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Examination is game of number
Awakening after a deep slumber
A play of words for someone
A puzzle hard to crack to many a one
Set forth a benchmark
Set to guide your mark
The more the merrier
Helps in our career
Talent is not tested
And knowledge is wasted
Examination doesn’t judge you
It do judges your output of an hour or two
On some selected matter
Examination is game of number
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

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Knowledge is not what you put down
On paper white and brown
Knowledge should lead to wisdom
Take you from hell to God’s Kingdom
Turn your vice into virtue
Practice makes perfect, its true 
Knowledge should get reflected in you
Need no one’s but your own review
Knowledge is a ladder for life
A ship to sail you out of strife
Knowledge in not what you learn by rote
Knowledge is something more than you thought
Knowledge is knowledge
You keep learning from school to college
And yet feel empty of thought 
When your opinion is sought 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd

Emotional Induction

With emotional induction
Started bio-chemical reaction
Driving slow and deep
In the ocean of pleasure
You rest with me in sleep
The moments of fun and pleasure
Drinking wine and climbing alpine
You face glows and does shine
Starting in a mood of inaction
You turned me in rapid action
Burning the fire of desire
Ready to attack, no ceasefire
Enjoying whole night
Full of pleasure and delight 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd

Conflict of Interests

When you strive for the best
There’s bound to arise conflict of interest
It arises when there is benefit pecuniary
To upheld your position
It sometimes become necessary
To handle carefully any relation
Conflict may arise at personal level
When you desire upheaval
To grow and sustain
Level high, you want to maintain
It is not restricted to you only
It involves your family
In the age of increasing consumerism
People are prone to nepotism
How can you remain silent
When you are to perform
Beyond your expertise
Breaking code of conduct and norm
You are asked by your client
Your moral values speak volume
Use the power of dissent
Or silently you do consent
Man can perform multiple function
Then arises conflict of profession
In the age of material possession
And the worldly pleasure
Man is in look out for greener pasture
This lands him in trouble
Conflict of interest like bubble
Erupts on the surface of ethics
Fermented by the competitors and critics
Strive to be professional the best
Manage the conflicts of interest 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd

Group Dynamics

Let’s look at the physics
Of group dynamics
Inviting friends, peers and the rest
Starts the process of forming
Group of people with common interest
All speak and none hear
Want to make own point clear
This is the process of storming
Succeeded by social norming
To resolve issues increasing
And stop further worsening
Then comes the turn of performing
Group gets stabilized
And members obliged
Agrees on common term
Ready to perform 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Value is an Opinion

Value is a term of relativity
Depends on its proximity
To a commercial centre
Park facing areas greener
Nearness to transport and mobility
Depends on residential quality
The use of the land
Its market demand
Location of the plot
Circle rate slot
Availability of services and facilities
Environmental and aesthetic qualities
Social and physical infrastructure
Materials of building and structure
Personal and social attachment
Influence zone and area of catchment
Cost is a fact, value an opinion
Revolving on may gears like pinion
Value can be in term of 
Capital and rental return
Architectural and ancestral concern

By: Shashikant Nishant Sharma 

Fight With Delight

Stopping the fight
Wish to hold you tight
Set everything right
Stay near my sight
You are my true delight
Whole day and Night
Don’t let happiness get blighted
Keep the candle of love lighted
Hold you close not by might
But love so pure and bright
Setting new love’s height
Be my queen and me your knight
Only love should rule the relation
Live life with love, passion and emotion
Be frank and upright
For you a poem I write
Remembering your love bite
Being quiet and polite
Your presence does excite
Your lovely eyes do invite
Not to sleep tonight
Fight but fight with delight
Turning off the light

Shashikant Nishant Sharma ‘साहिल’ 

First Rain of Monsoon

In the month of May
The Summer does sway
The first rain of Monsoon
The drizzling started very soon
The weather is so pleasing
In the evening
The breeze is blowing
the leaves are hovering
At the tender touch of rain drops
Rain is good for upcoming crops
The nature get rejuvenated
Spirit of living life elevated
Water in the form of rain
Never goes in vain
Whether India, England or Spain
People wish rain to come again
Pouring in the valleys, raining in the plain
The thirsty Earth values the rain
After the rain sky is clear
The shining leaves become dear
Listen to the music of nature
New melody of every creature
Flattering of the leaves together
Soft gargling sound of water
Enjoying the rain with pleasure
Writing poem on beauty of nature

Shashikant Nishant Sharma
{Written on 12 May,2012 on experiencing the soft touch of first drizzle of the Monsoon in Delhi. The weather was unforgettable and moments cherishable.} 

Rise High

I will rise high so high,
that i will take those stairs,
that will take me to the sky.
I will rise high so high.

I will be on the top of this world
and the whole world beneath me
I will take every pain and trouble
to rise high and the reach the sky

today their is water in my eyes,
the only ambition is to rise high.
Don’t know what to do right now,
because nothing is visible to my eyes.

I cant hear my voice right now,
as i m stubborn with darkness that resides in me.
Their was a huge pitfall in my life,
that made me blind forever emotionally.

Today their is sadness in my eyes,
the only ambition is to rise high.
But one day i will be strong enough,
to make my own decisions to rise high.

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