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“Ensuring Safety with Automotives”

Automotives have been an important part of our lives and have helped make life much easier and travel more comfortable. The development in science and technology and with the industrial revolution gave manufacturing and production a new standard to work and provide better and new products but also work to unemployed people. Cars, trucks, bikes have  helped humans to reach their favourite places without any thought and within some minutes or hours of travel. Aircraft and airships have not only enabled people to travel to different parts of the world but also to different planets. Thus, advancement in technology and new ideas have helped humans to turn their dreams Into reality. 

These automotives have been a part of our life since ages and we have seen advancment in their structure, in their material and their engines. Every new model of these automobiles has better average and efficiency along with better aerodynamics and looks. 

But the problem with these automotives is the risk factor, which hasn’t seen any decline, rather for most cases has seen a great hike. People lose their life in manor accidents happening all over the world. But no significant changes or policies have come up as such. These automotives are very expensive but still lack to provide surety of life in case of any mishappening. These automotives must be impact resistant and should be able to stay rigid in case of accidents so as to make the life of the person sitting in it safe. 

The bitter truth is that, in spite of development in materials and manufacturing techniques, most of the automotive companies are bound to their older ones, which not only enable them to make much if profits but also are easy to manufacturers. Also the main issue is with the knowledge and skills of people. Most of the people do not know the better and best alternatives to most of the material used in these automotives which not only provide strength to the structure but also absorb most of the impact. The main reason is also the loss of profit share, as most of thee. Material cost more and they can’t afford much of these investment to be done, as they still had to keep the proves same, as if they will increase, people might not even buy them, which thus significant leads to lack of selling of these automotives or if it happened, the company profit share would reduce. 

People should also understand the importance of their life and must ask for the Return on investment which is their right as they are spending high amounts of money in buying these automobiles. Maybe in future better alternatives must be seen in the marketplace, assuring safety of the individual travelling in it. New materials are being into researched which  would effectively used for making these automotives which not only will maintain the profit share but also will stay strong, rigid, impact resistance and thus will assure life of individual and safe travel possible. The only need is for the companies to understand and care for their customers, provide them the value for the product and thus making traveling much safer.