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Is Netflix Worth of your time?

Binge over on your favorite show is a best way to relax in your leisure time .But reality is that Netflix is become an addiction over a time.Stranger things ,Locke and key will definitely compel you to watch all the episodes in one go .I am saying it all by my own experience .Once you start watching you start developing a interest after that you can’t go back until you watch all the episodes in one go .I buy subscription of Netflix to watch little things 2 but later on I developed interest in more and more of their shows and sometime it lead to delaying my other stuff (like studies)just to binge over a show .After watching a series like locke and key one can’t let it go and start wondering about the magical keys whose that lady in the well and ultimately that curiosity make you watch the whole series in one go .

It is not denial ,that Netflix is highly addictive and letting your work suffer due to this is not a great deal at all.I am saying all this by my own experience .Okay , let me clear one thing i am not saying that Netflix is a waste of time .Well i just want to say binging over your favorite show on Netflix throughout your day letting your work suffer is not a great deal in my opinion . Some of people might think that Netflix can’t teach you anything and it’s only about fun to binge watch and that’s it all about .But i have a different opinion in this .Netflix offers some educational shows for elementary to high school students like Bill Nye: Science ,Guy,The Universe and many more .Even more than that Netflix have some documentaries that is worth of your time like “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” and many more .Netflix shows eventually help you in improving your grasp over English language.In my perception Netflix offers numerous of learning shows and more than that it has some shows which teach life lessons ‘The Help’ and many more .So in my opinion Netflix is worth of time if we manage our time properly .

And surely one can think what made me write this .In this pandemic ,Even offices and malls have reopened due to economical crisis but still we students are locked up in their homes for our safety measures .Okay ,let me ask you a question .Please be truthful to yourself .How many of you have learned something new even if you binge watching over you favorite show ? Okay ,let me guess only few of you said yes .May be i am wrong .Most of you said yes .Okay but even few of said no remember rather than wasting your time start learning something new from now onward .It’s never too late.I am not saying that binge watching is not worth time .But it surely waste of time when you will not manage your time properly .It’s just a piece of advice from my side not i am imposing anything on anybody .Just think over it.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment below and have a wonderful day.