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A story has no end- sister from another mother!

Friendship is such a beautiful word that evolves entire world around it. A friend is someone when in tough times we have them as our back. ‘A friend in need is a friend in deed,’ Is a true saying. No wonder why friendship matters a lot to some people, they sacrifice every possible thing for their friends(only in exceptional cases but still people do sacrifice for their friends.)A friend can be your childhood friend who knows everything about you or someone whom you have known for a year or less. Their is no judgement criteria in between friends. They can say straight to their face, and may get a reply in more sarcastic way. Friends need not to have a matter of conversation everyday, but you know that it will not affect your friendship. May be they cannot help you but they make sure that atleast they listen upto what you are going through. They may not have solutions to your problems but you can make sure that their is always a person who I’ll lend their ears to us. Every doesn’t need a 3am friend but they do need a 3pm friend to whom they can go and cry their heart out. They can burst literally into any emotions without being judged.

There is always this comparison between the friendship of boys and girls. No wonder boys play their role as a friend perfectly, they may show up at anytime you call even at night. They may probably fall into any kind of mess for you. They have a strong bonding with you as of real brother. Simultaneously girls too have great bonding. They may not show up at night but will surely understand your emotions. From sharing clothes to sharing secrets they’re standstill by your side. Even they fall into mess for their friends.

Presenting you a sweet story of two friends.

It was very difficult for her to leave Rajasthan and live in Hyderabad as they were shifting states. She was just nine, when her parents decided to shift the state for the business pupose. It was a complete different surrounding which she was encountering with. New city, new school, new class, and most importantly
new friends. It was the toughest job for her to handle all these things as she was introvert. It was the year 2009, late july when she took admission and was in 4th class. The time when school had done with there unit test 1(UT1). She was facing difficulty for each
and every thing starting from completing notes to making friends in the school. As she was new in the class, a girl seemed to help her out and make her comfortable.
That friend helped her in completing notes as well as introducing to other friends. She was full of enthusiasm and was a fun loving person, kind of extrovert, and joyful. That gave strenth to that new girl. Both were from the same state Rajasthan. But she grew up in Hyderabad itself. So here come’s the main factor which has connected both the girl’s. Both were good at studies, and did well in their finals. Days passed and the friendship between them grew stronger. Social media and apps were not so popular back then, but calling absolutely was in trend. Called each other multiple times a day. Her friend worked as alarm to her. New girl got eyesight and had to wear spectacles and to acompany her, her friend lied to have minor eyesight and brought specs as well. They decided to take same tuitions and stay side by side. But nature had different plans. The new girl again had to shift to different place but in same city, simultaneously even changed school, both parted their ways and lived a different life without each other. Still they had connections and shared the same bonding..all thanks to the mobile. Even after that nature didn’t seemed to have them side by side..,they always ended up parting paths in either ways. Fast forward to adolescence..,they couldn’t get along to take admissions in the same colleges and ended up in different colleges. Still as time passes their bonding becomes more stronger than before. And are best friends forever..,yes bff goals

Okay., so, this is basically me and my bestfriend Hemakshi. This is my acknowledgement towards her. The story might sound silly, ordinary and have several loopholes and fast forwards but want to be thankful and grateful to her to stand by my side when no one stood. Thank you, and love you to the core.


Extroverts vs Introverts.

Introversion and extroversion is beyond the categories of one being talkative and other being quiet..,one being outgoing and other being shy. There’s always this comparison as to which category you fall into, an introvert or an extrovert!? A person tend to have these tendencies…either introvert or extrovert, or may be both probably depending on the situation i.e., Ambivert(one who falls in between both the spectrum). Personality of a person is based on how one is responding in public and private.., Extroverts tend to be outgoing in nature and adjust themselves in the crowd where as introverts can’t stand out in public, it exhausts them. Extroverts are good at mingling and love to gain attention on the other hand introverts are reserved and hate having cynosure. Well, in terms of consideration of society an extrovert tends to be an asset as they are mingling, full of enthusiasm, outgoing and fun loving person. While the introverts looks kind of boring, out of the world, lost in thoughts, taking time in mingling etc., They presumes them to be a slow-witted person.

You may fall in either of the categories.

~Extroverts wants to be in the limelight to get the attention in the public and wants everyone to lend their ears towards them. Introverts are always anxious about being the centre of attention, they hate cynosure. They are the great listeners and a great adviser. They may go numb and blank if they gets unwanted attention, this is why they avoid gatherings.

~Extroverts easily gets hit with the boredom when left alone, that’s why they can’t be alone, they always wants some or the other person to be around them and have a matter of conversation. Introverts wants solitude, spending time alone and recharging themselves, minding their own business.

~ Extroverts may be outgoing in nature but they might not mingle with opposite gender. While gender isn’t the barrier for introverts as soon as they find a company alike.

~Extroverts articulate by speaking their heart out and ideas, they are expertise putting forward to their ideas. Introverts articulate themselves by writing their heart out as it is the best way for them to put forward any ideas.

~Extroverts may initiate the conversation and have a quick exchange of convos. Introverts aren’t easy going. They takes time to mingle. Analysis and interpreting the person first will let them have the conversation.

~Extroverts can have a casual conversation, they can talk literally about any topic, also, if they doesn’t know much about it they keep bragging their opinions. Here the small and normal conversation annoys introverts, they love deep conversations. They don’t speak until it’s necessary, or the topic is of their interest or they really want to interact to.

~Extroverts may have a group to enjoy with and rely on, but introverts will have only two or three by their side whom they really rely on, or probably just their family.

~Extroverts can multitask things and in leisure time they may show upto their friends home or party out. Where as introverts believe in doing one task at a time with core perfection, and spend leisure times recharging in solitude.

~Extroverts may not have any stage phobia as they already have an idea of dealing with the centre of attention and attraction, while an introvert may faint, and go numb straightaway as they didn’t encounter cynosure. Only in exceptional cases. It may be other way round.

Its not always mandatory that these all will be the cases with extroverts simultaneously with introverts.

Other than Introverts and Extroverts there are two other spectrums too, which can be performed according to the situation.

Ambivert:- Ambivert is someone who slant in between introverts and extroverts. Someone who has the charismatic personality to speak and put forward their ideas simultaneously good at listening too.

Omnivert:- Omnivert means they can be both Introvert as well as extrovert. As in party or outing they can be intrigued as Introverts, while at home being comfy they can be themselves as Extroverts.

O Tiktok kabhi mat aana!!

Tiktok, tiktok, tiktok! I am literally happy as tiktok got banned permanently. Now will be reported with the real unemployment rate.(If you understand sarcasm) I personally hated this app as people were so much into it that they didn’t know if something like this happened then how would they respond. Tiktok was getting on nerves of those people. They have lost their senses and stared behaving with the immense insanity. Not only youths but the aged people were no less than giving their part of share. No wonder why India still is a developing nation even with the high technological development. Tiktok was dominating everyone in every possible way. When I say tiktok then the only thing I can imagine is the ‘cringe content.’ Then now Tiktok has really made the half of the nation go insane and made them play on their fingertips. The so called lip sink which they called as their talent or content has been stopped for real.(The same struggle as of Ananya pandey did has finally come to an end.) They were living the fake lifes as of actors. Imagination is for sure a real thing, as imagining never stops us to get us utter disappointment. But for now what bothered me was their reaction on the ban of tiktok and the hate they are spreading towards Our Honourable Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi. You may have heard the popular saying ‘beating the fool is always better then explaining'(well, emotions can be better explained in Hindi only.., Murkho ko marna sora, samjhana dora!)

Tiktokers after its ban!

29th of June 2020 is the real pandemic day for Tiktokers which really hit them harder than this coronavirus. This virus which still can be cured but the other one couldn’t unless it was uprooted permanently. As the news were announced people felt pathetically ill, as if oxygen supply has been stopped for them. People got so mad at Modiji that they started disrespecting him. Are they for real a citizen of India!? Have they gone mad or what? What they are thinking of themsleves.., have they totally lost as soon as they heard the ban of this shitty app.(sorry to use harsh words over here but really they are getting on the nerves.)

Have seen some reaction videos after the ban of this app. They are acting as if someone have had scammed them and took away their property their inheritance. They no longer are the heir of that app which only and only gained false/ fake publicity. People were absurdly investing their time in creating their so called talented videos which takes hours to shoot for. Dear brother and sister..If you are this talented then why don’t you try in Bollywood! In the near future probably others will be lip sinking your video’s but only if you had talents. And those who really were talented as in drops in the huge ocean then they surely will find a place as no one can stop the real talent to flutter. They will get their share of recognition for sure, whichever the platform they perform on.!!

Tiktokers showing their disappointment over ban on other online platforms by creating videos. Heard people say that it might be a small criteria for Modiji but for them it matters alot, they are crying like anything man..seriously this much it affects them irrespective of how China and India are having disputes. Some wants to leave this country over this matter.., then please leave no one will stop you(Pehli fursat mein niklo.., koi zarurat nahi hai is desh ko tumhari! Instead you are the one pinning hole in the plate you ate!), not even your parents as for such small issue you created a big mess, a big fuss. Some says that as they banned tiktok that’s alright but will never use the Indian alternative apps. Then you only be doing good to yourself, living a real life other than the fake world, you will be facing the reality and that’s equally good for the nation as well as for you and your family. Even your parents would feel happy that their kids are not just absurdly wasting their time changing the dresses multiple times, purchasing unwanted stuffs, dancing and lip sinking foolishly.

Read a comment in a YouTube comment section where a daughter of a soldier wrote her heart out as how people without considering the conflicts over India and China dispute are struggling over this silly topic. Her father is a soldier in the Indian army and she feels ashamed as her father is struggling for those who don’t care in the first place and are ready to leave the nation over a banning of app. Even after China allegedly stabbing hardly, it doesn’t matter to them as they don’t have anyone to loose other than their fake followers. This should have been the other way round. Tiktokers should have been sent to the Borders to experience how it feels to serve to the nation and take bullets for those whom they don’t even know! Truly speaking, from each house one should stand to serve the nation.(I myself is a coward and don’t find enough courage to go but I will really try my best if given a chance) This is why reel life heroes are given more respect.., they are overrated and the real life heroes doesn’t even get the consideration they deserve.

Ps:- Wrote more than enough on this topic..,blabbering over this topic feels relieved. Find Peace and live with peace. Thank you : )

You,me & water.

One of the major threat to our mankind is that of water scarcity. Though we are surrounded with the 70% of water of which only 2.5% is fresh, rest other is saline and ocean water. Water demad is expected to drastically increase by 2050, people would be running out of fresh water. Agricultural sector would be using 70% that of fresh water as the population is increase rapidly and is expected to overtake China in the near future. Water is one of the essentials for the survival of life which we are taking for granted until we really face the crisis in the coming decade or two. Mega cities, and metropolitan cities may surely be developing in the IT sectors, but the slum areas are facing the water crisis.

Water scarcity has always been the one of the underrated problem as no genuine steps are taken from the government to over come this situation which may turn hazardous in the future. Its reported that almost by 2025, 2/3rd of the population here in India will be facing the immense water shortage. Even in this fast growing era of technologies, innovation, infrastructure facilities.., we are lacking in reservations of water, we are lacking in restoring water. People are misleading and wasting water as they have water facilities available in their area. It doesn’t affect them in the first place as soon as they are having their part of share. People living nearby to the river bank find it difficult as the water are contaminated with the industrial wastes, drainages, water pollution, and those practicing spiritual prayers to the dieties by offering flowers and what not.(No personal hate over religion or anything. But people should understand that that will be taking years in filtering). Those living in the cities with the good water supply will never understand the value of drops others are craving for. Some part of India is facing shortages, on the other hand some places are having good fortunate monsoon weather and relatively no shortages are faced. While the part of the country may suffer under drought on the other hand part gets flooded.

Speaking globally, back then the war would be declared over the resources available in countries looting them to their respective countries by winning over them and seemingly in the future that might turn up for the shortages of water. The countries may run into the wars over the water resources and it might turn into a huge disaster. Globally, around 850 million people are short falling for the clean drinking water, and millions are from India. Because of it women’s and children are suffering in the first place. Women’s has to travel miles to meet the water needs which results in affecting their health. And due to the unavailability of clean and fresh water.., kids are suffering from the diseases such as diarrhoea and dying out of it.

Whatever comes for free are taken for granted. And whatever is taken for granted will eventually be taken away- Tiny buddha.

“Guru purnima”

Wanted to write about Mother since the long time but was just waiting for the right time… What can be more appropriate day than today ‘Guru purnima.’

A brief note for Guru purnima as how it all started. Guru purnima is celebrated to express our gratitude and respect towards our Gurujan(Guardian). A guru/ guardian can be in any form and in any field, they will always have your back till the end. Guru’s are worshiped and are tributed with ‘Guru dakshina’ on this day. The word guru has been derived from Sanskrit, ‘gu’ means the darkness,negativity and ‘ru’ means light, removal of darkness and positivity. Our guru enlighten us with the light of positivity. Guru’s are those who make our aura fill with the positivity and opportunities.

Your first Guardian is your mother no doubt. As she has been there since the day you took birth. The day you are born your mother becomes your Guru your Guardian angel. The basic etiquette are taught by our mother. She has the true essence of guru. Guru’s are known for their professionalism. But its not that they should be literate enough to teach us the lessons as life lessons are more important than the bookish knowledge which we are receiving now.

The word Mother has such a elegant beauty in itself that it feels pure bliss. The one who is closest to your heart and have been in the hard times with you standing erect as a wall for you. Your hard times are directly proportional to her hard times. Also she may scold you but its her right, she scolds because she doesn’t want you to fall into any cliche. She has such pure heart that small gesture from you will makes her immense happy. She doesn’t want you to purchase any luxurious things for her but to spend some quality time with her and talk to her about her favourites, likes and dislikes. On her birthday and on Mother’s day posting on social media for the show off purpose will bring you she viewing your story on Instagram, facebook, or any other uploads by you!? Your time and your compliment is all what she needs! This is what makes her happy and not those posts and stories which only your friends would be viewing which ultimately means to show off. There have been many books written on the glory, love, affection of a mother towards her child. When its about her child then economic or financial crisis doesn’t seem to break her away, She does every possible thing irrespective of the status of their living. Even her biggest problem turns out to be nothing when her child come up with ‘their problems.’ No matter wherever you are she will call you and always ask you about your well beings and will ask if you had your meal. Sometimes you might forget to ask her about her wellness but that’s not in her case. Try to spend some quality time with her before it turns out to be your biggest regression. Show her that you love her. Your post will only show your love to your friends and followers not to your mother so instead show her that you genuinely do care and love her.

PS:- Me and my mother shares a strong bonding. We are like tom and jerry(Don’t take it in wrong conception, talking about the bonding they share) we do fight with each other like them; ) & give back to back answers to each other and laugh at it. She is extremely savage in giving answers with not the meme’s one but the real life sarcasm. She is a true role model for me.

‘Hyderabad’ the best city to live in!

The capital city of Telangana ‘Hyderabad’ has been declared as the best city to live in. Proud to say that it has been ranked as the best city to live in since five straight year’s in a row according to the survey held by Mercer’s quality of living. Often called as the city of pearls. Why Hyderabad is best city to live in? Lets find it out.

Reasons as why it is the best city.

1) Weather:- It has the pleasant weather. Whether it be any season it serves you plentiful. You can enjoy the weather to the fullest. Be winter days, rainy days, or monsoon you have to bear with the sunny days(April to June). Since 10 years or more, hyderabad has been reported to have the increased temperature in the summer. As its metropolitan city and is developing rapidly in terms of infrastructure, technology, and seemingly increase of industrial sector leads to the deforestation which in turn is causing such weather.

The sapling plantation is covering the greenery yet needs to be covered fully. GHMC is planning to have 27 parks across the city. Also people should take a stand too to share their part of job as a responsible citizen.

2) Safest city:- No wonder hyderabad is safest city as compared to other metropolitan and mega cities. Hyderabad has become lesser safe as compared before. Eventually there is no such place where crime doesn’t takes place. But comparatively here we have less crime rate.

This city is also safe for kids and women and they can travel alone during the day time as well the early evening. (And personally myself being living here, then I feel safe side here.)

3) Quality of living:- For the past 3 years it has also been ranked as best Indian city for the quality of living in Hyderabad. Talking about essentials and groceries then, the prices are quite reasonable. The rental rate is not high in addition the electricity units are less. But in the old city people might face the water scarcity.

HI-TEC city is an abbreviation of Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy City is the major attraction as its the IT hub.

4) Cuisine:- Hyderabad is best known for its Biryani basically non-veg, but it doesn’t disappoint you as it serves with the best dosa, idli , sambhar vada..perks of living in south! You can find it in each and every corner available to you even in the mroning at 4 am. And trust me people visits in the cars in the early morning to have the brunch.

Be it veg or non-veg, Hyderabad doesn’t fail in serving you with the best food. Its also famous for the ‘Karachi biscuits’ and ‘Paradise biryani’

5) Heritage:- Hyderabad is famously know as the city of pearls which once were ruled by the Nawabs. It has become the major tourist attraction for both the Indians and the foreigners. The monuments and the historical places defines the true culture and the essence of the city.

There are several places to visit to insight the historical monuments and the glory of Hyderabad. Charminar is the most famous place, following the Golkonda fort, Chowmahalla palace, Mecca masjid (the largest mosque in the India) Qutub shahi Tombs, Falaknuma palace has the elegant beauty, Hussain sagar lake where the twin cities meets.

Lastly, people around here. They have the friendly and mingling nature towards the visitors, they’re humble and approaching and no racism can be find here. The language(Telugu) is quite complicated. But if you are good at Hindi then there is no language barrier as every other person knows hindi here. And the Hyderabad has its Hyderabadi language which is indeed impressive and humorous.

Give a chance to yourself to visit this city. Trust me it will not disappoint you.

Why history as a subject is taught to us.

History is the major reason when boredom hits us hard in school premises. If the history period is after the recess then you are finished, you have to listen just theory that too the past of some random country which will in turn make you fall sleepy. As a school student I wondered why history is added as a subject, why we need to know about the thing which already happened..,moreover why do we need to learn the history of other countries!?? This is the most difficult task for some student’s and other side some student’s love this subject(kaise karte ho bhai..??…sigh!). Let me ask you why history is taught to us, also of other countries which doesn’t matter to us in the first place!?(this is what i used to think and hated the concept of studying history.) Do students really need to know about the history of their nation as well as the other nations? Well, as far as I think, history is important if it’s of our own nation. Studying history can provide us with insight into our culture of origin..getting facts of our own country will add up to our knowledge so as to how people used back then. We get to learn about the culture, the revolution, the disasters, the ruling of emperors, etc.,

Our own nation:-

We can get the better understanding of ourselves only the way when we get to know about the past..minding not only about ourselves but of others. What we are now, is the representation and modification of the past as others lived back then. We are the modified version of the past. We get to know about the ancient era their habitats, how they earned for their livelihood and all the sort of works which were manly and manmade as machines were not discovered. Understanding past gives quick idea about the norms, social instincts, rituals which were practiced back then and are still in consideration but we are slowly backing off. To enlight the culture then there is high time we need to know about the then culture which were in practice(not being superstitious but which are necessary as to our religion.) The relaxations and facilities we have for the transportation didn’t existed back after knowing the situation and resources available at that time…here at present people discovered and introduced many sources. Not only transportation but there are various things other than this. The source of entertainment, sources for education, breaking Linguistic barriers, eventually availability of resources but lacking in utilising them and many more. This was all about our nation (for ones own nation if you are from abroad).

Learning about foreign countries:-

Is there really a need to know about the history of other countries?? Then the answer has the probability of 50-50. Firslty why my answer is 50-50 is because it depends on the interest of the individual. One may find it boring while the other might find it interesting to know about the other countries. Secondly getting knowledge will do no wrong but will eventually add up more. We will only and only get more knowledge which is no harm and will made you more knowledgeable. It is not important that others might follow the same culture as we do. When we study about the past of the world then only we understand as to why the world os the way it is! By studying who they are and suffering through different situations made them what they today. By seeing them ‘as they are’ without judging by our own mental standards. We can learn through others mistake not just individually but as a whole nation(we are taught that we should learn from others mistake and try not to committhe same.) Talking about Indians who are at high position in foreign nation would have thoroughly gone through the history of those countries to deal with their situation, which can be done by understanding them from the start, from the basic which is why learning world history tend to be important. If we don’t focus on histort then ultimately we will end up recreate the history.., as it is said that history repeats itself. So we should not be self-centred, and try to learn other countries culture too.

“We study the past to understandthe present, we understand present to guide the future. ” -William lund

“Body shaming”

People find it as humour to body shame a person. Not just probably a girl but a boy too. Both the genders in some or the other way gets trolled. Everyone says that ‘No one has the right to judge someone’ but does it anyways. We are not taught to minding our own business. Some or the other way we find the way to the judgement criteria. We are bound that way, heard our elders directly or indirectly criticising the people around us…the content which is shown in the TV is highly focused on the body shaming. Shows like The Kapil sharma show, koffee with karan, and various Indian shows focuses more on that of the physical appearance and outer beauty. The actor and actresses are choosed on the basis of their appearance, and we as a viewer are responsible..there profession is that and they have to be as such. When we choose our role models as the actors and the actresses then its pretty obvious that we will be bound to look the same kind of beauty around us. From the tender age the meaning of beauty is shown us (women as) the perfect zero size figure, with curves wherever required, fair complexion with the pretty lashes, brows and lips, and the other side(Men as) with 6 pack abs, macho look, manly shoulders, with perfect cut biceps, fairer from skin, with moustaches and beards…Irony is if men doesn’t have moutaches and beards then they are no longer called as men..height of stupidity. If they lack in any of these then should spend on ‘plastic surgeries.’ When the veteran actors and actresses themselves need to get surgeries done then how we can compare the ordinary people with them to be with same postures. Are you getting what am I trying to say!? Our mind has the inbuilt scenario created as to how the perfect beauty will look like. Since, that is what we are seeing from our childhood.

Even sometimes our parents fail to understand us..not in all cases but in some. They in the pressure of the society and ‘4 log milenge toh kya kahenge‘ mentality are trying to change their children’s mindset and postures. This society sucks I am telling you..if you are fat, they be like don’t just concentrate on eating; when you are thin they be like don’t you eat enough or are you going through depression..suffering from malnourishment; if you are tall enough then you will hear them saying you will not look good, simultaneously goes with when you are short and they be like you’ll not the find perfect match…,Yes here we are, this is the last phase where everyone comes to. When ‘Kundli milan’ or matching the appropriate ‘gunn’ of the boy and the girl then that speaks just about the sacraments of both, then just deal with it, why focussing on the outer appearances. I know this generation is all about the outer beauty and the physical appearance and all thanks to the social media and fakeness all over it.

We fail to understand our friends who suffers through such kind of trauma. Instead we are somewhere the culprit too to encourage such kind of behaviour. Sometimes even we criticise them for their appearance and try to make fun out of them but only those who gets bullied know how it feels. You make others suffer unless you become the real sufferer. This generation is all about these topics with some exceptions..and it is really out of hand to change the mentality of the people until they themselves really want to change. But from now on teach your kids to not to differentiate among the people and to stop making fun of others as kids learn whatever they see around them so teaching them from the very young age will probably bring the change in the future if not now. And talking about Now then it has been ruined. We look upto it as humour unless we ourself suffers through it. Try to stop yourself and even your friends from judging others on the basis of their appearance as you will be doubting the creation as the creator is none other than God!!

Ps:- To those beautiful people around it feels to be Gods favourite ; )

Salute to the soldiers.

During this lockdown the more of the suffering is to the Indian army..both mentally and physically!! Serving at the border even in this crucial crisis.., The risk of their life at the border as well mingling with the people in this horrific circumstances as the cases are growing rapidly. Indian army has always lended help whenever and whereever needed whether it be natural disaster or manly disasters, they are suppose to help as its their duty as well as responsibility being a soldier. Serving to the nation and for the nation even after knowing that the next second they will be alive or not..! The risk of that is always on the peak as they don’t know when the uncertainties may arise and they would lose ending up their lives. I know, death is uncertain for everyone…we don’t know what may happen to us the immediate second but the difference is that they know, there life is at highest risk and any second the bullet may hit them! From surving in the hottest temperatures to the coldest and risking their life’s for those whom they don’t even know but as a responsible Indian soldier and citizen of the nation they risk their lives. In the other countries..their army and the soldiers are treated with the respect and are disciplined towards them, but here in India they didn’t get recognition for what they did.., they didn’t get any respect and despite of that they get disrespected as the shameless citizens starts pelting stones on them!! The so called stars of Bollywood are called the heroes but these heroic gestures aren’t even taken into consideration. Even the current situation shows how the nation addresses the reel hero and the real heroes. The reel heroes should be addressed as star or just actors as they didn’t risk their lives and except for few who donated and served nation others didn’t even get affected by what is happening out of their artificial world. Talking about Sushant Singh Rajput, to be honest he was genuinely a true gentleman and humble natured person..I am sorry to take this topic..I am not at all disrespecting Sushant singh rajput..instead even I am deeply saddened by his sudden demise and is in utter shock while I heard this news but at the very next evening we were reported with the death of 20 martyrs of indian army. We just mourned for a day and then finished..yes finished, no one talked about it lateron. And till today their is hype all over for Sushant Singh Rajput…(Even for him the justice has to be surved as the sources are coming it to be as the planned murder and not suicide and people are demanding for CBI justification and it has to be done!! Sorryfor including this topic as it has to be heard). With this don’t conclude that I am against people who are worried about SSR’s death but I am comparing so as to how the people are treated here. There will be security all over for actors but there is no place for a soldier while they are travelling in the trains and are made sit on the floors. This has been so far we didn’t recognised the true heroes..I request you to show some respect and help them whenever they need as our small help is nothing when compared to theirs. I hope we start reapecting those who truly deserved and stop faking respect to the undeserving stars.

Thank you!


When the the ‘COVID-19′ was disvovered as pandemic then almost everywhere the lockdown has been announced. Here, in India people faced the crisis of lockdown due to this deadly virus started in the last weeks of March. When the cases were under control and people had the fear as the crucial consequences faced by China, Italy, USA,,,people were really afraid back then to come out of the houses. This lockdown have the positive consequences as well. These days just seemed like olden days where after 7 o’ clock people were not used to come out of the house, Spending time with family.., Watching epics of India ‘Ramayan and Mahabharat’ alleviating junkies and outside food..! Enjoying the pure home made food by our beloved mother.., Helping mother cleaning the house etc., Which taught us how to stick at home, how to avoid outside food, mingling well with family, watching some old Epics etc., The home looks proper home as everyone are home and sit together to have meals. The nature got healed it self, less of air pollution, the animals which were last seen in the late 80’s and early 90’s were yet again discovered. The animals again had the freedom… birds chirping were heard again..people were utilizing there terrace which were not given consideration before. People have less work load as work from home has been introduced and can work as per our convenience. Students has no tension as its vacation time..a long..long vacation..! But is a trouble for parents at the same time :/ 4 months has been completed of being home with some sort relaxation outside to buy essentials and to open shop for partial hours. Back then, when cases were less the fear of it was on peak and now the cases are crosing millions worldwide where the fear is almost nil for some people. The vaccination has been introduced and has got approval to test it on humans but the virus isn’t vanished..still the precautions has to be taken and almost for a year and half the mask and the sanitation has to be mandatorily followed.

Till then stay home, stay safe!!