Failure Should Be An Option

Its okay to be scared. Its okay to cry. Everything is okay but abandoning shouldn’t be an option. People always said that failure is not an option. Failure should be an option because once you fail you rise up . And then you fail and then again you get up and that keeps you going. That’s how humans are strong. Failure is an option, should be an option but giving up is not an option. Failure is what you always fear of getting failed again but once you start overcoming your fear you start not giving up.

You need to change your mind because some of you are thinking about giving up because you’re in a season of failure but just because you’ve fail doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have bright future in store for you. It is always too soon to quit. But remind that failure isn’t final, its formative. It is the part of the process, part of the journey. Your failure matters as much as your success. How do you think you’re gonna grow if you don’t ever fail. Yet some of you have failed and you have decided. Failure is an event, its never a person. Just because you failed doesn’t mean that you are a failure in fact failure is actually fuel for your future. The way that you grow, the way that you advanced, you have to fail in order to succeed. Like everyone successes is stacked on top of failures. You need to get a revelation that the joy is not in the success, the joy is in trying, the joy is in the process. The hardest part in life to inhale failure. Whenever we lose at something we get one step closer to winning it for the next time.

The difference between the successful people and unsuccessful people is the fear. The fear of loosing again, the fear of competition with the best or the fear of doubting your worth. But the best is also comes up with the worst. Giving up should not be an option. The best one doesn’t give up but they try harder to become the best. The hardest thing in life is to lose whereas winning is easy because you win your are happy but when you fail you dust yourself off. Being easily successful will make you happy but never will be able to understand the situation of being failed. Having success without doing any efforts will one day give you failure and at that time you will not be able to accept it. That will make the situation harder for you. That’s why failure is must for success.

We are trapped in insecurity like we’re trapped in it. This idea that we see other people above us but when we look at ourselves we’re beneath, we’re lower than and its wild because nothing will hold your back more than your own insecurity. Your own insecurity will kill your dreams than failure ever will. So just get up of the sidelines and attempt to go for a better version of you. The same light shines within you too.

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