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5 Branding Styles for Your Business

You’ve come up with a great product or a unique service and now want to package it before presenting it to your target market. Branding will help you create a distinctive image and voice that will help set apart your products from those of the competition in the eyes of potential customers. There are a variety of ways through which you can achieve branding that will enhance your appeal to prospective buyers. 

1. Minimalistic

You may have heard the catchphrase “less is more.” You may have seen its application in the logos and websites of some of the world’s renowned businesses. Think of Nike’s simple swoosh or the overlapping red and orange circles synonymous with Mastercard. These simple symbols stick readily in one’s mind with fewer elements to focus on, especially when paired with equally simple slogans like “just do it.”

The minimalist design ethos can make your website more appealing to visitors. A site that welcomes visitors with a plain black or gray background and a few letters in large font in a contrasting color is more appealing than one that attacks your senses with multicolored media. Note that being minimalist doesn’t translate to being dull; you can keep it simple while still exciting the eye. The beauty of placing information against a plain background with clear lines and a simple color scheme is the reader can focus more on it and find what they need faster.

2. Artistic  

If you want your branding to appeal to the free-thinking, creative types, you’re better off using artistic imagery. An artsy logo will also serve you well if you’re in the creative field yourself. A hand-drawn logo will broaden a graphic designer’s appeal to potential customers than the dry capitalized letters favored by law firms and auditors. 

You can play around with creative branding elements to achieve the effect that will appeal most to your market niche. Incorporating 18th-century calligraphy and Roman numbers offer classic appeal to branding. Slapped on a bottle of whisky, it may prove attractive to successful executives in their 50s or 60s. Playful anime album cover art may enhance a musician’s appeal to teenagers or those in their early 20s.

3. Professional

Many elements go into creating a brand that will resonate with your business’s target market. If you have no marketing background, you may have to engage in extensive trial and error before you hit on a branding formula that works, even if you consider yourself a graphic design guru. There is much more to branding than designing a cute logo or an expensive website. 

Bringing on board professionals in this field will help you cut down the time it takes to develop a branding concept that will captivate the masses. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you will have people experienced in branding applying concepts they’ve seen working for others in the same line of business.

Besides helping you develop a brand that looks good, they will help you apply it consistently across the various platforms where your target audience will interact with it. Branding agencies in New York can help you conceive a professional-looking brand to appeal to your audience. The best part is that it will probably cost you less than just using trial and error.

4. Bold

If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you may consider going for bold branding. Go for striking brand colors, a captivating logo, or a snappy, out-of-the-box tagline. However, even as you stretch the boundaries of your imagination, remember your aim is not simply to wow, but to connect with your target audience. 

Before you go all-out on that deep red symbol or those super-size fonts, it’s wise first to find out how your audience is likely to react to them. This is why it’s advised to conduct market research to get an idea of the likes and dislikes of the people consuming your branding. With freely available online tools such as Google Forms, gathering information from your target market should be easy and inexpensive. 

5. Nostalgic

One clever way to work your brand into the hearts and minds of the older generation is by using it to evoke cherished memories. From time to time, we want to relive the precious moments when we danced to our favorite songs, received a longed-for pair of sneakers, or enjoyed a family outing. With nostalgia marketing, you try to brand yourself in a way that allows your target market to rekindle those fond memories. This tactic has proven particularly effective when tapping into the millennial demographic.   

Make Your Customer the Hub

The fact that a particular marketing style works for one enterprise doesn’t mean it will automatically work for you. What will determine the form of branding that will be most effective for you will be your customers. Do your homework and discover their likes and dislikes before rolling out your branding. 


Summer vacation and Rasna

This year we are in the long vacation, Sunday lost its special power, every day is Sunday and we don’t have the excitement for summer vacation, but remember the time when we are in 4th or 5th grade we were too excited for summer vacation for playing in the park whole day, no school no routine and after coming from the playground ma used to make us RASNA, on that time it was felt like heaven, for the ’90s kid so many memory wrapped with Rasna.

Rasna is a soft drink concentrate brand, it’s an instant drink

Rasna is an Ahmedabad based company was launched in the mid-seventies but started gaining popularity in the eighties when the market was dominated by carbonated soft drinks like Thumbs up, limca. Rasna is very famous among during ’80-’90s. Parents didn’t allow us to drink soft drinks always, as it’s not a good habit to drink too many soft drinks, but RASNA also a drink but little different, it has many fruit flavors and we can make the drink by mix Rasna powder to the water so Rasna abled to create an image that it’s a healthy product that kid can enjoy, and tastes good and also it had reached the popularity for their attractive tag line and ad campaign. I remembered when I finished drinking Rasna I always said that “I love You Rasna”

Rasna is really Iconic Brand, that really a perfect example of good old days.

The Gamechangers are the Brandmakers

“Dhoni finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd! India lift the World Cup after 28 years!” screamed Ravi Shastri on Air on April 2 nd 2011. Every Indian cricket fans would feel the nail biting situation in their life Hence there comes our hero gamechangers decides the winning or declining of the match.

Every morning the sun rises up in the East and sets in West. Like 1000+ of emerging and disappearing companies everyday .
How to strengthen up the purpose of your business in the huge marketing minds and to build a strong bond to influence customers to you.

Yes, Branding is the key to unlock the identity of your dreams, your hardwork, your ideas and to mark your position in the marketing minds.

Brand Experience
A cyclical movement of a Promise and a Proof to your own business creates a Branding Experiences. The loyalty between the customers ensure the product to another person where it creates a branding Experiences to the businessman.
Branding experience is a type of experiential marketing that incorporates a holistic set of conditions created by a company to influence the feeling a customer has about a particular product or company name- Ref. Margaret Rose
Customers view on Brand names their tagline speaks more about the product. Meanwhile the attributes of that company provides the framework for their products and it takes a major part in branding. The catchy slogans, logos, newsletters, brand ambassadors, discounts ,online presence on social media and Advertisements should make a unique path for Brands.

Celebrate the joy of happiness🙂
The Emotional Connect of Indians which is the branding pattern of the Cadbury sweets in Indian markets. The Cadbury strategically occupied the occasions of consumption like Diwali, Christmas , valentine’s day, Friendship day and to all those sweet and sad moments of our life to begin with their Cadbury product and it also attracted by all the age groups. Hence Cadbury is now trusted chocolate brand in all over the country.
For many years now, Cadbury Diary Milk has represented a plethora of emotions, from shared values such as family togetherness, to shared good feeling and collective joy.
In today’s fast paced world, most of us tend to overlook the goodness and kindness inherent in us. As a brand , we wanted to shine the spotlight on these spontaneous little acts, celebrate them and the wonderful human connections says Mr.Anil Viswanathan to Economic Times. Cadbury also holds the campaign was customised to suit regional sensibilities and culture specific campaigns like Cadbury Mishti in West Bengal and Cadbury sweet kondattam in Tamilnadu.

The Postive Game move
Cadbury followed the game strategy of spreading the positivity through the emotional connect to Indians. Till now Cadbury is the most popularised brand in India . Design your brand, spread up the positivity of your products through the catchy lines, hashtag, trends , Advertisements in social media and so on be the game changer, hero of the war field in your unique way.
Your brand is what other people say, about you when you’re not in the room ” says Mr. Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

  • Dharshini N