing the hourglass. You and I and everyone else are like this hourglass. When we start in the morning, there are hundreds of tasks which we feel we must accomplish that day, but if we don’t take them one at a time and let them pass through the day slowly and evenly, as do the grains of sand passing through the narrow neck of the hourglass, then we are bound to break our own physical or mental structure.

Analyse the problem of worrying and thinking of what the worst can happen?

Rudyard Kipling said: “I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew) their names are what and why and when and how and where and who.”

First of all, I analysed the situation fearlessly and honestly and figured out what was the worst that could happen as a result of this failure. After figuring out what was the worst that could happen, I reconcile myself to accepting it, if necessary.  From that time on, I calmly devoted my time and energy to trying to improve upon the worst which I had already accepted mentally. And try to reduce the loss. Here one example of how a student can overcome the fear and worry which is eating them from inside.

For eg,  First of all, a student can analyse the problem that what they want like they apply for an entrance exam, they either selected or not selected. And they can think of the worst that could happen i.e, they are not selected. This will help to release their mental pressure and lead to improving the worst cases. And help them to concentrate on the studies rather than thinking of the result.

Dr Alexis Carrel said: “Businessmen who don’t know how to fight against worst die young.”


Emotional resilience refers to one’s ability to adapt to stressful situations or crisis, it is intrinsic motivation, an inner force by which we can hold ourselves through all the downsides of life. Emotional resilience is not about winning the battle, it is the strength to power through the storm and keep the sail steady. Studies have shown that stressed people experience a flood of powerful negative emotions which may include anger, anxiety, and depression. Some people remain trapped in these negative emotions long after the stressful events that have caused them has passed. Emotionally resilient people, on the other hand, are quickly able to bounce back to their normal emotional state. We have experienced the 26/11 attacks, the Gujarat Riots, the 1999 Super Cyclone, and many other such calamities, people who could cope with these and get their life back on track have the mental strength or emotional resilience to survive in drastic circumstances. Today the world is going through an enormous change, the pandemic is multiplying at an immeasurable rate, there is unrest between the United States and Iraq and between China and India, here resilience means that people are aware of these changes, accept them without bemoaning and adjust to these challenges. Emotionally resilient people are strong enough to bounce back to their daily life and start functioning normally. People who live in flood-prone areas or where earthquakes occur frequently have that strength to quickly adapt to the situation when they are faced with challenges. It is because they have already faced the situation and are ready to overcome the destructive forces of nature a second time. Similarly, people serving in the military have encountered violence and they are trained in such a way that it wouldn’t affect their daily life. Emotional Resilience has three building blocks – these are the pillars on which we can build resilience or work on improving it. Also referred to as the three dimensions of emotional resilience, the three elements include:


What is Emotional Resilience and How to Build It? (+Training Exercises)


  • The Physical Elements

Involving physical strength, energy, good health, and vitality.

  • The Mental or Psychological Elements

Including aspects like adjustability, attention and focus, self-esteemself-confidence, emotional awareness and regulation, self-expression, thinking, and reasoning abilities.


  • The Social Elements

Including interpersonal relationships (work, partner, kids, parents, friends, community, etc), group conformity, likeability, communication, and co-operation.

The attitudes that make up emotional resilience are powerful because they enable people who subscribe to them to cope with great efficiency and effectiveness. It is not true that only emotionally resilient people can know the tricks and play of how to cope with difficult situations, it is just that they know how to apply them well to those situations.

Resilient people believe that they have the potential for control over their lives; they believe that they can influence their situation. Non-resilient people tend not to share this belief, and consequently, their stress-coping efforts don’t fair as well. People don’t work at coping when they don’t believe that coping can help.

One of the major causes of the piling up of human emotions is stress. While some form of stress is needed to motivate a person to go about his daily life, some forms of stress are harmful to the body and cause a body were and tear. This is what emotionally resilient people deal with. They apply stress buster techniques in their daily life and go on about it.

Dealing with jealousy

Oh well! So that’s quite a juicy topic and a very interesting one which is I feel is more of a hush-hush topic, for people know that it exists but they don’t want to admit it publicly, considering it might cause them some sort of an embarrassment or is going to tease their ego a bit and that’s the reason why they are busy silently combating with this one but here I am going to talk about it in a more umm, deeper manner or whatever you may call it.

I am pretty sure that all of us must have experienced jealousy at one stage or the other no matter how much we try to get away with it but I think walking through jealousy is only going to be a successful conquest if, we firstly accept and acknowledge that we have been at points, jealous in our life post which almost 70% of the job is already done. It’s absolutely normal, just a part of human mindset but is deeply rooted in fear and in lack and know that, the feeling of lack is rooted in ego.

Sometimes it is important for us to deeply analyse our emotions and go an extra mile to try and heal them cause unless we heal them, they are going to keep causing troubles for us, leading to absence of mental peace. So why not go into deeper insights and try and figure out how jealousy looks like. It is the general idea that can be taken from the help of sentences that people generally use;  I hate that she has those things, Why does she have them? I wish I had them. Why is he with her? I think I look much better than that girl. Look at me, my Life. I don’t have all these things. I don’t have this money. I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t have xyz and the list would go on and on unless we choose to accept it and embrace ourselves and practice more and more self love and compassion. Might sound difficult at first, but is not impossible.

If somebody has something, we need to regard it as a blessing bestowed upon them. For the enormous amounts of hard work that they must have been upto all those years of their life, somewhat like the quote “Work hard in Silence and let your success make the noise”. We don’t know, we aren’t aware how incredibly hard circusmstances they would have endured, how many failures they had to overcome and when the time has come for them to enjoy the reward, the fruit of long years of toiling hard and struggles, what are we doing to them? Are we really being compassionate here? Are we really wishing them luck and positivity. Are we really being good human beings here?No, by being jealous and envious, we arez on top of it, trying to tarnish their success by throwing away negativity and jealousy is a negative vibe. Let’s accept it.

So try and make a smooth transition from jealousy to being inspired by that someone, to that extent, where you also want to work hard to earn that fruit and for that, know that, you would also have to put in the equal amount of hardwork, absorb in the pressure and only then you will be rewarded because if you want to chill in an air conditioned room, you would first have to know the experience of being burnt under the sun. Because, my dear, nothing in this world is ever free of cost. You have to endure some amount of “pain” in order to get some “gain” and notice that when you channelize your entire energy towards this process of trying to gain something, trying to work work hard and fulfill your dreams & desire post setting up goals and following your passion, you would find yourself engulfed in a bubble of positivity and there would just be no room for negativity and even if there are some other things which make you feel low and jealous and if the self doubt tends to creep in, don’t worry. Just soothe your inner child, comfort it and with a tranquil state of mind, affirm and say that I have been working hard and I am sure if I don’t give up right now, I will also get what I truly deserve. Also, be mindful enough to not say that “I will also get to match up with that someone”. That’s where comparison comes into play and this is what leads to jealousy. So remember, that as long as you hold love and compassion in your heart, nothing negative can impact you. I hope it helped.

June 18 : Autistic Pride Day

Autistic Pride Day Originally an Aspies Freedom (AFF) Initiative, AFF is solidarity and campaigning group that aimed at raising public awareness of the autism movement

Autism Pride Flag

AFF provides support for the autistic community and protests attempt to cure autism. On June 18 every year AFF organizations around the world celebrate Autistic Pride Day,

The aim of AFF is to educate people around the world, to connect with one another through events and demonstrate to allistic people (those not on the autism spectrum). Autistic people are unique it shouldn’t be seen as a case for treatment. Autism is a neurological developmental disability that hampers normal brain development, affecting communication, social interacting, cognition, and behavior. People, who have an autistic spectrum condition that they can experience the world very differently to others, till now many people can’t understand what is autism? They just try to avoid an autistic person, autistic people have a problem to adjust in social life but sometimes they can’t do that as other people don’t accept them naturally. They just need help and time to adjust to a new place.

Celebrate the difference, make sure you bring a smile to an autistic individual’s face.

Mental Health: Children, Young People, and Families

Mental health is a widely overlooked aspect of a person’s health. People don’t consider it as important as their physical health, mostly because the injuries are not visible. However, they often forget that the signs are always there. Mental health problems are often directly proportional to the day-to-day happenings in our lives. Most mental health problems start developing at a very young age, but parents often ignore the warning signs. At such an impressionable age, children need to be taught about their mental well being too. It is imperative that we address the issue of mental health among children, young people, and families.

Children and Young People

It is seen many-a-times that the physical needs of a child are obvious, but his or her mental needs may be neglected. Even when the red flags are identified, there is a stigma associated with mental illness.

Some problems that children suffer from are ADHD, autism, anxiety, anorexia (eating disorder), depression, and bipolar disorder. Warning signs include intense mood swings, self-harm, substance abuse, sudden appetite loss, fidgeting, and continuous nightmares.


A few suggestions to nurture a child or adolescent’s mental health could include talking to them about their day; asking them if they are facing any problems at school. This strengthens your bond with them and they start trusting you more. As a parent, make sure that your ward eats a healthy and balanced diet, is physically fit, and takes part in outdoor activities.

Provide children with a healthy environment at home; a child should feel secure in his surroundings. Help them build their self-esteem and confidence while talking to them. Encourage their first steps towards new interests. This would enable them to open up more and express their feelings and doubts. And most importantly, don’t condemn them when they do something wrong. Instead, let them know their mistake and work together to improve it.


It is obvious that an individual’s mental health problems will have consequences for others within his social networks and most importantly his family. When it comes to mental illness, the emotional and behavioral consequences for family members go largely ignored along with having a huge impact on their financial component.


Family life often becomes unsettled and unpredictable as the needs of the ill become paramount day by day. The afflicted often feels that he’s isolating those close to him. Children may find it difficult to understand why their parent is not his/her usual self. Therefore, many tend to blame themselves and grow up feeling abandoned, lonely, and isolated.

In case a family member suffers from a mental health problem, you should not let him feel dismissed and disregarded. Instead, you could try to understand what he is going through, his inner turmoil, and try to help him cope with that. Children need special care at this time as they are perplexed by the happenings in their lives.

You should try to mend the broken relations, leave the toxic people in your lives behind, and create a positive impact on others’ lives.

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Mental health a forever necessity

Late Actor Sushant Singh Rajput

The nation is mourning over the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Everybody is asking a question why?. Why? he has taken such a big step.

A self-made star who was found dead on Sunday morning at his Mumbai residence.

It is said that he has been fighting against depression for past months.

Depression is a very heavy word to hear. Our society doesn’t want to hear this. Though with time changes have been brought into the society. Still, we don’t feel comfortable talking about our mental wellness.

In our daily life, we give priority to our physical health, our nutrition intakes. Rarely we talk about our mental health. This is the age of technology we are busy doing nothing on the internet scrolling the page and barely talk with someone.

Depression is not a state of mind that can’t be cured. It is a state of mind when someone has lost hope from his/her life. When someone focuses only on negative thoughts. At its worst, it leads to suicide. Anyone can suffer from it at any point in time of his/her life. There is nothing to feel shy about not sharing.

Yesterday we hear the news of the brilliant actor Mr. Rajput but this is the only case we are aware of. Everyday many people die of depression. According to WHO- Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15-29-year-olds.

We are nothing to question about the choice of a person to end his/her life. We have not walked through his/her shoes. But as human beings, we can talk, express our feelings to our near and dear ones.

Its completely to be ok, not to be ok. Life is precious. There is always a ray of hope. There is a morning after every night.

We as a friend, a family should have our eyes on our loved ones.
Talk, communicate ask for their wellness. Make them feel that you love them, you care for them.

Without passing any judgments give them a helping hand.
If someone is feeling the same then suggest them for meditation, take for doctors’ help. Tell them to be busy or do whatever they like to do if they don’t like to do anything then even it is ok not to do anything. But death… It is not a solution.

especially, in this pandemic time when we all are on the same stage, we should talk with each other, communicate about our well beings.

Actor: An Inspiration for the youngsters

He was a dreamer and achiever. Starting from nothing to one of the brightest stars of Bollywood he proved that through hard work and dedication anyone can achieve their goals.

He was a bright student. He got admission in Delhi technological university with 7th rank in the DCE entrance exam. During his engineering days, he joined Shiamak Davar’s dance academy. Later he joined television with the drama “Kis Desh Mein hai Mera Dil” in 2008 and became famous with his drama “Pavitra Rishta” 2009.

The Boy Next Door image guy has now made a Bollywood debut with “Kai Po Che”. And his career shot from here. After this Shuddha Desi Romance, PK, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy, M.S. Dhoni: The untold story, Raabta, Kedarnath, Sonchiriya, and the last movie Chhichore.

He had got the film fare award best actor male for the
film M.S. Dhoni: The untold story.

Despite, not having any godfather in Bollywood with his hard work and dedication, he proved that anyone can pursue his/her dreams if they are determined to do so.

Not only acting skills but also his perspective towards life is an inspiration for the youngsters.

In one of his Instagram posts, he shares the lists of his dreams that to be accomplished. He shared the images with the caption 50 dreams and counting…

A self-made star who was fascinated by the secrets of cosmos has become a part of that…


“If you want, You can talk with me……from yesterday all are giving status and send messages to their friends family that if you want to share something, express yourself. I feel so good that my friends and family care for me. I think we should be express our feelings with ourselves and of course with near ones. We all have different lifestyles, different kinds of problems in our life. It’s really a blessing you have someone who really listens to you. But I notice sometimes when I need people to talk, they are not there for some of their issues. I am not complaining about that every person has his or her own Life. So I just want to tell you that when you are feeling alone just spending time with your self, you can do the things you like, cooking, drawing, listening to music, exercise, a little walk, reading books. I really prefer drawing colors really make me happy, don’t be sad, cheer up yourself, tell your self YOU CAN DO

Make yourself happy, Do the Things you like

There is some situation came when we avoid people as we don’t want to, on that we really need to cheer up ourselves and should spend time with our friends and families as sometimes things are getting better just spending time with some special people in our life, life is for express. So don’t miss the opportunity to spend time with your old friends, families .

If you really feel depressed, you feel something wrong with yourself you feel uneasy, uncomfortable, wrong thoughts coming to your mind please get treatment contact with a psychiatrist, doesn’t avoid it, Mental health really an important thing.

Don’t take pressure too much, life is not only all about success and failure,

From the movie CHICHORE


When we state our priorities, we assign a very important place for our health. But then why do we forget that, as far as our health is concerned mental wellness is also an important criterion for our well being. We fail to address the issues concerning the mental well being of a person. When we talk of mental disorders, it is people’s prejudice against such existing illnesses that make us feel ashamed to voice our concerns and thus aggravates our situation. Why is a mental illness in the 21st century still treated as a social stigma? This stigmatization has not only led to a few disastrous cases but also the downfall of many a great leader. The inability to extend help during these grave times is what deteriorates one’s wellness. Its high time that we break the existing stereotypes attached to mental illness and take adequate measures to help someone in need. Changing times calls for drastic measures to improve the current scenario. But changing times has also made people more aware of what is happening around them. We celebrate World Mental Health Day because people have gained consciousness and have become aware of the present situation. We are raising our voices and extending our hands to those who are in immediate need of help. The current global situation with the growing pandemic is alarming because it not only puts our health in danger but it also harbors negative thoughts, fear, and disbelief of the current global crisis. Reports are flooding in about the many cases of suicides that have taken place. This is becoming a global concern and people are becoming fearful of what might happen next. In these times we are asked to stay strong and stay healthy. A part of this wellness would be derived from mental strength and the capacity to adapt to the situation. But not all of us can do so because we don’t have equal resources to help us out. What may one you might ask do so then? I would suggest that we should try to stay connected to our loved ones, seek help when we are facing problems and engage in activities that might cheer us up. Doing this will not only enhance our potential of having a healthy mind but also might dispel the negative thoughts from our minds. Some may strategize some other incentives to overcome facing such a situation. Our techniques may be different but we all are aiming at preserving our healthy minds and preventing ourselves from getting depressed. The concept of Monday blues has taken a turn for the worse. Now every day feels like a Monday because we are either sitting idle with nothing to do or we are unemployed due to the cash crunch in the economy. In these times it takes a lot to stay motivated and cheered up. It is like a testing time for us. This pandemic is testing our perseverance and we should all excel in achieving success. This means that we should all hold on until this crisis ends.