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For All My Life I’ll Wonder Why

Are you still waiting for some last words of reason and explanations? Perhaps you were never really meant to get them ever. For if you think about it, what is closure really? Is it the memories left behind by those lilting words? Or is it the agony of those harsh words that you keep replaying over time in your own head?

Most people have someone in their lives with whom they lost contact over a period of time. Some goodbyes were intentional on both sides while many of them were aided with a sudden abruptness for no apparent reason at all. Or better still; some goodbyes were all out bitter. Yet somewhere in your mind, you might still be expectant on some form of communication regarding why.

Closure is a very funny thing; it has widely different meanings for different people. But at the end of the day, all someone wants is to feel some sort of resolution to a relationship. What will break your heart, although, is the fact that most people never get to really experience the closure that they want. And even if they do get closure, it will be in some unexpected form.

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For some people, closure is having the person who wronged them admit to the said wrongdoing. As rarely as it happens, this will not help you reach a space of healing though.

For some, closure means the other person providing an explanation for his actions, right or wrong. The wronged party truly feels that this will help them move on in their lives and move past that one past experience.

Then there is another form of closure which is closure in the form of revenge. You wait to witness something bad happen to the person who wronged you or you take things in your hands and try to wreck their lives. This one is always empty. It will give you only a false sense of satisfaction because, in the end, you are still hurting. On top of that, you will most probably end up regretting your actions.

Closure is like the last chapter of a book, a book that you are writing. And whenever you finish a book, you move on to the new one. If you get stuck on that one book and just look back on the past, it will always leave you feeling salty. Instead, you could decide what you want as your own ending and move on with your life by resolving your issues.

Imagine what closure means to you. Is it an apology you are waiting for or something you wanted to say to the other person? If it is revenge, figure out why you need revenge instead of a revenge plot. Now write it down as a letter, rant all you want, and burn it.

When you are finally free of all you wanted to say or be said, figure out your future strategy. Focus on your life ahead. Whatever your need be for closure, the endgame remains moving on.

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Can You Give Up?

“You can do it. Just a little more effort. You’re almost there. You’re the hero. I know you have it in you. You can’t give up.”

Well, here’s some newsflash for you. You can give up.

Be it movies, songs, books, everyone’s pushing the protagonist to do a thing which is clearly out of their scope. They may not have the physical or mental strength to do the thing but we still expect them to. It doesn’t matter whether you want to do that thing or whether it’s actually for a greater good. You just have to do it. You cannot give up. Because giving up is for losers. And the hero cannot be a loser, right? Or it’s the opposite? A loser cannot be a hero?

Shah Rukh Khan’s character from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was a scrawny guy who tried to fight with a samurai. Since they are selling their movie to you and it’s ‘the SRK’, obviously he’s going to win that fight. But think about this. You are up against some buffy wrestler let alone a professional sumo wrestler. Do you think you stand a teensy bit chance? You have your answer right there.

Provided this whole notion of not giving up works on some people, but it’s warping the minds of others. Most people cause some irreversible damage while not giving up. And more often than not, this damage is to them. I am not saying giving up is a good thing. But it’s not a bad thing either. Don’t you think, it would be nice to have an option of giving up, backing down from doing a particular thing when it is clearly out of our reach, and not be judged for it?

give up

Most of you might not know this but there is a Disney movie Moana whose scene would be apt in a situation like this. When Moana confesses she couldn’t defeat the villain, Te Fiti, her Grandma clearly says that it is not Moana’s fault. She states that the burden is too much for her granddaughter and that she would be with her even if Moana wants to go back home.

Moana did end up defeating Te Fiti in the end. But that wasn’t because someone pushed her to do that. Instead, she realized her power and strength on her own. This just shows that even if you don’t have enough strength to do something, you are not a loser. What matters is you gave your best. And there will be people who’re there for you, supporting you even when you get defeated in life because it’s not your fault. It was just too much burden.

Or a more relatable example would be Aamir Khan’s character in 3 Idiots who fought against all odds to study not because someone was pushing or cheering him but because he himself wanted to do that.

Having said all that, I’m not against actually working hard. But the focus remains on working hard because you yourself want to achieve something. What I’m saying is we should all try to find our inner voice and be happy with whatever outcome there is to our situations.

Mental Health: Children, Young People, and Families

Mental health is a widely overlooked aspect of a person’s health. People don’t consider it as important as their physical health, mostly because the injuries are not visible. However, they often forget that the signs are always there. Mental health problems are often directly proportional to the day-to-day happenings in our lives. Most mental health problems start developing at a very young age, but parents often ignore the warning signs. At such an impressionable age, children need to be taught about their mental well being too. It is imperative that we address the issue of mental health among children, young people, and families.

Children and Young People

It is seen many-a-times that the physical needs of a child are obvious, but his or her mental needs may be neglected. Even when the red flags are identified, there is a stigma associated with mental illness.

Some problems that children suffer from are ADHD, autism, anxiety, anorexia (eating disorder), depression, and bipolar disorder. Warning signs include intense mood swings, self-harm, substance abuse, sudden appetite loss, fidgeting, and continuous nightmares.


A few suggestions to nurture a child or adolescent’s mental health could include talking to them about their day; asking them if they are facing any problems at school. This strengthens your bond with them and they start trusting you more. As a parent, make sure that your ward eats a healthy and balanced diet, is physically fit, and takes part in outdoor activities.

Provide children with a healthy environment at home; a child should feel secure in his surroundings. Help them build their self-esteem and confidence while talking to them. Encourage their first steps towards new interests. This would enable them to open up more and express their feelings and doubts. And most importantly, don’t condemn them when they do something wrong. Instead, let them know their mistake and work together to improve it.


It is obvious that an individual’s mental health problems will have consequences for others within his social networks and most importantly his family. When it comes to mental illness, the emotional and behavioral consequences for family members go largely ignored along with having a huge impact on their financial component.


Family life often becomes unsettled and unpredictable as the needs of the ill become paramount day by day. The afflicted often feels that he’s isolating those close to him. Children may find it difficult to understand why their parent is not his/her usual self. Therefore, many tend to blame themselves and grow up feeling abandoned, lonely, and isolated.

In case a family member suffers from a mental health problem, you should not let him feel dismissed and disregarded. Instead, you could try to understand what he is going through, his inner turmoil, and try to help him cope with that. Children need special care at this time as they are perplexed by the happenings in their lives.

You should try to mend the broken relations, leave the toxic people in your lives behind, and create a positive impact on others’ lives.

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Falling Apart

Our life is never about the destination. Life is a beautiful journey with a lot of stops along the way. We feel if we know what to expect in our future, we will be ready for it. This imagery has become so much a part of our language that we don’t even stop to think about what it actually means for us.

When things don’t go our way, it feels like everything is falling apart. Despite having our bouts of feeling depressed we try to remain in a continual state of happiness. However, this is possible only if we accept the fact that everything is as good or bad as one’s opinion makes it.

Everyone is in a constant state of falling apart. How you deal with it is dictated by your outlook on life. You could, after all, try these few things.

  1. Never hide your emotions

Some people like to cry when they are overwhelmed. Tears are, in fact, a way for your body to get rid of those excess emotions, and if you hold these emotions too long they may corrode your insides. Talk to people – your loved ones, your friends. You will find that every one of them has something difficult going on in their lives.

  1. Be honest

Be true to yourself. If you cannot admit your problem to yourself, you can never openly talk about it which means you will never be able to take the first step towards solving that problem. So much pain mostly comes from not telling the truth. Lying is mostly the reason for things falling apart. After admitting the truth to yourself, make sure you always tell the truth to those around you. It may hurt for a second but eventually, things will fall back into place.

  1. Ask for help

The society inherently and subconsciously teaches us that asking for help is pathetic and a sign of weakness. This makes a person feel trapped and alone, inevitably hurting him and those around him. Accept the fact that everyone struggles at some point in the journey of their life. Instead of acting like it is not universal, start hailing vulnerability for what it actually is – a sign of strength, openness, and hope. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

  1. Have your cheat moments

Just like people have their cheat days from diets, have your cheat moments from the problems you are facing. Do not let your pain entirely rule every aspect of your life. Enjoy some trivial and jovial moments of life guilt-free.

  1. There will be days when you are not okay, and that is okay

The journey of life is a bumpy one. There will be days where the pain and reality of your situation will consume you. Allow yourself to feel helpful on such days. But never forget that tomorrow is a good day and the sun will eventually shine brightly again. When it seems like life is falling apart, it may actually be falling into a place better than expected.

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Instagram Envy

Today’s world is full of influencers. What you eat, what you wear, where you go on holiday, and even what you speak is heavily influenced by social media. Although people today are smart enough to realize that it is not okay to compare yourself to other people, social media still provides you numerous opportunities to do just that.

Recall that heavy feeling in your heart when you see your friends and celebrities posting photos doing exciting things like going on long drives, attending glamorous parties, and visiting rare places. This sinking feeling is known as Instagram Envy.

Instagram is all about unadulterated voyeurism. You will not find Facebook’s messiness or Twitter’s relatable content in the posts here. Instagram is almost a photo site with built-in vintage filters idealizing your every moment. It encourages its users to create these perfect layouts of their lives, almost as if everyone is living their fairy tale.

Why Instagram Envy Happens

There is an unspoken rule adopted by the users worldwide to avoid populating the feeds with any mediocre or unedited pictures. Now you might feel that it is all about showing off to your followers, but that is not the case here. It is trying to level with everyone else posting one amazing picture after another; it is trying to feel good about yourself that you are in no way less than any of your friends. Owing to this rule, people often end up spending hours in hopes of composing an image of food as simple as a glass of coke over a dish of pizza worthy enough for their Instagram feed.


The followers, on the other hand, are expected to indulge in the ethics of impress rather than confess, all the while being swept away from the sumptuous photos and chipping in with beautiful comments. Even the likes are shaped like little hearts, reinforcing in the minds of the viewers, the idea that each shot is a performance worthy of applause. Every last image is an advertisement for the self.

In a society focused on physical appearance, this is perhaps no surprise that there is an element of narcissism to Insta-bragging. People with a higher level of narcissism post more self-presented photos and update their profile picture often.

Dealing with Instagram Envy

One approach to counteract Instagram envy is to showcase love, not luxury. People who generate Instagram envy can also use the same platform to demonstrate that they understand and embrace the value of citizens of all social and economic strata by posting about them. They will gain more followers than foes by showcasing love.


Another aspect you need to understand is that living through the lens is not all bad. Social media has made us all social, without a doubt. You catch up with long lost friends in no time because you already have an idea of what is going on in their lives. But you need to accept social media for what it is – it is social and it is, after all, media. You really shouldn’t blindly believe everything you see. You learn through experience that it is better to know how to post than to boast.

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Life Unplugged

For a second, let your imagination run along these lines. It is a beautiful morning, the sun is slowly rising. You are there on your balcony, peacefully sitting and the only sound you can hear is the chirping of birds. In your hand is your favorite drink, and in your mind is calmness. Amidst all this, you take a long deep breath and feel connected to your soul.

Your life keeps going on and you do things which you think are important for you. You never once stop to just take a breath and look around to see where you have actually reached; what is going on in your own life. So to counteract this, there is this unworldly concept that you just sometimes take a break from your life; you unplug from your own life.

More often than not, you forget to take a break. And even if you do take it, you usually only give it to your physical being but forget that your mental being is equally important.

Take a break every now and then to reevaluate your life and your surroundings. It is just as important to stop as it is to continue to accomplish things because, without a balanced head, you would not be able to accomplish them anyway. Take a break from places, from routines, from people, and even from yourself. Unplug from the chaos of life.

Plug back into life in its purest form and not through a lens. Plug back to your values and the things you desire. Connect to those who truly matter. Connect to peace, joy, and Zen. Embrace your inner self once in a while.

  1. Start your day with yourself

There will come a time when you have to attend to your duties and obligations. The world will start pulling at you and the day will become just a domino effect of endless pulls. Before that happens, spare a few moments for yourself.  You deserve it. Nobody else is more important than you. Take five minutes to breathe, contemplate, and feel grateful for your life.


  1. Mind your diet

The world is a chaotic place where every being has to fend for himself. Start by minding and mending your food habits. Introduce a new super item into your diet. The only condition is that it should be healthy. Drink a green smoothie if you like that. Find healthier alternatives for your favorite foods. Try eating cakes and sweets that are gluten-free. Cleanse your diet.

  1. Empower yourself with an inspiring book

Your subconscious mind creates reality. Feed your mind with the world you want to create for yourself. Start your day by reading a portion of a book that embeds positive thoughts in your mind.

  1. Explore your neighborhood

It is not necessary for you to travel to exotic places to feel relaxed. You could just go outside your home and take a walk around your neighborhood. Connect yourself with nature. Try a new restaurant. Join a class that you wanted to for a long time.

  1. Prioritize your time and feelings

Learn to balance your time within your boundaries. Manage the time you spend on social media. Own up your actions and let people know how you want to be treated. Focus less on what you want to do and achieve and more on how you want to feel while achieving that.

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Advantages of Reading News Online

We are growing day by day in the field of technology. Technology is involved everywhere, whether using a button to drive an electric fan or making a huge space vehicle. Similarly, the presence of technology is now taking place in reading news and regularly updating. Gone are the times when people usually wait to get news or watch television or read newspapers. The introduction of the Internet has led to the latest breaking news websites that provide a wide variety of information with an issue. Additionally, online readers have many advantages over offline readers.

There are the following benefits of reading news online.

  1. Less expensive: – Reading online news is less expensive because there is no distribution fee, no printing work which usually makes the newspaper more expensive and the readers have to read more by paying more. If you talk about reading online news, then you can read it using a little bit of your mobile data. It looks accessible as well as less expensive.
  1. Eco-friendly: – In the present scenario, the environmental issue matters a lot. Reading news online is a good step towards saving the environment. Hard copies contain paper, chemical inks that can harm our environment. To use paper, millions of trees are cut in one stroke and the same ink containing chemicals on the paper, which is found in the environment, contaminates it. Instead of reading news from magazines or newspapers, we can read it online, where no paper or chemical-use ink is required.
  2. Instant Edit and Update: – Online news gives information about any event immediately. The same takes time for collection, printing time as well as the distribution of material for offline reading, which is considered to be outdated in the time of this new modern world. As such, we can say how important it is to be updated immediately in the modern era and for which we have to depend on online news instead of reading offline news.
  3. Get a large amount of information: – Digital content requires less space to hold a large amount of information. Therefore, by reading online news, you get more types of news available depending on your interest. Here, along with any current news, you can get the information behind it, which will make it easier to understand.
  4. Easy to carry anywhere: – Carrying a laptop, mobile, tablet or digital watch is not a big task. And all these gadgets help you to access news digitally and instantly. If we want to take away any news printed in a newspaper or any information printed in a magazine, then it is a very difficult task, but you can take the news online anytime, anywhere.

In conclusion, we can strongly suggest that reading online news using your gadget greatly helps to get news, information and knowledge anywhere. In the modern era, the field of competition has become wider, for which it is very important to remain PR updated at all times. For which we will have to move towards online news and it will be necessary for the coming time.