“Learn to forgive more.”

During our journey of life, all of us make some or other mistakes. These mistakes are not always that huge, but any mistake be it small or big has consequences that can be the deciding factor for your future with someone.

We forgive a person who has created a problem in work or who is at fault in destroying your relationship. Forgiveness is a great quality which makes you a better and stronger person. It is the key to leading a happy life with your loved ones.
Hence, we shall learn to forgive more, as it has many benefits:

● Forgiving people will make you mentally strong. It will also bring positivity in your thoughts and help you to focus on important things in your life, rather than focussing on the negativity around you. It will also keep you away from stress and make you a happier person.

● Forgiving someone will clear all the pessimism residing in your mind. It will thus prepare you to once again see the good qualities in the person whom you have forgiven. You will be able to accept him or her wholeheartedly without having any second thoughts in your mind.

● When you forgive someone, you give yourself and the person whom you have forgiven, a chance to start a healthy and beautiful relationship and create wonderful memories. It teaches you to live in the present and think about your future, rather than being stuck in the past which is not useful in any way.

● Forgiving someone will take away the anger from your mind. When you no longer feel the emotion of anger for someone, you become more productive and successful in your work. It will also free yourself from the feeling of revenge. This will help to focus your mind only on your path to achieve success.

● You feel calm and peaceful once you forgive someone. You feel like you are freed from some kind of burden. This freedom helps you to enjoy your life to the fullest and experience beautiful things in life.

● You get to live only once and during your journey of life, you shall try to make good and unforgettable memories with people. You shall not waste your precious time on the people who are not worthy of it. So, you should not live your life with some grudge as this will not benefit you in any way. Learn to forgive more as everyone makes mistakes in life.

We can see from the above benefits, that forgiveness is important for us and the person who is at fault. But, you have to remember that forgiveness is vital, but forgetting is equally important. You shall learn to forget the mistakes made by the other person and try to never bring them back in your relationship.

Just forgiving is not important, because you still might have some bad memories of your fight or misunderstanding in your mind. Forgetting such memories is required as well. Hence, it is rightly said, ‘forgive and also forget.’