Social media anxiety disorder

What is this : It is a sydrome which effect the mental and physical health of a well being individual because of social media anxiety.

What are the symptoms : There are a lot of changes in their behaviour such as :
✓ Avoid social gatherings

✓ Hasitate while interact with the people

✓ Ashamed on self

✓ Anxiousness, nervousness and discomfort in social situations (online)

✓ Intense fear, racing heart,
excessive sweatingIntense fear, racing heart, redness, excessive sweating

✓ spending most of the time on social media platforms.

Effects on health : There are a lot of adverse effects which might be not seem normally but it does exist:

✓ Introvert behaviour always seeking to please people

✓ Extreme loneliness, love to be alone.

✓ Transformer ownself for virtual world from real world

✓ Low self-esteem

How to overcome : There are varieties of behavioural therapies but a individual can easily come out from this disorder just by some simple steps.

✓ Understanding and being aware of the problem

✓ Love yourself the way you are.

✓ Practice and development of methods that become habitual and automatic

✓ Participation in a social anxiety group to relate with others who have similar issues.

✓ Improve yourself not for only virtual but for the real world

✓ Learn to seek inner peace.