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Digital Learning Vs Classroom Learning andits functioning in the times of Corona.

Traditional Classroom Learning, of course can not be replaced but  Digital Learning, I feel, has proved out to be a boon in disguise especially in these times of Covid 19. If the concept of Digital Education had not been introduced long before then there would have been a complete hault in the process of shaping the intellect of students through academics.
Moreover,  I reckon that Digital Education is a much better version of Classroom Education since students, especially in the younger grades, often mistake studies to be a burden since they are not exposed ,that seriously, to the idea of career-building yet. Hence, they deliberately lag behind when it comes to adopting a serious attitude in the higher grades. On the other hand if Digital Education is introduced early on in their lives, then they get fantasized with the illustrations, cartoon-voices, colourful theme etc which only draws them more towards studies and seems far more interesting than a black and white themed Classroom Education. Also, things when depicted through visuals tend to stick by much longer in the human brain than bookish texts.

Now talking about the senior lot, Digital Education has helped the students massively. The vast courses available online permit students to go for self-paced i.e flexible learning. They can understand the dimensions of a particular topic as per their own speed of grasping and can repeat a particular lecture multiple times. It also makes students acclimated to the idea of using technology the right way towards their best interest.
It is also a major boost for widening the scopes of teachers as they could never use technology in these complex yet  enhancing ways during their years but now they are all also becoming used to and not only learning but also appreciating it. This accentuates that learning never stops and so doesn’t the advancement of technology.
However, just like a coin has two sides, Digital Learning also comes with its own sets of pros and cons. The pros have already been discussed so now let’s take a deeper insight into the cons i.e the demerits, I personally observed in the present scenario of the pandemic.
Online lectures, these days, are conducted through apps like Zoom in most schools, including my college. 

Apps like Zoom which are of Chinese origin allow students to close the application without actually exiting from the ongoing lecture  so their teachers  kind of mistake them to be still attending the lecture while they are actually surfing through social media platforms or busy playing games like PUBG. Students can also watch their lectures while keeping the microphones muted. Now does that make any sense? What is the use of watching the lecture when you just can’t even hear the teacher and you’re watching some movie in the meantime.
So, I don’t think digital learning has been able to generate a fruitful result as far as the academics and portion completion in lockdown is concerned for students of higher grades, since they are very smart. Schools and officials need to reconsider the thought of spreading education through this means and should consider other better options like Google meet in which you can’t press the back button and exit the lecture just like that.