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25 June |India’s Black day

On 25 june , 1975 Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a National Emergency , which is the blackest day in India’s Democracy.

There are total three type of Emergency provision in India’s Constitution National Emergency, President rule , Financial Emergency .All these Emergency cannot be declared without the approvement of President and that time President was Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed who approved the National Emergency declaration at mignight on 25 , June.

It was the third time when the National Emergency was a declareded within in the country.In 1962 the National Emergency was declared for the first time during the India-China war and the 2nd Emergency was declared in 1971 during Indo-Pak war.

This emergency was mainly imposed due to four reasons Navnirman Andolan in Gujarat .This movement in 1974 was lead by student and middle class against economic crisis(Hipe in food rates and fees) and Coruption. It all started by the protest by student .In December 1973 Amhedabad protest was lead by students of L.D. College of Engineering against a hike in fees .This was the first and only agitation which led to victory dissolving the state government.

After the successful movement in gujarat there were many movement led in other parts of country and Bihar movement is one of them intiated by students and led by Jayaprakash Narayan, the socialist who fought against misrule and corruption due to which the problems of indira gandhi started increasing .

The third reason behind the emergency was the Railway Strike by the workers of Railways in 1974.And the major and last i.e. forth reason was the Raj Narayan Verdict .

Indira Gandhi elected election from Rae Bareilly  against Raj Narayan in 1971 .After losing election Raj Narayan filed a case in Allahbad High Court against Indira Gandhi to use malpractices like bribing voters with liquor and using misusing goverment machinery ,ultimately using her power in the wrong way.On 12 , june 1975 verdict was declared that she was found guilty and was barred for election for six years and high court declared the verdict that she have to leave the prime minister post .She was losing control and in order to be in power she filed a petion in supreme court ruling the high court decision.

On 24 june , 1975 Supreme Court judge, Justice VR Krishna Iyer ruled the vedict partially and she was allowed to remain prime minister but cannot vote as a MP until the final verdict .She was not happy by the decision .

On next day , 25 june 1975 she imposed National emergency at midnight.All prominent leaders Jayaprakash Narayan, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, LK Advani, Morarji Desai were arrested. 

In order to save her legacy she imosed Emergency .After this outbreak press censorship was imposed i.e.freedom of press were totally carry off .Fundamental rights were demolished and many restriction was imposed and whosoever ,stand against the decision were sent into jail.

After many protest against her and when International Media started portraying her image as a dictator , After 21 months i.e. On 21,March 1977 she finally dispose of the Emergency .

According to experts , if there was no Raj Narayan nor the Energency would is no denial, 25 June was the darkest day in the Indian History since Independence .

Everyone should have a hobby that keeps them fit

Fitness is not at all about hitting a gym or having six packs , its a state being referred to our own physical health.Physical health refers to the state of our body ,altogether taking care of every aspect absence of a diseases and fitness level of a body i.e.stamina. Whether we get exhausted whenever we climb stairs or we are suffering from any sort of disease or pain ,these all are the indication of bad health. A good physical health doesn’t make you free from any disease but also leads to good mental Well being.It’s not that one necessarily have to lift dumbbells in the gym .It can be any sort of physical activity so it can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Let’s look over what kind of physical activity we can include in our life .


Rhythmic your feet on a dance floor listening to your favorite song can also keep you fit.Regardless of your age it will give you joy and change your life.Doesn’t matter if you 6 or 60 but truly what matter is your love for dance.Dance is like an exercise . It improve your physical health.It improves cardiovascular health and balance .It doesn’t only keep you physically healthy but mentally too .It can boost up your mood and ease anxiety.


Playing sports is really enjoyably.Sports is always been an excellent workout to improve your physical and be your mental health.It help you distress your mind and boost up your confidence .Every kind of sports helps you keep you active .It increase your energy level and boost a confidence within you.Even it helps to fight depression too.Sport is one of the great physical activity to improve our fitness,mental health as well as our soft skills too .


Be it gardening too .Gardening is a great full workout as gardeners use their many muscles .It doesn’t only boost your immune system but in addition in ease stress and boost your moods .Gardening has proven to be really good in keeping you fit .People likes to do gardening as it makes them closer to nature and nurture the nature more.It is one the best way to relax and detoxify your body.Since you are outside you get lot of vitamin D which eventually decreases chances of osteoporisis disease.Gardening is just not a hobby it is like funding for your health and overall well being.

Even little little changes in your daily routine will help you to keep you fit For instance choose stairs rather than lift, or walk whenever possible walk while talking to your friend or relative on a call ,try to avoid vehicles and use cycle and even can walk if it is too place is too nearer.These little changes would help you taking to your journey of fat to fit . You don’t have necessarily go to gym one can exercise at home too and Whether Grooving your feet or playing cricket or hockey it can be any sort of physical activity that helps you to keep yourself fit and Energetic . There are many hobbies like these which doesn’t only cheer up your mood but also helps you to follow a healthy lifestyle .

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment below and have a wonderful day.

Worst Technical failures ever

All of us are much aware of the technology that succeed but some technologies are their that doesn’t able to make history and miserably fails .Let’s look over them.

Apple Newton

Apple Newton was a Apple’s handheld Personal digital assistant.Main idea behind this was to create a portable and easy to use computer that “it had to fit the Apple’s CEO john Sculley’s pocket”,eventually Newton’s team jokingly said that they have to break into the house and sew larger pockets in all of his pants.The PDA could take notes, store contacts, and manage calendars and could use it to send a fax.It also include the feature that could translate handwriting into text but ultimately this feature led to the sudden death of the PDA. Due to poor architecture they barely make it working.However,it’s development accidentally lead to ipad,thus proving that one can learn from their failures and get along a way to success.


Google+ was a social network owned by Google and launched on 28 June,2018.But Google+ was a massive failure .Google+ was launched without having a proper plan ,just to compete with Google+.In its last time it was having a huge bug which led to exporture of data of millions of users ,ultimately led to death of Google+.Google+ is not only a social network that has shut down ,GoogleBuzz was lauched in 2010 and retired the next year and there are many more.

Tata Nano

Tata Nano was car manufactured and marketed by Indian automaker Tata Motors ,primarily in India at the price of 1 lakh .Due to cost cutting car was lacking qualities .To lower the price airbags were removed without even thinking about the safety measure and instead they use only one wiper and there were many techniques to keep the price low as possible.Due to its poor build quality it failed miserably and eventually the sales keep on declining.In 2016-2017 Sales reached 7,591 for model .Due to low sales , Tata motors eventually announced the end of production in May, 2018.


iSmell Technology was among the all crazy gadgets developed by DigiScents Inc.It was designed to emit smell that corresponded to a user visiting a site or opening an E-mail.There was no flaw in the design but in the idea .There was no need of this type of product , and ultimately it didn’t get attention and fails miserably .It’s deadly defect was that it was consider ridiculous by many and ultimately company get bankrupt.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone was too late to enter in the market.In the business to lead one have to come first with idea ,or come with best quality or ,the cheapest and Windows failed in both quality and the price.The one thing which are people more decline to is number of apps.Though apps were available on the both the platform but Android were more polished.Phone has a poorly designed mobile Operating system which is one of the reason of it’s failure .They failed to support the mobile OS as needed .Neither they have a good interface to build high market.

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Common mistakes beginner made while learning coding

Some common mistake beginner programmer make that hold them back to become a good programmer.Firstly make one thing clear in your mind that by learning a programming language no one can become a coder until you start practicing it .It take a lot of patience and practice . It might take few setbacks , few trials to getting started but ultimately fire up your coding skills.I hope this blog helps you take your first step in coding journey.Let’s get started.

Never Sit back and take the action

There is no right time to get started .Start off immediately .I know you might feel bit nervous.It happened with me too.But sitting back and not taking action will definitely hold you back to start your journey .

And Eventually a question arises how to get started ?After learning a certain programming language you can’t master it until you start implementing it .The most important step is to take action . Start practicing on any any competitive sites like HackerRank ,Codechef .It’s okay if you come up with a straight forward approach (Brute force algorithm) it not be the best way to solve a question but eventually you can do better .Start thinking for a more feasible and optimal solution .Don’t hesitate to take help or read other programmers code .Don’t be in hurry to move onto next question.Clear your concept thoroughly and you would surely make a mistake along and that’s the next point to learn .

Never be afraid to make a mistake

You will eventually make mistakes along the way but rather to avoid it learn from the mistake .

Nobody will come with a best solution everyone start with worst but eventually lead to best.Everyone needs to debug their code it doesn’t passes all the cases including side case in one go.So don’t need to panic.

Even you will find yourself making foolish mistakes sometimes i.e missing semicolon ,out of bound.

There is a lot of stuff to learn .It’s more difficult than you think .More you came to know more you realize there is quite a lot to learn.

Come out of your comfort zone

Most beginners made this mistake .They stuck themselves in their comfort zone .And feel afraid to learn new stuff .They eventually end by solving easy question through they can’t improve yourself ,Start trying hard one which needs a lot of brainstorming .It will surely improve your skills.

Start building projects and participating in online contest

Best way to implement your knowledge or check is building up projects even a minor one or participating in online contest .Even one can take ideas from YouTube ,or any source .While building up your project you will learn a lot and even came to know why is it so important in programming to write a clean code ? and surely online contest are the best way to check your knowledge and prepare for interviews.

Sometimes it’s feel terrifying but it’s okay

When you entered the world of coding it start feeling scary as it is more complex than you think.It’s okay .Everyone has gone through that feeling. You will probably have those days when you start feeling that nothing is going the way as you think and it happens .Sometimes you will not able to solve questions.But nothing to be panic about .When you start understanding this world you will start living in it and then it will not feel scary to you.

In last i want to say that take your first step immediately and turned-on your coding skills.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment below and have a wonderful day.

Racism in India |Why India remain silent when it comes to their own country

Everyone might be aware of the incident happened in the USA a few weeks ago that led protest all over the world. George Floyd death. On 25 May 2020 George Floyd, a 46 -year old African American man was killed by white Minneapolis Police. This all started when a restaurant owner complaint about George Floyd using a counterfeit bill. During an arrest for allegedly using a fraud currency, officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for almost nine minutes while Floyd was handcuffed and lying face down, while repeatedly saying that ”I can’t breathe” until Floyd was motionless and had no pulse. The incident was recorded by bystanders, which was widely spread. People outsource their voice against injustice, the video goes viral activating protests and flaring global anger.

A few weeks ago I witnessed the people outsourcing their voice through the social media saying ”Blacks Lives Matter” against injustice. I am proud of all them for lifting their voices for the community which is highly oppressed over the years. But why we remain silent when it comes to our own country. In 2014, Nido Tania a college student died due to severe lung and brain injuries by an attack upon him in a South Delhi market by a shopkeeper and some men. He was beaten with iron rods and stick and another day he was found dead on the bed. What was his mistake? That he was from northeast India. Activists and students expressed their anger and outrage over Nido’s death with the candle-light march. But nothing has changed over the years. Still so many Indians are voiceless about the disease prevailing in our own country. It is not the only case of injustice against northeast people. During this COVID-19 crisis in Bangalore, a report was filed against the staff of a popular supermarket chain, when two northeast people were denied to enter the supermarket, came to buy grocery items. They were denied because of their appearance. Ethnic discrimination is one of the biggest problem in India. I ask all of you again what was their mistake? They just came to the supermarket to buy groceries they were denied because they were from northeast India. Is this justified? Indians outsource their voice against Injustice for George Floyd and we have to stand with our own people facing this discrimination over the years .” Be the change that you want to see in the world”. Northeast Indians are not only community suffering. Siddhi community (African-Indians) are still going through the same phase. Siddhis are the African tribes that were brought 600 years before as a Slave and caste system keep them in extreme poverty for centuries. In 2003, they have been granted as the status of scheduled tribes. There are many cases of discrimination with the tribe in India, which make India as the most racist country. Every life matter and its high time we stand against injustice and raise our voice.

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Is Netflix Worth of your time?

Binge over on your favorite show is a best way to relax in your leisure time .But reality is that Netflix is become an addiction over a time.Stranger things ,Locke and key will definitely compel you to watch all the episodes in one go .I am saying it all by my own experience .Once you start watching you start developing a interest after that you can’t go back until you watch all the episodes in one go .I buy subscription of Netflix to watch little things 2 but later on I developed interest in more and more of their shows and sometime it lead to delaying my other stuff (like studies)just to binge over a show .After watching a series like locke and key one can’t let it go and start wondering about the magical keys whose that lady in the well and ultimately that curiosity make you watch the whole series in one go .

It is not denial ,that Netflix is highly addictive and letting your work suffer due to this is not a great deal at all.I am saying all this by my own experience .Okay , let me clear one thing i am not saying that Netflix is a waste of time .Well i just want to say binging over your favorite show on Netflix throughout your day letting your work suffer is not a great deal in my opinion . Some of people might think that Netflix can’t teach you anything and it’s only about fun to binge watch and that’s it all about .But i have a different opinion in this .Netflix offers some educational shows for elementary to high school students like Bill Nye: Science ,Guy,The Universe and many more .Even more than that Netflix have some documentaries that is worth of your time like “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” and many more .Netflix shows eventually help you in improving your grasp over English language.In my perception Netflix offers numerous of learning shows and more than that it has some shows which teach life lessons ‘The Help’ and many more .So in my opinion Netflix is worth of time if we manage our time properly .

And surely one can think what made me write this .In this pandemic ,Even offices and malls have reopened due to economical crisis but still we students are locked up in their homes for our safety measures .Okay ,let me ask you a question .Please be truthful to yourself .How many of you have learned something new even if you binge watching over you favorite show ? Okay ,let me guess only few of you said yes .May be i am wrong .Most of you said yes .Okay but even few of said no remember rather than wasting your time start learning something new from now onward .It’s never too late.I am not saying that binge watching is not worth time .But it surely waste of time when you will not manage your time properly .It’s just a piece of advice from my side not i am imposing anything on anybody .Just think over it.

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Why self satisfaction is important in life?

It’s okay to take the break and admire your life .Slow down the pace of your life until it’s too late. As we grow up as a teenager our desire for more and more become a disease .Whether in offline or online world .Everything seems to be perfect in that one perfect click in online world.We want to explore people on internet and hypocrisy is that we don’t even have a time to admire our friends and family .

We have make a baseline for happiness more you have more you will be happy and these urge of getting more things will never be satisfied as long as we forgot to appreciate the things that we already achieved and that’s make it more vulnerable.Remember ,in our childhood we used to narrate our daily routine including every minor to major thing to our mother but as we grow up we start to share lesser information to them and even a point come when we hardly tell them anything .We make ourselves away from everyone rushing towards our goals. When we reach our goal rather than appreciating ourselves we start planning for the next goal and this loops never end .

Okay let me make you understand why is there a need of self satisfaction?

Let me narrate a story for you .There was a swami he told a person to visit a garden and pluck out most beautiful flower and swami makes some restriction that after plucking flower he should immediately come back to him and he can’t pluck a flower while returning .He went inside a garden and came across a beautiful flower but in desire that he might will find a more beautiful one .He reached the end of garden and eventually have to take back the dead flower to swami .He told everything swami .Swami after listening to his story told him that you were not satisfied with what you got instead you start looking for something that’s why this happened with you .We are never satisfied with what we have .The lesson behind this is we should start appreciating things around us until it’s too late.

What’s the purpose of life when you are not enjoying the journey?

Rather than focusing on destination one should indulge himself into the process of reaching that destination.But we are so wrapped up in the completing steps that we forget to stop.

You will definitely met someone in your life having good lifestyle and well established career ,family and friend but they want to reach to the next level .What is next level ?I can’t get it.

In my perspective one can immensely be satisfied by truly loving themselves and appreciating your efforts.In Japanese culture ,there is a concept of ikigai which central purpose is finding one’s satisfaction We can only admire our family and friends if we are happy from within and that’s the meaning of life .

We read this things on our daily basis and but still doesn’t understand the worth of self satisfaction in our life.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment below and have a wonderful day.

Top 6 Platforms for competitive programming

‘Practice makes a man perfect’

Coding is not only about learning a programming language. That doesn’t make anyone count themselves as a coder. Okay, let me explain? If a person learns all the insights about cricket that doesn’t make him cricketer.Years of self-practice and proving himself by facing challenges and conquering the field that makes you best cricketer. Similarly, by practising and proving yourself by participating in various hackathons, coding challenges make you best coder. A great way to upgrade your skills is by participating in coding challenges. There are many other aspects to be a good coder. A good coder focus on the efficiency of its program which data structure should he apply and which algorithm should make their program more efficient. Solving different types of challenges that makes him/her a better problem solver.

These are some sites which make you a better problem solver and help you to prepare for your interviews.

1.Topcoder(Intermediate-Advanced ) – Topcoder is one of the most popular sites for online competitive programming. Topcoder Community has various domains -designers, developers, data scientists, and competitive programmer. Their are single round matches of 1.5 hours for competitive programmer a few times in a month to showcase their problem-solving skills.

Every year Topcoder organize a TCO (topcoder open). Topcoder Open (TCO) is an annual design, software development, data science and competitive programming championship.

2.HackerRank(Intermediate-Advanced) – HackerRank offers a platform where programmers from all over the world come together to solve problems in an extensive variety of computer science domains such as algorithms, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, and more. By solving the problem you can earn badges and there is the editorial section where the solution of the challenge is provided.

HackerRank organizes various contest such as 101 rank, high rank, company contest and more and leaderboard is maintained for each and every contest.

3.CodeChef(Intermediate-Advanced)-CodeChef is a competitive programming website which offers various challenging contest to upgrade your programming skills. Codechef organizes three programming contest (The Long Challenge, The Lunchtime, cookoff)in a month, in which programmers can participate and compete for prizes.CodeChef community also offers algorithm tutorial and contribute to forum discussion and participate in CodeChef programming contests.

4.Geeksforgeeks(Intermediate-Advanced)-Geeksforgeeks is the best website which offers a wide range of explanation and code solution .Geeksforgeeks also organize a 3 day coding challenge (Geeks coding challenge ) and offers a great win prizes.These site is best for software engineering interview preparation .

5.Leetcode(Intermediate – Advanced)- Leetcode is a competitive programming platform to level up your coding skills mainly for software engineers to practice .They require a wide range of knowledge of data structure such as trees ,heaps ,graphs ,linked list etc .They are bit of advanced than other sites .Leetcode offers weekly and biweekly programming content.They offers some feature like Mock Interview particularly designed for job preparation interview.

6.Codeforces(Advanced)-Codeforces is an Russian based competitive programming platform .Their challenges mostly be advanced and the platform is typically designed for competitive programming contest preparation where best programmers for all over the world compete against each other .These sites organizes codeforce round nearly one in a week and educational contest nearly 2-3 times per month.

These are some good sites in which you can start participating and improve yourself .

P.S-I work on HackerRank that i have mentioned above.

Let me know if you know any other good coding challenge websites in the comment below and have a wonderful day.

Quantum Computer

Efforts are being made by several companies that are leading their way to develop quantum computing.IBM has developed a 53-bit qubit quantum computer. In October 2019 google officially declared that it has achieved quantum supremacy. There are several companies like Accenture, Microsoft, Atos Quantum and more which are leading their way to develop a feasible quantum computer and make them commercially available.

What is a Quantum computer and how it works?

Quantum physics describes how the atom work and the behaviour of the fundamental particles like electron and photons. Quantum computers operate on Quantum mechanics by controlling the behaviour of fundamental particles. It works on Quantum mechanics phenomena, such as Superposition and uncertainty principle and entanglement to perform the task. A simple computer works on bits (0 or 1) a simple computer can have an only one state at a time but a Quantum computer works on quantum bits(qubit) which can be a superposition of state. It can work parallel on different state at one time.

Over the century physicists have discovered that quantum particles behave weirdly. This led to the branch of physics known as a Quantum mechanics.

Quantum computer with the aid of qubits works on stimulating the behaviour of quantum particles existing in nature which makes Quantum computer way faster than Supercomputers.

Just like a spinning coin when it is in a spinning state we can’t determine whether it turns to head or tail i.e it is in both the states simultaneously. Similarly, qubits are in the same state i.e they can measure a number of possibilities at a time which makes Quantum computer way faster.

Entanglement is the other phenomenon which qubits are capable of doing. It is a physical relationship between qubits they seem to be known what happens to another even they are physically separated. If you measure one qubit (i.e., collapse its superposition to a single state, it will have the same impact on the others in the system.

That seems to be crazy right. Even no one can really understand how it works. Quantum computers have the potential to work on designing new medicines, developing new catalyst however it requires million of qubits whereas even a most sophisticated computer in the world today is made using 72 qubits claimed by google. Since qubits require temperature nearer to absolute zero which is the major roadblock in developing of quantum computers.

What things Quantum computer are capable of doing ?

Quantum computers are really fast and efficient. This computer will far more powerful even than the supercomputers. Quantum computers have the potential to solve the problem of global significance.

Quantum computers have a significance in designing medicines to fight disease because it works using the same quantum properties as the molecule is trying to stimulate. Reason being developing drugs is a challenging problem today because it’s really difficult to calculate all the quantum properties of all the atoms in the molecules even for supercomputers. So it can lead to treatments like Coronavirus which is affecting billions of lives.

Quantum computer with huge computational power is ideal to solve problems such as cybersecurity, Financial modelling, creating encryption methods and development in AI.

Quantum computer has recently set the record for finding prime number factors.

Companies are leading their way to developing and it still requires a lot of work.

There are some obstacles that seem impossible to overcome and we can’t predict anything right now. Let us see what gone happen in future.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment below and have a wonderful day.

SIKKIM – Beauty Of North-East

Sikkim wan an independent kingdom ruled by Namgyal. Namgyal dynasty was founded by Phuntsog Namgyal in 1642. Over the years kingdom witnesses several raids and provincial losses. In 1700, the Sikkim was attacked by the Bhutanese. Between 1717 and 1733, the kingdom faced many attacks by Nepalese and Bhutanese lead to the destruction of the capital Rabdentse.In the 19th century, Sikkim become a British Protectorate. On 16 may 1975 Sikkim become the 22nd state of the Indian union.

Sikkim capital is Gangtok. Almost 35% of the state land is covered by Khangchendzonga National Park. Sikkim is the least populous state among all the Indian states. Sikkim is unforgettable for its biodiversity and as being the host to the second-highest mountain in the world Kangchenjunga.

Sikkim’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture and tourism. Sikkim accounts for the second-highest spices producers. Sikkim is the Home Of Ancient Buddhist Monasteries. Weather is pleasant in almost all part of Sikkim throughout the year and that makes it the one of favourite holidays destination. Sikkim attraction its waterfalls, virgin forest, alpine meadows make Sikkim be in the bucket list of traveller. Sikkim surrounds the most astonishing pristine natural beauty of the Himalayas which has to explore. You will find a unique essence of nature in Sikkim.

These places in Sikkim are known for their magnificence and natural beauty.

  1. Gangtok-Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and it is the most visited place in Sikkim. Gangtok is surrounded by natural attraction Tsomgo Lake, Ban Jhakri falls, Kyongnsola Waterfall and many more. Gangtok is also famous for its arrangement in trekking and hiking. Gangtok is a must-visit place in Sikkim.

2. Pelling– Pelling is a must-visit place in the west district of Sikkim, the main attraction of the place is the incredible sight of the Khangchendzonga and the neighbouring peaks.Rich in heritage and culture and two old Buddhist monasteries. Pelling is one of the best-chosen tourist places in Sikkim. More than that, Pelling is the place where all the astonishing tourist spots of West Sikkim can be visited. City blesses you with breathing view from singshore bridge and city has the largest fall in the city and there are many more amazing places to visit Sewaro Rock Garden, Sewaro Rock Garden and many more.

3. Yuksom-Yuksom is a beautiful town located in the western region of Sikkim. Yuksom has historical importance to the Sikkimese with the first Chogyal crowned here. The Khecheopalri Lake considered holy by the Sikkimese is another tourist attraction of the place. Dubdi Monastery, Kathok Wodsalin monastery, Norbugang Park are some of the historic and charming places to visit Yuksom.

4.Lachen -Lachen is situated in the northern part of Sikkim and it is the least populated and reason being a natural beauty here is preserved. The serene vegetation is worth praising. The major attraction of these place is Chopta Valley, Green Lake, Cho-Lamu, Gurudongmar Lake and Shinghba Rhododendron Sanctuary.

There are many more amazing places to visit in Sikkim including Lachung ,Changu lake ,Naathula pass ,Teesta river and many more .

These are some of the interesting facts about Sikkim

1. Sikkim is a nation turned state.

2. Sikkim has eleven official languages.

3. Sikkim has the third-highest literacy rate in India.

4. Sikkim has 28 mountain peaks and more than 80 glaciers.

5.Every year International Flower Festival is held in Sikkim.

6. The red panda is a state animal of Sikkim.

7. Sikkim has over 552 different species of birds and 690 species of butterflies.

8. It is the third-smallest GDP among all the state of India.

9. Sikkim has 227 altitudes lakes ,five major hot springs and more than 100 river and stream.

10. Sikkim has 619,000 inhabitants.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment below and have a wonderful day.