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Run Away To Jungle

I want to drown myself in the mastic woods,
with the plenty of ventures out there.
thoroughly observe each and every place,
cherish with the nature and its flair.

I want to walk on those green carpets,
that my mom used to tell me in stories.
I want to smell aroma of the beauty,
and feel its smoothness beneath my feet.

I want to trouch the bark and it texture,
feel its spottyness, its enduring esthetics.
I want to drink that sweet water,
that is rearly found in our impaired streets.

I want to go there and stay there forever,
fill my chest with those pleasent breeze.
I want to feel the hauntiness of mysterious night,
and hear the melody of humming bees.

I want to be more happy and peaceful,
by throwing away those sorrow and miseries.
I want to run way to jungle,
away from these compact and congested streets.

Shubham Koul

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd


Some Where Down the Line….

It will be between you and me,
tell me everything that is in your heart,
just say it out that you are hiding from me,
i promise you, you will never repent because,
somewhere down the line our luck will shine,
and some where down the line you will be mine.

Shubham Koul

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd


Look outside at the moon tonight,
it is shining white so bright.
Blushing in front of sun it runs,
as it is the pillar of domination.

Look it is smiling and rejoicing,
as it is happy to have its time.
Cherishing the people at night,
oh, what a wonderful twilight.

Look outside at the moon tonight,
it is shining white so bright.
It is so peaceful and so silent,
neither disturbing nor even violent.

It is the symbol of peace and love.
It is the study for an explorer.
It is the spirit for a travelerand an inspiration for a writer

Shubham Koul


Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd

A Young Age Cry

I start my day with a cry,
thinking about her all the time.
I have all regards for her,
hoping one day she would be mine.

What can I do if there is a communication gap,
she lives far away in some outer zone.
she never even tried to reply me back,
whenever I messaged and called her by phone.

It is true that the love is blind,
that tears you from inside and also even grind.
You forget everything from where does she belong,
or what does she do or you relation would long.

love is also fearless that is also right,
it is an immortal drink that makes you delight.
It can give you pain if there is any pore,
it can even kill you it is that much sour.

Keeping all these things in my mind,
I never fall in love ever before.
Right now Im in love which is true,
but she has already closed her door.

Oh God give me some strength or a better way,
I cant bear it any more, oh god I pray.
I will love her till my last breath,
I will love her everyday.

Shubham Koul
Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd

A Bus Ride in Delhi

The true nature of urban life
Full of love and strife
At one place you can feel the both
Saying the truth, taking an oath
Travelling in the bus
You will feel the joy and fuss
Life full of hustle and bustle 
In the bus, you do get tussle
When you get a seat
You sit and smile
You feel the treat
Life looks simple
And surely worthwhile
When you don’t get a seat
You feel the heat
Bus gets overloaded
And often crowded
Making your journey miserable
Running fast to keep pace
Use the AC bus advisable
And feel the openness of space
Urban life is not easy
Everyone is a bit busy
With friends, children and wife
The true nature of urban life
A ride on Bus in Delhi
Demonstrated it clearly

Shashikant Nishant Sharma
{Written on 11 May 2012 while travelling in a crowded Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) green bus and then opted to jump in to the Red AC bus to get respite.} 

Your memories

Your memories slowly creep
In the realm of mind
Sometimes it makes me weep
The hurt heart is left behind
Sometimes your memories make me laugh
The heart touching your act indeed
Sometimes I feel I am half
Your absence does remind
Life is a series of many a actions
Actions of love, passion and kind
Addiction to your love and affection
Sometimes I do find
Imprisoned in love and lust
Enslaved to mundane bind
My of free spirit is about to bust
I want a mind free and enlightened
I do wish to rewind
All episodes of love heightened
Forget all that we enjoyed together
Want to live life alone for ever
Snap all threads that intertwined
And then your memories slowly creep
Awake me from the deep sleep

Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘Sahil’
{ Written on 12 May 2012, thinking about the love that makes me strive for the best and sometimes fetters me into past.} 

A Tribute to Mothers

Greatest gift of nature
To human creature
Mother, mother and mother
She is the first teacher
Teaching you since you were a babbler
She understood you better than the best
Did every little things in your interest
Loving, caressing touch of a mother
During your waking and slumber
Forgetting your every misdeed
Giving you advice when you need
Her true love is unfathomable indeed
Answering all your queries, paying heed
The safest place is the lap of a mother
Your real resort for all weather
Mother is mother no poor or rich
She does whatever is in her reach
For your happiness and growth
Changing your bad habit like old cloth
Teaching you best manners and conduct
To make you best nature’s product
This poem is a tribute to mothers
Read, enjoy and spread the message
O my friends, reader and dear brothers

Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘साहिल’

{The poem written on Mothers day on 13 May 2012 while roaming in Delhi with an old friend the ideas gathered and now its before you to read and review.} 

Lessons from the Life of a Flower

Come near and let’s think together
The lessons from the life of flower
It is a source of beauty and joy
Children, young and old, all enjoy
Spreading the smell all over
In the park and in the forest, everywhere
No any form of discrimination
Sharing the love and affection
Life of flower is short
Enjoy whatever be the cohort
Smiling in the morning
In the noon, drowsing
Getting refreshed by evening
Every moment of life is for others
Learn to serve dear brothers
Life of a lovely flower
Serving honeybees, butterflies and many other
Touch is so soft and soothing
And effect is so fathoming

Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘साहिल’

{The poem written during a morning walk in the park on 13 May 2012 at in Delhi.} 

Level of Subconsciousness

There is three level of human endeavour 
The first one is labour 
Your natural and social duty 
Second level is thinking purity 
And thinking about the meaning 
And the third one is the essence 
Devotion to the divine presence 
We can think of facts 
Keeping essence in tact 
In another way, the statement made already 
First stage is the serving the need of body 
Mundane need and necessity 
The second one is intellectual’s sanctity 
The third one is the heart 
How you treat others 
When they love and hurt 
Think of it, O my brothers 

{This poem was inspired by the discourse of Osho the Great Zen Master on 13 May 2012}

Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘साहिल’

The beauty of a Woman

The beauty of a woman lies in her silence
Rather than her speech 
The beauty of a woman lies in her patience 
Rather than her inquisitiveness outreach
The beauty of a woman lies in her experience 
Rather than her age
The beauty of a woman lies in her veil for awhile
Rather than her face 
The beauty of a woman lies in her submission
Rather that her dominance
The beauty of a woman lies in her smile 
Rather than her laughter
The beauty of a woman lies in her abode
Rather than her adventure
The beauty of a woman lies in her offspring 
Rather than herself ever
The beauty of a woman lies in her heart’s spring
Rather than in skin cover

Shashikant Nishant Sharma

(शशिकांत निशांत शर्मा ‘साहिल’)