Worst Technical failures ever

All of us are much aware of the technology that succeed but some technologies are their that doesn’t able to make history and miserably fails .Let’s look over them.

Apple Newton

Apple Newton was a Apple’s handheld Personal digital assistant.Main idea behind this was to create a portable and easy to use computer that “it had to fit the Apple’s CEO john Sculley’s pocket”,eventually Newton’s team jokingly said that they have to break into the house and sew larger pockets in all of his pants.The PDA could take notes, store contacts, and manage calendars and could use it to send a fax.It also include the feature that could translate handwriting into text but ultimately this feature led to the sudden death of the PDA. Due to poor architecture they barely make it working.However,it’s development accidentally lead to ipad,thus proving that one can learn from their failures and get along a way to success.


Google+ was a social network owned by Google and launched on 28 June,2018.But Google+ was a massive failure .Google+ was launched without having a proper plan ,just to compete with Google+.In its last time it was having a huge bug which led to exporture of data of millions of users ,ultimately led to death of Google+.Google+ is not only a social network that has shut down ,GoogleBuzz was lauched in 2010 and retired the next year and there are many more.

Tata Nano

Tata Nano was car manufactured and marketed by Indian automaker Tata Motors ,primarily in India at the price of 1 lakh .Due to cost cutting car was lacking qualities .To lower the price airbags were removed without even thinking about the safety measure and instead they use only one wiper and there were many techniques to keep the price low as possible.Due to its poor build quality it failed miserably and eventually the sales keep on declining.In 2016-2017 Sales reached 7,591 for model .Due to low sales , Tata motors eventually announced the end of production in May, 2018.


iSmell Technology was among the all crazy gadgets developed by DigiScents Inc.It was designed to emit smell that corresponded to a user visiting a site or opening an E-mail.There was no flaw in the design but in the idea .There was no need of this type of product , and ultimately it didn’t get attention and fails miserably .It’s deadly defect was that it was consider ridiculous by many and ultimately company get bankrupt.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone was too late to enter in the market.In the business to lead one have to come first with idea ,or come with best quality or ,the cheapest and Windows failed in both quality and the price.The one thing which are people more decline to is number of apps.Though apps were available on the both the platform but Android were more polished.Phone has a poorly designed mobile Operating system which is one of the reason of it’s failure .They failed to support the mobile OS as needed .Neither they have a good interface to build high market.

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