“Experience – A great teacher!”

Experience is something that we can’t get from books or education. It is something that we keep on gaining every day by doing different and new types of work. It is indeed our best teacher, as it teaches you so many things about yourself and your life.

Experience is a teacher for all the people irrespective of their age, religion or sex. It is very helpful for your overall development. Hence, you should willingly learn from the experiences of your life.

● Experience teaches us to be more organized in our work. It also teaches us to try new strategies to get our work completed. It helps you to work on yourself so that you can show your best version to the world. You might not succeed in your work at the first attempt, but experience will help you to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them again.

● Experience gives you an understanding of who is actually close to you in reality. During your tough times, you learn about the people who are really there with you and who are not. You understand the difference between the people who really love and support you and the people who pretend to do so.

● Experience teaches you some important life lessons which cannot be learnt in any school or educational institutions or from any book. This is because you get to do the work in reality, so you gain an understanding of how things actually work in real life. These actual-life experiences prove very helpful for you in future.

● Experience teaches you to stay calm and composed in your work. You learn to remain patient and not lose your calm over small things. This calmness proves to be beneficial to handle situations in your daily life and professional work.

● Experience boosts your confidence and helps you to stay motivated towards your work. It helps you to discover a different and confident side of yourself. You learn to accept your your flaws and try to work on it. You even learn to accept your defeat and not give up so easily.

● Experience helps you to stay grounded and not to become overconfident about your work. It teaches you to deal with failure and overcome it and to face the challenges in your life bravely. You learn to value the importance of doing smart work along with hard work.

● Experience gives you both bad as well as good memories. You can learn a lot from both, as good memories will encourage you, while bad memories will teach you to learn from the mistakes that you committed in the past.

● Experience helps you realize your capabilities. You get to know about your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you to make better decisions in life. You understand your potential to learn a particular thing in life and get to know about your interests. You thus move forward to build up a career in your area of interest.

We can thus see that experience plays an important part in our life. So, just try experiencing new things without any hesitation or fear of failure. It will help you to grow as a person and transform you into a stronger person both physically and psychologically.