Advantages of being a teenager

By Debalina Mukherjee

“His best companion, innocence and health. And his best riches ignorance and wealth. How happy he who crowns in shades like these. A youth of labour with an age of ease”These words were said by Oliver Goldsmith.
A teenager has the best of both worlds.If a teenager commits a mistake he or she is easily forgiven. Well, it is something to alin to, enjoying the fruits of adulthood without having to shoulder its responsibilities.
The best thing about being a teenager is that the elders and teachers take then seriously. Their individuality is respected and are taken for granted. Their life tends to changeA change is observed in their life. While beng children they wee asked to go and play while something important was being discussed, being a teenager they are often called up togive their views and opinions. This boosts their confidence and generates the feel of being important. In this stage may teenagers bend towards various sports and activities which in future becomes their profession as well. This is the stage when they get opportunity to excel in different fields. The can enjoy abandunt freedom without worry. But besides this they have to take may serious decisions of their life as well that can have a major effect on their future.They have to sit for various competitive exams as well. They always have a keen desire to achieve something big. The spirit of challenge and competition makes them more energetic and enthusiastic. They learn to be patient and to endure many things.They are least afraid of new challenges and accept life the way it comes. They can learn new things very easily.Teenage life is full of new experiences.They can accept and adopt new environments very easily. Maturity develops and a sense of responsibility grows within them. There are many examples where people have chosen their professions based on the passions that they had during their teenage like. Namely ,Sourav Ganguly and Sudha Chandran.According to me this phase can be called the golden period of anyone’s life and it should be thoroughly enjoyed before its brighness fades away with passing time. This is the time to gather knowledge and get ready to accept opportunities and swore like a golden eagle in the deep blue sky of learning and tend to fly through imagination. This stage of life is just like the Autumn season when everything is very beautiful and colourful.
To conclude the teenage life is the most beautiful and crutial stage of a person’s life but just as time and tide waits for none similarly this phase is very limited and short lived.I am pretty sure that if chance is given many of us would like to go back to our teenagr life and remain there only. But sadly rhat is not possible..We all have great memories of our teenage life which we all will be cherishing throughout our life.Every individual should utilize it to the fullest because it comes but only once.