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China’s bio weapon

In December 2019 during the time of Christmas in the virology institute of China, Wuhan leaked a virus. After few days some people were admitted in the hospital due to cough and headache the doctors treated them and let go. Next day some people were admitted in the hospital due to the same symptom then the doctors treated them and let go of them. The next day so many people were admitted in the hospital due to same symptom then the doctors asked them for blood test. In the blood test had understood that people are infected with corona virus.After few days some people were found dead when the test results came they also had Novel corona virus. Then doctors understood the seriousness about this virus.They started to find the first admited patients due to this they found them and asked where did you went before coming to hospital they said they went to Live anolimal market of Wuhan. They found all of the people who went to the market there were so many people and they isolated them and asked who all did you meet .They met so many people so they understood that the count of the numbers of the patients wil be very huge. In the same day itself somany people died. This was the first outbreak covid 19 virus and now the virus has spread all over world.


When we state our priorities, we assign a very important place for our health. But then why do we forget that, as far as our health is concerned mental wellness is also an important criterion for our well being. We fail to address the issues concerning the mental well being of a person. When we talk of mental disorders, it is people’s prejudice against such existing illnesses that make us feel ashamed to voice our concerns and thus aggravates our situation. Why is a mental illness in the 21st century still treated as a social stigma? This stigmatization has not only led to a few disastrous cases but also the downfall of many a great leader. The inability to extend help during these grave times is what deteriorates one’s wellness. Its high time that we break the existing stereotypes attached to mental illness and take adequate measures to help someone in need. Changing times calls for drastic measures to improve the current scenario. But changing times has also made people more aware of what is happening around them. We celebrate World Mental Health Day because people have gained consciousness and have become aware of the present situation. We are raising our voices and extending our hands to those who are in immediate need of help. The current global situation with the growing pandemic is alarming because it not only puts our health in danger but it also harbors negative thoughts, fear, and disbelief of the current global crisis. Reports are flooding in about the many cases of suicides that have taken place. This is becoming a global concern and people are becoming fearful of what might happen next. In these times we are asked to stay strong and stay healthy. A part of this wellness would be derived from mental strength and the capacity to adapt to the situation. But not all of us can do so because we don’t have equal resources to help us out. What may one you might ask do so then? I would suggest that we should try to stay connected to our loved ones, seek help when we are facing problems and engage in activities that might cheer us up. Doing this will not only enhance our potential of having a healthy mind but also might dispel the negative thoughts from our minds. Some may strategize some other incentives to overcome facing such a situation. Our techniques may be different but we all are aiming at preserving our healthy minds and preventing ourselves from getting depressed. The concept of Monday blues has taken a turn for the worse. Now every day feels like a Monday because we are either sitting idle with nothing to do or we are unemployed due to the cash crunch in the economy. In these times it takes a lot to stay motivated and cheered up. It is like a testing time for us. This pandemic is testing our perseverance and we should all excel in achieving success. This means that we should all hold on until this crisis ends.