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Burning the Five Vices

The festival of Dussehra celebrates the end of evil, followed by Diwali the festival of lights.

What is that evil if we have to name it?

Our thoughts and habits? Or some people’s thoughts and some people’s habits? Or is it restricted to some country and arises occassionally?

Majority minds today are burning in the flames of lust, anger or greed.

Five vices of man and five vices of woman symbolize the ten heads of Raavana.

Have these vices really disappeared as we are celebrating Dussehra?

The celebration of life will begin only when each one on the planet becomes an embodiment of virtues and a divine personality.


all about sarees

You Can’t Live an Indian Life without a saree - 4 different saree you should know about!!

City Of Joy – Kolkata yes we are now talking about the tant saree which is famous in all over West Bengal. It is originally made from Bengal cotton handloom, it is also known as taant, tat, taat . This saree is not only worn by west Bengals but also women in Bangladesh is also fond of tant saree. This saree is has a speciality as it is light as airy texture and very suitable for the warm weather. These saree has a thick border and decorative pallu and is decorated by floral pattern.

Photo by Nripen kumar Roy on Pexels.com

The word “Tant” indicate the handloom in Bengal that are used weave cotton garments like saree, dhoti and other garments. the background of this saree took place in the 15th century in shantipur.
The art gave wave during the Mughal rule 16th – 18th century when it became an extreme favourite among Muslim and jamdani weaving. This beautiful art continued during the British rule and decades before independence. After the partition of Bengal in 1947, many weavers from Bangladesh migrated to India and started living in neighbouring town shantipur, now it became a new home for Tangail weavers of Bangladesh. today both Bengalis and Bangladeshi weaver are well known for the varieties of tant saree.


  1. A massive quantity of cotton threads comes from the mill are first washed to remove any chemicals, dried in the sun, bleached and again dried.
  2. Then they are put in boiling water which contains colour to dye them.
  3. After this, they are then starched and processed some more times to make then stronger and subtler. The threads are wound on bamboo drums for weaving.
  4. Every saree has a design on its border, pallu and body . These design made by the artist on a soft card sheet by perforating them which are then put up from the loom.
  5. The simplest saree takes about 10- 12 hours to weave, and saree which have complex design takes 5-6 days to get complete.

State Of Jewels – Gujarat, which is famous for bandhani work derived from the Hindi/Sanskrit word “ bandhna” and “bandha”, which means tying or to tie. Traditionally in India tie and dye art known as bandhani. According to the design and motifs each pattern has its special significance.

It is an ancient practice done by people. People used the technique of picking the cloth with fingernails and tying before dying, this was first found in Indus valley civilization, back to 4000 B.C. even the Buddhist painting, and Ajanta caves have bandhani design in it.


  1. Here the selection of cloth plays an important role. The artist starts with the unbleached white fabric.
  2. Then they have block printing design in other words it is senticels for printing on saree they give impressing by designed blocked on saree
  3. Later they grab some amount of cloth and tie with thread tightly, they also use some kinds of pebbles, motis , stones to give design to the saree.
  4. Then they dip the cloth into normal water to soak the saree so that colour can easily stick to the cloth.
  5. After this, they put the saree in the boiling water which contains salt and colour.
  6. Again they put the saree in the cold water and at last they dry the saree. And after untying you will find beautiful designs on saree.

State of Caves – Maharashtra. Every bride in Maharashtra dream to wear paithani saree at her wedding, one of the most beautiful saree in India. Paithani gives the reflection of rich Marathi culture and tradition. Paithani is woven with very fine silk which makes them one of the richest saree in India.

Paithani is extracted more than the 2000 year back from statvahana dynasty. it is said that paithani is originated from the city called pratishan now it is known as paithan. At that time paithan was the centre of silk and zari ( gold yarn) and they even exported cotton and silk to the roman empire. So this is how paithani gots its name.


  1. At first pallu or padar of paithani is weaved it is either woven either with zari work or silk warp. Traditionally zari work has silver coated with wash gold. Pallu is designed with akruti, asawali, banddimore etc.
  2. Next step is to weave its body. The body has bordered on the edges which are handwoven by gold and silver zari. As the border is made by gold zari body also has floral design and zari work is done.
  3. After all the zari work is done, it is polished with a mixture of water and gum to give saree a stiff texture. They also used methi and jaggery used in the mixture.
  4. They use various colours of bana and tana to get colours of the paithani saree. Tana bana means a mixture of two colours to give a single colour. ex- blue bana and red tana will give a shade of purple. This is how colour is given to paithani. After this, a perfect paithani is made.

State Of Temples – Tamil Nadu, kanjeevaram got its name from a village Kanchipuram. This saree owns thick fabric and dark shades of colours mixed with hints of gold. Women in India love to wear saree during festivals, weddings, occasion and celebrations then kanjeevaram is the best outfit to look classy.

The history of kanjeevaram silk saree started from Hindu mythology. It is said that Kanchi silk weaver is descendants of sage Makanda, who was considered to be the best weaver. It is considered that two weaving communities from Andhra Pradesh, the devangas and the saligars came to Kanchipuram. As we know the city is full of temples and weaver cleverly used temples’ architecture in kanjeevaram saree to give details.


  1. Mulberry silk is used to weave Kanjeevaram saree and the gold, silver zari which is used in the edges of the saree comes from Gujarat.
  2. Silk threads then dipped into rice water and dried under the sun to make the texture of silk thick and stiff.
  3. This silk thread is interlocked within a thin silver wire and woven
    with the help of golden thread to complete the process.
  4. To weave this fabric a wrap frame is used which has approx of 60 holes, in which there are 240 threads in the warp and 250 to 3000 threads in the weft.
  5. Saree is popular for vibrant colour and impressive designs which borrowed from designs of temples.
  6. Usually, weaver weaves pallu and body separately and they are pretty different from each other and later than are interlocked by pinti which is a zig-zag pattern where pallu meets the body of the saree. This is how a kanjeevaram saree is made.

Content is fire social media is gasoline.

Social media is a medium that is growing quite prevenlant nowadays because of its user freindly characteristics.It is a kind of platform through which we can connect to people sitting in any corner of the World at any time (24*7).Every year on 30 the June is celebrated as ‘Social Media Day’.Social media is a bliss to humanity as it makes interaction with people in a faster way, it makes globalisation a reality, it gives a chance to introvert to express themselves.It is way to build international relationships whether it is a business or social.Website such as ‘Facebook’ makes communication much easy task.Facebook allows people to share photos,post -comments, and view people personal information.The most notable feature of social media is its magnificent source of education.All the knowledge which one wants is a snap away.Furthermore it provides a live platform through which you can achieve lectures occuring in America while you seated in India.Most importantly Instagram, pinterest provides a way through which young aspiring artist can showcase their skills for free.Through LinkedIn,Instagram,Facebook people can get job now opportunities.Now even companies are using social media platforms to promote their buisness.It has converted a hub for promotion and proposes great shot for combing with the customers.

The best thing TO hold in life is to be with each other..

This is the modern era where the importance of ‘Live in Relationship’ has become common for the people.It is a way of living arrangement in which an unmarried couples lives together in a long term relationship that resembles a marriage.The supereme court in India said that a man and woman living together without marriage cannot be construed as an offence infact “Living together is a right to live” the supereme court apparently said referring to the Article 21 of the Indian constitution which guarantees right to life and personal liberty as a fundamental right. Like each coin has two side so that is the case in live in relationship there are certain pros like there are no legal formalities and responsibilities. You get to know your partner in a better way and understand each other in deeper level.It is beneficial as you can evaluate the areas in which you both need to work on if you really want to get married to the person whom you love.Some cons are that society finds it hard to accept such relationship open heartedly.Another disadvantage is the lack of commitment.Any quarrel or fight can lead to split , whereas in marriage a fight is often followed by reasoning and resolving.

E-wallet is more safe and secure THAN having money in the pocket…

On November 2016 Prime Minister Narendra Modi urge for the digitalization and India to be a cashless economy.But the cashless economy was not the original goal but due to ‘demonization’ which leads to the shortage of notes gave a fillip to “E-Wallets” or “Digital-wallets”.E-wallet is a online payment account where one can store money and it used for making transaction through a computer or smart phones”. An E-wallet needs to be linked with bank account to make payments.The E-wallet segment broadly consists of services related to banking transactions, transfer of money as well as value added services like bill payments, shopping, ticketing,electricity bills, DTH and transport bills and they also are useful in making payments to mom and pop stores who are rajistered with these digital platform.Digital wallet provides more convenient transactions.The experience of purchasing items become quicker and easier which lead to a great sense of satisfaction.it’s a safer method you don’t need to carry cash when you are travelling alone or going abroad.Some kind of E-wallets are Paytm,Google pay,Bhim app,Phone pay etc.

If death strikes before I prove my blood,i swear i”ll kill death….

A soldier is a one who fights as a part of an army for the nation.A soldier can be conscripted or volunteer enlisted person a non -commissioned officer, or an officer.A soldier is a pride of the nation he defends the honour of his mother land with his life and blood.He has to rise above his own self to defend his nation .His profession bring best quality in him like chivalry, discipline, team spirit, loyalty,pro-active news, stead fastness.The life of soldier is very tough and full of discipline they are physically and mentally strong they are pro-active in order to face any battle.His performance in the threaters of war has been heroic and daring.He is the finest spiceman of humanity who is given supreme sacrifice of his life for the lives of his countrymen. He has to bear the tryannies of nature and in thunder lightning, or rain, extreme hot or cold ,in deserts mountains or seas , day and night fight continuosly for the know of his nation.He has to sacrifice his family life, he has to stay away from his children only to protect and save life of every citizen.His life is based on “”selflessness” and “sacrifice”.A soldier is the watchdog of the nation and is ready to perform any duty with which may entrusted,even at cost of his life.Their’s not to make reply, there’s but to do and die.

Darkness tries to Eclipse light but as long as there is love shadows REMAIN illusion.

An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when an astronomical object or spacecraft passess by the Sun or The Moon.An eclipse is either the result of an occulation (completely hidden) or a transit ( partially hidden).The term eclipse is most often used to describe either a ‘Solar Eclipse’ or ‘Moon Eclipse’.A Solar eclipse occurs when the portion of the Earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the Moon which fully or partially blocks the Sunlight. This occurs when the Sun , Moon and the Earth are aligned.Such alignment concides with a new Moon (Syzygy) which indicates that the Moon is closest to the ecilptic plane. In a total eclipse the dusk of the Sun is fully obsucred by the Moon.In partial and annular eclipses, only part of the Sun is obscured.On 21st June 2020 Solar eclipse marked one of only 5 such instances where a maximum Solar Eclipse was visible from India in a time frame of the next 100 years.The annualar part belt of the eclipse passed through cities like Joshimath, and Dehradun in Uttrakhand,Sirsa in Haryana and parts of Rajasthan it was almost visible from ever part of the country.India witnessed the magnificent “Ring of Fire” and saw the skies turn dark as the Moon overshadowed the mighty Sun.

Summer vacation and Rasna

This year we are in the long vacation, Sunday lost its special power, every day is Sunday and we don’t have the excitement for summer vacation, but remember the time when we are in 4th or 5th grade we were too excited for summer vacation for playing in the park whole day, no school no routine and after coming from the playground ma used to make us RASNA, on that time it was felt like heaven, for the ’90s kid so many memory wrapped with Rasna.

Rasna is a soft drink concentrate brand, it’s an instant drink

Rasna is an Ahmedabad based company was launched in the mid-seventies but started gaining popularity in the eighties when the market was dominated by carbonated soft drinks like Thumbs up, limca. Rasna is very famous among during ’80-’90s. Parents didn’t allow us to drink soft drinks always, as it’s not a good habit to drink too many soft drinks, but RASNA also a drink but little different, it has many fruit flavors and we can make the drink by mix Rasna powder to the water so Rasna abled to create an image that it’s a healthy product that kid can enjoy, and tastes good and also it had reached the popularity for their attractive tag line and ad campaign. I remembered when I finished drinking Rasna I always said that “I love You Rasna”

Rasna is really Iconic Brand, that really a perfect example of good old days.

Lead people with what they want.

This is the era of digitalization where everything works on the digital platform in this Social media marketing has gained immense importance in the last few years which has totally changed the working of the companies.Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and website to promote a product or service.Social media platforms are build in such a way that they can track the progress, success, and engagement of advertisements campaigns.Companies address a range of stakeholders through social media marketing, including current and potential customers, journalist,bloggers and the general public.It is a powerful way of buisness to engage with the customers.It is form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media platforms which creates a ‘Buzz’ among the people.It includes activities like posting text and images updates , videos and other content that drives customer engagement.Their are various platforms now a days through which we can do the marketing of product ie Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.Social media marketing helps in attaining number of marketing goals such as increase website traffic through Search engine optimisation, it increases brand awareness,it improves communication and interaction with audience’s by taking feedback.Someone has rightly quoted “If content is a king, then conversion is queen”.

The 1600 Year Old Rust Free: The Iron Pillar of Delhi

An unsolved mystery, the IRON PILLAR OF DELHI now standing at Quwwatul mosque at Mehrauli in Delhi, India. The 7.21 meters tall structure all most 1600-year-old stands completely rust-free. The pillar was constructed by “King Chandra” probably Chandragupta2

Iron Pillar Of Delhi

pillar was certainly used as a trophy in building the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque and the Qutb complex, its original location, whether on the site itself or from elsewhere, is debated. The Iron pillar of Delhi is one of the most curious metal objects in the world. It was manufactured by the forge welding of pieces of wrought iron. In a report published in the journal Current Science, R. A critical corrosion-resistant agent called iron hydrogen phosphate hydrate makes the pillar resistant to rusting.

Experts at the Indian Institute of Technology have resolved the mystery behind the 1,600-year-old iron pillar in Delhi, which has never corroded despite the capital’s harsh weather.
Metallurgists at Kanpur IIT have discovered that a thin layer ofmisawite“, a compound of iron, oxygen and hydrogen, has protected the cast iron pillar from rust.

The pillar bears an inscription which states that it was erected as a flagstaff in honor of the Hindu God and in the memory of the Gupta King Chandragupta II (375-413). How the pillar moved to its present location remains a mystery.

The question remains that how was such chemically advanced agent manufacture 2000 ago.

The pillar is a living testimony to the skill of metallurgists of ancient India