Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood. These are one of the pillars of the country which are gaining huge profits..not just profits but super profits. Movies really take us to the other world no matter what mood we are into. Act as stress buster, relief, make us feel joyous etc., Those 3 hours becomes magical as we are only focused on what the screen is displaying. Both kinds of movies are present, extremely good as well as extremely bad!! We cannot get an overview of the movie just by watching trailer as our expectation rises and the movie may turn out to be a flop. Not being pessimistic..just keeping my opinion.

Hollywood is extremely overrated in India as well as in foreign for obvious reasons as it gave many blockbusters and super duper hits. They have VFX beyond our imaginations be it fictional, or reality. One cannot assume the level of action scenes(Avatar, MCU, DCU series etc.,) people in India are huge fan of MCU series and the previous year release of Avengers end game broke many records, cam imagine the fandom here. People are going crazy over these movies despite of characters being fictional. There cinematography, scenarios take over the whole show. But there are some movies which are utter disappointment for people. There are both the kinds of content available..you need to watch the right one.

Bollywood is overrated as well. Comparatively even the bollywood gets lots of love from the audience. People are ready to spend a lot on Bollywood moviez by watching it over and over in theatre’s just being a fan of the actor/actress. Even it gave many blockbusters(Evergreen ‘3 idiots’, URI, Chichhore, super 30, Badla, Andhadhun) these are the content ful movie. The list is long enough to be mentioned. These type of movies are to be appreciated and to be look forward. But on the other side it also gave disastrous movies which is really a disappointment to us as a viewer, as an audience(Total dhamaal, loveyatri, Himmatwala, Humshakals, Tubelight) these kind of movies gains box office irrespective of their content. As an audience we failed to recognise the good content ful movies and just for the stardom and fandom made worst movies into hit, despite of getting negative reviews movies earned well at box office which shows that we can lick the foot of worst actor, star kids and can kick the good actors and their movies. We ourself supports starkids and rant online about boycotting. The good content ful movies were left unpopular and unrecognised movies like ‘nil battey sannata’ is a movie which will win your heart with its simplicity and innocence. The content is ordinary, yet the movie is unpopular that is not recommended by anyone, The Tashkent files is another movie beyond our imagination yet unrecognised by audience a must watch movie.

Tollywood is underrated. Except for having highly promoted movies everywhere, the other movies aren’t recognised at the first place. Baahubali series was a blockbuster in India and was worth watching. But the other movies which doesn’t have enough promotional events left unrecognised. South movies are focused only on contents irrespective of showing fairness, beauty, and status/standard of living. I know there are some movies which have these 3 propaganda’s but some don’t care about the colour, beauty, or standard…! Movies like 96, , fidaa, Ratsasan, Dear comrade, U’turn..these movies deserve more viewers. Even the worst movies teaches something productive and good out of it. I know, I know..the hindi dubbing sometimes fails to match the level of originality, and the songs were dubbed into literals meaning which turns into disasters. Even this also has good and bad verse. The action scenes sometimes are too much to handle. Just like bollywood, even this assassinates Physics: /

Both the kinds of movies are available, Good as well as bad but its us who has to watch as per content not for the fandom and for star kids.

The oscar winning movie of 2019 “Parasite”is indeed a thought provoking movie. The movie may seem boring at first but will keep you anxious at the scenes coming aftermath, comedy plus thriller will not let you move an inch by your seat so indeed it deserved the award. A must watch movie, highly recommended!!