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“Underwater lifestyle – Possibilities For Numerous Opportunities?”

Humans have been working hard since the inception of their life so as to make their life easier and comfortable. They have been traveling in the search of better food, water and shelter resources. All these efforts have resulted as the initial steps toward life we acknowledge today. With the latest technologies and gadgets, we humans have brought a wider change in our day to day lifestyle. But with all these coming years, a lot many changes have been seen, with growing population, scarce resources and thus fighting for basic needs. In the search for better life in prevailing problems of increasing population, and less land for providing the basic necessities like homes, hospitals, colleges, dumps for storing waste and a lot more, more and more alternatives are in the run to be opted. But the alternative ways which researchers are very fascinated about is the underwater lifestyle. What if we could breathe underwater . Anything is possible. And if this could have been possible or if this could be possible, it would open up a wide range of possibilities for humanity. 

So if humans could breathe underwater or by technology we can make our gene different and can breathe underwater it would help us:


  • Remain underwater for a while and thus research better about the things underneath the water. 
  • Construction would be easier as we do have machines which can operate underwater but not manual workload. This would help us do that.
  • We can discover more resources, hidden underwater and have not been found yet.
  • We would be able to travel underneath.
  • Various other possibilities for increasing population and fulfilling their needs.
  • We could even enjoy swimming with other aquatic living beings, this would bring a different level of excitement.
  • We must also observe these water resources to be clean enough, since humans won’t like living in a polluted environment.


It all seems that the possibility for humans to breathe underwater would help humans to find the problem to find space and many others but we humans are not meant to live under water unless we include technology. But if we would have been able to breathe underwater, our life’s would have been different, since aquatic life would have been affected the most and water would also have seemed a lot more crowded. This is the possibility if we would have been able to breathe, but since we cannot breathe, so if we still find alternatives through technology, our bodies’ would respond differently since our body would not not react accordingly. Our bodies would soon get affected and we would suffer hypothermia. Also we would be requiring  spectacles for watching our surroundings, since our eyes cannot afford to watch in it. Also if we would, it would not be a clear view.. 

There would be other difficulties for humans if they went underwater in search of survival. But soon we need to find an alternative for the increasing population and it’s possible that we could shift to water for our survival in future times. This could be possible with all sorts of better technology for betterment of humans and not bothering the prevailing aquatic life. Tomorrow is a world of different possibilities, opportunities and outcomes and humans would definitely find out the better ways to survive and make their life the way it is and the way it should be. 


“The Outcomes Of Shifting To Cleaner Fuel Instantly”

We have been hearing from recent times that the problem of Climate Change and Global Warming is increasing and is leading to deteriorate our environment and its resources. Our glaciers have started to melt and air is hardly left cleaner to be breathed. All these factors have also led the life of humans and other animals to suffer. This has been caused due to human early efforts to find themselves the need for power and energy. The major revolution which brought a wider change to the ground reality and people was the initiation of The Industrial Revolution which not only helped people to get jobs and get employed but also helped various families to earn their basic needs and necessities. But with times we have found major sources of energy out of the natural resources and fossil fuels present in our nature and with times these resources have seen a greater loss and have been decreasing thus we are left with not much if resources. These have also led to spoil the climate of our environment as carbon emissions from the vehicles and industries which consume them for energy generation has led to increase in the carbon content in the atmosphere leading to rise of earth temperature and thus climate related problems. Thus we can see how bad have humans deteriorated this earth with their actions in search of a better life. 

So what can be the possible solutions in such conditions of difficult times. People do suggest that cleaner fuel and sustainable resources like wind and solar energy can be utilized to fight these prevailing issues. Solar energy is widely available energy and we can use it for better use along with wind energy also. But we can not directly shift to the use of much cleaner fuel and energy sources instantly because:


  • Most of the power still comes from the energy generated from coal in various industries and most of the countries still don’t have much if technologies to shift to these natural energy sources for power generation. 
  • 66% of power we consume comes from coal and other fossil fuel consumption. If we stop it, we wouldn’t not be able to get much power for our daily usage. 



  • Instantly stopping fossil fuel, would let a great stop to our travel and other related things as we would not have fuel to power them. 
  • We would not get out food and other necessities since we won’t have the sufficient sources for delivering them.
  • Plastic for storing food,making parts of machines and various things would not be possible as we won’t get energy for manufacturing it.
  • But also the main problem would stay for many decades as according to scientists, they believe that the carbon emissions and other gases are trapped in the atmosphere and thus would require time to get away. 


This is the right stage and time for humans to understand the need to shift to much cleaner sources of energy. It’s not possible instantly since there would be a lot of problems doing so , but we can at least start small, by slow building technologies and fuels which would be Eco-friendly and safe for us as well as earth and much cleaner to that which we use at current time. We all need to step together in this journey for better future and thus save this planet slowly but effectively. 

“Nuclear And Other Sustainable Sources For Cleaner Energy.”

Humans have been working in the field of generating power and energy in different forms. We in this 21st century require energy for different aspects, be it for cooking food, fuel for travelling, for running industries and many more. We have been using natural or fossil fuel for generating power, petrol, diesel for fuel in cars and other vehicles, coal for powering industries and even generating power and many more. Thus these resources have helped us to make our lives more comfortable and easier. But With times the utilization of these fossil fuel and natural resources, our environment has seen decline in its ability to provide better and cleaner output. Our natural resources be it air or water, have seen a greater degradation and our food resources have become in health. Also concentrating in the fact that these fossil fuels have also been decreasing as are expected to exhaust soon. The point to consider is what next then? We are in the situation that if we use these fossil fuels, our environment would get affected and also phenomena like climate change and global warming would increase if we stop using them, we do not have a better mode of power generating at a certain notice. So what can be done? 

We have been working in the field of generating power through nuclear energy. This is expected to be the most cleaner and effective way of generating power. These have been in existence for a while but still we do lack proper knowledge of how to better use it since it is a risky source of power generation and humans are at the risk in operating it, we have been using it less. But nuclear power can be the future for generating power. These have enormous power to generate enough energy for the population and their needs to be fulfilled. But the question to its usage is the economical and health aspects. These plants and their installation cost a lot to the economies and also the health issues are enormous. We do not have much skilled labor and people to operate these machines. 

We know that these nuclear power are effective but not 100% secure. So we must shift to better and cleaner along with safe mode of power generation. Solar energy and power through windmill are an effective source but their installation as well as most of the countries do lack much of skilled labor to shift to these technologies. Also if we do stop the usage of these pollution causing fuel, it still would require many decades to solve the issue of global warming and climate change. So we must develop more and more cleaner modes of energy generation so as to make our earth a better place with better and cleaner sources. Energy and power generation is an increasing need for the population around the world and we must shift to operate better and best ways of energy generation as soon as possible. The prior need of the hour is to understand the requirement to save our environment and the resources in it and make our earth the way it was. 

“White holes – Real Or Hypothetical?”

Space has been a place of mysteries for humans ever since we have started studying it. Various phenomena happening in there and science related to it has always fascinated more and more to know much about the place we live in. These all ideas and researches have helped us increase our knowledge about space but still a lot is still pending to be found and various theories yet to be solved. We have heard about black holes and their power to let anything in and not let it out and how even light cannot escape it this is considered to be a destruction factor for anything which travels around it and thus gets into it. The significance of black hole was unknown until it’s provenance was recorded by scientists in 2017. So this has been a great discovery for us and various other theories which have been given by our scientist. 

But another theory which is till date considered to be hypothetical is the theory and existence of White Holes. White holes are entities with properties opposite to that of black holes. This means that instead of absorbing things and letting them into it, these holes push things out and resist anything to enter them. These consist to be hypothetical as their physical significance are still a doubt for the scientist. Physicists also question its existence since they believe that it doesn’t agree to the 2nd law of thermodynamics according to which the entropy of any object of something either remains constant or increases but does not decrease. But still many scientists believe that it could exist, which is because as we know that black holes do emit energy in the forms of radiations as given by Hawking’s radiation theory. So doing so they keep on losing energy and one day they get destroyed. “But the question is what next, what about the things gone inside it?”. This is where scientists think white holes form and during the death of black hole it converts into white hole and this gets everything out of it.It seems to be a valid theory and many scientists do believe in it. Also the story of how our space was formed is related to being from a Whitehole, like we know everything came out of a small dot and thus creates these things. It’s just a second thought on the big bang theory, but still scientist still doubt on its existence. 

But some pictures taken by nasa were fascinating and interesting which were related to what we are discussing about. In 2006 Nasa recorded a big supernova-like phenomenon some light years away with a time more than any other recorded till then. Soon after it was recorded that it just got lost leaving nothing behind. Scientists are relating it to be a white hole phenomenon.But assurity of these holes are still not found and also seeing the laws defined in our science, we do not see their existence. But also we know that many things in our space do not follow these rules and regulations and thus these holes may be one of them challenging our governed rules. 

So maybe in the future we would be able to visualize or see a phenomena of white holes at some distant light years with better technology and research work by our scientists and experts and thus we could convert another hypothetical theory into a reality. 


“Yoga – India’s Heritage”

India is known for its great culture and traditions, which are famous not only in the country but around the world. These have given humanity new definitions and ways to live life and the real way it should be lived. The ideologies and sayings from Mahabharata as well as obeying and respecting elders and every other person around us from Ramayana, teachings from Lord Buddha, and many more have been given by rich Indian culture. But along with the stability of mind and soul, our culture has given this world ways to remain fit and healthy also.Thus age old practice is widely known as yoga and India has been the place for its origin and it’s related study. Yoga is adopted as a way even science provided us the proves which has capability of providing health benefits. 

Yoga provides the best ways and rules which define the right way, right diet and right norms for any human to live life it’s meant to be. Yoga includes mantras, pranayama ( breathing exercises) and other physical activities which help humans to stay fit both internally as well as externally. Yoga provides every individual internal peace,removes all kinds of stresses, tension and pain and gives him/ her the knowledge of our older traditions and how our ancestors used to live with it. 

India is considered one of the best places to visit and perform the activities of yoga. Many people, every year travel distances around the world either to learn it and inculcate it in their lives or to learn and then bring the knowledge back to their places as trainers and teach there. Most of these yoga training centres and camps are concentrated near mountains and river places so as to give a touch of nature. Surrounding the beauty of nature, people live to perform these yoga exercises and activities, which bring them close to nature and feel every single part of it. Many places do offer free camps and workshops so as to increase the awareness of yoga and its benefits and motivate them to include it in their day to day routine. Also to celebrate the richness of it, we celebrate world yoga day on 21st of June every year. There are various programs and workshops which help people develop the knowledge of yoga and it’s enrichment in its activities. Any individual who wants to bring out peace and calmness in their life and also teach it to others as a trainer can learn it.

In today’s world where we see pain,stress, tension and various other social issues increasing, adulterants In Food , impure water and unclear minds, yoga provides an atmosphere for our brain to calm and helps to figure out best possible solutions at these tough times. It opens the doors of humans’ thinking abilities which not only helps to get better ideas and better approaches to find them. Yoga has proven to be a beneficial for humanity and following these activities and teaching we can bring the peace and freedom to actions along with spreading our age old traditions and culture around the world. 


“Moon Base – Possibilities And Associated Difficulties”

Humans have been interested in space and it’s associated phenomenon since ages. Which has really fascinated humans to go much deeper into space studies and know space better and solve the mysteries residing out there. This journey as we all know started as a fight between the two countries at the time of the late 50’s which were Soviet Union and The United States of America. But as soon as they came to know that it’s much bigger than just a competition, it became a field of much more investment of both money as well as research and new ideas. The first manual landing on the earth’s natural satellite changed the dimensions for humans as we could imagine humans travelling outside the planet and thus have a close look to space and its constituents. Considering all this, humans were planning to set up a proper human base, so as to develop knowledge about the age-old regolith present there as well as find better resources for human travel. 

This all sounds interesting and fascinating, but how easy it is to set up a proper base with humans working all around Or people visiting as travelers on it and many more scenarios. 


  • The first problem which is a major one is to shift such heavy material or construction material through spaceships to the moon, which will cost billions and trillions of dollars, and the cost of building would be different too.
  •  Also it’s not sure that these constructed bodies would be able to stand still and strong at the surface of the moon or not get affected due to gravity and other factors such as meteors colliding.
  • We know that the moon doesn’t have a proper environment or shield which would break the coming meteors on it, thus these meteors impact the moon and form crater or big holes on the moon. This is very risky for us as well as our human base as our efforts would get dissolved and a big loss for us if our base gets destroyed and humans get hurt.
  • Also we would be requiring much water, food resources for people working over there.
  • One of the other major areas of concern is the radiation from the sun, which comes directly and this could be very dangerous for people working over there.


But most of the solutions were found for building bases, as in 2014 , a company named Made In Space brought the concept of 3-d printing parts in space. They tested making things with some plastic and regolith (moon soil), and made things out of them. These were really strong enough of handle heavily stresses. Also it was mostly automatic with little interference of humans. Thus this technology can effectively be considered for building out things in space. Also scientists believe that, there are tubes under the surface of moons, which would not only save us from the meteors, but provide effective temperatures to work in, save humans from radiations and also save much of our resources building human base, as we could consider them for the same. But the only reason to worry is that we do not know that, either these tubes are active or not. Since these tubes as we know carry magma in them from the moon core, so if some of them still act to be active then that would prove to be a problem for humans. 

Scientists and researchers are working in the field of developing new technologies and systems which could surely turn out to be a key changer in the lifestyle of humans. Would help us to reach the farther of the planet and also make it feasible to even live on them. “But it’s not a task of years, it’s a task of decades and centuries, so our initial steps towards developing better can turn out to be a stepping stone for our future generation to see and live what we just dream of”. 

“Diet And Its Effect On Human Psychology”

Diet or food has been an important and essential source for survival of mankind. It provides the basic energy and elements helping us to perform day go day activities and keeping ourselves healthy and fit. Humans have been traveling since times in search of better food resources along with clean and pure water resources and better shelter opportunities. With time humans’ diets have transformed and have seen a greater impact on their behaviour as well as their health. Today most of the people try eating vegetarian and vegan food as compared to non vegetarian food. But along with that the concentration if junk food or food lacking basic nutrients have increased in the market as they offer better taste. This has surely resulted in a rise of aggressive behaviour and less level of patience especially among the youth. 

Scientists have researched on the topic of “How diet affects human psychology and What are the associated behavioural aspects as well”. They did find a great link between food and human psychology. There are various tests and experiments which show that eating junk food brings out more and more aggression among people , reducing patience level and filling them with feelings like anxiety and stress. There was an experiment testing the decision capacity of individuals after giving them both a nutrients rich diet and a nutrient deficit diet. It was recorded that the person who ate health was able to think and decide better as compared to other people. There were many other experiments which did show that people do get fascinated towards these junk food because of the it’s ingredients. It came up in studies that sugar is more addictive than cocaine and any other drug. Junk food has a good amount of sugar in it, so whenever people see these junk foods, they have an urge, which truly drives them to eat it. 

Scientists relate this aspect of humans with the food they eat as most of the just k food lacks essential proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and omega-3. Omega 3 is essential as it reduces blood pressure, heart related disease and prevents stroke. Other proteins, calcium and iron help the body to grow and remove daily muscle fatigue. Junk food contains sugar, which increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and most probably heart related diseases. That’s The reason why heart attacks and other problems related to cardio have seen a hike. People usually prefer these things so as to calm their Taste buds which they often do not get by eating healthy food, since most of it lacks taste. 

People should understand that especially in today’s era of pandemic  we need to make our immune system strong and make ourselves fit and healthy  but eating these unfit and junk food won’t let us grow better and healthier. One can have them but in a limit. Everybody has their own daily protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin limit  and if it’s not fulfilled, the body goes on degrading and the body seems dull and unhealthy. So one should try to eat better, healthier food, along with exercising on a daily basis, which will not only make them fit but also encourage other people in their surroundings to get fascinated by the results and will shift towards betterment and thus a better way of living with healthy humans all around. 

“Celebrating Plastic Bag Free Day And Finding Technological Aspects to fight with Plastic”

Humans have been developing science and technology so as to make their life more comfortable and easy. This humans have made some of the products which have proven to be boon for mankind. Such a product and material which has made life of humans more easier and comfortable.The ease of carrying material and storing them,manufacturing components and many more benefits have been available through this material to humans. Cost Effectiveness, light weight, easy to carry , rust resistance and many more things make this material the best to be used. But with times this has lead to deteriorate the condition of earth. This material as we know takes about 100-500 years to decompose and even more . These have led to pollution of our rivers, ocean sea and our land. 

We humans mostly focus on using plastic as single use plastic and throw it as soon as it’s used.This is especially for carrying bags. Every year, billions of waste material is recorded around the world with maximum concentration of plastic in it. People to get rid of this are starting campaigns which include recycle, reuse and even some believe in getting rid of it simply by burning, but a strong and well planned action to reduce and utilize the waste or stop product hasn’t been seen. 

So what can be done. As a campaign to stop the use of single use plastic every year, people celebrate “Plastic Free Bag day” on 3rd of july increasing the awareness about how plastic is bad for our nature, and how this problem is piling up, and would definitely lead to nowhere but doomsday


  • So people usually spread awareness about how plastic products can be utilized or reused most of which we threw away. 
  • People prevent the use of plastic bags on this day and prefer carrying a paper bag or a usual bag.
  • Most of the shopkeepers also do not prefer giving our things in plastic bags and aware people to use paper bags or cloth bags.
  • Most people go on hiking where they collect waste plastic things and recycle them or give it to the people who are good at recycling them and making the best out of waste. Most people also provide charities to these working individuals and this provides a helping hand in saving their earth.


We human surly need to understand, that we have polluted our earth with every kind of waste and destroyed its environment. Piling Up of waste, floating plastic In water in oceans and sea, disturbing aquatic life, polluted air, polluted soil and many more problems to be addressed which have made our life horrible . We surely need to shift toward better resources and material having the capabilities and abilities to give better results.Alternative to plastic and be the top contender to be utilized in place of it. The research work should be funded and people should prevent wasting and throwing plastic . Material possessing properties like lighter weight, cost effective nes and eco friendly must be initialised to be launched soon so as to get rid of the problems people need to come up with brighter ideas and reduce plastic waste or utilize in some better manner so that we make this earth better and cleaner and thus a better and purest place to live in. 

“Time Travel And Associated Paradox”

Humans have been fascinated towards time travel and have been developing technology to make it possible one day. The advancement in science has helped humans to make ideas turn reality. Space has always been a mystery to humans and we have always tried harder to solve them at the best of their possibilities. The idea of time travel and humans’ moment to past or future seems to be very fascinating, and humans believe that it is possible. But the fact that we cannot travel back to the era or to the future lies in the Einstein Theory Of Relatively. Which states that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light or in simple words it suggests that anything which is travelling with the speed less than light will never be able to move faster in it’s coming time or else to do so it requires enormous and endless power sources which we know that is not possible. 

But different findings have led the belief of scientists to increase in this area and  make those possibilities to be true. It is believed that we can move to other planets or parallel universes through a wormhole. Which is another hypothesis as their significance is still not found. Scientists believe that by creating a wormhole we can reach other planets and even past . There have been particles like tachyons   (Hypothetical) which are supposed to move faster than light. It is believed that with the help of these we can send messages to our past and even travel one day. 

Here’s is the paradox which do makes rise a potential question to do so. This is known as the Grandfather Paradox. According to this paradox it states the idea that if any person travels to time before their grandfather or sends a message before grandfather had children and if someone through that message kills their grandfather, it would raise a question to their existence. This paradox has been in discussion since ages and is considered a proper problem which really raises the question and theories related to time travel. 

Scientists have been working in this field of developing technology and doing research so as to rediscover particles or any technology which could help us to cross the barrier of time and travel in different years. But this is purely hypothetical since scientists do know that it’s hardly possible to cross the barriers of light and travel faster than it. We need enormous sources of energy or endless sources of energy to run any machine at a speed faster than it. It is still a belief of fiction but people do believe that whatever is thinkable can be achieved so scientists are working in discovering various other phenomena happening in space so as to get the idea of how space works and utilize those knowledge in future projects. The wormhole theory is a relevant theory which does enable human travel to other planets outside our solar system without breaking the famous theory of relativity but still we hardly find any wormholes and if they exist, they are expected to be very small enough for any spacecraft to enter. 

Scientist’s have been finding out different ways so as to make their dream turn reality. It does seem to be impossible but still some people have faith in their work and theories. Science has been bringing out hidden secrets about space with every trip of humans in it. Maybe in future we may be able to do time travel with better technologies, and thus new possibilities and opportunities for mankind

“Moon Landing And It’s Associated Key Discoveries”

 Humans have been bringing advancement and progress in their way of living their lives with the help of science and Technology. Working in the phase turning ideas and dreams into reality have brought the confidence within them, enabling them to tackle difficult barriers and errors easily. These technologies and gadgets we use have helped the life of humans more comfortable and provided the ease of doing work. These have been in action and got pace after the industrial revolution and since then no turning back. With the help of these humans have made machines, automotives, rockets,buildings and many more to solve the curiosity running all through their mind. The biggest curiosity which has fascinated humans and still does is space. Space has always been u known to us and we get attracted to this fact

The race to space which did start with the fight to win it between the top countries of Soviet Union and the US did result in possibilities of understanding space as soon as humans landed on the moon. The fight turned into a pace of learning and solving many curiosities related to it. The theory of formation of space is well known and we do call it the Big Bang Theory but the theory of formation of the moon was still hidden. There were many theories which suggested that it may have come floating in space from other place. The other suggested that the moon was a part of earth interior and earth spin at high speed which did throw it away in space and various other theories. Scientists wanted a theory or reality which they can believe upon. The Apollo mission helped in it. The first landing on moon, and astronauts walk created history. But as soon as they were returning back, they collected the sample of the surface of the moon, which changed everything. The sample was collected by Neil Armstrong as they saw they had some space in their shuttle to keep it. When they came back, the regolith was sent for analysis to understand what the moon surface is made off and what are the elements which may be present out there. Surprisingly they saw some white rock like particles which looked and scientists supposed it to be Anorthosite. It was something strange but also a great deal at that time as it could help us solve the theory of formation of the moon

Regolith is the moon soil which Neil Armstrong brought back on our earth. The curiosity of scientists increased as it was so fine that they were amazed to see such small particles of it. We know that the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere like earth, thus it doesn’t break any asteroid or meteoroid coming in it. This has happened for billion of years and thus created the sandy stuff on its  upper layer. So while examining it, they found many white particles which looked like Anorthosite. The fact about anorthosite is that it’s an igneous rock which means it’s a magmatic rock formed through cooling and solidification of magma. Anorthosite is lighter and less denser than various other things in magma. This suggests that the crust or the outer part of the moon is covered with anorthosite, which suggests that the moon was covered with magma all over. 

So the big question which arose was how could the moon have magma inside it? Later scientists brought a Giant impact hypothesis, which is widely accepted around the globe. According to these hypotheses, earth got smashed by a big size object or may be plants, which initiated or threw the melted clouds of this magma and particles outside which formed debris like that of Saturn rings, which got collected and that formed into our moon. This might have happened billions of years ago when our earth was newly born and was hot. These rocks are guessed to be the oldest rocks since the times of formation of our earth and later moon. 

Landing on the moon brought humans close to the less known facts of the moon and also its creation. It not only helps us to know the presence of other essential components and rocks such as oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron and many more. These space expeditions have helped humans to solve few of space mysteries and many more are in the run to be solved with frequent trips to space, various research and developments in this field and new ideas to reach more of other planets and get deep into secrets of space, increase more of our fascination towards various space phenomenon and thus open another phase of possibilities and opportunities for humans .