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Bad Affect Of Cartoon Shows On Children

Watching cartoons has its own fun and benefits, but when this cartoon which entices children becomes an addiction, the matter is different. Do you know how cartoons affect children? Read to know more. Cartoons are becoming an essential part of the daily life of today’s children.
Numerous studies have shown that the habit of watching cartoons has a very bad effect on the imaginary power of children. They move away from the real world and real life.
It is better to sit on the couch and watch cartoons than to go out and play, which may be of some benefit. Here we will discuss how cartoons impact children.
Most cartoons do not use proper words. Because of this your child also follows them. Instead of talking, he prefers to sound like his favorite cartoon. Cartoons thus affect children.
The constant light coming from the computer or tab is not good for your child’s eyes. Spending too much time in front of these screens can affect your child’s vision.
They spend more time indoors due to the cartoon canache. They never understand the excitement of playing outside. Playing outside gives them an opportunity to understand nature and by this they remain active and energetic. Cartoons also affect children in this way.
A major reason for isolation and apathy among children is their excessive time spent in front of cartoons. They do not know the things happening around them. It also affects their social behavior.
Children who are used to watching cartoons eat only in front of the screen. This is also a major reason why children feel wrong and unhealthy habits of eating. The eating habits that children develop in childhood affect them throughout their ages.
Cartoon habit affects the social life of children. They do not like to play with children of their age and due to this they get separated from social life. When they get a chance to get mixed up with the society in the future, they get in trouble.
Children are more modern than their parents! We also once liked Tom Jerry, but our children are crazy about cartoons and video games that are based on violence. This is a serious impact of cartoons on children.

All the cartoon shows are coming on TV, children watch them keenly. Children are very happy to see Doraemon’s Gazettes, Ninja hammer feats, Perman’s slaves. Many children get entangled in this web of cartoons in such a way that they sit in front of the TV for hours and forget to eat and drink during this time. Some children eat only on condition of watching cartoons.
Overall, the cartoon show has become an important part of children’s lives, but the parents have to consider what the children are seeing in the name of the cartoon, what is affecting their soft brain.
Cartoon shows create such a world of imagination that children start seeing themselves as a character in it and then their gestures, actions become like that character. Parents understand that the child is being entertained, but they are unaware of how deeply this entertainment (?) Is happening on the child’s mind


Ayurveda Medicines

Herbs have been known and used for many centuries for their healthily beneficial properties. The people of Sumer (one of the earliest civilizations of the world) used medicinal herbs such as mulethi and mint. This is evident from the tablets made of clay obtained around 4000 BCE.
The Chinese literature ‘Pen Sao’, written around 3000 BCE, had about 1000 herb formulas and these formulas would date back thousands of years. History recorded in Egypt in 1700 BCE shows that herbs such as hapusha (thorny leaves and bush with poisonous fruits like plum) and garlic were known to them and were used for treatment since 4000 BCE.
The Egyptians also knew about the marvelous qualities of the blossom flower. Women like Cleopatra grinded the petals of the flowers and used them for the beauty of their skin to protect the skin from dry, dry weather. These ancient truths depended on herbs to maintain health and beauty. They knew a lot about which we do not know anything.
The word botany has included many things in it, such as roots, leaves, bark and berry. You must have found that we also use the terms herb and vegetable interchangeably. Today, herbs are commonly called the plant or part of a plant, which is used for its medicinal properties, flavors or fragrance properties.
Even today the nutrients found in vegetation are unmatched and very important for our health. But in today’s modern times we also have the option of taking a herb supplement.
This undesirable use of drugs is praiseworthy and should be done in other countries as well. Germany is the only country where an active substance in the St. John’s Wart – Hypericum is certified for medical use.
While many countries, such as China, Japan, Korea, France and Germany are diagnosing various types of health problems with herbal medicine, on the other hand the medical community in North America is still skeptical about herbs. And is often in favor of allopathic medicine or surgery except for the treatment of diseases.
One problem is that making herbal medicines is not as profitable as allopathic medicines. A modern medicine can be patented, giving the manufacturer company its exclusive rights. Whereas, herbs are readily available to most consumers and there are very few patents.
If a company spends millions of dollars doing research and validating its effects on an herb and another company, which has spent no money, brings the same product to market at a lower price, then the first company This will be a loss deal.
Since there is not much benefit in this, the companies making herbal medicines are not able to cheat the doctors like allopathic medicine companies do. As a result, modern medicine increases the inclination to treat diseases. Instead of treating it slowly with healthy herbs or by using them already, diseases should be avoided.
In more than 25 percent of medicines recommended by a physician, active substances are obtained from plants. Many medicines available in stores are also made from plant compounds.
The white bark is the fundamental source of salicin, which forms the basis of aspirin. Selisin was first artificially synthesized in 1852. Later in 1899, it was further enhanced to make it less irritable to the stomach and brought to the attention of a well-known pharmaceutical company called acetylsalicylic end, called aspirin.
Long before all these incidents, the white bark was used to relieve general aches and pains. The ancient Egyptian, Assyrian, and Greek manuscript mentions white bark, and this effective herb was used by ancient physicians, Galen, Hippocrates, and Dioscorides, to treat pain and fever.
It was used by Native American Indians for headaches, fevers, injured muscles, arthritis, and colds. We started taking herbs, taking medicines made from them and now we have started using the herb in its pure form.

Reduction In CBSE Syllabus And New Guidelines Of UGC

Lockdown was carried out across the country to overcome coronavirus infection. Schools, colleges, universities and all educational institutions are closed due to the lockdown, which has affected the students’ education.
CBSE is trying to make up for the loss of students’ education due to coronavirus infection. Union Human Resource Development Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ has given information in a tweet. According to the tweet, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board exam syllabus will be cut by 30 percent but the core concept will remain intact. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has helped CBSE reduce syllabus.
CBSE had told NCERT that instead of recommending the removal of an entire chapter, it may be suggested to remove certain topics or themes from a chapter. If any topic or theme is repeating or overlapping in more than one chapter or the information related to it is being found in another chapter, then that topic or theme can be removed. This scale of syllabus deduction will be adopted from 9th to 12th class. CBSE-accredited schools for Class VIII and below are exempted to cut syllabus accordingly.
The first board to cut syllabus has become the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). Last week, CISCE has significantly reduced the syllabus of next year’s board exam of ICSE and ISC. Syllabus has been reduced by 25 percent in all subjects. If the school does not open in August, the board may cut syllabus further.
The University Grants Commission (UGC) has released revised guidelines regarding examinations and new academic sessions of universities and educational institutions. Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ gave the information of this decision of UGC and press note on Monday late evening. Shortly before this, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) of the Government of India also allowed universities to conduct examinations.
As per the new UGC guidelines, the final year / semester examinations of graduates and masters in universities / educational institutions will be conducted by the end of September 2020. But all the institutes and students have to follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, Government of India to prevent the corona virus.

The Increasing Harmful Effect Of Mobile Games On Children

The way in which mobile gaming dominates children day by day, it can be estimated from this that the child is ready to do anything. In addition to harming themselves, they do not shy away from hurting the people around them. A student studying in third grade of eight years commits suicide. At the last minute, it comes to light that the room goes away while playing a mobile game. When the mother calls for breakfast, the child is found hanging from the fan.
Experts say that mobile gaming is affecting children’s education. The craze is such that children are not going to school. Even if you are going, you are bunking class or leave homework. If you say something, you get irritated. Negative effects are taking place.
– Gaming disorders are triggered due to changes in the neuro-transmitters in the brain of. Similar changes to get to see the changes in children’s behavior.
– Repeatedly is the idea of ​​the same kind and have diseases like Sspektrm disorder.
– Due to these games many times children feel themselves in overburden or over pressure.
– They become stubborn with anger. Due to lack of sleep, their performance in education is also weak.
– Having sleep problems
– Disconnect from society
– Loss of concentration, amnesia
– Increase aggression from the game
– Irritability in the nature of children
– Lack of time to do creative work
– Eyesight is being affected.
– Problems like obesity, blood pressure and diabetes by sitting continuously.
– To harm oneself and others.
– The child lives separately (alone) from the group and people
– There is less anger in the child, but irritability
– Normal in studies but weakest in sports
– Physical thin and suffering from seasonal diseases
– Mental States Examination.
– Clinical Evaluation.
– Psychological test and brain imaging.
– Psychotherapy, behavior therapy and medicines.
– Parental time for children.

Many children play games because they feel lonely or frustrated for some reason. Such cases are aggravated by seeing each other, so now there is a need to be more vigilant for children. Consider the negative changes in children’s behavior while playing harmful games.
If children are using mobile, then keep an eye on what they are more interested in. Explain if the child is playing games, pubg or any other game in mobile. Try to distribute his energy slowly. Use it for other work. Delete the game.
Many students pay less attention to studies and keep playing games or running social networking sites on mobile. This wastes a lot of their time. Mobile phones come in the market with new features in a very short time and people make up their mind to buy them. Many people have to face financial troubles due to changing mobile phones so often.
Sometimes to entertain the children, sometimes due to their stubbornness, the parents give them their mobile, nowadays the smartphone has become a child’s toy, but do you know that the mobile can make your child’s brain weak. What happens to the use of mobile more on the brain of children?
So keep your children away from mobile phones and try to give your more time to them and don’t use mobile phones more in front of them.

Importance Of A Woman In Life

In our society, women play an important role from birth to death. Despite showing proficiency in all their roles, in today’s modern era, the woman stands behind the man. In a male dominated society, the ability of a woman is seen less than that of a man. Despite the government running several programs to spread awareness, the life of a woman has become quite complicated compared to the life of a man. The woman has to take care of her life, as well as the whole family. She faithfully pursues relationships such as daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother all her life. Even after fulfilling all these relationships, she works with full power to make the future of herself, family and country bright.
Women play an important role in the development and progress of society. Without them, a developed and prosperous society cannot be imagined. There is a famous saying by Brigham Young that ‘If you are educating a man, then you are educating only one man but if you are educating a woman, you are educating the entire generation.
It is very important for the development of the society that girls should not get any kind of lack of education because they have to give a new direction to the society with boys in the coming times. If the truth of Brigham Young is considered true, according to that, if a man is educated, then he will only be able to develop himself, but if a woman gets the right education, then she has the power to change the whole society along with her.
Human life cannot be imagined without women. It would be called insanity that his talent should be ignored only on the basis that he is less powerful and less quality than a man. About half of India’s population is represented by women. If their capacity is not taken care of, then it clearly means that half of the population of the country will remain uneducated and if women are not educated, then that country will never be able to progress. We have to understand that if a woman despite being illiterate manages the house so well, then how well a educated woman will handle the society and the country.

Women build families, families build homes, houses make societies and society itself creates countries. It simply means that the contribution of women is everywhere. It is futile to imagine a society ignoring the woman’s potential. Without education and women’s empowerment, family, society and country cannot flourish. The woman knows when and how to deal with her troubles. The need is just to give freedom to his dreams.
Earlier, the condition of women was worse than that of slaves. If a woman gave birth to a girl, she was either killed or beaten by members of the household. It was considered a sin to give birth to a girl. They were only expected to give birth to a boy. But the situation changed with the changing times. Now people are more aware than before and have started coming forward to help women. There is still much to be done in this direction

“The Great Indian Army”

The Indian Army is one of the best in the world, having freed the enemy’s sixes if the opportunity arises. Among the 10 major armies of the world, India’s Army is in second place while China’s Army is in first place.
There are 14 lakh soldiers in the army of India. Indian Army has 3 parts – Air Force, Navy and Air Force. Indian soldiers are known for their heroism and bravery. The Indian Army was established on 1 April 1895.
It currently employs 1237117 active jawans and 960000 reserve jawans. The Commander in Chief of the Indian armies is the President. The current Indian Defense Minister is “Nirmala Sitharaman”.
The first objective of the Indian Army is to protect the country and its borders. But nowadays some other tasks have also been given to Indian forces, such as internal security, peace keeping in Jammu and Kashmir and North Eastern state etc.
Its main goal is to immediately respond to any attack on the country. Our country’s military is so large that it can do many types of tasks.
Training of Indian soldiers is done by the Indian Military Academy Dehradun, Officers Training Academy, Chennai. Apart from this, the Indian Army is also trained in branches of Army War College – Madhya Pradesh, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir.
Indian soldiers who have displayed bravery during the war are awarded with awards such as Paramvir Chakra, Mahavir Chakra, Veer Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Shaurya Chakra, Ashok Chakra. These types of awards include cash in addition to a citation and a medal.
Most of the weapons used by the Indian Army are indigenously manufactured with indigenous technology. DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) makes weapons for the Indian Army. The institute makes radars, weapons, Arjun tanks for the Indian Army.
Indian Army intercontinental ballistic missile, anti tank missile, cruise missiles, guns, rocket, mortar, chetak, helicopter, ak-47 assault rifle, insas rifle, sniper rifle, snake anti tank guided missile, prithvi missile, prahar missile, valor missile A wide range of weapons such as, BrahMos missile, Nirbhay missile, Agni-5, Agni 6 missile exist.
The expenditure of the Indian Army in 2019-20 is 4,31,011 crore (US $ 60.9 Billion).

Some great facts about the Indian Army–
For fighting in the jungles, India’s army is considered superior to the world’s armies. To know the specialty of Indian Army, the armies of countries like Britain, Russia, America come to India and take training and information.
For the protection of the President of India, a contingent of the Army of India stays in Rashtrapati Bhavan, which protects the President for 24 hours.
In 1982, the Indian Army built the “Bailey Bridge” (which is the highest bridge in the world) between the Dras and Suru river in Ladakh.
The Indian Army has a contingent of cavalry. At present, only 3 countries have cavalry. India is one of them.
The Indian Army exercises exercises on the Siachen Glacier (the highest battleground in the world). This battleground is 5000 meters above sea level. The Indian Army conducts war exercises here under extremely adverse conditions.
The Indian Army has 53 cantonments and 9 army bases across the country.
India’s army is the second largest army in the world.
Indian Military Engineering Services is India’s largest arms manufacturer.
The Assam Rifle is the oldest paramilitary force of the Indian Army. It was founded in 1835.
According to the peace operation of the United Nations, India’s forces are sent to war in another country of the world.

“Goal Of A Human Life”

Is there anybody among you who wants such a happiness which is not perfect or complete, which is incomplete or transitory? Does anybody wants such a life which should not always be; we should be living some time and not live at another time? Who wants such a life? Does anybody wish for a knowledge which is incomplete? We want such happiness which would never end. We want such life which should always be. We want such knowledge which is supreme and perfect without the least faint of incompleteness therein. Such a longing is in fact, the longing for the Supreme truth of life, God. Save god there is nothing which is eternal, perfect and absolute. We hush up the desire to seek truth by petty worldly desires and become happy or unhappy at times and intervals.
All the efforts are being made in the all-world – this pull, this beat-up, this jump-jump and this run-sun – their golden results may be whatever, but the ultimate goal is the destruction of humanity. Man is being homed only for humans. For the betterment of man, only by giving himself a special sense of life can the completion of life.
Distinction and opposition, different ideologies, different goals – all are upper things; The only truth inside is man and its true service – that should be the ultimate goal of our life. Whether we serve literature, or society: whether through commerce, or through the path of service – this common element ‘man’ will be found in all. For this, our only duty should be to collect maximum welfare resources.
We have to make our goal so easy with our practice that the “electric particles of power which are scattered in busy circles, are voidable. May all Vijayini become humanity in coordination. “
The only goal of a human’s life should be nation-service, human-service, social service. Our goal should be to ensure maximum welfare of the society by making our life successful.
The goal gives the person a right direction. Tells him which work is necessary for him and which is not. If the goals are clear, then we prepare ourselves accordingly. Our subconscious mind inspires us to act accordingly. If the goal is clear in the mind, then the path to achieve it also appears clear and a person moves in that direction.

Narration of Arnold H Glasgow, “Like football, even in life, you cannot move forward until you know your goal.”
I feel just right. So if you have not yet set any goal for yourself, then start thinking in this direction. Make goals, make big goals, and achieve them only!

Importance Of Joint Family

A joint family (an undivided family, joint family, extended family system) is a large undivided family, where more than one generation live together in a common household. A joint family is a form of family where grand-parents, father, mother and children are united together under one roof.
In such families, the son does not distance himself after getting married. Instead, he lives in the same house with his family and his family with his wife and children.
The eldest male member is usually the head of the joint family. His power and functions are like a trustee. He is entitled to take economic and social decisions on behalf of the family.
The benefits of a joint family can count more than one can.
It is the best way of life that is most conducive for development.
It is based on the principle of proper economy. It considers it a law of creation that not all men are equal. Naturally it imposes a kind of unwritten discipline that those who are more financially capable will share some of the burden of those who are not.
Combined mace, naturally, operates on an understanding of mutual adjustment. Naturally, those who benefit from the generosity of others are grateful and thankful. Similarly study groups of boys in a large joint family are formed according to their age match. Naturally the cousins ​​study together, play together, quarrel together and even get punished together. As a result there is a sense of harmony in them which is free from any discrimination compared to being full brother or cousin.
The groom becomes a concern for all the elders in the family for married girls in marriage. Even if the daughter of a junior brother is chosen by someone because of her beauty or talent, he will not agree to her marriage until her senior cousin sister is married.
The basic needs of all family members are taken care of. Each member is guaranteed minimum subsistence to survive.
It supports all family members. Old and elderly people are respected. Proper care is taken for old, widowed, physically weak and disabled family members. Subjects such as this have imposed themselves on their members in a joint family. The head of a large family almost becomes its patriarch if the family and other constituents are looking after the norms well and healthily, the family of the family will expand.
Finally, a sense of unity prevails in the joint family system.
This often creates parasites that prefer to feed on the income of another and exploit the wellbeing and theoretical behavior of their partners. Sometimes some devious member of the family conspires to torture and exploit another innocent member of the family. High-earning members often insult low-earning members.
The cost of education has increased. High-earning members often want their children to study in expensive schools, but they do not want to share the burden of the children of other family members. In large families, the most important decisions are made by the head of the family. Since, not all individuals in the family have the opportunity to participate in major family decisions, they are often lost or develop a sense of inferiority complex.

The separation of families was evident from the joint families themselves. This is when the spirit of generosity, charity and sympathy is not balanced by strong moral line, character and foresight. If members remain for each other, then joint family can be successfully run. The suffering of solidarity and selflessness is the essence of joint family.

Doctor As A Hero in Today’s Time. Happy Doctor’s Day

National Doctors’ Day is observed every year on 1 July. It is celebrated to honor Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the great physician of the country and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal. Both his birthday and death anniversary fall on this date. On this day a tribute is paid to the entire medical fraternity and highlights the importance of doctors in our lives. The Central Government started celebrating this day in 1991, the country’s renowned physician. He was born on 1 July 1882 in Patna district of Bihar. After completing his medical education in Kolkata, Dr. Rai received the degrees of MRCP and FRCS from London. In 1911, he started his medical career in India. He then became a lecturer at Kolkata Medical College. From there he went to Campbell Medical School and then Carmichael Medical College. After this, he entered politics. He became a member of the Indian National Congress and later also held the post of Chief Minister of West Bengal. Dr. Rai was also awarded the Bharat Ratna. He died at the age of 80 on his birthday in 1962, ie on 1 July. The great Physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was also the second Chief Minister of Pt. Bengal and he is also called the architect of the State of Pt. Bengal for his visionary leadership. In 1961, he was awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honor.
It was started in India in 1991 by the then government. Since then, National Doctors Day is celebrated every year on 1 July. This day is celebrated to honor and pay tribute to the great physician of India and the second chief minister of West Bengal.They are saving the lives of patients regardless of their lives
In today’s time doctors are as God. They are saving the lives of patients regardless of their lives. The doctor has always been considered as another form of God. The doctor always performs his duties very well. Day by night, it always fulfills its duty. Tries his best to save his patient.
The doctor is an important person in everyone’s life. He wakes up early in the morning and goes to his clinic. He works day and night. A doctor knows how to treat and treat sick people. A doctor is a very good friend of the sick. He always talks politely so that patients feel comfortable.
He never gets irritated and tries his best for the sick. The life of a doctor is difficult. He does not have much time to sleep and rest. A doctor fights disease and death. He saves many lives. He talks softly to his patients.
He is always ready to serve sick patients, whenever needed, day or night. As a doctor, as a social worker, who has to fulfill the sacred duty and responsibility of serving the people of my country.
A doctor will always be needed. Because of this, and due to population growth, doctors will always be in demand and the profession will continue to grow. In this way, a doctor will be unemployed less and financially more secure. A doctor is like a god for patients. We should be grateful to the doctor. We should respect that.

Why I love Mathematics

Friends, today I am going to tell you about my favorite subject mathematics. When I was studying in the fifth class, I loved the subject of mathematics. I always used to study maths subject diligently. Even today I have no problem in doing maths questions. Today I am going to tell you how I had achieved success in Mathematics.
When I came in the tenth class, my family had asked me to get good numbers in all the subjects. I knew that nothing could stop me from getting good numbers in mathematics. I do well preparing all subjects along with mathematics. Since childhood, I used to think that I have to be a good mathematician because my best subject is mathematics. I feel good when solving a math topic question. When I solve Mathematics questions, I have no problem.
I like to remember formulas about mathematics. I remember all the mathematics formulas very well and I do not face any problem in solving mathematics questions. Many of my friends come to me to study Mathematics because they know that I have no problem in doing Mathematics questions. I am perfect in maths subject. So I get time to read more subjects because I get good math questions. I have to remember other subject science, English, which takes much time but I do not take much time to solve maths questions.
I have been strong in math subjects since childhood. My school teacher says that this boy will get good numbers in maths subject and maths teacher is very happy with me. When a teacher gives a question to solve, he shows it in the question in a short time. I always think from childhood that if I become a mathematician I will be very happy. I will consider myself successful when I become a good mathematician, this is the biggest dream of my life.
When the children of my neighborhood come to me to learn mathematics, I feel happy and I teach them diligently. When those children come to me to study, I leave all the work and start teaching them maths and those children also get good marks in maths subject and then their parents say that this girl how good mathematics It teaches that it will definitely succeed in mathematics. I always keep reading about Aryabhata, a mathematics scientist and trying to become a good mathematician by getting as much knowledge of mathematics through his books. I want to become a good scientist by becoming a good mathematician and by teaching people mathematics, I also want to make them a good mathematician. I will definitely fulfill my dream, no matter how hard I have to work for it. Friends, in maths subject I have to solve questions of mensuration, geometry and trigonometry very well.
Mathematics is a science that deals with logic of number, size, quantity and arrangement. Mathematics is all around us in everything we do. In our everyday life, everything is present like blocks remain in the building everywhere. Even it is in our mobile device, in architecture, in art, in money, in engineering, and even in sports.