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“Mahabaleshwar – A paradise For NATURE Lovers.”

Hill stations are blessed with delightful weather. The cool climate of a hill station captivates the people with its beauty. Hence, such places are always preferred by people for a picnic or a short trip. There are many hill stations in Maharashtra. Today, I will be talking about ‘Mahabaleshwar,’ a marvellous hill station located in the western ghats of Maharashtra.
Situated at a distance of 285 km from Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is a lovely hill station in the Satara district of Maharashtra. It is a paradise for all the green panthers. It is one of the great tourist attractions.
People of all age groups can relish various things and different activities available in Mahabaleshwar. Small children can roam around the beautiful gardens, enjoy the rides at the amusement parks. The teenagers can go for trekking, cycling or go-karting. Shopping lovers would be pleased with a variety of thing that the local market has to offer. Elderly people can get to experience the calmness and peace found at the several popular points present over here. The huge range of places in Mahabaleshwar makes it a perfect travel destination.
Mahabaleshwar is blessed with a cool and pleasant climate. Hence, you can visit this place at any time of the year. You will definitely not regret planning a trip to Mahabaleshwar with your family or friends, because it has a lot to offer to the tourists.
Mahabaleshwar local market: The bustling local market of Mahabaleshwar draws the attention of all the people visiting this place. This market is crowded with people. There are different shops selling several food items, footwear, jewellery, clothes, handicrafts, decorative items, toys and so much more.

Beautiful places to visit: There are many pleasing places in Mahabaleshwar. One can spend time here and relax their mind and soul. You can enjoy at worth visiting places like Lingmala waterfall, Wilson point, Lodwick Point, Elphinstone Point, Venna Lake, Pratapgad fort, Mahabaleshwar temple, Mapro garden, Krishnabai Temple, Table Land, gorgeous gardens and many more. You can have a thrilling experience at the amusement parks like On Wheelz and Velocity Entertainmentz. People of all age groups can have fun at several rides and play different games available here. The delightful valleys, hills, and greenery of the dense forests in Mahabaleshwar engage all the nature lovers.

Food: You can try the delicious local cuisine of Mahabaleshwar. You also get to eat fresh and juicy strawberries and mulberries here. One can definitely enjoy different types of cool icecreams and street-side hot corn. You can buy various types of flavourful jam, crushes, fudge, syrups, squashes and enjoy it with your family and friends throughout the year at your home.
So, if you live near Mumbai, Kolhapur or Pune, and are planning to have a wonderful picnic with your loved ones. Then, Mahabaleshwar hill station is definitely the best recommendation. You will love a comfortable road trip to reach this charming hill station. Once you reach here, you get to spend quality time at the heavenly place and create memories that can be cherished forever.


“How to be immortal?”

Life is the best gift that each one of us gets from our creator. It is something that all of us want and we fear from losing it. We all want to live our beautiful journey of life happily and peacefully. Everyone wants to live forever and create wonderful memories with their dear ones.

To remain alive on this planet, people try many new things. We spend a great amount of money on our health. We do everything that is possible to maintain our fitness. From staying fit to eating healthy and maintaining a robust lifestyle, we all do our bit to increase our life span.

But the bitter truth is that nobody in this world is immortal. A person who has taken birth has to die some or the other day. But, there is a way to live even after you die. This can happen by following some of the measures listed below.

● The best thing that you can do to remain immortal is by donating your body organs to the needy people. Your eyes, kidney, heart, liver, pancreas, etc. are the vital organs in your body. You can choose to donate these organs after you die. You can thus give a new life to the people who need these organs to live a healthy life and continue to live inside their body.

● You can be immortal by doing good deeds and helping people. You will be remembered by people forever for your good work, kind behaviour and helping nature. So, all you need to do is change your attitude towards people and be more kind and generous. Try to help people in whichever way you can, donate useful things to the needy and poor. This will definitely prove useful to make a place in people’s heart and live in their hearts forever.

● During your life, you shall try to create good and happy memories with everyone. These memories will be remembered forever by other people even after your death. So, always try to spend some good time with people, have fun with them and make an effort to never hurt them in anyway.

● Behave nicely with everyone. Treat others with respect and never judge anyone. It is your attitude that can prove useful to make you immortal. If your behaviour is bad or rude towards people, they will not favour you. But, if you act pleasingly with others, they will like your company and will remember you forever.

● You can be immortal by your good deeds and also by encouraging others to do them as well. You shall involve other people in your charity work. This will motivate them to continue the work even in your absence. This will benefit more and more people and they will remember you in their happiness.

So, at least now you will believe, that life after death is certainly possible. You might not be able to enjoy your life by physically being present but by being a part of other’s lives and memories you can still be able to live your life.

“Just stop overthinking!”

Overthinking can be your biggest enemy. It can have a very bad impact on your life. It can take you away from your dear ones and also can stop you from becoming successful in life. It is something which makes you a weaker person from within.

People of today’s generation are already becoming a victim of anxiety, depression and stress. Overthinking might not look harmful like them, but in reality, it is equally dangerous.

Distressing and overthinking about things is not uncommon and many people face this issue. By following good and healthy practices, we can surely conquer overthinking.
So, I am listing down a few measures that can be adopted to stop overthinking:

● When you learn to control your thoughts, you can keep yourself away from overthinking. You shall teach your mind to focus on the positivity and ignore the pessimism. Understand that you cannot control all the things happening in your life and you shall accept them as they are.

● Start living in the present and stop thinking about what happened in the past. Thinking too much about your past experiences can stop you from enjoying your present. Talking out to someone about the issues that you are constantly thinking about can help you to stay distracted and also you can find a solution for them.

● Keeping your mind busy in some or the other activity can help you to stop overthinking. This happens because when you spend time doing some productive work you distract yourself from the thoughts that are worrying you. You do not find time to think about such thoughts as you are already engaged in other work.

● Spend time with nature, write down your thoughts, read a book, paint something, go out for a walk, do gardening with your loved ones. Such activities or doing any other thing that you like the most helps you to not overthink. These activities will keep you entertained, give you pleasure, help you to deal with your anxiety and stress, make you feel relaxed and refreshed and also help you to stop overthinking.

● Meditation has proven useful in improving your mental as well as physical health. It can also prove very helpful in preventing you from overthinking and reducing your fear or anxiety. This is because, meditation brings clarity in your thoughts, prevents you from focussing on unwanted and unproductive things, help to improve your concentration, makes you calm and peaceful and takes you away from the chaotic world.

Overthinking can be very detrimental in your life. It can stop you from building happy and stable relationships, from experiencing new things in life and build up the unnecessary and unwanted fear in your mind.

So, it is very essential for all of us to get rid of your habit of overthinking, as it has negative impacts on your overall health. This cannot be achieved in a single day, but with continuous efforts, you can definitely overcome overthinking.

Just don’t take things seriously, ignore the negativity around you and relax. By doing this, one day, you can surely fight your invisible enemy i.e. overthinking.

“Life without social media.”

Social media has become an inseparable part of everyone’s life. Almost all of us are present on the different social media apps. It is very difficult to imagine our life without it, as you get many gains from it.

Social media entertains you, helps you to communicate with people, keeps you well informed and also helps to increase your business. But, there is also a negative side to it. So today, we will focus on the harmful side of social media and discuss how our life without it would be?

● Social media takes us away from our dear ones. Absence of social media in our life would help us to realize the value of people who are close to us in our real-life. In this scenario, we would start spending more time with our friends and family, interact with them and have fun with them.

● When we are on social media, we are very engaged in different activities of various social media apps that we sometimes find it difficult to complete the vital tasks in our life. Cutting off from social media will help you to focus entirely on your work and not get virtually distracted, thus helping you to achieve success in your work.

● When you start living your life without social media, you become very confident about yourself, your work and your personality. This is because you start living independently from other people’s opinions and views regarding your lifestyle. You are least affected by what people have to say about your life choices. This helps to boost your confidence and self-belief.

● Social media can sometimes really be mentally tiring, frustrating and stressful. It does entertain you in many ways, but it also sometimes spreads negativity around you by influencing you about certain things. Life without social media would be a much happier place to live, as you will not be exposed to any kind of negativity and you can thus create a positive atmosphere around you.

● Living without social media can help you to discover yourself. You will find more time for yourself and you can utilize this time wisely to work on your betterment so as to bring an improvement in yourself. You become a much better and stronger person as you find ways to get out of your difficulties and not depending on others to help you. You become your own friend and start enjoying your own company.

● Spending time on social media also sometimes proves to be beneficial in your professional work. But, taking a breather from it can help you to invest your time in some really good productive hobbies. These hobbies like painting, dancing, reading, writing, gardening, etc. will give you immense pleasure. They come with many mental as well as physical benefits and have almost no side effects.

● When you don’t have access to social media, you try finding innovative ways to entertain yourself. One such new way of spending your time in the absence of social media would be by living close to mother nature. By staying in close proximity to the wonderful creations of nature, you get a wonderful opportunity to relax your mind, become joyful, feel refreshed and surprise yourself with the amazing beauty of nature.

Thus, we get to see that there are many beneficial things which we fail to look at, due to social media. Hence, each one of us shall try to take a break from the virtual world and live in the real world happily and peacefully.

“Significance of festivals.”

India is rightly described as the ‘land of festivals’ because there are various festivals celebrated all over India. People belonging to different castes and communities live together in our country. These people celebrate several festivals with great pomp and excitement.

There is a reason behind the celebration of every festival. Whatever the reason might be, it is a great time to have fun. All the people gather together during the period of festivals. Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Gokulasthami, Navratri, Makarsankranti, Eid are some of the festivals that we celebrate in India. But, along with these, there are many other festivities that people celebrate across our nation.
Apart from giving unlimited joy and happiness, festivals give us some valuable teachings in life.

◆ What do festivals teach us?

● Festivals teach us the power of unity. It is due to festivals that people forget their fights and come together for celebrations. People irrespective of their caste, creed or religion participate in different kinds of festivals and respect their religious sentiments. These festivals help to spread love, care and understanding among people.

● We learn from various festivals about the rich cultural heritage of our country. We get to know about the various traditions followed in our families since generations. Through festivals, we learn to believe in god and we get a chance to express our thanks towards god.

● Festivals create an environment of happiness around us. People get a break from their boring and busy routine and enjoy to the fullest during festivals. It helps them to forget their sorrows and pains. Festivals are also a great stress buster, as they create a positive atmosphere.

● We learn from our national festivals about the struggles of our freedom fighters and their sacrifices. These festivals motivate us to work for the betterment of our nation. They teach us to love our country and boost our feeling of patriotism. They help to bring together all the citizens of our country.

● We learn from the festivals about some good human values. They teach us to not give up easily and keep the hope alive as good always wins over evil, to not discriminate amongst people on the basis of certain factors and to help the needy and poor people.

● We learn from the seasonal festivals to love nature and to express our gratitude towards it. Mother nature has always been very generous in fulfilling all our necessities. By celebrating seasonal festivals, we get a chance to acknowledge nature.

● Festivals also help to improve the economy of our country. This is because people do shopping for various items for the celebration of festivals. This increase in the demand for different goods contributes to the GDP of our country.

We can thus see, that festivals
play a great role in our life. Festivals are a great way to relax your mind and free your mind from tensions. Hence, we shall always take out some time for the celebration of each and every festival. By doing this, we get an opportunity to become joyful from within, interact with others, learn something new and spread happiness around.

“Truth – A powerful weapon.”

Truth is really the most powerful weapon that can protect you from all the problems in your life and help you to become successful. If you start making use of this weapon in your daily regimen you can conquer all the battles of your life. Hence, you shall try to be honest, as it has got many benefits. I have listed down a few of them:

● When you start speaking the truth, you start gaining the trust of your friends and family members. They start believing you and start trusting you for their work. Being honest at your workplace can help you to acquire the faith of your colleagues. This can help you to move ahead in your professional work and be successful. Along with trust and faith, speaking truth can help you to gain respect from people.

● When you have the habit of telling lies, you have to remember the lie that you have told, so as to put up your side in the future. You constantly have the fear of getting caught someday for the lies you told. But, by being honest and truthful, you don’t have to fear anyone or hide anything. You feel confident about yourself. You feel proud that you are not cheating or betraying someone by telling lies. You feel peaceful by being honest, as you are not forgetting your values of life and maintaining your dignity.

● Honesty is the base for any professional as well as a personal relationship. This is because honesty protects your relationship from all the odds and also maintains its strength even during tough times. Being truthful will help you to develop a strong and healthy connection with your loved ones.  You are able to express your thoughts freely without any hesitation and this encourages other people to believe in you. This helps to strengthen your relationships with people.

● When you are honest in your life, people come up to you for seeking advice and opinions, as they know that you will keep your opinion without being fake and with complete honesty. They feel safe while talking to you about their issues. People love to hear your opinion as they know about your honesty and believe you completely.

● Sometimes we want to remain in someone’s good books and want to keep good connections with people. But in this process, we stop ourselves from speaking the truth, just for not hurting anyone or insulting them. But, this behaviour prevents you from growing as a person. By not being manipulative and by being honest regarding your opinions about certain things and some people, you can help to bring a positive change.

We can thus see that being honest in your life has many advantages. It can make your life much easier and happier. Also, it is very easy to practice truthfulness in your life. Hence, we shall focus on being honest and speaking the truth so as to bring positive changes in our lives as well as others.

“Be strong. Fight your fears.”

Everyone has got some of the other fear in life. Fear is something which doesn’t let you succeed in your work. It constantly drags you from going ahead in your life. Be it a small kid or a teenager or a grown-up adult, everyone has got some fear.

No matter how big or small your fear is, it has a very bad impact on your physical as well as mental health. It affects your overall personality. So, it is very beneficial to fight your fear and overcome it successfully.

Following are some methods which could be adopted to deal with fear effectively:

● The first thing that you should do to deal with your fears is to face them confidently. Identify the things or work that scare you and try to do them. Avoiding your fears will make you even more coward and it will act as a hurdle in your path of success. You might not be confident or comfortable while facing your fear for the first time, but be patient do not panic. Take someone’s help if needed.

● Sometimes your fear might be
related to some past experiences which were traumatic and left a bad impression in your mind. These experiences could bring the negativity in your thoughts and can also question your existence. So, you shall try to remain optimistic in your life and do things which give you pleasure and happiness. When you try to remain positive in your life, you become more productive even during tough times.

● One more effective way to face your fears is by engaging yourself in some kind of physical activity. Practising meditation or playing some kind of sport or doing exercise can help to reduce stress. This happens due to the release of stress-reducing hormones in your body while performing these activities. Hence, you feel cheerful and you go into a completely different zone where you entirely forget all your fears.

● Another useful way to deal with your fear is by spending some time with mother nature. Nature surprises you every time with its beauty and induces many happy emotions in your mind. The different elements of nature make you peaceful and joyful from within. You learn to not lose and not give up easily. It improves your mental health and uplifts your mood. It also controls your blood pressure, heart rate and reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body. These collectively help you to face all your fears courageously.

● You fear more when you are lonely or alone. So, to overcome fear, you shall try to communicate with someone whom you feel close to. Spend time with your family and friends. Create good memories with them. These memories will help you to forget your fear. Don’t hesitate to talk to them about your fears. Speak openly and listen to their advice. Their support will make you more confident and can also calm you thus preparing you to face fearful situations.

When you have confidence and belief in yourself, you can conquer all your fears. So, just believe in yourself and face whatever life has to offer confidently. This will surely help you to overcome your fear.

“Experience – A great teacher!”

Experience is something that we can’t get from books or education. It is something that we keep on gaining every day by doing different and new types of work. It is indeed our best teacher, as it teaches you so many things about yourself and your life.

Experience is a teacher for all the people irrespective of their age, religion or sex. It is very helpful for your overall development. Hence, you should willingly learn from the experiences of your life.

● Experience teaches us to be more organized in our work. It also teaches us to try new strategies to get our work completed. It helps you to work on yourself so that you can show your best version to the world. You might not succeed in your work at the first attempt, but experience will help you to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them again.

● Experience gives you an understanding of who is actually close to you in reality. During your tough times, you learn about the people who are really there with you and who are not. You understand the difference between the people who really love and support you and the people who pretend to do so.

● Experience teaches you some important life lessons which cannot be learnt in any school or educational institutions or from any book. This is because you get to do the work in reality, so you gain an understanding of how things actually work in real life. These actual-life experiences prove very helpful for you in future.

● Experience teaches you to stay calm and composed in your work. You learn to remain patient and not lose your calm over small things. This calmness proves to be beneficial to handle situations in your daily life and professional work.

● Experience boosts your confidence and helps you to stay motivated towards your work. It helps you to discover a different and confident side of yourself. You learn to accept your your flaws and try to work on it. You even learn to accept your defeat and not give up so easily.

● Experience helps you to stay grounded and not to become overconfident about your work. It teaches you to deal with failure and overcome it and to face the challenges in your life bravely. You learn to value the importance of doing smart work along with hard work.

● Experience gives you both bad as well as good memories. You can learn a lot from both, as good memories will encourage you, while bad memories will teach you to learn from the mistakes that you committed in the past.

● Experience helps you realize your capabilities. You get to know about your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you to make better decisions in life. You understand your potential to learn a particular thing in life and get to know about your interests. You thus move forward to build up a career in your area of interest.

We can thus see that experience plays an important part in our life. So, just try experiencing new things without any hesitation or fear of failure. It will help you to grow as a person and transform you into a stronger person both physically and psychologically.

“Learn to forgive more.”

During our journey of life, all of us make some or other mistakes. These mistakes are not always that huge, but any mistake be it small or big has consequences that can be the deciding factor for your future with someone.

We forgive a person who has created a problem in work or who is at fault in destroying your relationship. Forgiveness is a great quality which makes you a better and stronger person. It is the key to leading a happy life with your loved ones.
Hence, we shall learn to forgive more, as it has many benefits:

● Forgiving people will make you mentally strong. It will also bring positivity in your thoughts and help you to focus on important things in your life, rather than focussing on the negativity around you. It will also keep you away from stress and make you a happier person.

● Forgiving someone will clear all the pessimism residing in your mind. It will thus prepare you to once again see the good qualities in the person whom you have forgiven. You will be able to accept him or her wholeheartedly without having any second thoughts in your mind.

● When you forgive someone, you give yourself and the person whom you have forgiven, a chance to start a healthy and beautiful relationship and create wonderful memories. It teaches you to live in the present and think about your future, rather than being stuck in the past which is not useful in any way.

● Forgiving someone will take away the anger from your mind. When you no longer feel the emotion of anger for someone, you become more productive and successful in your work. It will also free yourself from the feeling of revenge. This will help to focus your mind only on your path to achieve success.

● You feel calm and peaceful once you forgive someone. You feel like you are freed from some kind of burden. This freedom helps you to enjoy your life to the fullest and experience beautiful things in life.

● You get to live only once and during your journey of life, you shall try to make good and unforgettable memories with people. You shall not waste your precious time on the people who are not worthy of it. So, you should not live your life with some grudge as this will not benefit you in any way. Learn to forgive more as everyone makes mistakes in life.

We can see from the above benefits, that forgiveness is important for us and the person who is at fault. But, you have to remember that forgiveness is vital, but forgetting is equally important. You shall learn to forget the mistakes made by the other person and try to never bring them back in your relationship.

Just forgiving is not important, because you still might have some bad memories of your fight or misunderstanding in your mind. Forgetting such memories is required as well. Hence, it is rightly said, ‘forgive and also forget.’

“Want to become a bollywood actor? Just know these things before.”

Bollywood has grown enormously in the entire world and the popularity of bollywood actors has reached worldwide. This popularity has inspired many people in our country to take acting as a profession.
An actor undoubtedly gains a lot of admiration and money. But the road to becoming a successful actor is filled with many hurdles and there is a dark side behind it as well.

● Bollywood sometimes fails to appreciate real talent. People who have close relations with the top producers, directors or anyone linked to the film industry have a higher chance of getting selected as an actor rather than a deserving candidate. But you shall keep believing in your talent and not lose hope.

● You have to constantly keep on proving yourself and keep on impressing the audience with your performance as an actor. When your films are doing good economically, you are amongst the top choices by the filmmakers. But once your films start becoming a flop, you find it very difficult to get good roles.

● Stress is an uninvited guest in everyone’s life. You have to face it in every profession, same is the case with the acting profession. As an actor, you are exposed to many unwanted things in your life and you have to constantly prove yourself every day to someone. You have to live a completely different life to please someone without being angry or frustrated. In this process, you lose your individuality and fall prey to stress.

● You have to struggle really very hard to become a bollywood actor. There are many teenagers in India who are desperately wanting to become an actor. They are working on their body and mind regularly to get selected in a film and showcase their talent. To become an actor among such huge competition is very difficult and you have to be ready for this struggle.

● You might have to get along with other actors who are having a completely different personality and keep making strong connections with them. You might not always like these people personally but to stay in the limelight you will be required to go against your liking and make fake connections.

● As an actor, you earn a decent amount of money, but a huge portion of it goes in maintaining your status as a popular actor. But, there can be a phase in your acting life, where you could face a financial crisis. At such times, you feel very weak emotionally and lose your confidence.

● You would be required to try things out of your comfort zone just to get an opportunity to become an actor. Many bollywood actors have confessed about sexual harassment by top filmmakers just for the sake of an acting role. Such demands can leave you mentally and physically devastated, so you have to train yourself to face these challenges. But it is not that always you have to face such demands.

The life of a bollywood actor is glamorous and all the aspiring actors might feel like living it. But, it is also filled with many unexpressed pains and sorrows. The journey of becoming an actor is not at all easy and you have to work wholeheartedly if you want to become one.