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Master of the Senses?

Are we the masters or slaves of our senses? Are we the driver of our actions or being driven by the forces outside?

The later case is so common that anything otherwise might come under the category of superhuman.

In a story of Pizza – the person!, Pizza has a great life. Pizza always puts all kinds of efforts to look good and ends up creating history.

People never get bored of Pizza and want to accompany Pizza on almost every other day. Pizza’s life is so good and rich. Which pizza we pictured?

What we read, watch and listen, that most easily comes in thoughts, words and actions.


Burning the Five Vices

The festival of Dussehra celebrates the end of evil, followed by Diwali the festival of lights.

What is that evil if we have to name it?

Our thoughts and habits? Or some people’s thoughts and some people’s habits? Or is it restricted to some country and arises occassionally?

Majority minds today are burning in the flames of lust, anger or greed.

Five vices of man and five vices of woman symbolize the ten heads of Raavana.

Have these vices really disappeared as we are celebrating Dussehra?

The celebration of life will begin only when each one on the planet becomes an embodiment of virtues and a divine personality.

Awaken the Divinity Within

We use phones everyday,

Phone is an integral part of our lives today.

This phone is being used from morning to evening,

Everything is just one click away.

It has many useful applications ready to make your day.

But if not charged…

When replacing phone with our minds.

What charges the mind?

Systematic study of good thoughts,

And some meditation at the start of the day!

Benefits of Silence

SILENCE does wonders for the mind. Outside or in the mind, reward is great both ways.

For long stories of anger, blame, criticism or gossip, silence could be the answer for listeners, where speaking could be like adding more flames to FIRE.

Minimal use of words could be a great way to observe various thoughts. Also silence is anything but boring, with a nice opportunity to be in a good LIGHT feeling.

And words coming out from a still MIND would also carry more meaning and enthusiasm.

The Term Yoga

Yoga is something we be in and not something we do. This is because the word yoga comes from the Sanskrit term ‘yog’ which means union. Yoga is a word for the mind.

In fact, our intellect is constantly in union with something or someone. So if we are thinking about someone our intellect is in yoga with them for that time.

The ones we remember the most, our state of mind gets connected to them.

Where is the wire of our thoughts connected majority times? Or a simple question would be what or who am I remembering the most throughout the day?

Thoughts decide feelings. To maintain a constant state of lightness the intellect should not go towards energy depleting things.

In a way, yoga is all about asking the self “what is my mind in union with right now?” and “if it is any good?”.

While doing asanas or any other physical exercise,

simply creating thoughts of peace

will give complete benefit to the body and the mind.


Being light

A thought travels faster than light. When I create a thought, it is at that instant itself that it reaches the other person. A human mind creates fifty to sixty thousand thoughts in a day! This is the case when a day goes normal, whereas at other times this number is even higher.

Nothing much is considered lost when a thought is created which was not meant to be created. It could be something created out of anger or it could simply be a waste thought.

The lower the quality, the higher the number. But at other times it is also recommended to not try to stop the thoughts as it will create pressure on the mind.

These thoughts are like cars coming with speed. If thoughts are cars then my many belief systems are different routes.

Beliefs change with knowledge. The best and most effective knowledge is that of knowing the original self.

A Good Morning

We have often heard the phrase there is a right time to do everything. There is a right time work out, there a right time to eat in case you are working for great health, then there is right time to work and right time to stop working.

Now this right time principle can be extended to something very crucial which we often tend to ignore.

Just rewind and remind yourself when did you read the newspaper today, when did you switched on the news channel today and when did you watch an awesome YouTube video or read something great.

Our thoughts are a pool of information we keep gathering all day.

Listen to a great music and it will keep playing and replaying in the mind.

We are what we watch, read and listen.

Morning time, highest receptibility of the mind, don’t just let it think anything.

For the first 10 minutes immediately after you wake up feed the great amazing information to your mind. Either say it to yourself or read it from a book.

These first 10 minutes will record everything on a clean slate of the mind and it will get imprinted after a few days.

Start feeding the healthiest information to your mind at the right time and that is when it will work the most.


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What am I radiating ?

Cleanliness is an important aspect of life. We all know its value. But what could we possibly mean when we say cleaning inside out? Cleaning outside is the physical aspect starting from the body and then the surroundings. Cleaning inside?

Especially during these tensed time like the corona virus outbreak, creating a calm and peaceful environment inside the house becomes the need of the hour. Cleaning the negative energies from surroundings completes the cycle of cleaning inside out.

Many a times there can be felt an experience of peace in spiritual places. There is in fact a good science behind this phenomenon. Simply tagging a place as a temple or a monastery is not something which makes it peaceful but it is the thoughts of thousands of people visiting the place on every day basis which creates the vibrations of peace.

Now talking about our home, where we all need a relaxed environment. But what is it that actually makes the environment of a house? If there are four people living in a house, it would be the thoughts of those four people responsible for the environment inside the house as a whole.

Thoughts of anger, or even waste thoughts would create low energy vibrations. Hence we need to be careful about what we watch on television, social media and even what we read or listen. The lighter it is, the better. It would then be more like sitting on a retreat all day.

Network of thoughts

Thoughts are seeds for every action. A cluttered mind produces actions which results in chaos outside. Imagine thoughts being a wire, so every time we think about someone the wire of our thoughts gets connected to them. At such moments what we think about we download that energy.

In case of a radio frequency, there are all channels in the air but only the one’s which we tune to start playing. Thinking of mind as a radio, which thoughts would I want to listen to if thoughts were music?

But what is the proof that if I am thinking about person X then my mind gets tuned in to that frequency ? So if person X is generally angry I have high chances of feeling the same or feeling low whenever I think about that person ?

The famous Hundredth monkey syndrome experiment explains how an idea enters from one group to another through unknown means. In other words, transfer of ideas from one mind to the other mind happened through means which the experimenters were unable to understand.

Nevertheless, the best way to observe the above claim is self experimentation. We all can choose anytime to observe how our thoughts determine our feelings. Since most of the time we are either thinking about people or situations, taking a break any minute we can simply check that how feeling shifts from low to high with a shift in a single thought.


Mining in space! And it’s not science fiction

Its 2020! Environmental damage is one of the biggest concerns the world has today. Melting glaciers, dying rivers, depleting ozone, species getting extinct, disappearing forests and a whole list of other events exploiting nature, it’s all here, with consequences clearly visible on the future of humanity.

World’s consumption is going to keep rising in the years to come and with the given deteriorating condition of natural resources which even if improves in the next coming decade (though hard to say that yet!),it will still be difficult to provide suitably for the increasing population.

So, will reducing the consumption help?

The arena of per person consumption is becoming wider and wider, which besides food and water covers fuel and electricity. Development around the world is going to be more digital based hence being more dependent on metals.

In short there is no sign of consumption getting reduced in any near future. One way is to go towards sustainable development by shifting towards consumption habits with less carbon footprint. Could space mining be the other way of saving the planet?

We have heard of asteroids, the space debris orbiting the sun. Our inner solar system is flooded with these objects also called minor planets. The good part is that they are a gold mine for various resources.

A single platinum rich asteroid contains more platinum than has been mined in the history of humanity and platinum group metals are used in almost every other good we use today.Worth trillions of dollars of diamonds and gold is believed to be floating in these objects there in space.

In fact gold first came from the meteor shower millions of years after the earth was formed.

No wonder why asteroid mining is set to become a billion-dollar industry and why companies are eager to explore this idea.

As fascinating as it seems it is no less practical when comes to implementation. There is a class of Near Earth Asteroids (NEA’S) which are easy to reach and extract and transport resources. Most of the NEA’s are even nearer than the moon.

But it is a whole process in itself to determine which asteroid to mine based on what mineral it might contain. Infrared telescopes and spectrometers are the light bouncing techniques which are used to detect the composition of an asteroid. Once this is done then comes the extraction part.

But metals are not the only reason for their mining. Asteroids hold abundant amount of water which when broken down into oxygen and hydrogen could be used as air to breathe and fuel for rockets on journey back home.

It may seem too unreal for now, not likely to happen anytime soon but this thing is gaining momentum fast. Companies like Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries have started to make this plan sound like a completely achievable goal.

Asteroids- the low hanging fruits of space, as they are now being called, maybe are just waiting to be cultivated. A step like this could change the whole economics of earth with scarcity not much of an issue anymore!

The space might start to look more like a busy trade route and the diamond on your finger probably would have journeyed all the way from the stars. With this idea becoming reality, we could at least say goodbye to all mining exploitation on earth.