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Traditional learning can’t be replaced by virtual learning

In such times, Virtual classes are the only practice that can help the student to learn without any deterrent. In such a situation of the pandemic, there is no other alternative for now. Most of the institution has adopted for virtual learning via email, video conference through zoom meeting, google meet, Webex, Microsoft etc which is a great step initiated as of now. But in my opinion, traditional learning cannot be replaced. Since there is no direct interaction between a student and a teacher which cause a lot of distraction. Reason being the teacher cannot ensure the focus of the student. Virtual classes have their own benefit you don’t have to worry about waking up early and one can learn according to their comfort zone. Since a student can study in the comfort of their homes. Virtual classes make us able to watch recorded lectures as many times we want which helps us clear our doubts. Virtual classes save time and money but it cannot provide the environment same like classroom learning. One has to ensure good internet supply and interface but not every student has these facilities. As of now, there is some locale where there is lack of internet services. Class learning doesn’t only make learning easier but it also promotes focus, self-disciplined and punctuality in your life, since one has to wake up early to attend the classes on time. Classroom learning offers direct interaction and helps to upgrade their skills and teach them how to peacefully live in a society. But according to this situation, Virtual learning is really important as of now schools and institutions are shut down. In the situation of global health crisis, it is the only way left so the student can keep social distancing and complete their syllabus on time. Switching learning is great for now since it enables the student to be productive as of now. Both ways have their own pros and cons. In virtual learning, there is a lack of understanding between student and teacher. Classroom learning includes conflict resolving skills, presentation skills it boosts up your confidence in front of peers, develops Leadership skills and teaches them to get along with the student from different cultural backgrounds. Classroom teaching is valuable in shaping their communication skills, listening skills and boosting up their confidence. Students experience social interactions with peers and establish rapport with teachers which help develop socially. Classroom learning enhances the critical thinking skills of students in live group discussion. Teachers can modify their teaching practices based on the observation that student is getting what they are taught i.e. classroom activities and interactions can help learners. At the same time, students can get their doubts clarified immediately which is not in the case of virtual learning. since there is a lot of distraction in virtual classes. As of now, we should be grateful that virtual learning is helping the student to be productive in this crisis. Since in the time of emergency virtual learning is a good alternative to traditional learning but cannot be replaced by traditional learning.Since Classroom learning has certain extra advantages that virtual learning cannot replace.

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Want to increase Blog traffic|SEO

Over 2 million articles are published on the internet every day. So how to efficiently elevate the amount of traffic to your website? After reading these articles all your queries will resolve.

The first way you can share with your friends and family through whatsapp and Facebook. But hardly you can get 500 -600 visitors.

Then comes the second approach when you advertise your website and it is an expensive way. Small Startups and individual can’t work on this.

Then comes the role of SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Many YouTubers and startups are using this technique to boost the amount of traffic to their website without even spending a single penny. The question then arises. What is Search Engine Optimization?

When you search on google or any other search engine, you get a list of website matching with your search. Now a question arises, How google create the list? Every search engines use its own algorithm to create a list for a given query. Then there comes the role of SEO. So how can we optimize search engine so that our Website get secure high rank in search engine? In simple words, whenever someone searches about a particular keyword so that all the traffic come to your website.

SEO is a technique to rank up your website with a relevant keyword or phrase to increase the visitors on your site. The better optimize your site is more frequently your website show up in the Search Engine Result Page, means more traffic.

Companies pay professionals to optimize their website. So that they can rank up site their site in search engine.

White hat SEO VS Black hat SEO

White hat SEO follows use only ethical tactics to rank and follows search engines guidelines. It simply means they can’t manipulate their algorithm to optimize their site.

Black hat SEO violates search engine guidelines and manipulate their algorithm to rank up their sites.

So google updates it’s regularly so that they can close the loopholes that black hat SEO exploits.

Keyword research

Make a list of relevant keywords that people might have searched. Simply you can use keyword tools for research. It’s not hard to find a relevant keyword.

These are some free keyword search tools:

1.Google search Console

2.Google Trends

3.Answers to public

4.Keyword shitter

5.keywords Everywhere

You can access all these tools it doesn’t cost you a dime, but none of them offers all-in-one functionality. Get to know about the tools and use them accordingly so you can get better results.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is a practice to make your web page or content optimize for search engine and users.

Buying a suitable domain name, optimizing your title tags to target optimal keywords is some common On-page SEO practices to make your website SEO.

While to rank up your site you also need to create good quality content. You have to make sure that the title or URL of the article should be user friendly. Make sure Every page on site has a simple and readable URL.

Adding internals links can also increase the chance of high ranking of your site .

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to an activity taken outside of your website to raise your ranking the SERP.

Building backlinks is at the essence of off-page SEO. It’s simply is getting another website (relevant to your own websites) to link your website.

You can do this by contacting influencers (reputable and trustworthy) and ask them to link your website.

By creating good content so others themselves link your website without even contacting.

These are some safest ways to get backlinks.

You can even purchase an expired domain name. Expired domain names are those which have a suitable ranking, backlinks but the person forget to renew the domain name.

In last avoid using PBN like practices since google can find it and most likely ban your site to appear on search.

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Should Exams be the only Guideline on which students potential should be evaluated?

Exams are conducted to check our knowledge but why there is so much emphasis over the result .How can a piece of paper can decide our future .Over and over we have told by school or by society that the result will give a path to your career.Why’s it always about doing better than other rather than improving ourselves?Due to which it leads to comparison .

Exams are indeed important, it helps students to overcome their nerves. Hence, it helps in developing one’s personality and confidence. Exams are the opportunity to improve ourselves. But exams can’t always tell you the real potential of a student. In today’s world, exams are pills of stress and frustration and indeed it’s true exams doesn’t decide our fate.

Our educational system has so many loopholes.Why is their no practical exposure , indeed it focus on who cram well and score good?

According to National Crime Reports Bureau every hour one student suicide in India . The NCRB data shows that 10,159 students died by suicide in 2018, an increase from 9,905 in 2017, and 9,478 in 2016.India’s has world’s highest suicide rate committed by youth between 15-29.

Most of the students suicide in depression since they not able to perform well in exams.Young people find it difficult to handle failures as they are neither supported by families nor social institutions .India endures an 87% scantiness of mental-health professionals.Universities in India still lack counselling centres, where trained counsellors and psychologists can assist students at the onset of emotional and mental problems.

Failure is just not the end of the life .Why student are not able to cope up with failures?Because we as a society is not able to support them.They have just fail an exams not in their life .They can overcome failure their is always a scope of improvement .

Education system has become a business in India.Despite attending school’s most of students went to coaching institute , tuition’s .Why 6 hours are not enough? Then why institution charging us a massive amount ?They have practicing education as a way of earning money.Rather to share knowledge.

Why there is no focus on extra curriculum subjects music ,sports, drawing why these subjects are not given significance .All field required creativity and so these too. We want youth to upgrade their skills .That’s why exams were introduced.

Exams should be conducted ,but some changes have to be made .Exams should evaluate student on the basis of personal projects,tests, speaking, drama, and other exciting activities where the student should focus more on desire to showcase their talent .We should make student understand they should focus on improving themselves day by day rather to compete for the marks .More projects more the practical exposure more they will become creative .Exams only motive is to measure improvement in themselves so they doesn’t feel inferior .Self-evaluation Exam should be conducted, wherein the student does not feel inferior than other and learns from his or her own mistakes and apply what they have learned in diverse forms.Exams should be given to demonstrate and use what knowledge they have acquired.

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5 INFLUENTIAL female motorcycle Racers you should know about

Motorsport always been a men dominate sports you hardly ever heard about the female racers.Over the time there have been numerous amazing female bikers,but they all remain unmarked .

Here are 5 astonishing female bikers all around the globe who shares the passion for riding motorbikes.

Ana Carrasco

Ana Carrasco is a Spanish motorcycle racer, she is only female competitor in MotoGP.

She made her debut on Team Kalvo KTM at the age of 16 and later that year in Malaysia she became the first female bike racer to achieve points in Moto3.

She who won the 2018 World Supersport 300 Championship riding a Kawasaki Ninja 400 with the David Salom Junior Team.

She becoming the first woman in history to win a World Championship in solo motorcycle road racing.

Jenny Tinmouth

Jenny Tinmouth is an English motorcycle racer.

She is the current female Isle of Man TT lap record holder, breaking the record during her first ever TT in 2009 and gaining a Guinness World Record for this achievement.

She then re-broke her own lap record during her second TT in 2010, with an average lap speed of 119.945 mph, gaining another Guinness World Record.

Jenny ran her own racing team known as Two Wheel Racing with Manx Glass & Glazing Ltd in support for the 2013 British Superbike Championship and today she runs her own team named Jenny Tinmouth Racing.

Maria Costello MBE

Marie Costello was only female motorcycle racer with the prestigious title Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) after her name ,which means she was really special.

She held a Guinness World Record for being the fastest female rider to lap the Isle of Man TT course at an average speed of 114.73 mph and was the first female to get on the podium on the famous mountain course.

Alongside this she’s also managed to accomplish being a Sports personality of the year, a published author, a character in a video game and even a stunt double in a Hollywood movie.

Costello has won a total of eight Manx Grand Prix Silver Replicas and one TT Bronze Replica and she is also a part of the Federation Internationale de Motorcyclist (FIM) Women in Motorcycling Commission .

Laia Sanz

Laia Sanz, is a Spanish sportswoman. She is a thirteen-time Women’s Trial World Champion and ten-time Women’s Trial European Champion in outdoor motorcycle trials.

Sanz has also dominated the Dakar Rally by becoming the woman who has completed more times the hardest race all over the world in motorbikes.

In 2011, she participated for the first time in the Dakar Rally winning the Female motorcycle category.

She gets an 9th absolute position at her fifth dakar.

Jane Daniels

Jane Daniels from the UK is one of the rising stars in the enduro racing.

She has earned her tag of UK’s number one female enduro rider , Jane has emerged as one of the most serious female enduro riders in the world.

She fought her way up to earn the overall second position in Women’s Enduro World Cup in 2013 and winning the final race in France beating Laia Sanz.

Please let me know if you know any other in the comment below.