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Code to Transform!Tech has become a very essential part of our regular life. Your markets, shops, theatre, sports, gym, classrooms etc. are all available in the small screen of mobiles and laptops , But have you imagined how they fit in?

This is all because of Coding and Programming that revolutionized our lives.


Code is the fuel for our digital system, it is the radical for our future generation. Our world works on a base platform but to perform functions we require technology, it is an inevitable resource to develop tech we code and create projects.Different coding languages are present to help you program- Java , C++, Python, Javascript, C etc. So you should at least try one such language to develop a skill or interest towards coding, your branch, your stream, or your gender doesn’t matter the only thing that you require to code is pure LOGIC. If you are a practical and logical person who is ready to invest your time you are ready to become a good coder!A research shows that coding can help develop confidence, decision-making, creativity, math skills and logic building in students and kids. Also coders have a very highly paid jobs because of digitalization in India and throughout the globe, which gives high packages and job security so you can surely try your luck and pass into this. Huge MNCs and well known companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc. require coders on daily basis, people have dreams of joining these so you can always code to become a part of such amazing companies. In conclusion, I would like to mention that coding is going to have a lot of scope in future and not only this but its presence can surely help you develop qualities to your lifestyle that no one else can teach.

Happy Coding!


Top 6 Platforms for competitive programming

‘Practice makes a man perfect’

Coding is not only about learning a programming language. That doesn’t make anyone count themselves as a coder. Okay, let me explain? If a person learns all the insights about cricket that doesn’t make him cricketer.Years of self-practice and proving himself by facing challenges and conquering the field that makes you best cricketer. Similarly, by practising and proving yourself by participating in various hackathons, coding challenges make you best coder. A great way to upgrade your skills is by participating in coding challenges. There are many other aspects to be a good coder. A good coder focus on the efficiency of its program which data structure should he apply and which algorithm should make their program more efficient. Solving different types of challenges that makes him/her a better problem solver.

These are some sites which make you a better problem solver and help you to prepare for your interviews.

1.Topcoder(Intermediate-Advanced ) – Topcoder is one of the most popular sites for online competitive programming. Topcoder Community has various domains -designers, developers, data scientists, and competitive programmer. Their are single round matches of 1.5 hours for competitive programmer a few times in a month to showcase their problem-solving skills.

Every year Topcoder organize a TCO (topcoder open). Topcoder Open (TCO) is an annual design, software development, data science and competitive programming championship.

2.HackerRank(Intermediate-Advanced) – HackerRank offers a platform where programmers from all over the world come together to solve problems in an extensive variety of computer science domains such as algorithms, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, and more. By solving the problem you can earn badges and there is the editorial section where the solution of the challenge is provided.

HackerRank organizes various contest such as 101 rank, high rank, company contest and more and leaderboard is maintained for each and every contest.

3.CodeChef(Intermediate-Advanced)-CodeChef is a competitive programming website which offers various challenging contest to upgrade your programming skills. Codechef organizes three programming contest (The Long Challenge, The Lunchtime, cookoff)in a month, in which programmers can participate and compete for prizes.CodeChef community also offers algorithm tutorial and contribute to forum discussion and participate in CodeChef programming contests.

4.Geeksforgeeks(Intermediate-Advanced)-Geeksforgeeks is the best website which offers a wide range of explanation and code solution .Geeksforgeeks also organize a 3 day coding challenge (Geeks coding challenge ) and offers a great win prizes.These site is best for software engineering interview preparation .

5.Leetcode(Intermediate – Advanced)- Leetcode is a competitive programming platform to level up your coding skills mainly for software engineers to practice .They require a wide range of knowledge of data structure such as trees ,heaps ,graphs ,linked list etc .They are bit of advanced than other sites .Leetcode offers weekly and biweekly programming content.They offers some feature like Mock Interview particularly designed for job preparation interview.

6.Codeforces(Advanced)-Codeforces is an Russian based competitive programming platform .Their challenges mostly be advanced and the platform is typically designed for competitive programming contest preparation where best programmers for all over the world compete against each other .These sites organizes codeforce round nearly one in a week and educational contest nearly 2-3 times per month.

These are some good sites in which you can start participating and improve yourself .

P.S-I work on HackerRank that i have mentioned above.

Let me know if you know any other good coding challenge websites in the comment below and have a wonderful day.