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Racism in India |Why India remain silent when it comes to their own country

Everyone might be aware of the incident happened in the USA a few weeks ago that led protest all over the world. George Floyd death. On 25 May 2020 George Floyd, a 46 -year old African American man was killed by white Minneapolis Police. This all started when a restaurant owner complaint about George Floyd using a counterfeit bill. During an arrest for allegedly using a fraud currency, officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for almost nine minutes while Floyd was handcuffed and lying face down, while repeatedly saying that ”I can’t breathe” until Floyd was motionless and had no pulse. The incident was recorded by bystanders, which was widely spread. People outsource their voice against injustice, the video goes viral activating protests and flaring global anger.

A few weeks ago I witnessed the people outsourcing their voice through the social media saying ”Blacks Lives Matter” against injustice. I am proud of all them for lifting their voices for the community which is highly oppressed over the years. But why we remain silent when it comes to our own country. In 2014, Nido Tania a college student died due to severe lung and brain injuries by an attack upon him in a South Delhi market by a shopkeeper and some men. He was beaten with iron rods and stick and another day he was found dead on the bed. What was his mistake? That he was from northeast India. Activists and students expressed their anger and outrage over Nido’s death with the candle-light march. But nothing has changed over the years. Still so many Indians are voiceless about the disease prevailing in our own country. It is not the only case of injustice against northeast people. During this COVID-19 crisis in Bangalore, a report was filed against the staff of a popular supermarket chain, when two northeast people were denied to enter the supermarket, came to buy grocery items. They were denied because of their appearance. Ethnic discrimination is one of the biggest problem in India. I ask all of you again what was their mistake? They just came to the supermarket to buy groceries they were denied because they were from northeast India. Is this justified? Indians outsource their voice against Injustice for George Floyd and we have to stand with our own people facing this discrimination over the years .” Be the change that you want to see in the world”. Northeast Indians are not only community suffering. Siddhi community (African-Indians) are still going through the same phase. Siddhis are the African tribes that were brought 600 years before as a Slave and caste system keep them in extreme poverty for centuries. In 2003, they have been granted as the status of scheduled tribes. There are many cases of discrimination with the tribe in India, which make India as the most racist country. Every life matter and its high time we stand against injustice and raise our voice.

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