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The best means for self help
Inner peace and growth of self
Introspection, its introspection
Looking to self to find reason
Liberating the self from prison
Prison of Selfishness
The mess of ideas and nothing less
There is always a safe way
Mould your ideas, mind is like clay
Create an idol of your choice
Listen to your deep inner voice
Imagination has great power
The great feat is done in an hour
Keep away from counter accusation
Listen to elders and peers suggestion
Think before you react
Act in the true spirit of act
When the intention is pure
You can be sure
Of the subsequent consequences
Avoid before it become offences
Introspection is an art
To learn you must start
Introspection is also science
The science of conscience
For introspection, you don’t need silence
But a mind ready to look through lens
The lens of reason and unbiased thinking
Looking from others perspective and weighing
The acts and deeds you accomplish
Introspect results before you finish
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
(शशिकांत निशांत शर्मा ‘साहिल’)

Brain Drain from India

There are many brains in drain
When they go abroad
To hone their brain
We, in India, say
It’s brain drain
It is futile and useless
To keep shouting like this
If we can’t take out
Brains out of drains
It is better not to shout
But see the plus point
Of this brain drain
When they go to Britain
USA and Spain
They earn a lot
And oft send
Handsome sum
For their dad and mom
We get foreign exchange
Without taking the challenge
Of competing with world
We keep boasting of
Old golden bird
Whose even skeleton isn’t?
To fetch a value
And stand the bow of time
Slowdown of economic sub-prime

Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Friendship: In rhythm of life

In rhythm of life
Full of many strife
We find ourselves out of tune
From momentary sorrow and pain
No man is immune
Friend is like umbrella in the rain
The music of nature is in best
In the company of friends when you rest
Enjoy the life like a little parody
Friends are here to provide melody
Hold true friend with both your hands
You will feel the bliss of nature in sea and sands
Don’t let go as true friend
For relations may start and end
Remember my dear, O my dear
A true friend sees the first tear
Catches the second… and stops the third
Stands with you situation may be absurd
A friend multiplies happiness and divides sorrow
A deep friend is like colourful rainbow
When the perfect amount of happiness and tears r mixed
All differences big or small is then fixed
And results in a colorful bridge between two hearts
A new renovated and rejuvenated journey starts
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
(शशिकांत निशांत शर्मा ‘साहिल’)


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Love and Friendship

Love is like a call
If you don’t receive it
It will be missed call
Love is heavenly perceive it
I desire for you, it’s a feeling of love
We walk together on beach
Nowhere to reach
Then it’s good love
You do whatsoever to attain your love
Then it’s a dedicated love
You do whatsoever to keep her happy
Change yourself to suit her
And you become the true lover
Friendship is like an SMS
All are welcome no any clash
Gives space to decides your fates
And until you open it, it waits
I say and you listen, it’s a good Friendship
You say and I listen, it’s a better Friendship
But I don’t say and you understand
I feel lonely and besides me you stand
Then it is the best friendship
Shashikant Nishant Sharma


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Arise Awake and Keep Walking

Arise awake and keep walking
Unless and until you reach your destination
Strive to excel from morning to evening
Nothing is beyond your determination
Journey of life is so exciting
A bit of inspiration and a lot of perspiration
Path is full of thunders and lightening
Relish on your accomplishment
Reading, writing and thinking
Success in achieved, segment by segment
Develop the power of listening
To the inner voice of enlightenment
Arise awake and keep walking
Unless and until you reach your destination
Shashikant Nishant Sharma
(शशिकांत निशांत शर्मा ‘साहिल’)


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Budha Purnima

Today the moon is bright
In the sky a great sight
Very very soon in the night
Enjoy the sight with full delight
It’s one of the celestial phenomena
Widely known as Budh Purnima
After the name of Great Gautam Budha
The great zen master of the world
Whose words were more valuable than gold
Today the moon becomes brighter
For it approaches more closer
The moon appears a bit bigger
The special full moon is called super moon
Enjoy the moonlight in the season of monsoon
From the busy life, take some time
Enjoy the look of moon in its prime
Celebrate the Budha Purnima
Enjoy the heavenly phenomena
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Time of Turbulence

Ideas keep on exchanging
And time keeps on changing
Like the seasons of the year
Like day and night, my dear
Time changes friends into foes
Soft flowers become hard blows
When the words are misinterpreted
And ideas distorted wrongly represented
One thing I have learnt for sure
There is no cure to keep ideas pure
She loves you more than me
On the one hand she makes a plea
On the other hand she state something
That making you thinking
This need verification and rectification
For one idea can destroy the relation
I feel sorry, sorry for not what I did
But the little girl indeed
I feel the conspiracy against self
And find no way to get help
For I have more foes than friends
There has some who do pretends
Being fair and nice to all
Reach to you at your call
There is always a time of turbulence
And I do know there’s no permanence
In the crowd you feel lonely
On the matter, you keep thinking only
For it doesn’t matter her
But it does matter for me the matter
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Socialism and Pluralism

When power rules
The pot of vice is fills
And might becomes right
When money is valued more than man
When man don’t get what he can
Poor get fooled
And sometime culled
Toiling day and night
For someone else delight
Living a life of plight
Seeing the sight
Bothering not slight
The spark of revolution get light
Setting emotions in motion
Signalling an era of evolution
If the system doesn’t change
For the benefits that they exchange
The system fails without fail
Its a theory not a tale
Then right becomes might
And begins a fight
Fight for right
For own delight
Share the benefits of society
Between weak and mighty
Might is not always right
When someone is ready to face
With due diligence and delight
When the anger surface
Then no other options but to flight
Giving way to socialism
Democracy and pluralism 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Lonely for You Only

Thinking of you only
Walking on road so lonely
To many things to see
Nothing is there that makes me glee
Looking for you kept waking
With none but self, kept talking
Many things in view can’t perceive
Thinking of you, how to achieve
Few moments of intimacy
Space for self and privacy
How can you forget me
You can’t leave me alone like this
Standing shore and following sea
Life of sorrow and dream of bliss 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma


Examination is game of number
Awakening after a deep slumber
A play of words for someone
A puzzle hard to crack to many a one
Set forth a benchmark
Set to guide your mark
The more the merrier
Helps in our career
Talent is not tested
And knowledge is wasted
Examination doesn’t judge you
It do judges your output of an hour or two
On some selected matter
Examination is game of number
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

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