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Shoot High-Quality Videos with more efficiency

Have you ever run out of space that captures some of your cherished moments? Isn’t it annoying? No more hassles, after long research, now you’ll be able to record high-quality 8K videos and 360 degrees videos too. It’s estimated that 90 minutes equivalent to your favorite football match in 4K quality video takes up around ten gigs of space, but with the new technology, you can half it down to 5 gigs only.

A boy watching his photos and videos captured on a camera.

Suppose you know that Netflix and YouTube have restrictions over streaming videos, not more than 480p resolution. It has been more than three months now in India; still, the capping exists, although some internet providers did remove it slowly. The social isolation has made people binge more than regular days, seeing an increase of 20 to 30 percent in subscription and user base. More people are now connected, increasing the bandwidth. Hence you may observe slow speeds in this period. Netflix is switching to AV1 codec to save data while watching the show when it delivers its content over the internet. This new research may be able to save more data.

A man binges for on-demand streaming shows.

Initially, the digital video started with H.120 encoding but wasn’t practical until H.261 came up based on the DCT (discrete cosine transform) compression. In 1991, MPEG-1 revolutionized the video sector with higher resolutions, which reached us in the form of VCDs and DVDs. In the late 90s and onset of the 21st century, we saw the currently used MPEG-4 or the most widely used H.264 video encoding. You may know this if you’re familiar with video editing.

After the H.265/HEVC encoding, now steps in H.266/MPEG-I Part 3/VVC (Versatile Video Codec) presented by Fraunhofer HHI with other partners including the significant-tech leading brands like Apple, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Sony, and Intel, with vivid HDR and better support for 360 degrees video. As earlier mentioned, AV1 codec, 30 percent better than H.265, which is adopted by Netflix, is royalty-free. Now, to support H.266 major hardware updates may be required to handle such heavy compressions and will take time for its actual implementation. Like for example, when H.265 was finalized at the beginning of 2013, Apple lately adopted it in the year 2017 as a part of the iOS 11 mobile operating system.

The VVC logo

The 500 pages specification document finalized this month on 6th July 2020, but actual usage in the video industry might take about an estimated 7-8 years. Why do we need such compression? By 2022, more than 80 percent will be part of video streaming, which may increase on more content based on 4K video quality as well as growing numbers of 360 degrees videos. The existing widely used browsers support AV1 codec, but H.266 to properly patent may lately delay web surfing too. Twitch and YouTube may become one of the first firms to implement as they’ve already implanted VP9, again a royalty-free codec by Google itself.

Along with this, MPEG-5 Part 1 or EVC (Essential Video Coding), and MPEG-5 Part 2 or LCEVC (Low Complexity Enhancement VC) is set to launch out. For us, a non-geeky person may visualize it after watching the following graph below.

Average bit rate savings graph. Courtesy: BBC Research

I hope you could know some of the new ways to encode a video. You can read more about it from their official website: https://www.hhi.fraunhofer.de/en/departments/vca/technologies-and-solutions/h266-vvc.html


Why Netflix and chill, when we can Ramayana and chill

It was 24th of the March, 2020, a disastrous year for all of us; when our honourable Prime Minister declared a complete lockdown for three devastating weeks, and eighteen year old heart of mine just sank off wondering, searching, lost as to how will I be able to make the time fly to sink back into beer and skittles.

But then! remembering that all I need to do is just not to attend any family meeting about abundance of topics, just stick with the most amazing invention of human civilization, mobile phone, and Netflix and chill with a large number of web series in a row which were unseen earlier. Watching every series, one after the another in a row and chilling more than what I planned for, from Money Heist, Resurrection, Lelia, little things to every single show, talking and sticking to every social media platform, after all the fatigue, finally got to be in the middle of people who were gonna just bully me and talk about all the time I waste when I can actually sit back sincerely and watch television. The shows that are being retelecasted after such a long were forced on me, as if they were hanging me on a new job.

Continuously watching the serial for two, three, and even four days, I couldn’t help but watch it with all of the world’s courosity, it actually made me indulge in itself. The dialogues, the characters, the picturization, every “damn” thing, so to say seemed so realistic to me that it grabbed my whole attention to it. And I can’t actually find another suitable way, just to Ramayana and chill. Obviously, it is one of the holiest books ever written in Indian history, besides that, the actual picturization just revived every thing that was long and lost somewhere in the past. Be it Shri Ram or the Ravaana, each and every character had to say something, had to convey something that is really worth praising, watching for.

Ending up with all its episodes, it really felt that, sometimes the best way to live today is by learning from yesterday. That made me realise, and I think all of us must have realised till now, one thing,

Old never gets old, and new always remains new.

It is always our generation that is stuck and bored using every modern day technology and comfort, while those who have always been living with their customs stick with them, can never,but cherish every day of their healthy lives.

Is Netflix Worth of your time?

Binge over on your favorite show is a best way to relax in your leisure time .But reality is that Netflix is become an addiction over a time.Stranger things ,Locke and key will definitely compel you to watch all the episodes in one go .I am saying it all by my own experience .Once you start watching you start developing a interest after that you can’t go back until you watch all the episodes in one go .I buy subscription of Netflix to watch little things 2 but later on I developed interest in more and more of their shows and sometime it lead to delaying my other stuff (like studies)just to binge over a show .After watching a series like locke and key one can’t let it go and start wondering about the magical keys whose that lady in the well and ultimately that curiosity make you watch the whole series in one go .

It is not denial ,that Netflix is highly addictive and letting your work suffer due to this is not a great deal at all.I am saying all this by my own experience .Okay , let me clear one thing i am not saying that Netflix is a waste of time .Well i just want to say binging over your favorite show on Netflix throughout your day letting your work suffer is not a great deal in my opinion . Some of people might think that Netflix can’t teach you anything and it’s only about fun to binge watch and that’s it all about .But i have a different opinion in this .Netflix offers some educational shows for elementary to high school students like Bill Nye: Science ,Guy,The Universe and many more .Even more than that Netflix have some documentaries that is worth of your time like “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” and many more .Netflix shows eventually help you in improving your grasp over English language.In my perception Netflix offers numerous of learning shows and more than that it has some shows which teach life lessons ‘The Help’ and many more .So in my opinion Netflix is worth of time if we manage our time properly .

And surely one can think what made me write this .In this pandemic ,Even offices and malls have reopened due to economical crisis but still we students are locked up in their homes for our safety measures .Okay ,let me ask you a question .Please be truthful to yourself .How many of you have learned something new even if you binge watching over you favorite show ? Okay ,let me guess only few of you said yes .May be i am wrong .Most of you said yes .Okay but even few of said no remember rather than wasting your time start learning something new from now onward .It’s never too late.I am not saying that binge watching is not worth time .But it surely waste of time when you will not manage your time properly .It’s just a piece of advice from my side not i am imposing anything on anybody .Just think over it.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment below and have a wonderful day.