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Why do we hate people? Can we really hate them? Read on to know more.

Firstly let’s understand that HATE is a very strong emotion to be expressed and a very strong word to be used for anyone irrespective of whatever the person may have done. Hence, the pre-eminent truth lies in acknowledging the fact that we can never truly hate anybody because we, human beings are created by the supreme to offer only Love. Then how can we even possibly do or feel something which is in absolute contradiction to the purpose of our life and creation. So let this thing be fitted into your mind that you cannot dislike anybody even to a mammoth extent to be able to call it as hatred.

Notwithstanding, I do understand that sometimes other people’s wrongdoings often break our heart, ache our soul take a toll on our mental well being by gigantic amounts  that we don’t know what to do now and we feel like we have been ditched. And it’s an observable pattern that often people who are very close to our heart, they may be our parents, siblings, best friends or partner; only hurt us in deepest ways unimaginable. We try to mend the broken ties and we fail again because we just can’t forget what they did to us, let alone the act of forgiving them. Then we go on to categorise this feeling of heartbreak and give it a label as “hatred”. I hate that somebody, I hate him for making me go through hell, I hate my friend she ditched me etc.

But have you ever tried to look deep into our own self? I have and I tried to figure out the reason behind the hatred only to realise that nobody else can make us feel a certain way. We can only feel what we choose to, be it the feeling of positivity & love, anger & hatred or anything in general. So now that we have a choice to accept and reject either gold (positive thoughts) or coal (negative thoughts); What are you going to choose? Doesn’t it make the choice really simple?
My dear friend, just try and let this thought go off your mind that you are feeling hurt/broken by anybody’s ill actions and feed this piece of information within that you have forgiven them. You’d find out that it actually works, that is the power of the subconscious mind. Your mind is like a servant and you are the BOSS so make sure you instruct it to feel happy and peaceful and slowly but steadily, let go of all the grudges.

At times the heart would find it difficult to accept it again but remember that you just cannot give up.
for you have to be the person who breaks the cycle:
If they mis-judged you, choose understanding and compassion.
if they rejected you, try and learn to accept yourself with all the flaws.
Be the person you needed when you felt the pain, the agony and the hurt and not the one who hurt you. Realise that those people are full of hatred and you don’t want to become just like them so that they become successful in their attempt of hurting you. But first, also forgive them only then you would be able to do justice to yourself else you will be caught up, quite unknowingly, in a bubble of revenge and pessimistic behaviour which would only deter your growth. Also, know that the process is slow and tiring but deeply satistifying and fruitful. So just don’t give up!
Lastly, Shine so bright and be so full of love that they go on to repent for their wrongdoings and that would be your ultimate success. I wish you all the very best in this journey of self love and healing.

13 REASONS WHY! Ever wondered about the mystery behind some common Hindu traditions? Here’s what science has to say!

1) Tilak on forehead

The  circularspot between the eyebrows  is viewed as a significant nerve point in the human body. A tilak is accepted to forestall the loss of vitality, and hold this to control different degrees of focus. In addition, the demonstration of applying this guarantees the focuses on the mid-temple area and Adnya-chakra are squeezed, encouraging blood gracefully to the facial muscles and ensuring the natural glow.

2) Mehendi on palms

Mehendi is an incredible therapeutic herb, and its application on our palms and feet can pre-empt worry and nervousness during weddings, something which is really common in the first-time brides. Moreover, it cools the body and shields the nerves from being tensed.

3) Namaste (Pranaam)

There is a logical purpose for the ‘Namaskar’ in Hindu culture. Joining two hands together guarantees contacting the tips of the considerable number of fingers together, which are connected to pressure focuses in the eyes, ears, and brain. Squeezing them together is said to actuate these, helping us recollect that individual moment for quite a while.

4) Ringing bells in the temples

Devotees strike the temple bells upon entering as its sound is said to clear our brain and assist us with remaining sharp, keeping our full fixation on dedication towards the almighty. Besides, these bells are made so that the sound they produce makes solidarity in the left and right pieces of our cerebrums. The term of the chime reverberation is perfect to enact all the seven recuperating focuses in our body, freeing us from antagonism.

5) Wearing bangles

Bangles cause steady grinding with the wrist which builds the blood flow level. Further more, the power dropping through external skin is again returned to one’s own body in light of the ring molded bangles.

6) Toe rings (bichhiya)

Indian ladies regularly wear toe rings on the subsequent toe. A specific nerve from this associates the uterus and goes to heart. Along these nerve-endings, a toe ring on this toe reinforces the uterus, keeping it solid by directing the blood stream to it. Besides, a lady’s menstrual cycle is supposed to be regularized.

7) Tossing coins away in a holy stream or river

Verifiably, most money in the ancient period, was made of copper, an essential metal for the human body. Throwing coins in a holy water body was an approach to allow adequate copper, as a major constituent of water, to be consumed by us. As wells, drawing in water from these rivers were the main sources of drinking water.

8) Piercing of the ears

Indian doctors and scholars have acknowledged that piercing ears helps in the advancement of mind, intensity of reasoning and dynamic resources. This is the scientific reason behind most of the indian ladies piercing their ears while also serving the purpose for jewellery.

9) Not laying down with your head pointing north

The human body has its own magnetic field, while the Earth, as we all know, is a mammoth magnet. At the point when you lay down with your head pointing north, your body’s attractive field gets hilter-kilter to the Earth’s, causing issues identified with circulatory strain since your heart needs to work more diligently so as to defeat this.

10) Touching the feet of elders (Charan Sparsh)

At the point when you contact the feet of the old, their hearts discharge positive considerations and vitality, which they transmit through their hands and toes. Basically, the finished circuit empowers stream of vitality and increments grandiose vitality, turning on a soulful associate between two personalities and hearts. Your fingers and palms become the ‘receptor’ of vitality and the feet of the other individual become the ‘supplier’ of vitality.

11) Sindoor

Sindoor is set up by blending turmeric, lime and the metal mercury. Because of its inborn properties, mercury controls pulse and enacts oxytocin production. Along these lines, sindoor ought to be applied right upto the pituitary organ where every one of our sentiments are focused.

12) Idol Worship

Hinduism engenders idol venerate much more than any other religion does. This was started to expand focus during supplications or prayers. As per therapists, a man will shape his musings in accordance to what he sees.

13) Fasting on felicitous occasions

Ayurveda sees the fundamental reason for some infections as the amassing of poisonous materials in the stomach related framework. Ordinary purifying of poisonous materials keeps one sound. By fasting, the stomach related organs get rest and all body components are purified and rectified.

Creative E-MAIL WRITING: 5 Sample drafts for cart abandonment mails.

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TUM BIN 2: Sharing my thoughts on a highly underrated movie.

I watched Tum Bin 2 some two months ago and then only, checked out its reviews on the internet which didn’t seem to do justice with the content of the film at all and that is why i decided to express my views here and why i would say it is a must watch.

‎The story revolves around a girl named Taran who mistakens her fiance to be dead in a skiing accident caused on one of their vacations. The guy goes missing and she is heartbroken because she was about to get married. She has a hard time trying to move on upon the insistence of the guy’s father and her sisters. She would see him everywhere and the scenes are beautifully depicted with just the right kind of music playing in the background and the pain and the suffering of the girl is portrayed beautifully by Neha Sharma. I felt the pain myself. Soon a new guy named Shekhar (Aditya Seal) is introduced into her life. He is a very amicable guy and impresses off everyone else with this modesty. He tries to ease off the suffering of Taran, making her laugh and open up but at the same time not expecting anything from her so she gradually takes the first steps towords living freely.

SPOILER ALERT: And now after 8 months Aman, her fiance makes an entry. It is revealed that all this while, he was being treated anonymously and that, he went in a coma. Everyone is rejoiced and so is Taran. But somehow she finds it difficult to recreate that same bond with him because she had already decided to move on with Shekhar. Aman could not figure out the reason behind this sudden change of attitude. Taran initially maintained some sort of distance between her and Shekhar but she realizes that she loves him and needs to be with him only and that’s when she finally opens up to Aman and Aman gives a green signal to their relationship peacefully. And now after 8 months Aman, her fiance makes an entry. It is revealed that all this while, he was being treated anonymously and that, he went in a coma. Everyone is rejoiced and so is Taran. But somehow she finds it difficult to recreate that same bond with him because she had already decided to move on with Shekhar. Aman could not figure out the reason behind this sudden change of attitude. Taran initially maintained some sort of distance between her and Shekhar but she realizes that she loves him and needs to be with him only and that’s when she finally opens up to Aman and Aman gives a green signal to their relationship peacefully.

Soon Taran and shekhar begin a relationship witnessing which Aman’s heart aches but he chooses to stay happy in the happiness of his lover’s. Towards the end, Shekhar suddenly starts behaving quite odd like not answering her calls and decides to leave the city. Taran’s sorrow is uncontrollable, wishing to talk to him and try and stop him for the one last time and Aman is the man who drives Taran to the airport and this conversation is the one which altogether changed my whole perception on LOVE.
Shekhar questions Taran repeatedly and says that he would stay for her if just once, she would say, that she doesn’t love Aman anymore. He reminds her that she never did actually love him. She was always in love with Aman only and shekhar was just a replacement as it was him whose carelessness caused Aman’s accident in the first place.And that’s when he decided that he would take care of everyone involved with aman but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t love Taran, he loved her immensely but to Taran, maybe he was just an infatuation, happened when she needed support.

SPOILER OVER: I think the reason why this movie didn’t go well with the audience is because they failed to understand the true essence of love. This movie portrayed different shades of love with a beautiful story line and an even better jukebox of musical tracks which keeps you engaged throughout. Through the dialogues and the songs, you can actually feel the the emotions of the protagonists. It’s highly recommended from my side if you feel like watching some real love content, with a box of tissues handy and if you’re an emotional person who understands such sob stories well.

5 tips you must follow if you’re quarantining with a narcissistic personality

Hey everyone, This time around, I’m coming with some very raw & real tips. If you are spending your quarantine with a narcissist or an emotionally abusive person, I know how uneasy, frustrated, and drained you must feel. You may feel as though you are walking on eggshells- anticipating what you may or may not have to expect from this person. Because of this, I want to be here as a resource to give you tips on how you can keep your peace and weather this storm:

You might be saying, “But! they are so hurtful! All they do is pick me apart and tear me apart! I have to say something back”. I get you. I have been there. But, what if I told you narcissists get their energy and their sense of self from your attention- negative or positive. No matter if the attention is negative or positive it communicates the same message to them- it communicates to them that they are important. This is what they seek. A sense of importance. So my tip to you is to be like a grey rock- neutral, unreactive, & boring. One word answers like “okay” and “sure” “yes” and “no” will take you far. I promise if you do this enough times you will start to notice they bother you less than usual. Why? Because they can’t get much out of you. I know this will be tough but remember one thing, you don’t have to defend yourself against them- they won’t hear you anyway.

The narcissist is incredibly critical, you know this and you know how painful it can be. Remember this, as they criticize you, they are really just projecting how they feel about themselves to you. They hold themselves AND unfortunately, you, to an impossible standard. Understand that they cannot tell the difference between you and themselves. They believe everyone is an extension of themselves. This is why I say to imagine a mirror is in front of your face when they speak to you, because it will help you consciously remember that as they are criticizing you, they are really criticizing themselves. I promise, none of what they are saying about you is true.

This is critical. This is huge. This is for your sanity. This helps you ground within yourself and stay rooted within yourself. Take a walk for a couple of minutes per day, take an extra long shower or bath, and/or do some yoga/stretches. These all sound like simple suggestions, I know, but try it. You’ll see how much of a difference it makes in remembering how much you and your peace matters- and is within your reach.

 Affirm that you know your experiences are valid. Affirm that you know you are not going crazy. Affirm that even if you are the only one who is aware of the discord going on within your home- your experiences are real and true. Affirm that eventually you will get out of this situation and that this situation will not get a hold of you. For more affirmations, make sure you check out my inner child healing affirmations and meditations here.

When we feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and even anxious, sometimes it is our inner child feeling triggered by the memories she once experienced during childhood. So when the narcissist in your life triggers those feelings- and subconscious memories, take a moment to be with yourself- when you get the chance- to remind the younger you that the adult you is here now. There is nothing to fear. Remind her how loved and lovable she is and how she will be okay, she’ll make it through.

I hope you implement these tips during quarantine and that you remember that this is just a season, that you are dong the best that you can, and that things may not look as though you want them to now, but they will all get better in a matter of time.

P.S~ The major inspiration for writing this article has been the podcast on Google titled as “The Self Love Fix”. It’s amazing. You all must give it a try.

From Chubby Cheeku to Virat THE FITNESS FREAK Kohli

Virat Prem Nath Kohli who is currently captaining the Indian cricket team across all the 3 formats is not an unknown figure to any but is known majorly for his consistency, his unflagging hunger to outperform himself everytime, his aggression and intensive passion on the field and is always in talks because of the fitness regime that he follows. Let’s take a deeper dig into the Fitness Mantra the sportsman has not only followed himself but also continued to advocate, over the years, amongst his fellow counterparts and the young enthusiasts who wish to play the sport at an international level.

We are all well familiar with the Chubby Cheeku who led the Indian side to a victorious 2008 U-19 World Cup. Often he is bombarded with questions from the curious interviewers as to how did he manage to transform so miraculously? To which his answer is subtle yet sublime. He says that the realisation hit back in 2012 when during the IPL months, he realised, looking at himself in the mirror, that this is not how an international cricketer should look like. That’s where the journey to transform began mentally for him. Nextly, the diet had to change and the Delhi-born Punjabi Munda made a firm decision to give up on his all-time favourite Chole Bhature and other delicacies. The first three months were dreadful. Virat told Jatin Sapru in an interview for Star Sports that he had to eat boiled Kabuli chana and for a person whose taste buds are accustomed to having spicy food, it was no less than a disaster. But he didn’t give it up then, despite the temptations, knowing in his head that this shall soon become a habit and get easier and is now reaping the fruits, which the whole sporting world is a witness of.

JW Marriott Hotel, Pune in 2017
Kohli with Shankar Basu

We have heard Virat giving away the major credit to Shankar Basu, on several occasions, who was his fitness coach working with him in RCB. Although, Virat was initially quite reluctant to lift weights due to sustaining back issues and do the other types of exercises to strengthen the lower body, he kept following Mr Basu’s instructions and soon felt the body exceeding its previous limits. He was able to run swiftly between the wickets and during fielding, the match recovery was happening quickly and everything else seemed to fall in place. It’s more of a mental struggle than it is physically. The mindset has to be right and the energy has to be channelized towards the bigger picture, which for him, has always been the victory of the team and not individual milestones. And that is the major reason behind why the transformation happened so smoothly. Virat has truly been an epitome of relentless towards fitness because to him, it isn’t any special or out of the box thing, but a basic requirement of his job. He has been very strict with his nutritional intake to such an extent that if he would feel really drained out post big innings in a test match, he only affords to have a gluten-free dark chocolate bar to ensure just enough supply of energy and speeden up the recovery process for the next day. No Sweets please!!! He has always been so adamant about his exercising routines even during this lockdown which his social media profiles are a living proof of and all of that requires a lot of self control, dauntlessness and that desire to always be one of the bests in the world, which for sure he has become.

Taking inspiration from him are many, his teammates like Dhawan, Ashwin etc , the younger players like Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav Hardik Pandya, KL Rahul, Navdeep Saini, Shubman Gill etc are repeatedly seen acknowledging their captain for raising the bar and being a constant source of motivation to them and so many other future-cricketers of India. “Virat Kohli is like lion, his hunger is never-ending”, Shreyas Iyer was quoted as saying. The admiration and appreciation is not just confined to the junior lot but also a lot of senior players like Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Vivian Richards regard Kohli for bringing about a fitness revolution in not just India but globally and across all sports.

We are proud of you Captain Kohli for setting such a high benchmark in terms of keeping fit which has only taken Indian Cricket forward and we at Eduindex News wish you and your Indian Cricket Team all the very best for the forthcoming matches.


For a large-scale promotion of the campaign, say a physical activity driven campaign which would emphasise  the benefits of regular exercising & staying fit and is less about preaching the nutritional value of particular foods. I reckon that we should use TV and Social Media preferably Instagram or Facebook. Nextly, we need to lookout for affordable and successful collaborations with a trending or in-buzz celebrity. The contact details including the email id and phone numbers of their managers are rightly mentioned in their Instagram bios and Facebook official pages. We can shortlist a few celebrities and then finalize one or two of them as per the budget. We can create illustrative posters, banners and post it on our social media handle under the brand name “play to slay the calories”,  “stay fit to be hit” etc.
Once we have officially communicated our needs to the celebrity, we can ask the him to repost our posters on his account and encourage his audience to engage in physical activities. We need to hand over short scripts enlisting the agenda of our mission to him and ask him to make videos to be uploaded on Instagram story campaigning for our brand and helping it grow eventually. I am sure the active followers upon his advice would record the videos of them exercising or playing an indoor/outdoor sport along with all the members of the family which includes both the young and the older generation and when they would put up those videos on the social media then the the celebrities should be asked to repost the best entries on his page. We are well aware of the fact that whatever a celebrity does tends to attract a lot of media attention so automatically the videos would reach other platforms like TV news and articles by leading media portals i.e Pinkvilla. When people would see others gaining overnight fame and becoming a sensation just because a celebrity posted their exercising or playing video on their page then people would get enticed and also motivated to be promoted on the official page of celebrities like Asim Riaz of Bigg Boss 13 who was trending almost everyday on Twitter. I witnessed people going mad for him. They even overcrowded a mall in Mumbai because of a rumour that he was going to visit as a part of a big boss task.
‎As per the budget we can also go for a young sporting athlete preferably from the Indian cricket team or any IPL franchise because if sportspersons promote fitness then the whole idea is accepted more widely and they have a larger fan base, not confined to any particular age group. Meanwhile on our social media handle, We will keep posting stats like 1 out of 3 people haven’t done any physical activity in the last year to appeal to their emotional conscience. And you never know, people might actually feel motivated to step out. We can use catchy captions like being active on social media isn’t being truly active. We will also keep posting regular videos i.e yoga tutorials or in other ways that would tempt them to make videos by going out and playing so as to get featured on a celebrity page. This way without the expenditure of much money or resources our job would also be done, people would exercise as well, our campaign would also get promoted and our brand name would also grow by utilising the fame of a particular celebrity.
‎The reason this idea popped up in my head was because I checkout Alia Bhatt’s Instagram stories of June 5 where she asked people to upload a selfie with plants on the occasion of World Environment Day and within 4 hours social media flooded with so many of them because 7-8 lucky peoples’ stories got mentioned in Alia Bhatt’s stories. Liked the idea?

Why is the content of YouTubers like SANDEEP MAHESHWARI and CARRY MINATI so popular amongst younger audience despite being so contrasting?

Being a part of the younger audience myself, I feel that whenever I am listening to anyone speak or reading an influencer’s write-up , I want to feel that connect with them. It is often done subconsciously in order to soothe the inner child within me which wants to convince herself that even well-successful grownups who are standing and delivering that speech with utmost confidence have done things wrong at some stage in their lives when they were maybe younger, immature or simply unaware because it’s human and perfectly normal. The mind has this piece of information well fitted into it but the heart often tends to maunder whenever surrounded by any discomfort. I believe that the language needs to be more simple, narrative of one’s own personal experiences, openly expressive of vulnerabilities, full of connecting and compassionate tones rather than just imposing suggestions or advices on to the younger generation because they then don’t take it constructively, they take it as orders and that’s why the generation gap goes on widening. I believe the tone has to be such as to make them convinced that they are not in the midst of problems alone. Like content pieces for younger generation include diverse topics related to beauty, menstrual taboos, pimples and acne, dealing with the adolescence and peer pressure, career counseling, acting like cool guys or studs, pros and cons of excessive gaming, early dating etc among both boys and girls. Hence, tone should be assertive, firm and yet comforting to ease off the excess baggage which teenagers unknowingly carry on their shoulders. We need to make them understand, through our content, that we are here to try and suggest them a list of methods to solve their problems so that they are able to sense that natural connect and this way, they might even hear & implement it truly. And without any doubt, Sandeep Maheshwari has got all such qualities of being just the right advisor and mentor for teenagers.

So this was all about trying to creat impactful and emotionally moving yet stabilising pieces of content.
Let us now deeply discuss the language/tone used by the content creators other than motivational influencers who still manage to attract younger audience. Teenagers of today’s world often try and engage themselves in activities which can help them avoid their problems for a while cause they feel too weak and are simply unaware of their problem solving capabilities. But whatsover anyway, they watch a lot of laughter content on YouTube and other streaming platforms that gives them their much desired temporary escape from the depression, anxiety, vulnerabilities and non healed wounds caused within a broken/unhealthy relationship with friends or parents.

This need not be the case for every  teenager as a majority of them also watch such light-hearted contents for their mood freshening or to simply ease the study pressure. YouTubers like Carry Minati, Bhuvan Bam etc and meme pages on social media are so popular amongst younger audiences because of the kind of satirical tone/language which they quite effortlessly adapt while talking to their audience. The center point of the videos as far as my knowledge stretches is, the mockery, the trolling activity, the constant taking a jibe at someone/something.

So if you’re trying to create some content for a younger audience, make sure it falls in either of the two categories since maximum rates of success are guaranteed here. And the living proofs are these two legends!

Words with Dear Coffee

Ah coffee! As soon as I let this word out of my mouth, what is left behind is that rich aroma and the bittersweet flavour of it, still lingering on my taste buds.
Such a bliss right.

Some of you may agree while the others might not. For some of us, coffee is like our essential, we need it everyday at a particular time else we can’t function normally. And that’s perfectly normal too cause coffee is believed to be therapeutic for both mind and body. But when we talk of the other lot of people, they keep switching between the two main beverages; tea and coffee and evidently so aren’t obsessed with the either. And the last category includes those for whom further reading of this article is not advised (pun intended).

Source : Google

Ever tried having your spesh flavoured coffee right in the morning in a tranquil setting, maybe your balcony or backyard or garden and as you take the first sip and allow yourself to be drown into the flavours, try and feel the calmness within. Immerse yourself fully into the surroundings, pay attention to the soft chirping of the birds and the slight flutter of the cool morning breeze as the first rays of sunshine emerge and hit your face.
‎ Oh thenyou can hear yourself talking to your beloved coffee, subconsciously, having mindful coversations with it, exchanging words with your “Dear Coffee” as people often do under the salutation “Dear Diary” while journalling down. You’ll find yourself reminiscing sweetly about the last vacation or the details of the next impending assignment with a furrowing brow or fantasising about having xyz in your breakfast or maybe even sharing your sorrows over the last argument that you had with your close one.
You will soon hit upon the realisation that coffee often becomes a medium of exchange of words in the form of thoughts but only when you truly savour it. I have spent kaa-fi time over having words with my coffee. Have you?
My coffee helps me survive through the weekdays and yet joins me in on the weekends when I have nothing to do but just relax. Thanks to our coffees that we have been acting like binge-watching maniacs to survive this prolonged monotonous lockdown.

Speaking from personal experience, I feel the best kind of conversations take place and quite organically over a cup of coffee. In the above paragraphs, I laid emphasis on having words with coffee alone in the comfortable silence with just yourself but here let’s have an insight into how coffee helps strengthen bonds with our close ones. Coffee quite naturally becomes the conduit of conversations, let’s understand how.
We don’t really just crave the bitter, sweet taste of coffee but also of the hearts while taking in the experience of the precious people we sit with, whenever we have coffee with them. Cause in the innermost deeper levels, all of us crave good company and meaningful conversations. To just sit down with another person and talk for hours is much more fulfilling than anything else given that the person is someone who understands us and I think coffee just simplifies this soothing process to a great deal.
When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your loved one?! Think and ponder. Also recall that the first meeting between a couple-to-be, the first signs of the fresh brewing romance, those first few words of getting to know each other even as great pals are all discussed with coffee at a coffee shop date. Ever wondered why so? Because you never know exchanging WORDS WITH COFFEE might actually seal the deal? Give it a thought. And I’m pretty convinced that after reading this article you would never underestimate the magic, the transformative power; a coffee beholds within itself rather you’d prefer to open yourself to this blissful feeling of having words of love with coffee.

That’s the way, the Street Smart way!

All of us might be aware of the general meaning of this word “street smart” but let us now try and understand what deep notions does it have. Okay, so if we stick to the basic meaning which is that being a street smart means that you are aware of the circumstances and situations encircling you and are able to rightly interpret the thoughts and intentions of the people who are surrounding you through your instinct-driven judgements.
Furthermore, you have that ability to trust your gut and that is the reason why you don’t get tricked or played on easily and hence you respond much more effectively to the menacing state of affairs, often caused in an urban environment. As a result of which, you often bypass and tend to cross over so many of the hurdles which could have otherwise trapped you but because of your presence of mind and your streetsmart attitude, you managed to escape. Bravo! And all these incidents instill mammoth amounts of confidence within you which keeps upping your street smart game and you pave the path towards your own success.

Okay so this was a brief introduction about how the life of a street smart functions but now the question arises that how do you become one yourself?
It’s easy but requires regular practice. You just need to allow yourself to be vulnerable whilst maintaining strong grip at your vigilance at the initial stages and be open to experiences, of all kinds cause as they say you don’t know it unless you experience it. Now consider an example; if someone is trying to emotionally manipulate you by the the usage of sweet tones, you might get swayed away once or even twice, given that you trust too easily but not the third time. Why? Because you would, quite naturally, become alert and attentive enough to fall into the trap again. Works like a vaccine you see, immunity develops on its own upon exposure to disease.
So my dear, wisdom lies in letting yourself being exposed to uncomfortable situations that make your adrenaline rush, constantly putting yourself to tests and then evaluating your result later on. That’s how you monitor selfgrowth. Now if you keep shielding yourself by continuing to stay in your bubble, then you are highly likely to get tricked one day or the other because you just won’t know how to deal with those situations or those people, in general because you never taught yourself that and there’s no way to avoid them.
About being streetsmart, know that it’s a self learnt thing and there are so many situations out there to teach you that, you just have to be open to learning. Isn’t it simple? Speaking from personal experience, I became street smart quite organically because I absorbed everything from my surroundings, trusted my gut, followed my heart and then shapeshifted accordingly. You can try it yourself. After all life’s too short and being a street smart makes it worthwhile and interesting.