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Last day of Internship

So, finally, today is the last day of my internship. This is not related to any news, article or any kind of research, this is just a simple message and a little experience which I want to share. In this period of a month, I learnt a plethora of skills such as content writing, Blogging and more than that I enjoyed to being a publisher with eduindex. I haven’t traditionally good at writing but now I think I did my best even I can do more better. In today’s world, everyone should learn these skills and knowledge as well and we are blessed as we have such a good platform Internshala through that we can use this knowledge or skill even learns from them in such a convenient way. Hopefully, my little experience will be helpful to have the curiosity in young ones.


International Tiger day

The Tiger is one of the largest cat in the world. Having black and orange strips with beautifully marked face makes his distinctive and amazing image. To aware the people about tiger conservation, 29th July is celebrated as a International Tiger day. The motive of this day is to spread the awareness to save the Tigers and their habitates. There are plathora of issues are facing by tigers across the world. Some of the issues include poaching, conflict with humans, and habitat loss. Only around seven percent of the historical range of a tiger is still intact today. That is an incredibly small and worrying numbers. A lot of people are not aware about these major losses but a little knowledge and through spreading awareness can make them aware and it leads to protection the lives of Tigers and their habitates

Another 250 apps are going to be banned in India

India Government could ban more than 200 other applications in country. Last month, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps in India, after that they are planning to banned other 250 also because of users privacy and national security violations. This includes PUBG, zili, allibaba express,Capcut, FaceU, Meitu, LBE Tech, Perfect Corp, Sina Corp, Netease Games and other 250 apps. As per the report these apps are included in the activities that were “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, the security of the state and public order.” Report said, government will follow a proper procedure before such bans, then likely to act on it soon.

If the Mondays were come to alive

Ok tomorrow is Monday, the first day of the week and as usual everyone just hate this day. By just heard the Monday, the very first thing which comes in mind is Bloody Monday . And this is a fact, most of the cases of heart attack occures on monday, said in a report. Because there is a thinking behind this universe that Monday is not having that much work just like other days, so there is no point to go on work, this leads to be the laziness and after a week off, nobody like to move from their comfort zone and enjoys. But after all this fun the very first thing which made to come up on that day just our responsibility and it’s not bad at all, we all are responsible for someone, someone may be the family, company, students, patients, workers and for yourself.

Awareness through education

Education is the crucial for every young. Education is not only about the bookish or theoretical knowledge,its about teaching young generations to understand and reflect on the physical and social world surrounding us so that they become citizens able to think critically, participate in decision-making and take action. 
Education is essential to aware the people about their rights, lives , their own way of life to prevent them from harmful activities. There are many ways to aware the people about education but yeah there provision must be require to attain this goal. Provision should be require training on women’s human rights and prevent from harmful activities, this step should be started from the schools through education.

Hate speech on social media

This is a kind of online speech or a statement spread over the social media platforms to target a particular person or group of persons on the basis of attributes such as race , custom, religion, recism,origin , gender, disability.
Might be a speech is only a thought or a statement for someone but the people whom forget for this,can cause to depression.
Social media plays a vital role to promote this hate speech much faster social media tend to promote exposure to hate speech and second exposure to hate speech is associated with the avoidance of political talk this includes hate speech , cyber bullying and increase polorization,these are the side effects of using digital media as the channel for public discourse and opinion exchange. However the processes and reasons behind these symptoms are much deeper than the people misbehaving such digital communication services.

Fat shaming

Some of the people certainly making the fun of overweight people and make them feel ashamed of their weight and eating habits.
People also try to force them to get lesser food and more exercise with this belief that they will look better.

It’s very shameful and disgust behaviour of our society that this society makes fun of them instead of appreciating which leads to some harmful effects. This includes depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders and negativity thinking. Thus, we all should appreciate them to be healthy and chubby instead of making fun and help to grow our society happy and healthy one.

Domestic Violence towards men

Today is not a special day for men but this issue should be raised as the typical increment in the cases of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV ) against men.
Not only the females are facing the violence of their partners but also the men do. This includes stalking, physical violence and sexual assault, not even that only some of them bitterly slapped, punched, killed and grabbed by their partners.

This is a hidden and bitter truth of our society across the world. We need to prevent the victims from this, at least with regards to growing public awareness, educate them about it and increased media interest in IPV against Men.

Glossophobia : A Fear

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking, a kind of social phobia, the fear of the social situation. Too many of us scared to speak not only in front of the group even also with a stranger, in short, but it can also even occur in front of a few people. A study tells that 4 out of 5 choose to die over public speaking.
The people who are suffered from these always tried to avoid social gatherings also get symptoms such as Sweating, headache, increasing heartbeat, dry mouth, suffocation and mental stress. Glossophobia can be successfully treated with several ways .one of them is Cognitive- Behavioural Therapy (CBT) but the best way is yourself only, you are the only therapist who can come over from this if you really want to do. You will gradually command over your speech and confidence which will help out in public speaking.

World emoji day : 2020

Yeah !!!!  It’s world emojii day today .
Social media is just  practically incomplete without these emojis. These are not only bring the smile on our face but also the way of showing expression, feelings and our thoughts which might be we can’t explain in words such as anger, love, happiness, joy, playfulness, laughter, shock, disgust and more. These make our conversation more interesting and show the proper emotions.

In this pandemic situation, we bound to stay home, there social media plays a vital role in this situation and which is totally incomplete and meaning less without these emojis.