Everyone should have a hobby that keeps them fit

Fitness is not at all about hitting a gym or having six packs , its a state being referred to our own physical health.Physical health refers to the state of our body ,altogether taking care of every aspect absence of a diseases and fitness level of a body i.e.stamina. Whether we get exhausted whenever we climb stairs or we are suffering from any sort of disease or pain ,these all are the indication of bad health. A good physical health doesn’t make you free from any disease but also leads to good mental Well being.It’s not that one necessarily have to lift dumbbells in the gym .It can be any sort of physical activity so it can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Let’s look over what kind of physical activity we can include in our life .


Rhythmic your feet on a dance floor listening to your favorite song can also keep you fit.Regardless of your age it will give you joy and change your life.Doesn’t matter if you 6 or 60 but truly what matter is your love for dance.Dance is like an exercise . It improve your physical health.It improves cardiovascular health and balance .It doesn’t only keep you physically healthy but mentally too .It can boost up your mood and ease anxiety.


Playing sports is really enjoyably.Sports is always been an excellent workout to improve your physical and be your mental health.It help you distress your mind and boost up your confidence .Every kind of sports helps you keep you active .It increase your energy level and boost a confidence within you.Even it helps to fight depression too.Sport is one of the great physical activity to improve our fitness,mental health as well as our soft skills too .


Be it gardening too .Gardening is a great full workout as gardeners use their many muscles .It doesn’t only boost your immune system but in addition in ease stress and boost your moods .Gardening has proven to be really good in keeping you fit .People likes to do gardening as it makes them closer to nature and nurture the nature more.It is one the best way to relax and detoxify your body.Since you are outside you get lot of vitamin D which eventually decreases chances of osteoporisis disease.Gardening is just not a hobby it is like funding for your health and overall well being.

Even little little changes in your daily routine will help you to keep you fit For instance choose stairs rather than lift, or walk whenever possible walk while talking to your friend or relative on a call ,try to avoid vehicles and use cycle and even can walk if it is too place is too nearer.These little changes would help you taking to your journey of fat to fit . You don’t have necessarily go to gym one can exercise at home too and Whether Grooving your feet or playing cricket or hockey it can be any sort of physical activity that helps you to keep yourself fit and Energetic . There are many hobbies like these which doesn’t only cheer up your mood but also helps you to follow a healthy lifestyle .

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