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with women plucking tea leaves a breathtaking memory.The untouched beauty coupled with the picturesque view of mountains along with the availability of unique variety of tea exported everywhere makes it a go to place for people residing in the Eastern Part of the Country.

How To Get Into Darjeeling?

Darjeeling being a small town , has tourist visiting from all over India. By Plane, the nearest airport is Bagdogra, near Siliguri. It’s a 96 km drive from Bagdogra to Darjeeing, which is approximately a 3 hour drive. By Train,  the nearest railway station is  New Jalpaiguri .The railway route is well connected to cities like Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Guwahati , etc. We took The Darjeeling Mail from Kolkata, which takes approximately 12 hours,  the next best alternative is the Paharia Express, which takes almost the same number of hours. From New Jalpaiguri , we ‘ve to take the famous “Toy Train” to the city of tea leaves. It’s difficult to get hold of the tickets of the toy train during the summer months, because of high rush  of tourist.

The   tracks running across the town surrounded by emarald  green plantations, is a popular subject of visit for tourists.  It’s the picturesque mountainous scenery  is the reason  why so many romantic movies  have been filmed ,and Darjeeling has been mentioned in articles of romantic  subject .The  toy train  stops at the Ghoom junction, running  360 degree around the Batasia Loop. What makes it all the more famous, is the fact that it was listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Buses are a convenient option for the ones who ’re backpacking, and  for people who’ve money constraint. Private taxis  are a convenient  option  for family people. Back when I visited Darjeeling in the year of 2016, shared jeeps would charge  Rs. 150-200 (depending the number of riders sharing the ride).

Best time of the year to take a  break?

Darjeeling is a backpacker’s delight and honeymooner’s dream.The best time to visit Darjeeling is between the  months April-June, when the temperature is around 25 degree Celsius. While there are some honeymoon couples who wishes to go at the time of winter i.e.,October-January when the temperature drops down to below 10 degree Celsius.

Best places to Pose for a Camera

The first to top the list, is everyone’s  favourite The Tiger Hills .Before the dawn cracks, witnessing the first rays of sun, hitting the Kanchenjunga peaks , it  makes the Perfect Sunrise. Panoramic view of the toy train  around  Batasia Loops  is a sight to die for. Animal lovers cannot miss paying visit to the Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park, where Red Pandas, Tibetan Wolves, Himalayan bears could be spotted. Tourists in huge numbers are found around  the Ghoom Monastery , one of the oldest monastery in the region. The Peace Pagoda  is the best place for relaxation , and for mental peace.

What To Grab A Bite In Darjeeling?

Darjeeling is the Hub to multi-cuisines , since it  caters to the needs of tourists from all over the world. The most famous  street food are Momos  and Thukpa, available in all the forms for food lovers. When  in Darjeeling, you just cannot  leave without   tasting the authentic tea leaves. Chaang, a local  brew, similar to beer  served in bamboo sticks catched eyeballs. For tea addicts like me, Darjeeling seemed to be next to heaven. If you fancy spice, treat your taste buds with the Dalle. Dalle is a locally made pickle, which would  surely sent a burning sensation down your spills.

Best Stop For Bargain Hunting?

Never thought my mother’s obsession over collecting unique jewellery items, would lead us to the Mall Road, a place worth visiting. The  atmosphere there  had vibes  which would remind anyone of the ancient Buddhist culture depicted in their art,  paintings ,etc. For those who admire arts and culture, must pay a visit to the Nehru Road which is famous for Buddha statues, knives, handbags, exotic Tibetan items used as souvenir. The Tibetan Self help  centre is one of the few best places known for unique carpets.

Snow capped Himalayan Peaks, the cute Himalayan train , beautiful tea garden amidst the rolling hills ,along with the Tibetan influence of arts, culture and cuisine the town has a lot to offer.



There are some  of the weirdest laws, we ’ve never come across. There are some laws and legislation, which are completely ridiculous and would make you doubt our Indian Constitution thought process . Let’ s have a look at some of them, and laugh our heart’s out.

According to the Indian Aircraft Act, if any person at the time of flying aircrafts, by any means hurt anyone or cause danger to their property then a fine of upto Rs.10 lac could be charged from them. Aircraft here would include flying machines, balloons, gliders and even kites. Never thought   in our childhood, that flying of kites could also land us to such situations .Next time, any one of you who wants to fly a kite specially around August 15 should be careful.

The next one, should be awarded for being the best biased adultery law. As per Section 497, adultery is  prohibited. This law punishes only men. For those men  engaging in sexual activity with women who’re married, without getting consent from their husband is entitled to be charged with fine ,or put behind the bars for five years. This  law doesn’t hold anything against the women, and taking full advantage of the law , they do whatever they want.

The law permits  anyone to use the restroom and  even drink water at any hotel, whether they’re staying there or not. This came into existence under the Indian Sarais Act,1867  some 150 years ago. “Sarais” actually means building  which are used for accommodation and shelter of traveller hotels. This law however, works in the public interest and the next time we’re travelling we  should definitely keep this in our minds.

Discrimination against LGBTs- Section 377 states that homosexual intercourse  as illegal , though there’ve been endless debates on this topic. The Indian constitution  seem to be snatching away the basic right of someone to choose their own partner.

According to the East Punjab Agricultural Pests, diseases and Noxious Weeds Act, 1948, people in and around Delhi are expected to beat drums ,in order to drive them away. This seemed to be taken seriously  this lockdown, when locusts in huge number attacked the farms. As a result, the farmers were instructed to produce high pitch noise , using  utensils and drums to scare them away from India, in an attempt to prevent our crops.

According to Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code(IPC), since one cannot arrest a dead person it’ s considered to be no crime. On the other hand, failing on attempting to commit suicide is considered to be illegal  and punishable .It’ s been specified that the act should be voluntary and intentional attempt towards self destruction. Cases where a person would die because of overdose of medicine, or mistakenly falling from a cliff , doesn’t  come inside under the IPC.

According to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act,1914 in order for anyone to qualify for being a motor vehicle inspector in Andhra Pradesh, need to get sparkly, white clean teeth. Maybe they’re under the impression, that in absence of electricity power there white ,sparkly teeth could be of great help  , as it would light their path ahead.


It’s been 3 months, since we’re  locked inside our homes, eagerly waiting  to leave for a vacation. As the restrictions would be released , soon we’ll be able to travel. But , initially we should try and avoid crowded places , and look for isolated places , exploring our very own India to it’s best. Exhausted by cooking , and fights, this places should be on your bucket list, post-coronavirus trip. For many of us, summer holidays means relaxing on the beaches, if you’re one of them  ,then this list is for you.

Guitar Island, Andaman- This is one  of the rarest beaches ,visited in Andaman. It’s uniqueness of the guitar shape, could only be admired from an aerial view. The moderate tropical climate with a a average temperature of 22 degree Celsius, makes it fit for tourists of all age to visit all the year  long. It is a clean beach, which comes with a jaw-dropping beauty. The island is perfect for one day escape , as they have no infrastructure or restaurant there. For any adventure seeking traveller, the sight of the beach is breathtaking. Travellers can go for snorkelling , and enjoy sea walks in the amazing aquatic life. This island is even safe for solo women travellers. This island is protected as a natural reserve because of it’s mangroves and coral life.

Butterfly Beach, Goa– Every year, tourists in huge numbers visit Goa and it’s difficult to find a quiet place, away from all the hustle .If you are someone, who is needs  to get away from the crowd for sometime, then this is the perfect location. With no vehicles there, the  only way to go to the semi-circular beach is through boat  , or two-hour trek from the Palolem Beach. The undisturbed place along with white sands  and blue waters, is the perfect for a blissful sunset .Lodging and food is available in the closest beach ,the Palolem beach. But , if someone enjoys the sight of host of marine species and enormous butterflies , then this is the place.

Marari Beach, Kerala –It’s perfect for the ones who would want to relax, exploring the backwaters of Kerala. Marari beach is not an island expected to have water sports and other activities, rather it is for one’ s who wants to spent their vacation lying around. It is an ideal place for an long beach walk, away from the main city. The best time to visit this place is between the months of December and March, the other time of the year is mainly hot and humid.

Ranpar Beach ,Maharashtra- This is the one of the most isolated places found in India, away from any kind of civilisation and disturbance. It’s best suited for ones who want to take a break from their normal routine, and go for meditation ,or some alone time. The odds fisherman are the only one’ spotted there ,trying to get a earning from it .Ratnagiri, the closest town  has a lot of beaches, but none of  the beaches can be compared to the serenity level provided by  this beach.


It’s not a secret , that the film industry have been badly hit. People  have no option left, but  sought to watching cinema in their home theatre and enjoying themselves. The question whether we would be able to watch the curtain falls anymore ,or not seems to haunt us.Even during the time IPL was set to come, there  was fear in the minds of producers that the films would  take a back seat for the summer months, and they might have to postpone the dates. Little did  they know, that these IPL would go on to become one of the biggest platforms, to launch their films.

In this industry , the flow of the content and the quality of content holds  a lot of importance. There is doubt as to how the cinemas would react once the pandemic is over. Will they ever get back to the same state .Maybe , they can start with stuff that have been postponed ,like releasing movies such as Sooryavanshi, etc. This movies  , might be able to get the crowd  back. The 183 billion industry have gone off to affect the daily wagers adversely. It’s first major impact was seen when Rohit Shetty’ s movie Sooryavanshi , had to postponed. This  led to the postponement of several other big projects like “Haathi Meri Sathi”.

Bollywood Is the largest  film industry in the world, though world  believes Hollywood to be the biggest film industry. The Indian film industry provides employments to thousands of people. People are at this moment, are not entering the industry and are mainly shifting to online channels for entertainment .This is the reason why there has been a  drastic surge in the subscription of Amazon Prime, Netflix in India during the lockdown period. Such portals, are way superior than our normal television shows. They offer a plethora of shows, series and movies fit for people of all ages, and with wide range of options. Films  and  series , released on such platforms earned a lot by way of commissioning. This was done by movie makers , considering the fact that the theatres would be the last to open , and they’ve to  pay back the money taken for the production , along with interest.

Movies, like “Gulabo Sitabo”  skipped the theatrical release and went straight to be released on Amazon prime, since the producer had to bear the mounting costs. Releasing on such platforms, might give the additional benefit of no tention of clearance from the censor certification. This however ,takes a dig on the rural population .Since they cannot  afford the subscription fees, they would never be able to get hold of such movies. Big budget movies like “Laxxmi Bomb” ,  is not thinking about releasing on OTT  platforms, as they have a chance of hitting the 300 crore club , and releasing it on OTT platforms would not cover the costs.

One is for sure that the Pandemic have changed the way people consume entertainment, the viewing patterns and the behaviour during this pandemic  ,though not for forever.


In the field of psychology, this is   popular .This was discovered because of the joint results of study by social psychologists, Justin Kruger and David Dunning .This is a cognitive bias, resulting from internal illusion in people who’ve low ability, and external misconception from people having high ability. It is because of people’s disability to know their own ability. The effect  was first derived in the year 1999, after the incident of 1995.In 1995, on 25th of April McArthur Wheeler, robbed two banks by applying lemon juice on his face. He was actually of the opinion , that the chemical properties  of the lemon juice , would work as an invisible ink.

The phrase, “Fools are blind  to their own foolishness” hold true here. Low cognitive ability combined with self-awareness leads to the overestimation of it’s own capabilities. People  fail to recognize it’s own incompetence,because of the incorrect self assessment done by them. These assessment arise because of people being ignorant  about the basic standards of performance. It’ s like a neurological condition, where a person who is disabled either is unaware or seem to deny his disability.

A day  to day example would be of a student scoring 60 percentile in it’s 10th board exam,yet he claims of have deserved more marks. This is because he is unable to access his own knowledge power, tending to overestimate it’s own power .They are ignorant of the fact that there poor ability led to this. Since, these students are not able to recognize the skills and competence of the students who scored high, they always consider themselves superior to everyone else. The effect may eventually even lead to  affect the people think, and the kind  of decision  it makes.

In another study, it has been found that women fear to enter the science competition when compared to men. This  is because the women always end up doubting their own skills, and underestimating themselves. To the extent, that despite of scoring high in exam , they’ll think they lack behind men in logical ability. To prove their point further, these researchers  went on to perform certain experiments. It  was found that around 90 % of people suffering from such effect, agreed to know made up terms related to subjects like physics, biology, and geography.

However, the truth lies in the fact that we all at sometime are susceptible to suffer from these effect. One individual who  may seem to be expert  in one area, cannot  have knowledge in all the other areas. People sometime mistake their expertise to be carried in all other areas as well.

In order to overcome the Dunning-Kruger effect, we should try to gain a realistic assessment of our own abilities. We should be in the habit of continuously learning  and practicing, and try to dig deeper and deeper into the matter. We should  ask other people their feedback , what are there opinions. And, we should keep questioning ourselves. It’s very easy to spot the phenomenon in others, but when it comes to ourselves  it becomes a huge problem. The best way to improve is to understand the causes, and make efforts to overcome them.


There has been a sharp rise in the prices of diesel and petrol , over the past few days. This is mainly , because of the rebound seen in the global oil prices, and weak rupee-dollar exchange rates. The fear of the oversupply being due is the reason the global crude oil are tanking ,leading to rise in prices. The companies are trying to put the pressure on the ultimate customers, to recover the losses faced.

In order to determine the daily oil prices, the PSUs depends upon the international crude oil prices and  rupee-dollar exchange rates. Weak currency notes, along with recent rise in the global oil prices will make India spend much more. Experts say , that this whole situation may give rise to a supply glut. There is a huge probability that the oil market could completely fall, considering the fact that there would not be   so much of demand , eventually leading to fall in oil prices once again.

A lot of us, may not be aware of the fact that crude oil is not the end product, instead it’s an intermediary requiring additional refining. First of all, the crude is pumped through a processing facility, from where comes out the crude oil. Hence, the price of the end product is determined by amount  of complexity involved in the processing of crude. The reason why diesel tends to be slightly cheaper than petrol all over the world,  because it is less volatile, easier to refine than petrol and being heavier than petrol. For India, the trend remains the same as well. Diesel is used for industrial purposes, on the other hand petrol is used in large amounts for personal vehicles .The fact that diesel is not taxed as much as petrol by the Government , seems to be taken a reverse this year. This year on the 24th of June,2020  the prices of diesel were higher than petrol in Delhi.

The rising of fuel prices started from June 7 , for consecutive the next 22 days. This rising of prices came even though, the Indian Crude Basket saw low prices. If the crude oil go low, the consumers doesn’t have to pay for that, but here the case is quite different. As part of excessive fuel taxation by the Government, people in Delhi have to pay the highest tax rates on fuel . The price that people are paying is actually two-thirds of the Central Excise tax and the State Value Added tax.

The  fact that the GST revenue have been lower, during this lockdown it took a hard hit on the Union Government and  the State Government. This might seem to be a much feasible option to them than actually  ,having to take a firm decision on the GST. For the Union Government, this proves out to be of added advantage as it holds of the cess. This is a part which stays with the Union Government, where the State doesn’t have a  share in them. However ,chances of  inflation is fairly low.


India has went on to become the second largest coal producer in the world, still has not been able to produce enough to meet the rising demands from industries of steel mills, power plants ,cement, and fertiliser units. India has for long been depending on such coal , for being it’s source of energy. Coal  has been so important, that only nationalized government entities were permitted to participate in the coal-mining process , during the  1970s. This led to the emergence of the Coal India, which constitutes for around 80 % of the total coal production in our nation.

There  are major issues which need to be addressed now, regarding meeting the coal requirement.  Last September, when heavy rains flooded the coal mines, the production had to be stopped for some time completely. The mining license had been restricted to commercial  companies, who needed to have prior experience in bidding of coal mining units.  The coal production, only by the Government entities have failed   to produce the required quotas, as a result new reforms are in place. According to the reforms, any companies who’ve got themselves registered, can try and produce coal now on their own, without having the need of any kind of experience.

It seems that Narendra Modi is finally trying to break the 43 years old stranglehold. He started the policy of auctioning the natural resources, so that the sector is finally open for them to buy and produce. Top conglomerates had been waiting for this to happen for a very long time. This opening up of sectors will help in eradication of lot of prevailing problems like unemployment, poverty. We’ll be directly  benefit as  enhanced energy would be available, and the cost of production would come down making the coal power available at lower costs. The country would benefit , because the increase in FDI, would finally  stabilize the irregularities arising in the Coal supplies. Guatam Adani, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Sajjan Jindal were the top conglomerates waiting for these reforms  .

The government also thought this reform to be a money-making model . Initially, the entities had to pay fixed sums per tonne, what now the commercial miner shave to  pay a portion of their total profits, say 5%.In order to boost the coal production, the coal blocks would be given on a revenue –sharing basis. The commercial miners  have to promise to mine at least 50% of the production plan , and share the profits.

Another major problem is the transportation. The transportation by trains is a big concern, as rail transport is the most economical way, but it does not provide access to all the far –fetched areas. On the 3rd of July,2020  RITES have renewed their five-year long pact with Coal India, over the construction of rail infrastructure.

This launching the auction of mines, might prove to a great move turning crisis into opportunity .The companies may not benefit in the short run, but in the long run this might prove to be beneficiary . The  focus was to not on investing on new kind of capacity, but utilise the older ones.


Nike: Just Do It – Nike not a very successful brand, was way behind Reebok before the 1980s. It was then, that they thought of coming up with this campaign. The advertising campaign was mainly print and television. The campaign was a huge hit amongst the people, since it was successful in decoding the core problem of runners. Nike earlier had a image of being bought only by marathon readers, it  was this slogan which changed  it’s image forever. All we need in life, is a extra push and motivation to cross the hurdles, and this slogan of Nike though short and sweet, seems to overcome them and make way an direct entry in our lives forever. The words  of the slogan is exactly what we need to keep reminding of ourselves, in every stepping stone. The advertising campaign made Nike jumps the ladders up in a very short span of time, so much so that it landed up selling shows worth $ 9.2 billion in the year 1998.

Absolut Vodka: THE ABSOLUT BOTTLE- This seems to be the longest running   advertising campaign ever, uninterrupted for 25 years .The ad campaign was in the form of  print media .This campaign about an bottle though shapeless, went on to become one of the most popular vodka bottles in the world. From holding, merely a 2.5 % share to almost 50 % of the total vodka bottle share , it has definitely come a long way. The campaign showed us that if we are determined and focused, we can turn the table as they created 1500 different advertisements of one bottle.

Coke:Share A Coke-In one of the most memorable and ground-taking campaigns ,this campaign holds a very special place there. In order to please the masses, Coca-Cola came up printing the names on each of the bottles. The ad campaign was in the form of  print media. This campaign started in Australia in the year 2011, where they chose top 150 most common name and printed them on all the bottles and the cans. This strategy worked wonders for them, as each time anyone bought the can out  of the vending machine, it turned to be a fun-filled move. Later on , they even came up with the idea of getting customized names printed on them, and it went on to become a breaking story in the advertising and marketing industry. This campaign even turned eyeballs of the counter parties, as they tried to intervene by releasing their ads soon after.

Volkswagen:Think Small- This is often referred to as “The Gold Standard”. It’s slogan went on to change the Americans perspective of only going for bigger, longer cars. It’ s slogan changed people’s perspective, over a group of people ,and won  hearts of the people by it’s honesty.

LESSON LEARNT We should always present our brands, being one of the customers. The slogan should be short, simple and catchy. No matter what our problem, we can always make our  product appealing and attractive through the campaign. We should always strive to be different and unique .In order for us to dominate, we should make our own  path and identity. We should  never try to create an artificial picture, honesty is very much appreciated by the customers


The recent incidents in India relating to animal torturing, shows the extent to which mankind have fallen , and how we’re misusing our ability to think for our own good, have led to the exploitation of the case.

A very recent example of this is murder of the pregnant elephant in the Silent valley Forest in Kerala. This incident became so popular on all the social media handles, that the ministers had to intervene. A pregnant elephant had probably become victim of an act of human cruelty, where on the 27th of may,2020 a pineapple filled with explosives exploded in it’s mouth. This incident gained light only because of a forest officer, Mohan Krishnan who posted the video on his facebook page, and it went viral. He even wrote about how the elephant was standing in the river, with her head dipped inside , anxiously waiting fir death to come and relief it off it’s pain forever. The post-mortem reports have shown that the elephant had travelled in pain for several after getting wounded, and the wounded area have totally become septic. The controversy have later turned to the fact that it  was an intentional move to defame the state, after it received appreciation for preventing the spread of the Pandemic. Few of the leaders are debating over the point that the death occurred in Malappuram, when instead it took place at Mannarkkad in Palakkad. The matter had received a lot of national attention, as even our Union Minister for forest and Environment ,Parkash Javadekar directed to stern actions against the culprit.

The social outrage of the previous incidents , might seem to have put an end to such brutal incidents,but we ‘re wrong to even think about it. On the 3rd of July,2020  yet again the jaws of cow got blown ,as it ate dough made consisting of wrapped explosives .The incident happened in the Datauli  village of Ayodhya. Two men of middle age, Satyanam Triveni and Bhola Ram Dayal have been arrested on charges of killing the cow. The cow was probably searching for food, when it consumed the dough containing the explosives. later, a vet was assigned to look after the stray cow. The DSP Ayodhya  ,Virendra Vikram who is looking after the case, said it has  been investigated that the accused was used to hunt wild boar, by making them eat explosives wrapped dough.

This incident in Himachal Pradesh  is similar to what happened in Ayodhya. The  locals of the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh  have demanded strict inquiry into the action, involving the death of a pregnant cow. The cow had supposedly consumed wheat flour ,which had “allu bomb” inside. The owner of the car have charged  his neighbour, to doing the act. This case  was registered under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Small farmers all over the country have sought to illegal means, in absence of proper ,permissible measures to ward off wild board away from their crops. The statistics available have shown how because of human interference, deforestation, climatic changes, the number of wild board have fallen drastically to 48034 in 2011.In a country like India , where rich people are buying houses close to forest to explore them, everything else is considered more important than our wildlife and habitat conservation.


At this time of Pandemic, Sanitizers are something which have more importance than our  own valuables. We’ve  come to a situation , where the whole world is fighting against the pandemic, but there exists no cure of it. With each passing day, as conditions are worsening, we’ve to personally take café of ourselves, and practise in social distancing. This situation has given birth to use of sanitizers, and wash our hands properly to protect ourselves from the virus. Sanitizers have already started going out of stock, and with the cases surging, there is very less probability of the sanitizers available in near future.

There are several things we need to keep in mind before selecting the sanitizer. First of all, we need to pick sanitizers which would have  60-95% alcohol content, so that it has the capability to kill the germs. The non-alcohol sanitizers have disinfectants like chloride, which may not be useful in killing the coronavirus germs. The product should have a value for money, and should suite our ski type.

Some Of The Best Sanitizers To Our Rescue

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer(Rs.164 For  50 ml)- The first company that would come to our minds is Dettol. This sanitizer comes with a non-sticky  formula, capable of killing 99.9 % germs .It even comes with a good fragrance, making it carve  more. This even leaves our hands soft, as it contains moisture and is suitable for all skin types.

Purell Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer(Rs.50 for 30 ml)-this one is  most widely  used in clinics and hospitals , as it is FDA approved. It not only comes with capability of killing  99.99% germ, but is twice more effective than the other sanitizers. It  comes with 70% alcohol content in it. The best part about this is that it contains 4 types of moisturizers, preventing our hands from drying up.

Lifebuoy Total 10(Rs.60 for 50 ml) – this alcohol content sanitizer, not only prevents skin problem, but reduces the redness in skin it effectively kills germs and bacteria in  10 seconds, giving us protection for the next 10 hours. Since it’s  cost-effective, it can be widely used by people of all income groups, and easily portable.

Himalaya Pure Hands(Rs. 300 for 500 ml)- This sanitizer is made up of natural ingredients ,  having a divine fragrance. It’s available in flavours like litchi, green apple, strawberry, etc. The best part about such sanitizer is the presence of active ingredients like neem, coriander and lime which helps in moisturizing the palms.

Sterillium Hand Sanitizer(Rs.320 fro 500 ml)- It is widely used in the Healthcare sector, because of it’s anti-microbial activity. This blue hand sanitizer have been the personal favourite of millions of people since ages, as it a classic rub-in disinfectant for surgical hand and hygienic purposes.

What  To Do In Case the Sanitizer’s are out of Stock?

It’s very easy to make our sanitizer at home. For that ,we need aloe vera gel and alcohol in the ration of 1:2, and  five drops of any essential oil  like lavender or lemon. We need to keep our hands clean first, take a clean container and mix everything till it becomes thick. The mix should be kept  in a dark area, with out kind of disturbance. This sanitizer often turn out to be runny, so we  need to be very careful with the proportion of the ingredients.This is likely better, than using nothing. But, it can never be compared to the sanitizers available commercially.