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Why self satisfaction is important in life?

It’s okay to take the break and admire your life .Slow down the pace of your life until it’s too late. As we grow up as a teenager our desire for more and more become a disease .Whether in offline or online world .Everything seems to be perfect in that one perfect click in online world.We want to explore people on internet and hypocrisy is that we don’t even have a time to admire our friends and family .

We have make a baseline for happiness more you have more you will be happy and these urge of getting more things will never be satisfied as long as we forgot to appreciate the things that we already achieved and that’s make it more vulnerable.Remember ,in our childhood we used to narrate our daily routine including every minor to major thing to our mother but as we grow up we start to share lesser information to them and even a point come when we hardly tell them anything .We make ourselves away from everyone rushing towards our goals. When we reach our goal rather than appreciating ourselves we start planning for the next goal and this loops never end .

Okay let me make you understand why is there a need of self satisfaction?

Let me narrate a story for you .There was a swami he told a person to visit a garden and pluck out most beautiful flower and swami makes some restriction that after plucking flower he should immediately come back to him and he can’t pluck a flower while returning .He went inside a garden and came across a beautiful flower but in desire that he might will find a more beautiful one .He reached the end of garden and eventually have to take back the dead flower to swami .He told everything swami .Swami after listening to his story told him that you were not satisfied with what you got instead you start looking for something that’s why this happened with you .We are never satisfied with what we have .The lesson behind this is we should start appreciating things around us until it’s too late.

What’s the purpose of life when you are not enjoying the journey?

Rather than focusing on destination one should indulge himself into the process of reaching that destination.But we are so wrapped up in the completing steps that we forget to stop.

You will definitely met someone in your life having good lifestyle and well established career ,family and friend but they want to reach to the next level .What is next level ?I can’t get it.

In my perspective one can immensely be satisfied by truly loving themselves and appreciating your efforts.In Japanese culture ,there is a concept of ikigai which central purpose is finding one’s satisfaction We can only admire our family and friends if we are happy from within and that’s the meaning of life .

We read this things on our daily basis and but still doesn’t understand the worth of self satisfaction in our life.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment below and have a wonderful day.