“Humans And Space Exploration”

Space has always fascinated humans with its hidden facts and secrets. Space exploration and various researches have helped us understand a bit about space, our earth and our solar system. Frequent Trips to space and various space missions have not only helped humans to be more advanced in technology but also give birth to new theories and research work. Today we live in our world and technology initially made to be used for space missions only. 

Launch of satellites, landing on the moon, sending rovers on Mars and building and the International Space Station has set a big example for the coming generation to go beyond with the improvement in current technology.

  1.  There have been various advantages known to  humans from space exploration and missions. It has helped us to estimate and forecast weather, and thus make people aware about any kind of danger. 
  2. Telecommunication and the Internet have been possible through these satellites as well. 
  3. Many countries use satellites as defense systems to safeguard their country from any kind of external attack. 
  4. These space missions help us to know about natural phenomena happening outside our solar system and also about things happening various light years ahead. 
  5. It has fascinated students towards itself  that more and more ideas for space mission exploration have been born. 
  6. It has helped us to land on the moon and acknowledge the presence of resources which we can use in future and build a human base over there. 
  7. Also we were able to reach other planets in our solar system through satellites. And even land on some, which includes Mars. These do have challenged humans at times, but ended on the side of mankind. 
  8. We have also known about the possibilities of life on other planets at a distance from our solar system, which would surely be a curiosity to reach and know if those planets do support life. 

These do have some disadvantages as they require a lot of investment, loss of resources and material and also the surety of the result is not available. People do after basic needs in their life, and we are invested in space. Everything has its pros and cons, and it depends on us if we see the better side or create it worse for others to look at. The advantages of space exploration have changed the life of common man without any doubt with more facination, new discoveries and the dream to go in space. Whatever we see around us is a result of science and humans invest in it . Space exploration will bring up new possibilities, research, ideas which will  not only make our life better with comforts and facilities but also fill our life with the dreams to turn reality and those realities to be lived in. 

Space exploration is a boon to mankind, as it not only brings out the possibility to discover new species and planets like ours but also can be a better option to help us shift to other planets with better opportunities and resources seeing the present scenario of our planet. “Bad air to breath, impure water to drink, lack of natural resources and people dying of hunger and basic needs day by day. Reduction of land as per growing population, cutting of trees for their basic needs and killing of animals for hunger”. Seems horrible  but is the bitter truth. Thus soon we will get exhausted of all our resources and would leave to die.

The exploration has a tendency to bring out the ray of hope and possibilities for our coming generation to survive. We all need to work on this together by not only coming together for our earth, saving it from degradation but also searching for better alternatives as future homes.