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Code to Transform!Tech has become a very essential part of our regular life. Your markets, shops, theatre, sports, gym, classrooms etc. are all available in the small screen of mobiles and laptops , But have you imagined how they fit in?

This is all because of Coding and Programming that revolutionized our lives.


Code is the fuel for our digital system, it is the radical for our future generation. Our world works on a base platform but to perform functions we require technology, it is an inevitable resource to develop tech we code and create projects.Different coding languages are present to help you program- Java , C++, Python, Javascript, C etc. So you should at least try one such language to develop a skill or interest towards coding, your branch, your stream, or your gender doesn’t matter the only thing that you require to code is pure LOGIC. If you are a practical and logical person who is ready to invest your time you are ready to become a good coder!A research shows that coding can help develop confidence, decision-making, creativity, math skills and logic building in students and kids. Also coders have a very highly paid jobs because of digitalization in India and throughout the globe, which gives high packages and job security so you can surely try your luck and pass into this. Huge MNCs and well known companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc. require coders on daily basis, people have dreams of joining these so you can always code to become a part of such amazing companies. In conclusion, I would like to mention that coding is going to have a lot of scope in future and not only this but its presence can surely help you develop qualities to your lifestyle that no one else can teach.

Happy Coding!

Common mistakes beginner made while learning coding

Some common mistake beginner programmer make that hold them back to become a good programmer.Firstly make one thing clear in your mind that by learning a programming language no one can become a coder until you start practicing it .It take a lot of patience and practice . It might take few setbacks , few trials to getting started but ultimately fire up your coding skills.I hope this blog helps you take your first step in coding journey.Let’s get started.

Never Sit back and take the action

There is no right time to get started .Start off immediately .I know you might feel bit nervous.It happened with me too.But sitting back and not taking action will definitely hold you back to start your journey .

And Eventually a question arises how to get started ?After learning a certain programming language you can’t master it until you start implementing it .The most important step is to take action . Start practicing on any any competitive sites like HackerRank ,Codechef .It’s okay if you come up with a straight forward approach (Brute force algorithm) it not be the best way to solve a question but eventually you can do better .Start thinking for a more feasible and optimal solution .Don’t hesitate to take help or read other programmers code .Don’t be in hurry to move onto next question.Clear your concept thoroughly and you would surely make a mistake along and that’s the next point to learn .

Never be afraid to make a mistake

You will eventually make mistakes along the way but rather to avoid it learn from the mistake .

Nobody will come with a best solution everyone start with worst but eventually lead to best.Everyone needs to debug their code it doesn’t passes all the cases including side case in one go.So don’t need to panic.

Even you will find yourself making foolish mistakes sometimes i.e missing semicolon ,out of bound.

There is a lot of stuff to learn .It’s more difficult than you think .More you came to know more you realize there is quite a lot to learn.

Come out of your comfort zone

Most beginners made this mistake .They stuck themselves in their comfort zone .And feel afraid to learn new stuff .They eventually end by solving easy question through they can’t improve yourself ,Start trying hard one which needs a lot of brainstorming .It will surely improve your skills.

Start building projects and participating in online contest

Best way to implement your knowledge or check is building up projects even a minor one or participating in online contest .Even one can take ideas from YouTube ,or any source .While building up your project you will learn a lot and even came to know why is it so important in programming to write a clean code ? and surely online contest are the best way to check your knowledge and prepare for interviews.

Sometimes it’s feel terrifying but it’s okay

When you entered the world of coding it start feeling scary as it is more complex than you think.It’s okay .Everyone has gone through that feeling. You will probably have those days when you start feeling that nothing is going the way as you think and it happens .Sometimes you will not able to solve questions.But nothing to be panic about .When you start understanding this world you will start living in it and then it will not feel scary to you.

In last i want to say that take your first step immediately and turned-on your coding skills.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment below and have a wonderful day.